Do You Want to Start Trading Crypto? Create a Tokex Account Now!


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Tokex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell, and trade a wide range of digital assets. This trading platform boasts security, efficiency, multiple features, AML and KYC compliance, and a user-friendly interface. In addition, users can pay through card and wire transfer, access staking pools, crypto loans, and many more services. 

  • Tokex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows buying, selling, and trading of crypto.
  • Users can access a variety of services such as staking pools (USDT and TKX), crypto loans, and more. 
  • Users can buy different types of crypto and pay for them through card or wire transfer. 
  • While mastering crypto trading may take time, using a reliable platform like Tokex can make trading easier. 

Trading Crypto on Tokex 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start trading on Tokex.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account on Tokex. To do this, visit the Tokex website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Make sure to use a strong, unique password that you don’t use for any other accounts.

Step 2: Verify your account

After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to verify it. This is a standard process on most exchanges, and it’s designed to protect both you and Tokex from fraud and other security threats. To verify your account, you’ll need to provide some personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth. You may also need to provide a government-issued ID or passport to complete the verification process.

Step 3: Deposit funds

Once your account is verified, you’ll need to deposit funds before you can start trading. Tokex supports a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit and debit cards, or deposit your cryptocurrency from other wallets and exchanges. 

Buy Crypto with Debit or Credit Card

Step 4: Choose your trading pair

Now that you have funds in your account, it’s time to start trading! Tokex offers a wide range of trading pairs, which are the currencies that you can trade with each other. For example, if you want to trade Bitcoin, you might choose a trading pair like TKX/USDT (Tokex / Tether) or BTC/USDT (Bitcoin to Tether). Simply select the trading pair you want to trade and then enter the amount you want to buy or sell.

Step 5: Place your order

Once you’ve chosen your trading pair and entered the amount you want to trade, it’s time to place your order. Tokex offers two types of orders: market orders and limit orders. Market orders are executed immediately at the best available price. If you want to buy or sell your chosen currency as quickly as possible, a market order is probably your best bet.

Limit orders, on the other hand, allow you to set a specific price at which you want to buy or sell. For example, if you think the price of Bitcoin is going to go up in the near future, you might set a limit order to buy Bitcoin at a lower price than it’s currently trading for. This way, you can lock in your profits if the price does indeed go up.

Step 6: Track your trades and manage your portfolio

Once you’ve placed your order, you can track your trades and manage your portfolio through the Tokex dashboard. The dashboard provides a variety of tools and resources to help you make informed trades, including charts, market data, and real-time updates.

Practice Makes Earnings 

Cryptocurrency is volatile in nature, making trading digital assets tricky and unpredictable. Making a buck from crypto trading requires a lot of practice, research, patience, and a reliable crypto trading exchange. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you can start building your cryptocurrency portfolio on Tokex in no time.

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Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction-Will MATIC Reach $2?

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​​The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, and one of the most talked-about digital assets over the past few months is Polygon (MATIC). The project has generated a lot of interest from investors and developers looking to capitalize on its immense potential. Whether MATIC will reach $2 has been on the minds of many investors and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world. With a host of new and exciting partnerships, Polygon is looking to revolutionize how people interact with the blockchain. But will this be enough to propel MATIC to $2?

Will MATIC Reach $2 in 2023?

Based on the analysis of the price history and factors affecting the price of MATIC, MATIC can reach $2 in 2023. It is due to its increasing popularity and the partnerships it has secured. This price prediction also hinges on Polygon’s progress on the launch of its zkEVM mainnet, as this will further cement its place as a leading Layer 2 scaling solution. If the project can progress on both the tech and the marketing fronts, we could see MATIC reach $2 by the end of February or March.

Covo, a Polygon Based Token, gained around 85% in the past Weeks

Covo Finance’s native COVO token has seen a surge in price over the past few weeks, climbing around 80% in value. This increase in demand for the token can be attributed to the low-fee structure and innovative liquidity pools that Covo Finance offers. COVO token holders are rewarded 30% of the platform’s generated protocol fees in Matic tokens and esCOVO tokens, which can be staked or vested to earn more COVO tokens. In addition, the platform’s focus on safeguarding users’ funds while providing trading solutions has made it a popular choice among DeFi traders and investors. With the option to leverage trade BTC, ETH, and MATIC with up to 50X, Covo Finance can offer traders a way to maximize their profits and manage risk. As the popularity of the Polygon network continues to grow, the demand for COVO will likely continue to increase, further driving up the token’s price.

