Pudgy Penguins NFT Brand Takes Flight in Walmart Stores: A Physical Toy Line Meets Digital Experience


In an era where the boundaries between the digital and physical realms continue to blur, Pudgy Penguins, a flagship brand in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space, has launched its toy collection in 2,000 Walmart locations across the United States. This major retail integration signals not just an expansion for the Pudgy Penguins but also a notable evolution in the NFT market, challenging the mainstream media narrative that suggests NFTs are losing traction.

Venturing Beyond Digital Marketplaces

Despite the downturn in prices for some popular NFT collections, it seems that the digital assets are anything but obsolete. Pudgy Penguins stands as a shining example of how NFTs are pivoting to the real-world market. Their Pudgy Toys collection, already available online since May, aims to capture a new audience by taking shelf space alongside established brands in Walmart—the world’s largest company by revenue in 2022.

A New Dimension: Pudgy World

Each Pudgy Toy comes with a unique “birth certificate,” a QR code that can be scanned to grant owners special traits for their digital ‘Forever Pudgy’ character in Pudgy World. This online metaverse operates on the zkSync Era blockchain and promises an interactive multiplayer experience where users can roam freely, play games, and customize their digital characters. Brittany Smith, Vice President of Merchandising – Toys at Walmart U.S., praised the initiative for “bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds of play for kids in a really engaging way.”

Unyielding Success Amidst Criticism

Since its launch in 2021, Pudgy Penguins has generated $400 million in sales. Their exceptional performance is, in part, due to the brand’s innovative use of social media and experiential marketing. While some critics have pointed to flagging NFT prices as evidence of a fad gone bust, the success of Pudgy Penguins illustrates that a savvy combination of digital and physical experiences can lead to a more robust and enduring brand presence.

Walmart: A Milestone for NFTs

Walmart’s move to include 16 different types of Pudgy Toys, ranging in price from $2.99 to $11.97, is a remarkable milestone for the NFT industry. Manufactured by PMI Kids’ World, these toys join an elite list of products from popular shows and franchises. Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins, views this retail integration as a testament to “the evolution of how consumers engage with brands in the digital era.”


Pudgy Penguins, a leading NFT brand, has expanded its footprint by launching a line of toys in 2,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. Each toy offers a gateway into Pudgy World, a digital metaverse, challenging the narrative that NFTs are losing market interest. Walmart’s inclusion of these toys signifies a new era in consumer-brand interaction in the digital age.


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“Fewoworld” NFT Drop by Fewocious: A Comprehensive Overview


Fewocious, a renowned artist in the NFT space, has unveiled the “Fewos”, a unique NFT collection that resonates with the artist’s signature style. With a total supply of 20,000 units, this NFT drop boasts innovative mechanics, leading to a fervor of anticipation within the NFT community.

Breakdown of the Fewos NFT Drop:

  1. The Fewos Design:
    • Each Fewo is a random generative piece from a 20,000 supply set.
    • While the base traits of the Fewo are fixed, collectors have the freedom to accessorize their Fewo with various wearables and holdable items.
  2. Minting Schedule:
    • The minting phase stretches over a five-day period, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  3. Snapshot (September 25th, 1 PM ET):
    • A comprehensive record is made of all wallets that possess Paint Drops and FEWOCiOUS Art Pieces.
    • Wallets holding a Paint Drop during the snapshot receive a free Fewo and its associated Flowers.
    • The exact number of eligible Fewos for subsequent minting is computed on a wallet-to-wallet basis.
  4. Paint Holder Airdrop (September 26th, 1 PM – 3 PM ET):
    • Paint Holders get their first Fewo for free via airdrop.
    • This process will see the creation of 7,305 Fewos.
  5. Paint Holder Flower Exchange & Mint (September 27th, 12 PM – 10 PM ET):
    • Paint Holders with a minimum of 10 Paint in their Drops can mint extra Fewos by exchanging Flowers.
    • The exact number of eligible Fewos is calculated for each wallet.
  6. FEWOCiOUS Art Holder Mint (September 28th, 1 PM ET):
    • Art Holders can link their wallets to check their minting eligibility.
    • The minting price is capped at 0.125 ETH.
  7. Public Mint (September 29th, 10 AM – 4 PM ET):
    • This phase has two sessions: one on Nifty Gateway and the other on the FewoWorld Website.
    • The public can mint any number of Fewos at a maximum price of 0.4 ETH.
  8. Reveal (October 2nd, 1 PM – 2 PM ET):
    • The eagerly awaited reveal of the Fewos is slated for this date.
  9. Flower Airdrop (October 5th, 1 PM – 3 PM ET):
    • Flowers will be sent to the wallets used during minting.
  10. Mint Pricing:
    • Final pricing details will be disclosed 10 business days prior to the mint.
    • Prices might be adjusted based on remaining supply after preceding events.

