Tenderly’s coming to Dappcon


Guten Morgen! 

Our team will be attending the Dappcon conference in Berlin for the second year in a row. Dappcon remains true to its roots by carrying the legacy of a conference with a strong development and infrastructure focus. It offers one of the best opportunities for Ethereum developers and infrastructure providers to gather, network, and discuss the latest developments in the Web3 space.

What YSK about Dappcon

After last year’s edition, we’re glad to take part in this great event yet again. Hosted by our dear friends from the Gnosis team, Dappcon will take place from September 11-13, 2023, at Radialsystem in Berlin

During these three intense days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the latest trends and developments happening in the infrastructure space of the Web3 ecosystem. Get ready for the thinkers, developers, and founders of leading Web3 teams like Safe, Aave, CowProtocol, OriginTrail, ENS, Gnosis, PWN, Oasis Network, MetaMask, Chainlink Labs, Paraswap, ENSO Finance, Furucombo, Polygon, to name a few.

Where to find us at Dappcon

We have lots of activities planned for Dappcon 2023. So here’s a brief rundown.

Stop by the official booth

We’ll be welcome all Dappcon attendees to our booth in the main Exhibition Hall of the Radialsystem venue

As on the previous Ethereum conferences, some of our lovely team members will be there to greet you. Stop by to say hi or get some info about some of products, like Web3 Gateway, DevNets, Node Extensions as well as some even more amazing features we’re preparing to push out in the coming period. 

For all those looking to dip their fingers into Web3 for the first time, the team will showcase how Tenderly provides Web3 devs with the full-stack infrastructure solution. You can learn how to use Tenderly for everything from developing and debugging your first smart contract and deploying it to the Mainnet to securing and staying in the loop with your dapp usage in production.

We also prepared some engaging and challenging puzzles. Going from the most simple one to some requiring some time and effort, solving these puzzles gives you an opportunity to have fun and win some swag.

And for all of you POAP collectors, another unique Tenderly Dappcon POAP will be waiting for you at our booth to scan away.

So, definitely stop by, say hi, solve some puzzles, and score some amazing, unique Dappcon-themed Tenderly merch!

Join a Tenderly workshop on Devnets

On the second day of Dappcon, in the Execution Layer Room (Studio B) from 13:30 to 15:30h, our amazing DevRel Nenad will be holding a workshop titled: Build, Test, CI: Zero-Setup Infrastructure for Dapp Development.

The aim of the workshop is to take the attendees through the process of development and debugging smart contracts in a private, zero-setup, managed DevNet environment. 

Following this, attendees will be able to ensure the reliability of their smart contracts by writing automated tests and catching regressions early on. To close it off, attendees and Nenad will put it all together by setting up a CI pipeline.

Here’s the workshop outline:

  1. Smart Contracts Development & Debugging
  2. Smart Contracts Testing
  3. Dapp UI Testing
  4. CI for Smart Contracts and Dapp Tests

In line with the overall sentiment of Dappcon, Nenad’s workshop will be slightly technical in nature and will require some knowledge of Web3 space and tooling.

Don’t miss Nenad’s workshop by adding it to your calendar!

Attend Bogdan’s talk, a Dappcon tradition

At Dappcon 2022, Bogdan left a big impression on numerous attendees who attended his talk on making people feel more comfortable in Web3. It was, in fact, one of the more memorable talks of the last year’s edition. Rightly so, our friends and Dappcon organisers from the Gnosis team were more than happy to bring Bogdan, once again, to the centre stage. So, he’ll share his thoughts on the latest developments in the developer tooling space.

On the third day of the conference at 14:55 at the Consensus Layer Stage (Halle), he will kick off a talk titled How to test in production without blowing things up?

As with all of his presentations so far, Bogdan will keep this one proactive, reflective, and engaging, requiring active audience participation. Together, you’ll journey through the evolution of blockchain tooling, drawing parallels between the growth of Ethereum and the rising complexity of today’s dapps. With the ecosystem expansion through multiple side chains, Layer 2 solutions, and appchains, the need for standardised development processes became ever more apparent. 

What are some of the challenges posed by this increasing complexity? He’ll take the Dappcon audience from heightened security risks to the demand for better problem-detection systems. 

