Rebecca Liao: Saga – Bootstrapping Chainlets in the Multiverse

Building a blockchain from the ground-up is a daunting task in itself, one that should not be a concern when designing an end-user application. Moreover, as Web3 aims to move away from centralized vertical scalability towards a multi-chain decentralized environment, horizontal scalability and cross-communication should represent a standard. While Cosmos solves the latter, deploying application-specific blockchains has not been a streamlined process. Saga aims to address this by providing automated means of deploying application-specific blockchains, called chainlets that use the validator set of Saga. This leads to a simplified user (and developer) experience, presently much needed in the Web3 gaming and entertainment industries.

We were joined by Rebecca Liao, co-founder & CEO of Saga, to discuss bootstrapping app-specific chains in just one click, leveraging the scalability & security of Cosmos, thus allowing developers to focus more on the product and less on the blockchain infrastructure.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Rebecca’s background & building Saga
  • Leveraging Cosmos SDK, IBC & ICS to bootstrap other chains
  • Chainlets
  • Saga validators & tokenomics
  • IBC & elastic scaling for chainlets
  • ICS & Saga’s tech stack
  • Chainlet customization
  • Partnerships & use cases
  • Chainlet ‘Musical chairs’ auction
  • Targeting gaming and entertainment industries
  • Multi-chain future and inter-chain communication

Episode links:


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This episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Felix Lutsch. Show notes and listening options: