Solvo’s Crypto App Will Create NFTs With Generative AI; Here’s How


Solvo, an EU-based cryptocurrency startup, has announced the official launch of the Solvo app. It aims to convert crypto-curiosity into crypto-capability by bringing the best of the best of crypto to everyone. It is done through a simple, transparent, and user-friendly entry point. However, it also allows users to purchase simple financial products and gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Solvo removes the complex processes of crypto platforms

According to a 2022 survey conducted by 451 Research, a technology research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence. They found that 32% of non-crypto users cited a “lack of understanding of blockchain” as the reason they had not traded cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, 26% of non-users cited cryptocurrency as being “too complicated to purchase” as a barrier to beginning trading. Solvo gets rid of the intimidating and complicated procedures that other crypto platforms have. It offers products that are focused and clear and manages the vast array of options that a novice investor must wade through.

Main products Offered by the app

Three main products are offered by the app, which manages the plethora of options a novice investor must navigate.

1. Bundles: Baskets of sector-specific tokens without requiring the user to select from thousands of projects and tokens. Users can invest in blue-chip crypto projects, DeFi, or metaverse & gaming based on their preferences.

2. Vaults: Depending on their risk tolerance, users can earn a yield. They only need to make a FIAT deposit and choose the token they want to earn, and Solvo will take care of the rest.

3. NFTs: Using a generative AI, users can produce their own NFTs. Users can design their own NFTs by uploading or taking a photo. However, also by typing in a prompt that describes the image they want.

Users can generate NFTs using AI

Solvo aims to make the creation, ownership, and minting of NFTs easier as they are a part of the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem in addition to serving as a gateway to digital tokens for those who are interested. On the Optimism blockchain, it is possible to mint the AI-generated NFT for nothing. Users will be able to deposit and remove this NFT as well as others in future releases.

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Top 5 Blockchain Projects To Investigate In February

Blockchain Projects

Blockchain technology is a pioneering method of storing and sharing data. It is decentralized, which means that it doesn’t rely on a single person or business to store the data. Instead, it is spread out among thousands of computers around the globe. As a result, blockchain networks are much more secure than conventional methods of data storage. New developers can easily enter the blockchain ecosystem by participating in blockchain projects.

Here are the top 5 blockchain projects to investigate in February

1. Uhive

The Uhive Blockchain project aims to advance social networking to a completely new level. Similar to any other social media platform, the Uhive platform allows users to connect with loved ones and pursue their interests. But what makes it special is that each user has a set amount of “spaces” that get more valuable as the platform gets more popular and active.

2. GOeureka

GOeureka is a travel technology company that uses Blockchain technology to revolutionize the hotel experience for customers. It reportedly has over 400,000 hotels in various parts of the world. GOeureka’s goal is to provide users with a dynamic digital experience by eliminating hidden costs and commissions. However, which are typically imposed by online travel agents/agencies.

3. Cognipet

CogniPet uses Blockchain technology to fight and combat animal trafficking and abuse. Breeders and pet owners can interact and engage on CogniPet. However, it is an intelligent marketplace that matches them based on a native rating system. To offer pet protection to the animals registered in its system, it adds Blockchain technology with facial recognition technology. Transfer of ownership is made easier by CogniPet. This blockchain project is going to minimize the problem of animal trafficking.

4. Cinemadrum

Cinemadrum is a platform that uses Blockchain technology to fund, make, and release movie projects. Through its two primary areas of application, Cinemadrom seeks to change the face of international cinema: the cinema industry and the crypto industry. Filmmakers and cinematographers can use Cinemadrom to distribute their finished works. However, they can also work to raise money for their film projects. It is one of the most useful and intriguing blockchain projects.


ODEM(On-Demand Education Marketplace) is a blockchain-based educational marketplace that can be used in both academic and commercial settings. Credentials are stored in Ethereum smart contracts by both educators and students. However, they also validate courses taken. The exclusive ERC-20 digital token called ODE is used to fund tokenized transactions.

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Explain CryptoKitties? Can you make money with CryptoKitties?


What are CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties is a cryptocurrency cat-raising game that allows players to collect and breed NFT cat cards.  It was one of the earliest attempts to use blockchain technology for play-to-earn experiences and the first game on the Ethereum blockchain. It enticed players to trade in-game currency for real money.

This game is built around the idea of digital scarcity. However, each in-game NFT cat has a unique feature that cannot be copied or destroyed. This suggests that if you are a legitimate owner of a kitten, no one else will be able to claim it any longer. In fact, many players have made headlines by raking in sizable sums of cash from the simple act of selling kittens in-game. Since its debut in 2017, CryptoKittes has been one of the most popular NFT games in the blockchain industry, with over $12 million in circulation.

How does Cryptokitties work?

CryptoKitties are non-fungible tokens that were initially created on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC721 token standard. Tokens on blockchains were previously fungible, or interchangeable; each Bitcoin or Ethereum token is the same as every other. This changed with the introduction of ERC721. ERC721 made it possible to create one-of-a-kind, non-fungible tokens.

Initially, the purpose of CryptoKitties was to investigate the idea of virtual scarcity by utilizing smart contracts and ERC721 tokens. Every single CryptoKitty is distinct and has a digital genome that is kept in a smart contract. Any two CryptoKitties can mate, and a genetic algorithm creates a child with its own special traits. The immutable genotype kept in the smart contract determines its outward appearance or phenotype.

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Features of Cryptokitties

Users are all familiar with the basic idea of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique assets that cannot be duplicated. The game Cryptokitties is no exception, each of the cutest kittens in it has a distinct set of appearances. Also, there is only one of each in the entire game. Here are some prominent features of CryptoKitties.


Genetic algorithms known as attributes—adorably referred to as “Cattributes”—determine various cat traits. Similar to how real-world genetics operate, a kitten born from two cats with different sets of traits will have a random mix of new, distinct traits from both parents.

Cooldown Speed

Giving birth is never simple, mom cats always remind us. After breeding a new kitten, CryptoKitties has set a “Cooldown Speed” feature to allow the cat some downtime. The generation number or the number of times a kitten has given birth will be crucial in figuring out the cooldown time. It takes longer for the next kitten to be born as the mother cat ages through the generations.


In CryptoKitties, a cat’s genetic makeup consists of DNA blocks that store four different types of genes, including those for eyes, coat patterns, body colors, and others. Each block has 3 hidden genes that are invisible to the naked eye but can be passed on to a cat’s progeny. However, along with 1 primary gene that determines a dominant trait. Please note that while hidden genes only have a 25% chance of passing on to their progeny, primary genes have a 75% chance.


A newborn cat may occasionally lack any characteristics from its parents. This is referred to as a “Mutation,” where the genes of a mutated kitten will have new origins that their offspring may inherit in the future. What’s more interesting is that mutations can still happen when two purebred parents breed, albeit with a lower probability. A mutation is more likely, though, if the parents’ genomes are completely unrelated.

Family Jewels

The most recent addition to CryptoKitties’ collection of enduring delights, Family Jewels, debuted in February 2018. The Family Jewel is now available for kittens to wear as a reminder of their heritage. The first jewels will be given to cats who have the first reports of “Mewtation” or a new mutation in their bloodline

The following types of family jewels are categorized according to Kitty’s generational distance from the Mewtation:

  1.   Diamond is the legendary badge to the first-ever cat who gives a new gene.
  2.   Gilded is for the next 9 cats with that mutant gene.
  3.   Amethyst is for the next 90 Kitties.
  4.    Lapis is for the next 400 Kitties.

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Different modes in Cryptokitties

When playing CryptoKitties, users can choose from three different basic game modes.


For purchasing the right kitties, there is an in-game marketplace available. When the user locates them, they can click the “Buy Now” button to access a confirmation page in the game. Check your ordered cats one more time before clicking “OK, buy this kitty” to complete the purchase. As soon as they can see their new cats on their profile, the purchase will be considered final.


In this game, there are two types of kittens: Dame (the mother) and Sire (the father). The generation of the offspring will be the highest generation of both parents plus one; for instance, mating a 4th generation cat with a 3rd generation cat will result in a 5th generation kitten, while mating two 3rd generation cats will result in a 4th generation cat. The best breeding strategy is to cross two cats from the same generation.

Breeding is a straightforward process. Users can choose the sire (the cat they want to father their kittens), click “Breed,” and then select “Sire with my kittens.” The lists of cats to become mothers (Dame) will then be displayed. The “OK, give them some privacy” button may need to be used to separate the cats after they have finished mating so they can have a private moment. All they have to do going forward is wait for a blessed event to occur very soon.


In CryptoKitties, selling is how users generate revenue. Users have the option of selling their cats or becoming cat breeders who mate their Sire cats with the cats of other players. Go to the lists of your cats, where they will find the “Sell” and “Breed” buttons. Users can create an auction on a new page by choosing either option. Simply put, pressing the “Sell” button will start a sale auction. While pressing the “Breed” button will make their cats visible in the Siring market so that players can select them for breeding.

How to play Cryptokitties

Installing MetaMask:

Look through the website. To add the MetaMask Chrome Extension, click “Download MetaMask.” To create a new wallet or import an existing wallet if you already have one, click “Get Start” after that.

ETH purchase:

Users should purchase the necessary amount of ETH to make their initial investment in CryptoKitties. However, they should also copy the transaction address from MetaMask.

Buying new kitties:

Select a cat or cats for your first breed mates by going to the Marketplace. The generation, cooldown speed, and other details of the kitties should all be carefully read.

Raising kitties:

Users can start petting and raising kittens as soon as they get them so that they can be the best cat parent possible in the future.

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What makes CryptoKitties NFTs unique?

CryptoKitties, one of the first and most well-known NFT projects, made blockchain technology accessible to thousands of early adopters, gamers, traders, and collectors. Now the stuff of crypto legend, the collection’s initial days of release and sales. From the start, CryptoKitties attracted so much attention that the number of Ethereum transactions is thought to have increased by a factor of six. It once made up 25% of the network’s total volume of transactions.