Reflections: Fewocious’s artistry is undoubtedly commendable. However, the vast supply of 20,000 units coupled with the possibility of the NFTs resembling other 3D profile pictures we’ve seen in the past raises concerns. Nevertheless, with Fewocious’s established reputation, one might argue that the art will hold its own. More than 7,000 Fewos will be available for free to Paint Holders.

Original Source: Explore the collection on OpenSea with a floor price of .26E.

TL;DR: Fewocious introduces “Fewos”, an NFT collection with 20,000 units. The drop involves a series of events from airdrops to public mints. While the artistry is notable, the vast supply might affect pricing. A strategic move might be investing in Paint Drops for long-term benefits.


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Proof of Play’s Monumental Fundraise and the Bright Horizon of Web3 Gaming


In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, few events have shown as much promise and excitement for the future of decentralized gaming as Proof of Play’s recent fundraising venture. As blockchain continues to embed itself in various sectors, its implications for gaming are nothing short of revolutionary, and Proof of Play is setting the stage for what’s to come in the world of Web3 gaming.


Free Mint alert on Manifold

Pirate Nation is a fully onchain RPG built by Proof of Play. A mysterious chest washes ashore. It is yours to claim, me hearty. How & when it’ll unlock, and what it may contain, you’ll have to find out later.

Oh and if you want a special 1/1 item.. enter this raffle.

A Landmark Fundraising Initiative

Proof of Play’s fundraising was not only substantial but also marked by the involvement of industry titans. With the likes of Chris Dixon from a16zcrypto and Josh Lu from a16zGames backing their mission, the credibility and potential of their endeavor become immediately evident. Furthermore, the appointment of Emmett Shear, the Co-founder & former CEO of Twitch, to their board only amplifies their intent and vision.

What This Means for Web3 Gaming

This fundraise isn’t just about capital; it’s a significant endorsement for the future of Web3 gaming. With blockchain at the core, Web3 gaming transcends the traditional boundaries of game design and player ownership. It offers a decentralized, player-centric universe where assets and achievements are tangible, tradeable, and hold real-world value.

Proof of Play is at the forefront of this revolution, aiming to craft games that are not only fun but also leverage blockchain technology seamlessly. Their flagship game, Pirate Nation, is a testament to this vision – a fully on-chain RPG that promises high-seas adventure, treasures, and much more.

The Larger Implications

Beyond gaming, Proof of Play’s vision is grand. They foresee the creation of games that can morph into non-gaming worlds, leading to the emergence of autonomous, decentralized digital societies. Such worlds can redefine online interactions, economies, and even cultures.

Unleashing a New Era of Excitement

With significant funds in hand and a clear roadmap, Proof of Play is poised to lead a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with games. This is more than just about playing; it’s about experiencing a digital universe in its fullest, decentralized glory. For enthusiasts, developers, and players alike, the horizon of Web3 gaming looks incredibly promising.

Pirate Nation: An On-chain Marvel

Pirate Nation stands out as the flagship game from Proof of Play. Designed as an on-chain role-playing game, players can quest, craft, and engage in high-seas battles. The goal? To discover hidden treasures and experience unexpected surprises.

But it’s more than just a game; it’s an ecosystem. Proof of Play is sculpting Pirate Nation as their pioneering on-chain game. They’re laying the foundations of an on-chain game platform that would allow multiple teams to contribute and expand.

Engage, Play, and Earn

Players eager to embark on their pirate journey should look towards acquiring a Founder’s Pirate. This genesis collection is more than just an in-game item; it’s a production facility. It allows players to participate in quests and earn valuable in-game items.

Safety First

With the rising popularity of blockchain games and NFTs, scams and phishing attempts have unfortunately become all too common. Players are always advised to cross-reference information and ensure they’re accessing official channels.

The Broader Vision

Proof of Play’s ambitions don’t stop at games. They envision creating extensible games with the potential to evolve into non-gaming worlds and societies – autonomous worlds, to be precise.

