First Mover Asia: Why Did Bitcoin’s Price Hold Above $27K Over the Weekend? Two Analysts Expect Continued Resilience

ALSO: The bitcoin options put/call ratio across exchanges has sunk to 0.47, suggesting that fewer investors are seeking downside protection against price declines than they had prior to the passage of a bill to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

First Mover Asia: Does Crypto’s Success Depend on the Upcoming Presidential Election?

“The Hash” hosts weighed in on the biggest stories shaping the crypto industry today. The number of ether (ETH) on exchanges hit a low not seen since July 2016 as staking saps up available ether. Separately, the potential sign that good-economic-news-equals-bad-news for digital asset prices narrative is beginning to shift. Plus, the lawyer representing some FTX investors, Adam Moskowitz, joined “The Hash” to discuss basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal being served in a class action lawsuit regarding FTX and its celebrity endorsements.