The DeFi Ascension begins…

Hello, my name is Nelson, join me as I review the ascension project.

The DeFi Ascension group was formed in 2021 and started as a FUBU ( For Us, By Us) community.
A place to share and learn about crypto and DeFi.

Now they have taken an extra step…

“I wanted to create a special income stream for my DAO but the word has spread like wildfire since we have had a tremendous first week. Interest is crazy at the moment. This project has the potential to change lives and it makes me very excited for the future.” — by ॥RESiN॥ Aꜱᴄᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ DAO

And so the DeFi Ascension Perpetual Revenue NFT Offering is here!

What is the DeFi Ascension NFT collection?
This collection enables its holders to receive a share of profits made by trades.

How does this work?
Each NFT currently is available to be bought by 100 USDC in the poly chain.

At the time I am writing, 212 have already been minted from the total 500 units, once all 500 Gen1 NFTs are sold a new batch will be available at a reviewed price floor.
The reviewed price floor is not known or set yet as each new Gen is intended to reflect the treasury growth and promote fairness between new entries and early adopters of the project, thus each Gen/Batch will force the NFTs floor price to rise.

On each buy (mint) 60% of the funds will go to the traders.
90% of those 60% are set to lower risk trades and 10% for medium to high-risk trades.
The traders @jaymoney175 and @DeFiJuan have over 5 years of combined experience in trading. The trades happen in the crypto space and forex (US30 & NAS100). All trades are manual (trade bots are not used nor there are intentions of using them, keeping the trades manual allows the traders a higher control over what happens with the investments)
Traders work from Monday to Friday.

30% are currently set aside and will go to invest in lower-risk protocols such as farms.

10% are set aside to be used as reserve funds in situations where those may be required.

On closing a positive trade.
35% of the profits are added to the trading funds and 65% are set aside (35% to pay NFT holders their shares and 30% to cover the team/management expenses and time).
All payments are sent to the NFT holder’s wallet on the last day of the trade period.

The trades and share payments are carried out on 15 days periods, (in case there is no profit made over the 15 days there will be no dividends shared)

Current period snapshot

On the first day of the trade period a snapshot is taken to know how many NFTs holders are in the project at that point, this ensures a proper share distribution and prevents someone from buying several NFTs on the last day of the period.

The buys (mint) that come after the period started will only be accounted for the following trade period, the same happens with the funds from those sales that are set aside to be used in the new period.

The current trade period, which is also the first, started on Feb. 13th and will end on Feb. 26th, currently, the total profit is at around 2,495.65 USDC to be distributed to 23 different NFT wallets holding a total of 158 NFTs.
The current share per NFT is 0.63% (15.80 USDC per NFT).

On the 27th the second trade period will start and it is on this day that the funds from NFTs sold after the previous period’s Snapchat has been taken, will be added to the trader’s funds.

Overall holders and share

There is also an 8% royalties fee on the resale of any NFT on the secondary market.
The 8% fee will go into the treasure wallet to help the project.

When I was talking with @AscendedRESiN About the project I asked him where he sees the project in 6 months.

“In trading, there is money to be made in both bear and bull markets. In 6 months I see us thriving, bringing investors closer and closer to financial freedom.” — by ॥RESiN॥ Aꜱᴄᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ DAO

And I must say this is a vision I relate to and believe in.
The DeFi Ascension Perpetual Revenue NFT, the keyword is perpetual, is not a get-rich-fast promise project, but rather is one with a team very down to earth, transparency, and no illusions.
“Buy and forget” is what we want in 100% passive income, and this is what we are buying when we buy these NFTs.
They will work as a faucet continuously dripping and at the end of the day it will not matter if it is 4$ or 40$ that each NFT will earn its holder over the trade period, the mentality is to leave it in a secure wallet and just as a piggybank we will only open it in case of necessity or when the time is right.

As for future utility of the NFT, it is currently under analysis by the team but none is set to come soon, for the moment they aim to establish the trades before going fully public with the project and only later start developing new layers on it.

Thus the DeFi Ascension Perpetual Revenue NFT is a project that is built in a way, as not to require additional and continued investments from those that buy the NFT to grow and develop.
With the 35% of every positive trade that is added to the trader funds and the 10% “reserve fund” the project and profits generated from the trades will grow and develop in time by itself.

My name is Nelson, I look for passive income projects that can be built in time to be used to grant me financial freedom and I believe this project to be one with amazing potential, and that it will be one of my best passive income plays in due time…

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