Looks like zkSync is “launching” an unaudited ZK “mainnet”. This looks super concerning


Co-founder of Matter Labs (zkSync) Alex Gluchowski tweeted out about the launch of a ZK rollup by zkSync.When asked “is the prover live?” Alex replied with a confident “always has been”

Not long after, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic replied with a 22 day old tweet by zkSync where it stated that circuits/prover are still not fully unaudited.

Alex then replies with a worrying tweet:

“No, circuits/prover have been audited, with no major issues found so far. Further audits are coming, and we’re explicitly warning devs of the risks of such a novel technology as zkEVM.I will share more on our approach to security after the weekend.”

This is very contradictory to what the initial post by zkSync implied plus it’s also very worrying that they have to “explicitly warn devs of the risks of such a novel technology as zkEVM”How about instead of warning devs you actually give them a fully operating and secure mainnet instead

At this point zkSync is literally just sacrificing security in order to launch a ZK-rollup before Polygon does on March 27The only issue here is that zkSync’s mainnet is compromising security and quite possibly doesn’t even work…

Here’s the link to the twitter thread:https://twitter.com/MihailoBjelic/status/1626689429531238402

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