At Tenderly, we’ve identified that the time has come for a singular platform that caters to a wide array of use cases, from complex backend and frontend testing to serving as virtual testnets for diverse protocols and chains. As the blockchain landscape evolves, it’s essential for builders to evolve with it, fostering adoption by making technology more accessible. Guided by that principle, we’ve developed some of the Tenderly core features.

Imagine a world where you replace parallel network testnets with a true real-time 1-on-1 replica of chains. Join us as we unveil the future of Web3 development—one where complexity is tamed and innovation thrives.

If you’re attending Dappcon, don’t miss Bogdan’s presentation by adding it to your calendar.

Where to meet us after

It wouldn’t be a Web3 conference without a party, eh? 

Decentralize & Mingle

On the last day, third day of Dappcon, we’re organizing a small get-together for all of those busy with building and growing Web3 products. Together with our friends from Web3 BD (community of BD professionals in Web3), HOPR, and Subsquid, we’ll be hosting a networking event and welcome everyone who shares the passion for building and growing products. 

Make sure to register for the event and meet us there!

Dapp developers, see you at Dappcon

Dappcon remains one of the most developer and builder-focused conferences in Europe and beyond. It fosters the tradition of not delving into hyped topics and buzzwords but instead sticking to the core issues tied to decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. We hope to see you there!

Bonjour Paris! It’s EthCC time!


We are thrilled to share that once again, Tenderly will be participating in EthCC. We always look forward to this event, especially as Paris solidifies its position as a vibrant hub for the global Web3 community. With numerous events happening from July 17th to 20th, EthCC offers unparalleled opportunities to connect, network, and celebrate with like-minded individuals who share our passion in building a progressive Ethereum ecosystem we all love.

EthCC 6 2023

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual Ethereum community event in Europe. Now in its sixth year, EthCC has a strong focus on community engagement and innovation in blockchain technology, which forms the backbone of the entire Web3 ecosystem.

This year, EthCC will take place at the iconic Maison de la Mutualite building, as well as the historic Collège des Bernardins, a French monument and Christian University dating back to the 13th century. These venues will house panels, workshops, talks, and sponsor booths, creating an immersive experience across the Parisian neighbourhood for the conference attendees.

A key aspect of EthCC has always been knowledge sharing. For this reason, over the span of the four conference days, panels and workshops will cover various subjects catered to both Web3 veterans and newcomers. 

More importantly, EthCC is close to everyone’s hearts and minds because it’s, first and foremost, a place of gathering for our whole Ethereum community. It’s where we meet, indulge in croissants, learn about and share the latest innovations in the blockchain space, our achievements, as well as the challenges we’ve overcome. 

It’s also the premier event where we can hear about the direction Vitalik thinks Ethereum should and will take in the coming years. Last year, he shared his thoughts on the longer-term vision and roadmap of the Ethereum protocol, including the post-Merge phases of development. This year, we’re excited to see if he has anything more to add!

Stop by…the Tenderly Pit Stop!

Bonjour Paris! It’s EthCC time!

At EthCC 6 this year, you can find us at our booth – the Tenderly Pit Stop.  🎉 Our booth will be located in the second event building, Collège des Bernardins. We’ll be there on the third and fourth days of EthCC, July 19th and 20th respectively. On the first two days, keep an eye out for our team members, Nenad Vitorovic and Vanja Paunović from our DevRel squad. They’ll be wandering around the venues. 😏

At our Pit Stop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Tenderly’s recent releases, including our Web3 Gateway, production-ready Node-as-a-Service, Node Extensions, custom RPC endpoints, and DevNets, private, production-based networks for smart contract development and testing. Stop by to learn how to integrate these seamlessly with frameworks like Truffle, Hardhat, or Foundry.

And since sharing is caring, you’ll also be able to hear more about our latest transaction-sharing feature. From sharing individual transactions in Simulator or Forks to sharing entire DevNet testing environments, learn how you can use this functionality in your development and production flows. (Boom)

Oh, and as always, we of course have awesome and diverse merch waiting for you at the Pit Stop. So swing by, grab your swag, recharge with some Tenderly treats and chat with us about your recent struggles and provide feedback on smart contract development. We’d love to hear from you! 

DeFi Dev Soirée with DeFi Saver

Bonjour Paris! It’s EthCC time!

