Ultimate Honest Shitcoin Guide – $USHIT


Tried of getting rugged and scammed by these SHITCOINS? Sail the sea of shitcoins like a true shitcoiner with $USHIT.

Learn the ways to avoid getting SHIT on yourself and you will win this meme season with – the Ultimate Shitcoin Guide (links at the end)

What is $USHIT?

$USHIT is the Ultimate Honest Shitcoin, it is aimed at spreading awareness about the SHITcoin world and help crypto community members avoid the SCAMcoins.

$USHIT rewards its HODLers with $ARB rewards, 2% of every BUY and 5% of every SELL is distributed to holders of $USHIT as dividends in $ARB (Arbitrum)

$USHIT has launched on Arbitrum.

SHITonomics of $USHIT:

-10,000,000,000 supply

-100% added to liquidity, fair launch

-Liquidity burned

-Ownership renounced

-No proxy contract

-Tax: Buy Tax Total 5%

2% as $ARB dividend to $USHIT hodlers

3% Burned

Sell tax Total 8%

5% as $ARB dividend to $USHIT hodlers

3% Burned

-Listing price: ~$0.000000069420

Ultimate Honest Shitcoin ($USHIT) incentivizes holders to buy and hold the SHITs by providing an auto-reward mechanism built into the smart contract.

Keep yourself updated about the latest methods of rugs and how to avoid them by joining our telegram and discord server (and for some special presents!) link below.

HODL $USHIT and earn $ARB, protect the community from SCAMcoins.

Sail the sea of shit carefully and you shall be a true shitcoiner.

Info links: https://linktr.ee/uhonestshit

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