With the backing and support from notable names like Chris Dixon at a16zcrypto and Josh Lu at a16zGames, and the addition of Emmett Shear (Cofounder & former CEO of Twitch) to their board, Proof of Play is poised to attempt to revolutionize the web3 gaming industry.

TLDR: Proof of Play’s recent fundraising is a game-changer for the future of Web3 gaming. Backed by industry leaders and armed with a vision, they’re set to revolutionize gaming by integrating blockchain, ensuring player ownership, and potentially creating autonomous digital worlds.


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Artist Interview: miirror the Digital Collage Artist Taking Web3 By Storm


Miirror Header

NFTCulture Presents miirror

miirror Collage Artist

As the wave of digital art takes the world by storm, few stand out in the nuanced realm of digital collage as profoundly as our featured artist. Starting off with humble Photoshop experiments during his teenage years, he quickly propelled himself into the NFT limelight with an unexpected yet celebrated feature in Playboy x Sevens Foundation’s “The Art of Gender and Sexuality” NFT collection. While many recall his standout work from this collection, there’s much more to his journey than meets the eye. As a master of juxtaposing elements to evoke deep meanings and sentiments, he crafts thought-provoking compositions that challenge and enthrall. In this exclusive interview, we uncover the roots of his passion, the pivotal pieces that marked his growth, and how the NFT space has shaped his artistic endeavors.


Can you walk us through your journey into becoming a digital collage artist? What inspired you to choose this medium over others? 

My digital collage artist journey started as a hobby during my teenage years when I was using Photoshop to just assemble random images together, then turned into something more in 2021 when I submitted one of my works to an open call by Playboy x Sevens Foundation. My piece was later selected to be part of “The Art of Gender and Sexuality” NFT collection and exhibition. I started off with a bang, maybe that was too much to handle at that time, but now I’m so proud of that.
Why this medium? This came naturally to me: as a videographer, sometimes I gotta work with green screens. Those made me aware of the matte painting technique, then everything flowed into collage art. I experimented a lot before finding the road I’m currently driving on, though.

What was the very first collage you ever created, and how does it compare to your recent works? 

My first attempt in creating a collage happened in 2019 when I did a photo manipulation of a shot I took when I was on holiday in Gran Canaria. I was spending the day in Palmitos Park and I saw a falconer working. Before taking the shot, I thought about adding a dramatic look at it with Photoshop. When I was on it, I challenged myself in creating a more difficult scene. This was the result. That was the first time I seriously used masks and brushes to create fogs and to create a look and that was the first time I assembled stuff together to create a composition so yeah I think that was definitely my first collage.
That was a modest experiment with Photoshop using my own shot. It pales in comparison to my recent works, which have evolved significantly in complexity, use of textures and tools, even emotions I guess. In the last few years I’ve honed my collage skills, delving deeper into the juxtaposition and combination of elements to create new meanings and thought-provoking compositions.

Many artists have pivotal pieces in their portfolios that marked a turning point in their careers or personal growth. Do you have such a piece? If so, could you tell us about it?

I believe I have at least three pivotal pieces in my portfolio.

The first one is the digital collage I made for “The Art of Gender and Sexuality”. It marked the beginning of my journey in the web3 space as a creator – before that, I was just a watcher. Plus, it influenced the topics in my work: freedom of expression, sexuality, sensuality of the body.

The second one is not a single piece but a whole project: the 1mouth collection, made of 50 digital collages. It defined my signature style. A lot of people noticed I was creating a series of similar work and, while the full collection may look simpler than my other works, it’s definitely something that you can recognize as a full collection. 

The third pivotal piece that marked a turning point is my SuperRare genesis: “Last call” led me to a whole different kind of collage. While everybody always tries to add their story into the pieces, in this collection I’m trying to let people find or create their own story based on the elements and inputs they see. It’s like a role game: you have the elements in the artwork, your background, and you create your own story based on the world that is around you.

Who are your top three favorite NFT artists currently, and how have they influenced your own style or approach? 

Long story short: Slimesunday, Beeple, DeeKay.
The only one who has influenced my style a lot is Slimesunday, I was in his discord and joined a lot of his weekly challenges – I won, also! This helped me crafting my style and improving my Photoshop skills. Plus, his art is super hot and inspiring, he’s a master with textures, sometimes I tried to emulate how the texture was, in a specific work.
Beeple and DeeKay didn’t influence my style but I could stare at their art for hours.



How has the rise of NFTs changed the way you view, produce, or distribute your art? 

