I’m so bullish


I first heard about bitcoin in passing back during the 2017 bull run, but didn’t do much digging until 2020. That’s when I first bought bitcoin and decided to HODL a little, “just in case it catches on.”

  1. Bitcoin is down a lot. We witnessed so much death and destruction in the crypto industry, yet Bitcoin’s value proposition hasn’t changed. This was when it finally hit me. We can hold our OWN COINS via self-custody. No trust is needed from any kind of financial institution. 21 million coins. No more, no less. This is true financial freedom.

In 2023, Bitcoin is now up 60% from the bottom in USD terms, despite the macro fears and other FUD. While no one can truly make price predictions, the halving is one year away and given previous cycle’s performances, Bitcoin may be the turning point in many of our lives.

It’s a privilege to be able to accumulate and understand Bitcoin and sometimes I feel like I’m seeing something that my peers may not for the time being. I’m doing what’s best for myself, to escape our current financial system (I mean, I just assume at this point I won’t even be getting Social Security…gotta take care of myself somehow).

Stay very humble, and stack sats my friends.

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