The 256-bit DNA sequence assigned to each of the CryptoKitties NFTs may be partly responsible for the demand for them. Each CryptoKitty’s distinctive characteristics are the result of combining the attributes of its parents. With the help of this genome mechanism, nearly four billion different CryptoKitties can be created from parent CryptoKitties.

High-profile celebrity collaborations have also been attracted by the success of CryptoKitties NFTs. Famous Chinese fashion designer Momo Wang and well-known rock band Muse both contributed to the creation of specially-themed cats for the CryptoKitties series. The most notable celebrity to support the initiative is probably NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Three CryptoKitty NFTs bearing his likeness were produced as a result of his early involvement.

Why buy Cryptokitties NFT?

CryptoKitties’ cutting-edge approach to buying and breeding a virtual pet may appeal to both cat lovers and blockchain enthusiasts. Others might appreciate the artwork or feel proud that their animated pet is special and cannot be duplicated. Traders might want to make predictions about the value of uncommon traits they find in their new pets through breeding.

Another factor that draws many people to CryptoKitties NFTs is the ongoing developments within the franchise. The ultimate goal of CryptoKitties is to move to its own unique blockchain on the Flow network. By lowering fees and enabling more functionality, the flow has the potential to enhance the CryptoKitties NFT experience.

Top 10 most expensive crypto kitties ever sold

  1. Founder Cat #40 Estimated Value – $1,064,022.75 USD
  2. Founder Cat #17 Estimated Value – $837,031.23 USD
  3. Founder Cat #44 Estimated Value – $709,348.50 USD
  4. Founder Cat #16 Estimated Value – $704 619.51 USD
  5. Founder Cat #38 Estimated Value – $699,890.52 USD
  6. Founder Cat #38 Estimated Value – $614,768.70 USD.
  7. Founder Cat #74 Estimated Value – $562,749.81 USD
  8. Founder Cat #63 Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD
  9. Founder Cat #35 Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD
  10. Cat #1121273 Nana Meanbutt Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD

How to make money on CryptoKitties

The idea behind the values of the cats is based on the fact that some are more uncommon than others. The principle behind most collection-based games is that the rarity of an item raises its value. Rare specimens pique the interest of players or collectors of visual kittens the most. But aren’t the kittens all rare because each one is special? This is actually a fascinating aspect of the kitten valuation.

In general, even regular cats sell for money, which means you can make smaller amounts of money selling regular cats. And one might get lucky and receive a cat with a special gem during the breeding process. There are also breeding patterns available that will tell you exactly which cats to breed with one another in order to produce more rare cats. This is also a bit of a risk because the cats in demand change all the time. A cat that is extremely valuable today may not be as valuable tomorrow.

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How to buy CryptoKitties

Users will require an Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet in order to purchase CryptoKitties from its marketplace. Nearly all of the top cryptocurrency exchanges have Ethereum available. Transmit it to their cryptocurrency wallet after they buy it. To create an account, which is necessary to buy CryptoKitties, go to the CryptoKitties website and click “Start.” A prompt will appear asking for an email address and a nickname. Create an account on the website, then browse the catalog to choose the Kitties you want to purchase. The concept for CryptoKitties came along at the perfect time. For those who want their own virtual cats, it’s still a fun idea that was developed in the early days of blockchain gaming.

Is CryptoKitties a good investment?

To be fair, CryptoKitties were not created to be an investment vehicle. That is stated on the game’s website. It makes clear that “this is a game focused on collecting digital cats, not an investment portfolio or a get-rich-quick opportunity,” and advises new players to have reasonable expectations. CryptoKitties should only be purchased if users are interested in the game. Although users might succeed in making money from it, it is not worthwhile as a business endeavor. There are much better options available if they want to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

The Future of CryptoKitties

The first step in developing crypto-collectibles, a brand-new type of digital good that can be traded online, is the development of CryptoKitties. Although CryptoKitties initially experienced scaling issues, switching to a new blockchain has assisted in the growth of this entirely new sector. The creators of CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, have big plans for their Flow blockchain platform they had already attracted $11 million in funding and have backing from Warner Music Group and game developer Ubisoft. Additionally, they have agreements in place with the NBA and Animoca Brands to use the assets for their own cryptocurrency collectibles on the Flow blockchain.


In such a short period of time, the game Cryptokitties has become extremely well-liked. With a cute collection of kittens and entertaining features, CrytoKitties is a great choice for blockchain enthusiasts who are cat-obsessed. Those who wish to acquire a CryptoKitty. The amount of money users want to spend will determine everything. The most expensive Dames are always Generation 0 because you always get to keep the newborn token.

FAQs for Cryptokitties

What is the release date of cryptokitties?

The release date of cryptokitties is 28 November 2017

How many CryptoKitties do users need to get started?

Only 1 is required.

How many CryptoKitties exist in total?

There can be as many other Kitties as they want to breed with, but there will never be more than 50,000 Gen 0 Kitties.

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