Price History of MATIC

Polygon was launched in 2017 as a utility token for the Polygon (MATIC) network. MATIC’s initial price was $0.0026, which remained relatively stable for the first few years. However, the price began to rise in 2020, reaching an all-time high of $2.62 in May 2021. Since then, the price has fluctuated, with a low of $0.60 in July 2021 and a high of $1.86 in November 2021. As of February 19, 2023, the price of MATIC is $1.52.

There are multiple reasons why some experts are predicting Polygon (MATIC) will reach $2 shortly. One of the main reasons is the strong investor interest in Polygon DeFi Ecosystem and interest from fortune 500 companies to build on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon has also seen impressive growth in daily NFT trading volume, and experts predict it could reach a 2$ price soon.

Several large companies have announced partnerships with Polygon, which has massively boosted its popularity and credibility. Companies such as DraftKings Inc., Starbucks, Siemens, Adobe, and Foxconn have announced partnerships with Polygon, which has significantly boosted the project. These notable names have made it easier for Polygon to gain traction in the market.

Polygon has been gaining traction in the DeFi space, with many decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, and other DeFi applications migrating to Polygon. In this article, let’s talk about the price history and factors that may affect the price of MATIC in the future and make a prediction about whether it will reach $2.

The increasing number of DeFi projects migrating to Polygon and the rising demand for MATIC could drive up the price in the future. Additionally, the network’s scalability, fast transaction times, and low fees make it an attractive option for users and developers, which could further increase demand for MATIC.

Revived Bitget Launchpad Gears up For BBO Panda Farm Token Sale


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The leading spot trading Bitget exchange has decided to go ahead with a repeat deployment of its native Launchpad project to assist aspiring and promising early-stage projects with market entry and community scaling. The first project to be hosted on the Launchpad, starting February 16, will be the decentralized Panda Farm GameFi project, which will be putting 1,000,000 native BBO utility tokens up for sale.

The growing interest of cryptocurrency market users towards platform-assisted project launches has spurred Bitget to revive its Launchpad, which was put on hold in June of 2022, despite having showcased up to 29x ATH returns since its initial launch in February of 2022. Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, has stated that the re-launch of the Bitget Launchpad is part of the new Go Beyond Derivatives strategy, which foresees the expansion of the exchange’s operations beyond the trading arena. The endeavor is also aimed at supporting promising early-stage startups that mean to have an impact on the industry and provide an innovative Web3 experience.

Panda Farm’s Tokensale

Panda Farm is a fully on-chain GameFi metaverse that provides its users with a gamified reward sharing experience. Players receive their winnings from a common prize pool for participating in various competitions. The Foodies Competition is set to become the first in a long lineup of events that Panda Farm promises to deliver in the coming months after the end of the token sale.

Bitget encourages its users to join the token sale, requiring them to hold a minimum of 100 native BGB tokens on their accounts to be eligible for participation. Allocation will be decided based on BGB tokens held on user accounts. Trading of the BBO utility token will be launched on the Bitget exchange starting February 20, giving all willing users ample time to stock up during the token sale.

Representatives of the Panda Farm project have praised the importance of the partnership with Bitget, highlighting the immense opportunities for community scaling that the listing on the Launchpad provides. Such a move is an important landmark for the project, allowing it to reach new investors and users seeking exciting entertainment.

Bitget has seen considerable traction in recent days, its native BGB token spiking in price by up to 80%. The development has pushed Bitget up the listing charts to the 12th position on Coinmarketcap by spot trading volumes. The exchange is expanding rapidly, adding up to 20 new assets per month, thus bolstering its already impressive lineup of 430 listed coins and 530 trading pairs at the time of writing. The slow thawing of prices of the cryptocurrency market’s leading assets, such as Bitcoin, is having a positive impact on trading volumes and is driving user interest towards trading venues and the promising projects they support.

Erth Points: The Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Revolutionizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Obligations

Erth Points

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The founders believe that by creating value and generating real-world demand from businesses, Erth Points will be one of the only Cryptos to survive the big Crypto crash. The same crash changed the dot-com Internet share market world forever.

Erth Points Crypto is the next-generation Crypto in a league of its own; it’s a Clykto-Currency with more utility and productive worldwide applications than all other Cryptos combined. It has completed multiple test projects and is on the cusp of taking its home country of Australia and then the world, and it is helping to save the world. Does this sound impossible? You be the judge.

