Episode 5: Sorting the Good from the Risk: AI Finding Credit Worthy Customers


Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs joins our Breaking Chains Crypto hosts to discuss his academic career prior to starting Aurora Labs, how bug bounties play a critical role in the crypto ecosystem, and shares a rundown of the infamous failed exploit on NEAR Protocol’s Rainbow Bridge. 

In this episode, our hosts delve into meme coins, optimistic bridges and the SEC’s approach to crypto regulation. Is the SEC playing whack-a-mole, or are we one step closer to reaching regulatory clarity? Tune in to hear our hosts’ thoughts on the most pressing issues in the industry.

Episode 4: Riding the regulatory rollercoaster


Crypto’s explosive growth has been accompanied by a regulatory crackdown that has left some wondering if regulators have been asleep at the wheel. In this episode, our hosts delve into the wider impact of regulatory scrutiny, along with why it’s DeFi’s turn to cause a stir, as evidenced by the governance disputes surrounding Arbitrum, and the aftermath of a $3 million hack on SushiSwap. 

Joining our hosts are special guests Richa Joshi and Harsh Rajat, the co-founders of Push Protocol, who seek to bring the fundamentals of secure messaging to the world of web3. The duo share their experiences as founders in India, the challenges of regulation, and explain how crypto has leveled the playing field for home-grown entrepreneurs.

Episode 3: Breaking the TARP stigma: making sense of crypto chaos


SVB, Silvergate, now Credit Suisse. Explore the fallout from the banking crisis with Lucas, Ajit and Rhys as they debunk the stigma around the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) – and how it actually profits the US government, the true nature of stablecoins, and in a surprising turn of events, a half-apology by the Euler Finance hacker.

Episode 2: Why crypto always needs its heroes and villains


In this episode, our hosts discuss why the crypto industry needs its heroes and villains, while Ajit shares his recap of ETH Denver and meeting ETH maxis IRL. They also take a look into the implications for ETH on the back of the Shanghai upgrade, and share their reasons why the US Federal Reserve is now in a tricky spot.

Episode 1: Meet Breaking Chains Crypto


Meet Breaking Chains Crypto, a new podcast hosted by Yield App. In this first episode with Rhys and Lucas Kiely, Yield App’s Head of Web3 and CIO, along with Ajit Tripathi, strategic advisor at Polygon Labs, they discuss the current landscape and share reasons why they think the battle of the L2s is only just starting, how Chat GPT – while incredibly useful – has striking similarities to a Big 4 consultant, and why South Korea has shown evidence that it is fertile ground for producing some notable degens.