By popular demand, we’re bringing back our rooftop soirée this year too! It was a major highlight during EthCC 4, and we couldn’t resist hosting it again on Parisian rooftops overlooking the Seine. We see this as an opportunity to celebrate all those who have stayed with us, developing new products and features through market downturns and remaining focused on what truly matters: building.

We will be hosting this soirée in collaboration with our friends from DeFi Saver. If you’re attending EthCC this year, let us know, and we’ll be happy to share an invite. There’s limited space, so don’t waste your time and reach out to our team members. We look forward to spending an enjoyable evening with our community and friends.

War Room Games Paris 2023 

Recognising the significance of EthCC 6, we’re hosting another thrilling edition of the War Room Games. This event will immerse you in the trenches of Web3 and smart contracts, where only your ego is at stake – no harm, no foul.

While the War Room is open to all, it’s recommended to have a certain level of programming knowledge and experience with Ethereum smart contracts to fully participate.

The fifth edition of War Room Games will take place during EthCC, organised in collaboration with Yearn and yAudit. It’ll be the largest edition yet, held at the renowned Station F, located at 5 Parv. Alan Turing. Situated in a former rail freight depot, Station F is currently the largest startup facility in the world, raising the bar and stakes for the event.

We organised the first-ever War Room two years ago with Yearn, and the concept has evolved significantly since then. We’re excited to host another one with the masters of the DeFi craft, this time alongside a third partner, yAudit, who will develop new and complex smart contract challenges. As always, the event will take the form of a ‘Capture-the-Flag’ game, with multiple scenarios and challenges.

With high stakes and fierce competition, this edition promises to be the most challenging one yet. But as with every War Room, awards await those who go the extra mile, work under pressure, and thrive in a wild environment.

And guess what? All active participants of the WRG CFP will receive a free three-month subscription to Tenderly’s Starter plan!So, join us on July 19th at 4 PM CEST at Station F, near the Seine, for a truly unforgettable hacking experience. Register at the event link below: 

See you in Paris!

EthCC is the pinnacle event for the entire Web3 community, and we’re looking forward to connecting with all of you during this week of education, community gathering, and celebration in the City of Light. Join us at EthCC 6 to forge new connections and deepen your knowledge. Together, let’s continue building the future of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Web3 is coming to Belgrade!


Belgrade is the birthplace of Tenderly and our founders’ hometown.

It’s truly a joyful moment that we can say that, for the first time ever, a true Ethereum community conference is being organized in Belgrade! For some time now, many in our community wanted to make this happen, and finally, everything fell into place.

Put together by the members of the local Web3 community and prominent teams from the space, such as DeFi Saver, Decenter, MVP Workshop, Renfter, and others, the first edition of ETH Beglrade 2023 features both the conference and a hackathon in the true Web3 spirit. The conference is also supported by the Ethereum Foundation, Metamask, Liquity, and Superchain, among others.

What to expect from the conference

ETH Belgrade is taking place in an awesome venue – MTS Dvorana (Hall). It will host over 500 attendees and hackers, 100 speakers and panelists, and 30 Web3 companies and investors. Speakers will include some of the most remarkable folks from Web3 teams from around the globe.

The primary focus of the conference is on building, in its truest sense of the word. That’s why the hackathon and startup pitching are taking the central stage. During the main conference segment, packed with awesome talks and panels, there will be a dedicated stage for startups pitching their ideas and solutions to a dozen of investors.

After the awesome talks and panel discussions close on Sunday, hackers will get down to it hacking away at various bounties submitted by Web3 teams.

What not to miss from Tenderly

As a team, we’re officially supporting ETH Belgrade. So, in case you’re visiting, here’s what you can expect from the Tenderly team during the upcoming weekend.

Talks and panels

Our CTO Bogdan will be sharing his thoughts on the direction Web3 has took in recent years and the hype surrounding it during his keynote speech which will kick off the conference.

On the same day, Bogdan will join Sahil Sen from QuickNode and Lei Wu from BlockSec for a true builder panel discussion on the topic of Developer tools and infrastructure in a multichain world at the Builders stage. Panelists will tackle the current problems in developer tooling space, what improvements are needed, what some of the challenges in going multichain are, and how the future is shaping up to be in the coming years.