The Erth Points system enables a portion of each purchase from potentially every business worldwide to satisfy the business’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) obligations. Sending micropayments to the customer as a reward point, supporting the community, repairing environmental damage, or, to put it another way, saving the Planet while benefiting all parties, including the business and the customer.

Just living causes environmental damage, and we can either wait till governments impose a carbon or environmental tax on us or solve the problem using next-generation Crypto Erth Points.

Businesses already spend hundreds of Billions on satisfying their ESG obligations, plus much more on marketing and advertising. Erth combines solving ESG with Rewards Points, which act like a reusable Click for the patented marketing and loyalty system. Erth Points are a hybrid of a Blockchain Click, a reward point, and an ESG solution, all trading as a Crypto-Currency. 

If used for their intended purpose, Erth points should be tax deductible for businesses; they also have a legal opinion that they are not a security in the USA as per SEC legislation, which puts them in an elite club with only BTC and ETH. Erth Points trades on 4 Crypto exchanges and is part of a solid business model that is not dependent on FOMO and speculators, a first for Crypto.   

Users of the Erth Point system come from Clubs, Charities, Churches, and Not-for-Profits (CCCs) environmental supporters or any customer who wants to share in the revenue, making the system a very effective monetizing loyalty. 

It’s triple the points. From every purchase, the customer earns Erth Points, the customer’s nominated CCC earns Erth Points, and the Planet earns Erth Points. Erth Points are the next evolutionary step for cryptographic technologies. They can be the motivation, or at least be part of that motivation, for all consumer and commercial transactions across the globe.

The reason why gold and diamond markets have been around for so long is the exact reason why Erth Points will be around for a long time, something almost no cryptos have, end users. 

In the same way, an engagement ring removes diamonds from the diamond exchange market, and Erth Points customers remove Erth Points from the crypto exchange market. This allows Erth Points to be spent in the reward point system at any business that accepts them or on gift cards at eBay, Apple, and thousands of other businesses that accept ErthPay gift cards.

Demand for Erth Points is proportional to the total number of transactions that take place, which means the more Erth Points earned, the higher the demand and the higher the price can go. Like all Cryptos, the price can also go down. But like diamonds and gold, there should always be a business that needs to buy them because a customer wants them. Most Cryptos do not have a use, have no dividend, and do nothing. Therefore they have no limit to how far they can crash in price. Whereas shares have dividends and underlying assets, so they may crash, but they should always have a lower limit, and they should recover, Crypto like Bitcoin does not have that safety net. 

The demand for Erth is projected to expand at a rate comparable to an exponential growth curve as many companies adopt the system because of all the benefits Erth Points bring.

Are Erth Points the biggest threat ever to Bitcoin’s dominance?

Delivering value to businesses and customers while supporting CCCs and helping to save the Planet is the driving force that could cause Erth Points to overtake Bitcoin as the most important cryptocurrency in the world. Erth Points is the only product that could be used in every purchase from every business in the world, not just crypto, but any financial services product. That’s a game-changer!

If all 3 billion Facebook users collected Erth Points, more than $6 billion per week would go towards repairing environmental damage, enabling Erth Points to fund an army of eco-warriors and projects to help save the Planet. Imagine how much could be accomplished. Plus, $6 billion would also go to CCCs every week and the same to customers who can spend the Erth back at the businesses, creating a perfect economic ecosystem.

For instance, if a Supporter spent money at a Business in New York that is a part of the Erth Points REACTS (Rewards4Earth Automatic Card Transaction System), they would send Erth Point back to support their child’s netball club in Fiji or anywhere in the world. 

Supporters could Nominate Bono’s feed the children program, and Erth Points are automatically sent to a child in Somalia so they could buy food within seconds. This scenario is just one example of how the Erth Points system can work.

Erth Points can be earned where the average person spends the majority of their money each week (In Australia, other Businesses will be added per country), such as purchasing food and groceries from Coles or Woolworths, fuel for their car from Caltex or Ampol, hardware from Bunnings, and phone time from Optus or Vodafone either directly where the business is part of the REACTS system or by purchasing Erth Pay gift cards. 

Hotels, car parts, restaurants, and many more businesses now help save the environment through Erth Points, awarded for every purchase, creating demand for Crypto from every transaction and putting it into the pockets of potentially every person on the Planet.