The web3 has amplified the way people conceive art, you can now connect with people all around the world and the way you create or distribute your art is limitless: there’s a whole different audience, opportunities are around the corner but you must be inside the community to better led people to your art so you’re either artist and marketer even if this is not really what an artist should be.
Before I discovered web3, I was just sharing stuff on social media. The NFT technology allowed me to connect directly with a global audience, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers but especially gave me the opportunity to believe more in myself and in my work, while giving me unprecedented control over it – with compensation and ownership.

We’re facing the possible future of art and the only way to make it happen is to actively be part of it.

Describe your creative process. Do you start with an idea, a specific image, or let spontaneous inspiration guide you? 

My creative process usually starts with a brainstorm on the idea of the collection or project I want to create for, while I’m scrolling my archive. Thus I just follow the inspiration that comes while I’m working on the piece, I go with the flow, let my mind speak to me and create. 

Technically speaking, I look for a couple of images, a background and two images that may cross each other; I put them together, trying different angles quickly so I see if the full works in a macro view. If it works, I know I can keep on creating it till I reach the micro view: the details, the edges and the depth. At this point, I work with real paper scans, dynamic brushes, textures and effects. All my work is digitally made, I have never made an analog collage – yet.

Digital tools and software are ever-evolving. Are there any specific tools or techniques you’re currently experimenting with or looking forward to using in the future? 

Not gonna lie, I think I will go the opposite way. But not only this, let me explain: I’m a digital native, I started with digital and one of my goals is to create an analog collection.
By the way, I dig the 3D medium even if I don’t see myself trying to embed 3D in my work – I made a collaboration with a 3D artist and it came out really cool though.
I’m already experimenting with generative fill but not to avoid creating stuff and assembling them, instead to have the opportunity to work with the same element in different angles.

Moreover, I’ve been always exploring textures and techniques on Photoshop and I follow up with all the updates and I’m constantly up to experiment with new tools.

Given the multidimensional nature of collages, how do you decide on the themes or subjects of your pieces? Are they often personal or influenced by external events and trends? 

My link with Playboy at the beginning of my journey influenced me a lot, it’s like my work is a consequence of being part of “The Art of Gender and Sexuality” collection, I feel these themes are somehow part of me in my research for the beauty in everything and the freedom of the self. It’s like the world called me and told me “hey this is the signal you were waiting for”. Then I extended the whole concept to storytelling, to body elements, to sensuality, to provocative works but I still think the beginning influenced the whole journey – in a positive way: I found my niche. Sometimes I also create something that is personal or comes from external inputs, but that’s because I like creating and in that moment I feel that is the inspiration I need.

01 miirror_Playboy-x-Sevens


Can you give us a hint about what’s coming next from you? Any future projects or collaborations you’re particularly excited about? 

I’ve always been focused on the long-term. With this said, I already created the smart contracts of some of my future projects in December, last year. I know where I’m heading to, I’m really focused on my artistic journey. The only reason why my projects are slowly being released is that living through my art is not sustainable at the moment – that’s another goal.
While some of my next works are already in what the web3 likes to call a “roadmap”, I’m always open to collaboration and I’m open to myself too: if I come up with a new project, I always try to develop it. Plus I’ve already planned some collaborations.
Recently I made a puzzle piece for the Playboy community and the single puzzle pieces were randomly airdropped to Rabbitars holders. I’m super excited about it, the redemption of the full piece is coming in the next few months. Honestly, I hope this is just the beginning.
Another project worth a mention is my 1mouth collection. For those who follow me: you might say “it’s already released, why are you mentioning it?”. I plan to mirror the 1mouth collection, but analog. This will be intriguing for me – and for you. The 1mouth collection is something I’m really proud of and I’d like to reward the supporters and make them vibe with the projects. We’re all driving on a hot road!

Finally, what advice would you give to budding collage artists looking to break into the NFT space?

My advice to budding collage artists is to create your signature style work and stay away from the disappointment due to lack of sales. The market is slow, set your goals and work on your art. People don’t always take the time to dig into your work closely, but when they do they’d appreciate all the effort you put into it. Collage is quite an underrated medium but eventually it’ll get the attention it deserves because it is something that keeps that real touch while blurring the edges between analog and digital. Connect with others and catch all the opportunities around you, especially if they’re related to this medium. Also, don’t forget to have fun.