The following day, our SVP of R&D Nebojsa will be joining the likes of Nenad Palinkasevic from DeFi Saver, Bytes from Web3SecurityDAO, and engn33r from yAudit on a security-focused panel: Scalable ideas for reducing smart contract hacks in the next 3 years on the Builders stage as well. Their shared passion for smart contract development and joint experience in tackling many issues in developing Web3 products make this panel perfect for all blockchain developers.

War Room

Day 2 will also be the D-day for all the hackers and devs who love to dip their toes in a true challenge. From 4 PM, we’ll be hosting our famous War Room Games, Capture The Flag concept, together with our friends from DeFi Saver. As with all the previous War Rooms, any hackers willing to take up the challenge should come prepared for some real puzzles, fierce competition, and numerous obstacles. This, however, will only make the prizes that much more worthwhile.

Where to find us

We’ll of course have our dedicated booth at ETH Belgrade as well, where we’d love to hear the thoughts and struggles from all the developers and teams coming to the conference. Many of our team members will be attending and roaming the main venue. So, if you’re attending, definitely swing by to say hi or just come and grab some unique Belgrade-themed merch.

See you soon at ETH Belgrade

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in our hometown for this thrilling week of innovation, idea-sharing, and hacking! It’s our pleasure that we can host all the brightest minds in Web3 and kickstart the first of many global Ethereum events in Serbia and the Balkan region. We’d like to thank the organizers, volunteers, and everyone who devoted their time and energy to make this happen.

We’ll end with one of the sayings about Belgrade, by the famous radio host and writer Dusko Radovic, who famously began his radio shows by saying: Whoever was lucky enough to wake up in Belgrade this morning can consider having achieved enough in life for today. Any further insisting on something else would be immodest.

🎉 See you all, and welcome to Belgrade! 🙌

Ethereum Zurich: A Weekend of Research and Hacking


The Ethereum community is gearing up for an exciting event in the heart of the Crypto Valley! From April 14th to 16th, join us for the first edition of Ethereum Zurich, hosted at the University of Zurich Blockchain Center. As one of the last European cities to host a major Ethereum-focused event, we’re thrilled to be part of this exciting weekend of innovation and collaboration.

Did you know that Switzerland is one of world leader’s in blockchain research and crypto adoption? It’s the perfect location for Ethereum Zurich, a three-day event packed with talks, panels, and a hackathon designed to bring together and support the local crypto community while connecting it with industry-leading projects.

The University of Zurich Blockchain Center is an academic leader, fostering and coordinating interdisciplinary approaches to blockchain research. This year’s edition of Ethereum Zurich will feature over 100 mentors, speakers, and panelists.

The schedule is packed with research-focused talks and panels covering a wide range of subjects, from Programming Languages, Cryptography, ZKP, Data Availability, P2P Networking, Ethereum Community, Regulations & Compliance, and Tokenomics.

One of the highlights of Ethereum Zurich is the panel discussion “Decoding the Ethereum Object Format“. We’re excited to be a part of this discussion with an A-list of thought leaders and innovators in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Mario Havel from Ethereum Foundation, Miao ZhiCheng, CTO and co-founder of Superfluid, and George Kobakhidze, security auditor from ConsenSys Diligence, will join Tenderly SVP of R&D and Co-Founder Nebojsa Urosevic. Our very own Stefan Ignjatovic, business developer at Tenderly will be moderating the panel.

The panelists will explore the importance of EOF for EVM and tackle this significant technical upgrade that helps transform the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) into a more sophisticated computing platform, and Ethereum into a more mature protocol. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of EOF, as well as insights into the latest developments and EIPs related to this important upgrade.

Don’t miss out on this exciting weekend of innovation and collaboration! Join us for this awesome panel or come and meet Nebojsa and Stefan, our OG BD. If you’re coming to Zurich feel free to reach out to them! 🙌

Crowning the Champs of Tenderly Bounties at ETHDenver


On the BUIDL floor at this year’s ETHDenver, we challenged developers to show off their creativity through two bounties with a combined prize pool of $9,000.

The evaluation of the submitted projects has wrapped up, and we’re stoked to announce the results and give a shoutout to this year’s winners!

Our DevRels, Nenad and Vanja, faced quite a challenge. They had to sift through a stack of submissions to find those that used Tenderly Simulation API and Web3 Gateway in the most creative and innovative ways.

Let’s celebrate the trailblazing winners of this year’s ETHDenver Tenderly bounties!

