5 reasons why $ETH is hard to fall sharply after the Shanghai upgrade in early April


1/ Very few validators are now profitable

Only about 40% of validators are currently profitable, most of them are long-term ETH holders, they participate in staking from 2020-2021

=> The profit taking momentum of this part is not great

2/ A part of ETH is locked with HIGH liquidity thanks to LSD

Approximately 57% ETH staked on HIGH liquid LSD protocols compared to 43% direct staked (No liquidity)

3/ Profit from staking is higher than profit from DeFi platforms

=> Still making good profit from staking, no need to unstake to make profit elsewhere

4/ 25% of ETH staked by individuals

=> The small Validators have spent a lot of time setting up and operating the node, so they may unstake a part to sell and keep 32 ETH to be validators. Even reinvest if you have faith in ETH

5/ ETH will not be mass unlocked but there is a limit

There will be more than 1 million ETH as a reward for validators released after ShangHai and about 36,416 ETH unstake (According to calculations from Galaxy Digital)

This is just my personal opinion, please help me. Is everyone currently staking? And if unlocked, will people sell or continue to stake?

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