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GUIDING LIGHT: A Symbol of Unity, Sorority, and Empowerment in the NFT Space


In the ever-evolving world of Web 3.0, where the digital realm intertwines with art, activism, and empowerment, the Guiding Light NFT emerges as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It encapsulates the journeys of women from across the globe as they carve their niches on the Blockchain.

Empowering Web 3.0 Women at the UNGA78 Science Summit

Representing the collective efforts of 17 trailblazing women leaders, creators, and developers in the Web 3.0 arena, Guiding Light stands at the crossroads of innovation, unity, and empowerment. These pioneering women, from their distinctive endeavors in the digital domain, have come together to conduct a session at the United Nations General Assembly’s 78th Science Summit (UNGA78). Their mission? To explore strategies, recount their journeys, and foster an inclusive digital ecosystem.

Artistry Meets Purpose

The artistic essence behind the Guiding Light NFT is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Web 3.0. Spearheaded by Ananá in illustration and project management, with Soho orchestrating the 3D modeling and animation, this Open Edition NFT serves as a unique digital tool. It’s not just a work of art; it’s a bridge connecting individuals on a profound, transformative level.

A Catalyst for Change

When you invest in the Guiding Light NFT, you are not merely acquiring a digital asset. You are endorsing and supporting a greater cause. Part of the initiative’s social responsibility ensures that 20% of the profits channel into scholarships. This funding, managed by the Mexican startup Epic Queen, aims to propel young girls into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses. By doing so, the project amplifies its impact, fostering education and building a brighter, more inclusive future.

An Invitation to the Metaverse

But there’s more. The Guiding Light NFT serves a dual purpose. It’s also a golden ticket, an entry into a raffle where two exclusive NFTs by Ananá on BUENO and NEEFTER platforms await. And then there’s the Metaverse. Conceptualized by Eduardo Dávalos, this space dismantles geographical barriers, fostering global accessibility. It’s a dynamic, 3D environment where guests can immerse themselves in interviews, workshops, and diverse content, gaining insights and experiences unique to the Web 3.0 landscape.

Why the Metaverse Matters

In a world that’s increasingly digital, the Metaverse, with its vast potentials, stands as a powerful testament to the future of interaction, learning, and innovation. From educational sessions to in-depth workshops, it offers a plethora of opportunities for users to engage, learn, and grow. Moreover, with the NFT integration on both BUENO and NEEFTER platforms, the Metaverse serves as a practical showcase, demonstrating the expansive possibilities of emerging technologies.

Empowering Voices in the Web3 Arena: Session Leaders and Speakers Spotlight

Session Leaders:

  • Cyndi Coon – The title of Experiential Futurist fits Cyndi aptly. As the founder of Applied Futures Lab, her forward-thinking vision is not limited to mere projections but involves the intricate craft of weaving the future. In the Web3 space, she’s recognized for her holistic approach, merging creativity with strategic ecosystem building.
  • Sandy Martinez – Sandy is not just an advocate for education but also a transformative leader who amplifies the role of women in Web3. As the CEO of Strive Studio Career Coaching & Consulting and a dedicated Web3 Advisor, her journey in higher education and her unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion make her an indispensable voice in the sphere.

The symbiotic partnership of Cyndi and Sandy represents the harmonious confluence of foresight and practicality, innovation and inclusivity.

TL;DR: The Guiding Light NFT, representing the unity and empowerment of women in the Web 3.0 domain, offers a unique blend of art, activism, and innovation. With sessions at the UNGA78 Science Summit, a commitment to education, and an immersive Metaverse experience, it’s a beacon for the future of the digital realm.

Tags: Guiding Light NFT, Web 3.0, UNGA78 Science Summit, Female Empowerment, Blockchain, Art and Activism, Ananá, Soho, Metaverse, Digital Innovation.

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MARFA ART WEEKEND 2023: Dive Into a Celebration of Art and Community


A Four-Day Fusion of Art and Community: A Glimpse Into Marfa’s Upcoming Celebrations

The quaint town of Marfa, Texas, renowned for its desert landscapes, contemporary art, and a distinctive cultural vibe, is about to come alive with a mesmerizing blend of art, technology, and community. Scheduled from the 21st to the 24th of September 2023, this event promises an unparalleled confluence of creativity and technology. From interactive art installations to enlightening panel discussions, the Marfa Art Weekend is poised to offer an experience like no other.