Profit On Weed Makes The Business Legal With a 120% Return


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Today, support for marijuana legalization has become mainstream, and the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing. Some people support the legalization of this business. At the same time, opponents say marijuana poses a public health and safety risk, and some are morally against legalization.

Nevertheless, each year, new cannabis legislation or ballot referendums open new markets in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Among the countries that join the weed race, Thailand has a great chance to become the most promising region in 2023-2027. The legal cannabis market in Thailand is valued at $80.3 million and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate, also known as a CAGR, of 58.4% in 2022-2030.

According to the experts, the volume of the legal cannabis market will exceed $18 billion by the end of this year and soar up to $34 billion by 2030.

Sounds impressive, right? This time, we will take a look at Profit on Weed, the company that supports legal weed, its mass adoption, and helps to make its cultivation as transparent as possible.

What is Profit of Weed?

Created by Green Grow Pharmaceuticals, it is a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to make transactions seamless in the sphere of cannabis purchase and attract investors to a rapidly evolving industry. Blockchain gives full transparency and the ability to track production and processing – from seeds, and plants in all cycles, to processing and marketing, and has become the basis of a new approach to production.

The founder of the TRB Group and Green Grow Pharmaceuticals is Nikita Ryabin. He is a well-known entrepreneur and innovative engineer with an impressive 18 years of expertise in the field of manufacturing.

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals, as well as Profit on Weed, are officially registered in Thailand as legal entities.

The mission of the company is to improve people’s lives by making the unique natural properties of cannabis available to everyone. The team behind the project plans to digitize the real production of cannabis in Thailand via weed-NFTs tied to high-tech greenhouses.

So, any individual can have access to the harvest and the ability to invest and earn income from Thailand’s legal cannabis crop. They can purchase plant-specific NFTs and take part in affiliate programs.

New money flow will allow the company to scale the project, and the use of blockchain tools and payments in cryptocurrency will make it possible to make interaction with users fast, convenient, and transparent.

How does it work?

The company has created an agro-industrial complex that has a field of more than 1500 m2, and that is able to keep 4600 plants per cycle. The indoor farm supports a needed microclimate via the HVAC system, and drip irrigation is utilized. More than 700 thousand dollars have already been invested in the creation of the production complex and marketing, the first cycle of growing has already been launched, the first harvest is expected at the end of spring 2023, and now you have a unique chance to join a successful and promising business.

Users can purchase weed-NFT and have a share of the profits generated from growing cannabis. These plants and their part of the land are tied to NFTs.

Check out all NFTs accessible on Profit on Weed.

Profit per yearProfit distributionRevenue per yearPricePlace for planting

Profit is generated by selling the crop, and the maturity of the weed is one year. Within three months, the first group of NFT owners will have an opportunity to receive funds or sell NFTs.

Weed-NFT and its peculiarity

Bonds are analogs of weed-NFTs from the traditional financial sphere. These NFTs provide their owners with the ability to receive income at regular intervals. They receive funds in USDT within one year.

Weed NFTs are issued and tied to a specific unit. They are utilized to track the movement of cannabis plants throughout the supply chain from a seed of exclusive cannabis strains to markets in Thailand, the USA, and Canada. Creating a transparent and immutable record of this information helps ensure regulatory compliance, improve the safety and quality of the harvest, and eliminate fraud.

Profit on Weed is among the pioneers in implementing blockchain within the segment. In fact, the company develops and provides the cannabis market with a decentralized infrastructure that will help to boost the whole sphere.

How to join the project? The minimum sum of investment is $100

Given the marijuana industry’s short history, it seems doomed to succeed and continue its impressive growth as new markets open. Anyone has a chance to join it thanks to a whitelist accessible on Profit on Weed. Users need to sign up on the website and join the list of privileged investors who will be able to buy project tokens as soon as possible. To sweeten the deal, they will have an impressive discount to buy NFTs and enjoy everything the platform has to offer.

So, be among the first investors who believed in the project. Get advantage of harvest linked to NFTs, generate passive income at the highest possible levels, and earn together Profit on Weed in one of the most promising and fastest-growing markets in the world.

C+Charge Reaches $1m in Presale, Only 2 Days Left Until Next Stage


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C+Charge has managed to raise $1 million in the second stage of its presale, cementing the project’s status as one of the most exciting new projects to enter the industry. The project, which is a blockchain-based system for the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging industry, has a total of eight stages in its presale. 