Tenderly Simulation API Integration winners

To win this challenge, teams were tasked with creating a dapp that integrates with Tenderly Simulations. The goal was to use simulations to reduce failed transactions and prevent sending transactions with unintended results from the user’s perspective.

Teams had the option to either develop a UI that allows the end-user to decide on sending transactions based on simulation results or create an automated process that discards transactions that don’t meet specific criteria.

Simulations could be implemented using the tenderly_simulateTransaction JSON RPC call within Web3 Gateway or the Simulation REST API.

The three winning projects that took home $2,000 each were:

🏆 CoinChoice: A MetaMask and browser extension that lets users select which coins for gas fees. Tenderly Simulation API drives the gas estimation component of the dapp. To learn more about the project and how it implements Tenderly Simulation API, check out this quick demo and explanation.

🏆 W41337: A stateless EVM account primitive that can run arbitrary, ephemeral bytecode. Tenderly Simulation API is used to tell the user if the transaction would fail, allowing the user to input the correct amount of wei before executing the transaction on-chain. Test out the app here, or check out the project source code on GitHub.

🏆 CrossFuel: A payment system that simplifies gas fees for dapps on different blockchains using Account Abstraction. It eliminates the need to swap or bridge tokens, making transactions across multiple chains effortless. To enhance the user experience, the project uses Tenderly to simulate transaction results. Users can either approve sending the transaction to the chain or discard it. For a detailed explanation of the project, including diagrams and source code, check out the GitHub repo of the project.

Tenderly Web3 Gateway Integration winners

For the second bounty, we challenged teams to come up with a unique way to integrate their dapps with Tenderly’s production node – Web3 Gateway. Teams were tasked with building a dapp that can be deployed or used on a network supported by Web3 Gateway – Mainnet or any supported testnets.

The three projects that won $1,000 each in this bounty were:

🏆 D-Staker: A platform that simplifies Ether staking for investors of all levels with its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms for optimized yields. The platform relies on Tenderly Web3 Gateway for smart contract deployment and uses Tenderly Simulation API to predict the outcomes of transactions before they are sent on-chain. The source code of the project is available on GitHub.

🏆 hinestone: A user-friendly, drag-and-drop UI for creating and editing customizable smart contract wallets, enabling users to avoid vendor lock-in and easily tailor the wallet to their preferences. This is a modular implementation of Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) using (modified) Diamond Proxies (ERC-2535). Tenderly Web3 Gateway is used for deploying to the Goerli testnet.

Check out the project’s GitHub repo for more details about the implementation.

🏆 Cognoscenti: A platform that allows researchers to stake against predictions funded by an investment staking pool and companies looking for answers. To send transactions and connect to the Mainnet and testnets, all the RPCs in the dapp are using Tenderly Web3 Gateway. To better understand the inner workings of the dapp, check out this quick video demo and the source code on GitHub.

Honorable mention: Tenderly Faucet

Embracing the vibes at #BUIDLWeek, the Tenderly crew also didn’t miss a chance to join the teams in the trenches and build something on the sidelines.

While mingling with BUIDLers, Vanja and Nenad were alerted that some teams were rapidly burning through their test ETH on Tenderly Forks (Tenderly Forks come with ten accounts, each loaded with 100 test ETH).

In a flash of inspiration, they created the Tenderly Faucet on the spot to empower teams to seamlessly refill their test ETH balance on Tenderly Fork accounts – without the hassle of mining or waiting.

Check out the Tenderly Faucet here.

Crowning the Champs of Tenderly Bounties at ETHDenver

The Tenderly Faucet remains live and fully functional, ready to fuel your development journey whenever you need to top up the balances of the accounts on your Tenderly Forks.

Want to learn about how Tenderly Forks work and how to use them to speed up your development?

Here’s a quick blog post that explains how Tenderly Forks can be used in testing as a faster and more flexible alternative to testnets.

A big thanks to all participants from Tenderly!

We’re genuinely impressed by the talent and creativity showcased in projects submitted for Tenderly bounties. We appreciate all the hardworking developers who participated, and we can’t wait to see how you continue to shape the future of Web3.

So keep an eye out for more events, and remember to stay curious and innovative!

Tenderly Goes to ETHDenver!


Tenderly Goes to ETHDenver!

We’re thrilled to be a part of ETHDenver for the second year in a row. Connecting with the fantastic people from the community, including our users, partners, and friends, is something we’re eagerly anticipating.