Celebrating NFT and Generative Art

The event, organized by ArtBlocks.io, aims to make art and community accessible to everyone. With its roots deeply embedded in NFT and generative art, the festivity pays homage to the evolving nature of art in the digital age. It aims to shed light on the blending of traditional art with blockchain technology, thereby illustrating the future of art collection and appreciation.

Vibrant Venues & Engaging Activities

Spread across the picturesque streets of Marfa, the event encompasses a wide array of galleries, shops, food and drink hotspots, studios, and more. Noteworthy galleries like Art Blocks Gallery, Ballroom Marfa, and glitch Gallery are opening their doors for enthusiasts, showcasing the most avant-garde pieces in the realm of NFTs and generative art.

Attendees can look forward to a slew of activities, including:

  • Community check-ins and receptions
  • Meetups featuring renowned digital artists
  • Live broadcasts and panel discussions with industry leaders
  • A plethora of artist activations, including generative embroidery, interactive digital painting, and AI-powered poetry performances

Pushing the Envelope with Art & Technology

Marfa’s Art Weekend isn’t just about exhibitions and galleries. The event delves deep into the intersections of art, technology, and the community. The Artist Activations at Saint George Hall, for instance, range from digital painting installations and generative embroidery showcases to immersive augmented reality sculptures. It’s a testament to how artists today are leveraging technology to redefine the boundaries of their medium.

Under the Marfa Sky

The festivities also extend to Marfa’s iconic night sky. Attendees can indulge in a naked-eye constellation tour, exploring the majestic dark skies above Marfa. These experiences are intricately designed to bridge the gap between the ethereal nature of art and the grounded realities of our universe.

From 21st to 24th September 2023, Marfa, TX turns into a hub of vibrant creativity, thanks to ArtBlocks.io. This four-day celebration is a spectacular fusion of art, community, and cutting-edge NFT technology. Below is an elaborate schedule that promises enriching experiences for art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.


  • 3pm–9pm | Saint George Hall Farmstand:
    • Community Check-in: Collect your Art Blocks swag bag and network with fellow attendees.
  • 4pm–8pm | Saint George Pool:
    • Welcome Reception: Sip on complimentary beer and wine.
  • 8pm–11pm | glitch Gallery:
    • Community Meetup with Grant Riven Yun: Revel in the digital masterpieces of Grant Riven Yun. Snacks and drinks on the house!


  • 9am–11am | glitch Gallery:
    • PROOF Broadcast: Kevin Rose, Derek Edwards, and special guests host the iconic 100PROOF. Light refreshments available.
  • 10am–2pm | Saint George Hall:
    • Artist Activations: Engage with innovative and interactive art installations ranging from generative embroidery to interactive thinking exercises and AI-powered poems.
  • 11am–8pm | E El Paso St:
    • Street Fest: Relish yard games and an array of culinary delights.
  • 12pm–1pm | glitch Gallery:
    • SquiggleDAO Brunch: Special guests, giveaways, coffee, and pastries.
  • 1pm–6pm | Art Blocks Gallery:
    • Collēctīvus Exhibition Opening: Dive into a computational exploration of consciousness, memory, and the melding of natural and digital.
  • 3pm–7pm | glitch Gallery:
    • FEMGEN: An exhibition celebrating women in code.
  • 3:15pm–4pm | Art Blocks Gallery:
    • Panel Discussions: Delve deep into marfaMESH and collective curation.
  • 4pm–6pm | Art Blocks Gallery:
    • Happy Hour: Relax with some beer and wine.
  • 7pm onwards | Various locations:
    • Experience live performances, audio-visual feasts, stargazing, and immersive fashion talks.


  • 9am–12pm | glitch Gallery:
    • Bright Moments: A preview of the surprises in store for Buenos Aires and Paris.
  • 10am–11am | Art Blocks Gallery:
    • Authentic Imagination (AI) Ritual: Start your day with a meditative visualization exercise.
  • 10am–1pm | Marfa’s Art Studios:
    • Self-guided Open Studio Art Walk: Explore Marfa’s unique art studios, ranging from Speed’s darkly humorous assemblages to limited edition prints celebrating 50 years of art.

TLDR: ArtBlocks.io brings a four-day artistic and technological celebration to Marfa, TX from 21–24 September 2023. The weekend includes interactive art installations, live broadcasts, panel discussions, exhibitions, performances, and much more.


