Moonly weekly progress update #37

Moonly weekly progress update #37

Hello everyone, I hope you all are feeling great!
Another busy week went by and we are eager to release our new features on Moonly!
Here is just a brief summary of what we have accomplished in the past week.

Weekly devs progress:

  • The logic component for nonregistered users finished
  • Finished overlay for non-registered users and implemented it in the monitor table
  • Fixed upcoming NFT dropdown component issue
  • Fixed NFT collection edit form bug
  • Made DB changes, migrated data and inspected results with changes
  • Made necessary changes to the codebase to adjust the improved DB structure
  • Implemented caching for trait API
  • Changed DB structure for metadata and made changes to the codebase

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Fixed an HVB issue during role assessment
  • Made changes to mints-scraping to migrate traits during token creation
  • Design fixation on moonly-bot frontend
  • Made a script to migrate traits and solved different issues of it
  • Fixed unique trait type and value combination issues on HVB

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Created a separate doc for Ethereum scraper
  • Researched how we can prevent the slug duplications
  • Created a script to fix the slug duplication on the collection
  • Created a custom script to publish & unpublished all collections

Staking (Locking):

  • Unstake All at once with a single button
  • Fixed Nft Item fallback issue
  • Refactored Reward Increment state
  • Researched reading tx data for verification purposes

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Recalibrate scraper with different time/IDs number/replicas values
  • Eliminated potential memory leak issue
  • Thorough debugging of the token tracker in an effort to increase its performance
  • Maintenance and monitoring of token tracker
  • Setting up a database on RPC to speed up metadata->traits data migration
  • Fixed several issues with the trait migration script

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Moonly weekly progress update #36

Moonly weekly progress update #36

Last week we silently released our Sales/Listing Discord Bot in production. In addition to sales events, it shows listing and delisting, but in the future, it will also show other types of events like transfers, staking, etc.

The sales bot is nothing spectacular, but it’s an important step in our set of tools that we will release for projects and communities.

What is next?

Probably this week, we will do the first production test on our Holder Verification Bot (HVB), and we will need your help. We tested it out on DEVNET for a while, but the best feedback will be from real people in a real environment. So please stay tuned for that, and help us test HVB out. After that, we can release it for other Discord servers and compete with Matrica.

We improved our SaaS (Staking as a Service) a lot. It might be released in production by the end of February or earlier. Had a call with the founder of an interesting upcoming project, and when I showed him what we built, he was very interested in using our service. His mint is happening at the end of February, and that is why we gonna aim to release it by then. In addition to SaaS, we are releasing a simple but useful no-code Token Creation Tool that will come in handy for many upcoming projects.

Portfolio Tracker functionality is mostly in place. The only thing we are dealing with right now is collecting missing 1.4B (billion) of data. Currently, we are collecting data at a speed of ~20–30M (millions) per day, which is a lot, but it would still take around ~2 months to collect full data. So, currently working on it to scale it at least 3–5x times. This data will not be used only for Portfolio Tracker (PT) but in other features, we are currently building and the one that will be built after it. So it’s very important to finally finish that part.

We are working on adding automation on Moonly for the buy, listing, and other types of events on multiple marketplaces. We got our API approved by MagicEden and HyperSpace. We have positive experiments and results, and after that is implemented, we gonna work on buying automation, AKA sniping bot. I am excited to see how that will work on Moonly.

We are secretly (not secret anymore) working on importing tens of thousands of ETH collections on Moonly and providing the same data and tools for this blockchain. We had this idea from the beginning, and you probably noticed that we are serving upcoming projects for multiple blockchains, including ETH, but not market stats.
This gonna be a massive deal for Moonly, as we gonna attract a lot of eyes to Moonly and Solana collections as well. We are already ranking well for many keywords on Solana space; now we gonna take a piece of the pie for the ETH.

We are cooking something secretly that only a few of us know. We will let you know once we release those tools developed for months. It’s gonna play an essential part for the Moonly foundation and its holders.

Many minor things that I have no time to discuss over the announcement, but it is an excellent addition to Moonly.

Our high-level goal is to release those tools and lock down the access to the founders of the project that only hold X number of Moonly NFT (at the current FP 20+ NFT), partner with them, gain exposure by providing value to their communities, and be very competitive in this space.

Once we achieve this, the demand for the Moonly NFT will go up, listing down, which will naturally lead to an increase of FP, more value to the holders, better recognition in the space, and overall more opportunities.

Remember this. We are going wide and slow, so it takes some time to release this stuff. But once we do it, it will open doors to many incredible things.

Be good, take care, and don’t stop believing in Moonly. Otherwise, you will be the guy who was so close, but …

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