Last year, ETHDenver was our first major event, and it exceeded our expectations in every way possible. With such a fantastic experience, we’re confident that this year we’re returning even stronger! As attendees and official sponsors, we’re proud to celebrate The Year of the Spork and can’t wait to be part of the world’s largest and longest-running ETH event organized by the community.

ETHDenver is a ten-day hackathon and conference that takes place in Denver, Colorado, from February 24 to March 5. Our strong team of seven will be there, ready to make new connections and share knowledge. So be sure to swing by our booth and say ‘hi’!

If you’re curious to learn more about how Tenderly can help make your Web3 development easier, our VP of Sales, Miles Kane, will also be on deck. He’ll be at our booth, or you might run into him somewhere around the conference center. Don’t hesitate to approach him with your questions or business inquiries.

Also, if you’re interested, feel free to schedule a quick Session with Miles below:

Meet w Miles from Tenderly @ ETHDenver! – Miles Kane
Excited to meet and learn more about how Tenderly can help in your development process!
Tenderly Goes to ETHDenver!Calendly
Tenderly Goes to ETHDenver!

#BUIDLweek (February 24 – March 1)

The first part of ETHDenver is the famous #BUIDLweek. It’s an entire week filled with open-source events from workshops, panels, meet-ups, and parties, with the official segment taking place at The Brighton.

Our tall and talented DevRel Nenad and super-fast front-end engineer Vanja will be roaming the venue and attending local events. Feel free to reach out to them during #BUIDLweek and ask about how Tenderly can help you build, debug, test & run reliable blockchain applications.

Participate in Tenderly bounties

If you’re participating in this year’s #BUIDLathon, be sure to register for Tenderly bounties. You can reach out to Nenad or Vanja to learn more about the bounties, what’s expected of you, and the judging criteria. You can also write to our team on Discord or Twitter.

We’ve submitted two bounties that you can start #buidling and hacking away once #BUIDLweek kicks off! This is a perfect chance to sync with your team and connect with sponsors and fellow #BUIDLers.

You have until March 5 to complete and submit your project to be eligible for the bounty rewards.

Main Event (March 2 – 5)

After #BUIDLweek wraps, we’ll be moving to the main ETHDenver conference event and #BUIDLathon, taking place at the National Western Complex from March 2 to March 5.

During this three-day festival of web3 innovation, all of you coming to Denver will be able to meet with the rest of our team. We’ll have a dedicated booth in the Devtopia Shill Zone together with other web3 teams focused on infrastructure & scalability.

One of our co-founders and CTO, Bogdan, and the team will be on hand to talk all things Tenderly and how we can work together to build the future of the internet. Whether a fren, partner, customer, or an attendee, do stop by our booth to say ‘hey’ 💜, hear more about Tenderly, what we have in store next, or how we can help you build our joint web3 future!

We’ll set up a fun and engaging game called Tenderlysweeper at our booth. It’s designed to test your memory and attention skills while also giving you a glimpse into how Tenderly tools work to make developers’ lives easier.

Influenced by the legendary Minesweeper game, our version of the game showcases how Tenderly Simulator can help dapp users safely and securely navigate the minefield that is web3.

Tenderly Goes to ETHDenver!
Tenderlysweeper game

Last but not least, definitely don’t miss Bogdan’s panel session "Dr. Sim or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love using Web3" on the first day at 5:40 PM at the National Western $SPORK Castle.

He’ll dive deep into the problems of predictability in web3 and how we solved them early on. Namely, Bogdan will talk about what can go wrong before sending a transaction and how Tenderly Simulator helps prevent failures before they make an impact. Our core focus with Simulator was bringing more certainty to users and offering a reliable simulated testing environment.

Can’t wait to see you at ETHDenver! 💜

With over 20k attendee applications and over 6k #BUIDLers applications, it seems like The Year of the Spork is going to be another record-breaking year despite the market downturn!

We are eager to participate in ETHDenver this year and connect with the incredible minds that gather at the event. We can’t wait to see what new insights and ideas will emerge during this year’s conference, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

So join us in celebrating The Year of the Spork at ETHDenver, and let’s make this a memorable experience for everyone! The #BUIDLers keep on #BUIDLing and shaping our decentralized future of the internet.