Announcing the ‘Come to Dubai’ Solana Founders’ Trek by Superteam UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Superteam UAE is thrilled to announce the inaugural ‘Come to Dubai’ Solana Founders’ Trek, an immersive program designed to introduce global Solana founders to the booming Middle East crypto ecosystem.

Scheduled for Q4 2023 (exact dates to be confirmed), this one-week trek offers:

  • Meetings with key crypto players in the UAE

  • Networking events with other founders, NFT communities, and investors

  • Workshops on company licensing, office setup, and navigating legal jurisdictions in multiple countries

Whether you’re a seasoned founder with a company already incorporated, or at the very beginning of your crypto journey, we’re keen to meet you. We believe this adventure will be a game-changer for you and your company.

The only requirement for participation is that you are building on Solana.

Founders will also have the opportunity to build relationships with other founders, NFT communities and VC investors. We’re working with Arts DAO, Crypto Oasis and Cypher Capital on a series of exciting events that will jumpstart your Middle East network with high quality people.

This trek will be a valuable opportunity for Solana founders who are interested in expanding their businesses into the Middle East.

We are now officially open for applications. If you’re a Solana founder interested in joining this vibrant and dynamic trek, we encourage you to apply. 

To apply, please submit your application by September 30th, 2023. We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!