Biweekly update on DAOs vol.45, 11th January — 26th January

  • Gitcoin, Uniswap, and Rarible play with lowering proposal thresholds, potentially turning governance into a wider open field

  • Optimism’s ‘optimistic approval’ process takes a real-life spin

  • Aave Labs posits a strategy for integrating GHO across multiple blockchain networks. [ARFC] Treasury Management proposal approved

  • MakerDAO’s Spark Spell proposals aim to enhance operational efficiency, manage risk, and adapt to evolving market conditions within the Maker ecosystem. The RETH is being offboarded from the Protocol

  • Gitcoin discusses the concept of “long tail public goods funding”, emphasizing how funding distributions often follow a power law distribution. Proposal to lower GTC Voting Thresholds on and off-chain is live

  • Lido chose a team to develop wstETH bridge on BNB. The DAO considers its Ethereum node operator EL diversity improvement commitments

  • Gnosis introduces more accountability to the GnosisDAO. GIP-91 is live

  • Compound’s proposals 210–2013 passed

  • Uniswap discusses community governance process changes. Deployments Accountability Committee Competition completed. Getty Hill shared ideas for “revitalization and growth” in Uniswap

  • Arbitrum’s Security Council improvement proposal suggests modifications to the structure of Arbitrum’s Security Council. Aribitrum is holding elections for its Procurement Committee

  • ShapeShift’s Decentralized Process for Hiring Workstream Leaders proposal introduces a formal 8-step process for hiring workstream leaders

  • Radworks’s RGP-20 Grants Org Proposal aims to allocate substantial funds from the Radworks Treasury to the Radworks Grant Program’s multi-signature wallet

  • Nouns’s Artist Program proposal outlines establishing an art program that funds approximately 100 artists to create and mint CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) artwork

  • ApeCoin’s Rules and Framework for Temperature Checks proposal outlines a framework for Temperature Checks to poll the community on various topics

  • Decentraland passed a proposal suggesting that all code created using DAO tools be open-source

  • Bankless proposes brand clarity. BanklessDAO is holding elections for its Season 10 Grants Committee

  • RareDAO is holding its Council election

  • VitaDAO is picking up the discussion of the election of Working Group Stewards for 2024

  • A long-term strategy is being discussed for Cosmos Hub.

  • Paladin is discussing the renewal of its delegate incentive program

  • SEC settles with “purportedly decentralized” BarnBridge DAO

  • SuperRare votes to compensate Council members

  • Upcoming events on DAOs and Web3

  • Podcasts on DAOs

  • And more!

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Biweekly update on DAOs vol.42, 25th August — 15th September


  • Aave to add freeze stewards: The proposal suggests adding a FreezingSteward as the riskAdmin to synchronize functionality across Aave V3 deployments on multiple networks. Grants Continuation proposal is under discussion. TokenLogic Proposal approved

  • MakerDAO Rune Christensen writes that the final phase of the “Endgame” project involves the complete reimplementation of the Protocol on a new blockchain (“NewChain”). Solana codebase is deemed the most promising

  • Nouns is forking. While Gnars proposes a transition from the Ethereum mainnet to Zora Network

  • Gitcoin discusses guardrails for partnerships. Furthermore, Kevin Owocki, co-founder of Gitcoin, expressed his intention to re-engage with Gitcoin

  • Optimism details RetroPGF 3. Furthermore, Optimism details partnership with Base

  • Lido DAO considers adding 7 shortlisted Ethereum operators to the Lido on Ethereum operator set. The Emergency Brakes signer rotation proposal passed

  • Gnosis proposal to overhaul the Token Rewards Plan is active. GIP-89 & GIP-74 are under discussion

  • Compound’s proposals 177, 178 passed, 179 failed

  • Hats Protocol is live with v2

  • GovMonth begins at Arbitrum. Furthermore, Activate ARB Staking post suggests introducing a locking mechanism for the Arbitrum (ARB) token. Proposal to integrate Arbitrum One with the Rarible protocol approved

  • SuperRare’s Rare Protocol launches

  • Government of India partners with Questbook

  • The Frax Core Team has proposed the introduction of Staked FRAX (sFRAX) to the Frax ecosystem. Frax’s Flywheel website subsidy proposal

  • Cosmos discusses a proposal to improve governance and oversight structures on the Cosmos Hub. Increase Active Validator Set from 180 to 200 proposal

  • Chaos Labs has proposed a six-month launch incentives program for dYdX V4, aiming to facilitate the transition of users and liquidity from V3 to V4

  • CityDAO: The Center for Virtual Organizations and Communities and the DAO Journal

  • JPEG’d DAO voters are deciding how to account for a $1 million bounty

  • Decentraland: Implementation of a Fee for DAO Proposal Submissions

  • ApeCoin: AIP-304: Create the Digital Art Movement Collection to Acquire Yuga Assets and Other Notable NFTs for Exhibition and Donation to Art Institutions

  • ShapeShift: Remove Incubation as a required step in the DAO’s governance process

  • Uniswap: Deploy Friendly Fork of Uniswap V3; ZERO Protocol on Polygon zkEVM

  • Rocket Pool’s Rocket Pool Powers and Authorities discussion

  • Upcoming events on DAOs and Web3

  • Podcasts on DAOs

  • And more!

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Biweekly update on DAOs vol.41, 10th August — 25th August


  • Aave considers real-world assets. wGHO Aave V3 Onboarding proposal passed. Discussion on further decentralizing the Aave Grants DAO

  • Safe issues whitepaper for Safe{Core} Protocol. Covariance proposes an ecosystem support organization that collaborates with the SEF Grants team

  • Compound’s proposals 171–174 passed, and 175 failed. Compound looks to renew the CGP 2.0. Compound v2 Deprecation Strategy discussion

  • Gitcoin announces collab with Shell, firestorm follows. Gitcoin Partnerships Council discussion

  • Aribtrum debates giving Foundation more agency. Governance Parameter Fixes proposal identifies and suggests remedies for three issues within the Arbitrum One Governance system

  • Tornado Cash developers indicted

  • Nouns cancels proposal to upgrade due to possible vulnerability

  • SuperRare to deploy RARE staking on mainnet

  • Balancer’s Change Passive Fee Distribution suggests modifying the passive protocol fees payment method

  • KlimaDAO to advance its governance framework by integrating Gitcoin Passports for Sybil Resistance and Snapshot’s Quadratic Voting feature

  • Aragon launched its no-code Aragon app and modular Aragon OSx on Coinbase’s Base network

  • Decentraland’s Code of Ethics

  • Aura’s Reducing Minimum Voting Weight proposal

  • Silo’s Swap 1m USDC to equivalent LUSD proposal

  • dYdX moves closer to v4 adoption and token migration. The V4 Adoption & DYDX Token Migration to dYdX Chain proposal

  • Frax’s [FIP-278] Acquire CRV with DAO treasury funds

  • Aztec’s [Upgrade Proposal] — Balance of the Force

  • Cosmos’s Request for the ICF to add a new mandate post discusses the evolving role of the Cosmos Hub within the Interchain Foundation’s vision

  • CityDAO proposes City Hall in Denver

  • ENS gets a new governance dashboard

  • 1inch: Reduce Governance Quorum to 7m Unicorn Power (UP)

  • ApeCoin considers authorizing a Special Council to issue directives

  • DopeWars’s intellectual property proposal

  • Swap between Redacted DAO and Olympus DAO

  • Illuvium’s peer & self-evaluation for Council Members proposal

  • Upcoming events on DAOs and Web3

  • Podcasts on DAOs

  • And more!

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