The upcoming Marfa Art Weekend is more than just an event. It’s a celebration of the evolution of art, technology, and community. It’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the pulsating heart of modern art while basking in the timeless beauty of Marfa. Whether you’re an art connoisseur, tech enthusiast, or someone looking to experience something extraordinary, this four-day festivity is a must-attend.


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Bongdoe’s Next-Gen NFT Collection: Midrange Hawkings’ Intrigue Unveiled


In the sprawling metropolis of Hawkings, an eerie blend of rebellion and mythical enchantment unfolds. Not just the rebels, but the enigmatic presence of the “baby fire” casts an incendiary glow, tracing a path of fire throughout the city’s veins.

Within this chaotic tapestry, murmurs abound about John Doe, the enigmatic figure allegedly spearheading the city’s descent into chaos. Who was he? What did he want? The answers eluded all, amplifying the city’s collective anxiety. A once-glistening beacon of aspiration, the Liberty Statue, now bore the scars of devastation, symbolizing Hawkings’ descent into hopelessness.


Enter the Midranges, a cohort believing fervently in a savior for Hawkings. Their clarion call? A face-off with the mysterious John Doe at the heart of the city – the Liberty Statue.

But what awaited was not a singular villain, but an army, all asserting their claim as the real John Doe. What ensued was a cataclysmic melee, amplified by the terrified and unpredictable antics of the baby fire.

As the first light of dawn pierced the skyline, what remained of Hawkings was a poignant reminder: the city’s greatest threat was not external, but its own divisive nature.

The NFT Collection Drop: Details Unveiled

Mark your calendars! This NFT collection goes live today at precisely 6:30 pm ET. Collectors will be treated to three enigmatic Blind Editions. But hurry, they’ll only be accessible for 24 hours or until stocks last.

Blind Editions Decoded: A fascinating hybrid of Open Edition and FCFS, Blind Editions have a mystery element. The maximum supply of a given edition remains concealed. Once this undisclosed limit is hit, minting comes to a halt.

  • John Doe, Blind Edition – Priced at $33
  • Liberty, Blind Edition – Priced at $33
  • Baby Fire, Blind Edition – Priced at $33

The Special Midrange Hawkings Burn: For those eager to possess the full Midrange Hawkings artwork, there’s a catch. You must sacrifice (or ‘burn’) one edition each of the three primary characters: John Doe, Baby Fire, and Liberty. The burning ritual for Midrange Hawkings will commence on Saturday, September 16th at 6:30 pm ET. Or, if the three essential characters are sold out and minted earlier, then that’s when the burning begins!

TLDR: Dive into the dystopian world of Hawkings with Bongdoe’s new NFT collection. Three Blind Editions are up for grabs, with the unique opportunity to acquire the full Midrange Hawkings artwork by burning one of each character. The drop begins today at 6:30 pm ET!

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Nakamigos backtracks but hte damage may already be done.


In a dramatic turn of events, Nakamigos has realigned its strategy in light of significant community feedback. The team behind Nakamigos is now gearing up to release its anticipated Nakamigos Cloaks NFTs, and they’re sweetening the deal for their dedicated base.

  • Early Access Mint: This will kick off on 9/21/23, running from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. It’s exclusively for those in the Nakamigos snapshot, taken on 9/19 at the stroke of midnight ET.
  • Public Mint: Later the same day, at 4:00 p.m. ET, the Public Mint begins. This is open to all, with the minting price set at 0.05 ETH.
  • Nakamigos Cloaks: These aren’t just any NFTs. The collection boasts 20,000 distinct characters, each carrying global gaming rights and a commercial license. Owners can expect characters ranging from humanoid figures like Warriors and Knights to the mystical wolves, classified under seven diverse clans. Notably, characters from the Darkness Clan are expected to be a rarer sight.

Spotlighting the Change

The buzz started when Nakamigos first unveiled their upcoming Nakamigos Cloaks collection, setting the price point at 0.05 ETH for both the general public and their existing holders. The community was less than thrilled about the perceived lack of appreciation for the current stakeholders, prompting Nakamigos to swiftly reconsider.

To make amends, Nakamigos has now pledged free minting to those who have held onto their Nakamigos. This gesture is not just symbolic; it’s a nod to the power and voice of the NFT community, highlighting the two-way street that exists between creators and their supporters in the blockchain world.

The Nakamigos debacle showcases the critical nature of open communication and respect in the NFT world. It’s a testament to the evolving power dynamics, where communities can influence decisions, ensuring that fairness and value remain at the forefront.

