Autonomy Network Astroport AMA Recap

Autonomy Network <> Astroport AMA Recap

We had a great AMA last Friday as our CEO joined the Astroport Community Call hosted by Deebs, discussing our recent integrations in Astroport, Autonomy in Web3, and more!

Astroport is an open-sourced, permissionless DEX supporting multiple AMM strategies on Terra 2.0 and coming soon to Injective. We recently teamed up with Astroport to integrate our advanced trading features into their platform, first enabling limit orders for their users.

“This is only really the tip of the iceberg, hopefully there’s more to come… It seems like the value proposition is huge, especially after the collapse of FTX a lot of centralized exchange users are moving over to DEXs. I think it takes something to really go wrong for people to change their habits or move from one technology to another” — James | Autonomy Network

Astroport Swap with Limit Orders

Centralized exchange volume has been predominantly larger than DEX volume over the years, as CeFi exchanges include many more features to enable traders to practice risk management using tools such as stop losses or limit orders.

“In order for crypto [DeFi] to really go mainstream, traders don’t want to go with a degraded user experience, which is part of our reason for building Autonomy Network”, said James as he discussed the necessity of Autonomy’s products.

As we went further into the community call, we were joined by multiple members of the Delphi Labs team where we continued to discuss the concept of IL prevention, autonomy in crypto, and more!

“That’s been my stance in the current industry, we really need automation if we want to be Web3. I feel that Autonomy is key here, as they are adding to that infrastructure of this whole new concept of decentralization and DeFi… and we need that if we are to build full-blown DeFi applications,” said André, a software engineer at Delphi, as he expresses the need for Autonomy.

Be on the lookout for more AMAs and live discussions from the Autonomy Network team!

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