Investors are flocking to the project and it appears that the $600,000 left in the second round will not last long. Currently, the CCHG is priced at $0.01450, with the next stage taking the token to the price of $0.01600. There are only two days left in this second presale stage. Investors should note that entering the presale in this round will result in a 10.3% uplift on February 15.

At this rate, the earliest investors in the project should see a profit of 80% at the end of the presale. The presale has been hard capped at $6.85 million, with no vesting period for presale buyers of the CCHG token. The total supply of CCHG tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), which means 40% are on sale to the public in the presale.

The presale has already seen a lot of interest, largely because of hte novel solutions that C+Charge provides. The project has the capacity to transform the EV charging industry.

What is C+Charge?

As the world moves towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly state, several industries are looking to change their processes or implement new green technologies. The problem of climate change and sustainability is now on everyone’s minds and it’s considered a serious issue if companies don’t move towards hitting their green targets.

C+Charge is doing its bid to help the world by being the only ESG-supported sustainable crypto project in the Electronic Vehicle (EV) space. The project is building an on-chain and off-chain platform that rewards EV owners with carbon credits for using and charging their vehicles.

The project was co-founded by Ryan Fishoff, who was the CEO of the publicly traded company American Wealth Mining Corporation, a business focused on crypto, environmentally sustainable investments, fintech, retail, wellness, nutrition, and financial education. C+Charge has received venture capital funding from 360° Crypto Economy of $250,000.

The team has already established a robust design that includes individual wallets, a mobile application, and a P2P payment system for the EV industry. It is focused on creating a unified payment system for the EV market, which will allow users to better see how much they are charged for using EV stations. Of course, they will also earn carbon credits for charging their vehicles, which is a nice way of roping EV owners into the carbon credits market.

The mobile application will let users see how many carbon credits they have obtained, the pricing for charging stations, the locations of these stations, real-time wait times, and more. What’s particularly interesting is that users will be able to pay for EV charging through C+Charge’s native token, CCHG.

The project has already made some headway with partnerships, having struck a strategic partnership with Flowcarbon. This allows on-chain carbon credits to be handed to users.

Token hodlers can also earn carbon credits through a reflection program. There is a 1% tax on each transaction, which is used to purchase carbon credits. This is then distributed to all token holders in the ecosystem. This means even those who don’t own an EV can earn carbon credits. One carbon credit allows for the emission of 1 ton of greenhouse gasses.

C+Charge has also managed to secure an international partnership – with Perfect Solutions Turkey. This will see 20% of the EV chargers in the country added to the C+Charge network.

C+Charge has proven itself to be an innovative project that provides value to users in multiple ways, not the least of which is the aforementioned carbon credits rewards system. As such, it’s clear to see how C+Charge can be the ideal solution in a world that is tackling the pressing issues of climate change.

Visit the C+Charge Presale

Bringing Cohesion to EV Charging Station Payment Systems 

C+Charge solves many of the issues in EV charging payment systems. Primarily, it offers a universal payments system with an app that interfaces seamlessly with the platform. As a result, it doesn’t require the installation of expensive Point of Sale (PoS) equipment – instead, drivers use the CCHG token to pay.

Furthermore, the GNT token is a verified voluntary carbon credit. This has been backed by venture capital firms a16z Crypto and Samsung Next as well as fund manager Invesco.

Blockchain technology offers several benefits, including being able to reduce costs associated with managing stations and transmitting information in real-time. Additionally, it also allows for diagnostic tasks.

Everyone Benefits from C+Charge

The mission of C+Charge is to democratize carbon credits so that an increasing share of carbon credit revenue can be distributed to all stakeholders. It is estimated that the carbon credits industry will be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027, so opening up access to EV drivers will be a huge business. 

By decentralizing EV charging payment systems, carbon credits allow for all stakeholders to benefit. This includes the individual user, as opposed to other systems that mostly favor big businesses. EV drivers can both benefit from this system and contribute to the fight against climate change. Meanwhile, manufacturers of EVs, such as Tesla, can earn millions of dollars by selling carbon credits to polluters.

The EV Charging Revolution is Here 

C+Charge has made enormous headway in the short time it has been around, attracting several investors to its presale. With its second presale stage set to end soon, investors will want to enter quickly before the prices go up. 

Visit the C+Charge Presale