TLDR: Nakamigos, after facing community disapproval for their Nakamigos Cloaks collection pricing, are now offering free minting for existing holders during an early access period. The collection will have 20,000 unique characters, each with gaming and commercial rights.


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Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations — A Deep Dive into the Ethereal NYC


Event Recap:
Machine Hallucinations — Burned — NYC by Refik Anadol
Event Duration: Sep 14, 2:00 PM – Sep 18, 1:59 AM CDT

The Vision Behind the Art:
The mesmerizing creation, an opus of the revered Refik Anadol, was commissioned to perfection by ARTECHOUSE. “Machine Hallucination: NYC” wasn’t just an artwork; it served as a temporal and spatial voyage, navigating through the illustrious past of New York City while hinting at its anticipated future.

A Tribute to NYC:
The exhibition stood as a loving homage to New York. Every facet resonated with the spirit of the city, exuding its architectural and historical splendor. It was truly a dedication, made for the people by the city itself, celebrating its iconic stature on the global stage.

NYC through a Machine’s Lens:
Attendees experienced New York City in an unprecedented manner — through the cognitive lens of a machine. “Machine Hallucination: NYC” endeavored to showcase the city’s dynamic facade, rekindling collective memories and challenging perceptions with its innovative visual narratives.


 Refik Anadol: Dive Deep into the NYC Burn

It’s an exhilarating moment for all Refik Anadol enthusiasts as we shed light on the nuances of the NYC Burn event. Let’s break down each facet of this initiative for a comprehensive understanding:

1. Token Exchange Dynamics:
For those eager to participate, the opportunity awaits to trade in three MH NYC tokens to receive one prized MH Burned NYC token. It’s essential to know that this event unfolds on the Nifty Gateway platform. Thus, ensure your tokens are moved there timely.

2. The Placeholder Tokens:
On successfully burning your NYC tokens, in return, you’ll be granted a unique placeholder token. This isn’t just a mere token; it symbolizes your involvement in this burn event. And there’s more: this token will subsequently get updated, turning into a custom artwork, which we’ll explore next.

3. The Magic of Custom Artworks:
One cannot deny the allure of the NYC Burn lies heavily in the possibility of witnessing your initial tokens metamorphose into individualized artworks. Hand in your set of NYC tokens, and watch with bated breath as our adept studio fashions them into unparalleled, bespoke art.

4. Introducing NYC — Burned Collection:
Anticipate a visual treat with the NYC — Burned collection. With a focus on 4K resolution, these 60-second vertical videos will narrate the enchanting tale of how your primary pieces were reinvented into ‘burned’ NFTs. And guess what? A sneak peek will be made available even before the burn initiation.

5. Rarity Turned Up a Notch:
Every ‘burned’ NFT will not just retain its original significance but will add on a rarity factor of 3. This means a total score of 12 points, elevating its value further. For those familiar with the Factor System, stay alert! We’re reviving it for subsequent mechanics.

6. Mark Your Calendars:
The burning ritual is set between September 14th and September 17th, exclusively on Nifty Gateway. Keep an eagle eye on our communications; we’ll ensure you’re updated with requisite links and finer details.

TLDR: Refik Anadol’s NYC Burn allows trading 3x NYC tokens for 1x NYC Burned token on Nifty Gateway. Successful participants will receive placeholder tokens that will soon transform into custom artworks. The NYC — Burned collection features 4K videos displaying the burning process. Each burned NFT has an enhanced rarity factor, and the event runs from September 14th-17th.


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Machi’s Grand Apecoin Proposal: A Pivotal Moment in the NFT Landscape


The NFT community is buzzing with anticipation as Machi’s audacious Apecoin proposal, which has been shrouded in drama for months, is finally reaching the voting stage today. The proposal, if accepted, could redefine the way we look at NFTs, bringing them out of digital wallets and into tangible, physical spaces – museums.

Breaking Down the Apecoin Proposal

Machi’s proposal is centered around the use of a staggering 11,000,000 $APE to acquire a selection of Apes, Mutants, and Punks. The end goal? To showcase these digital assets in museums, elevating their status from mere collectibles to recognized pieces of art.

A new governance token, aptly named $DAM, will be introduced post the proposal’s acceptance. This token’s primary function will be for “the selection and curation of the NFTs.” To foster a sense of ownership and community participation, individuals will be allowed to secure their $DAM allocation by time-locking their $APE. This move appears to be a strategy to offset the potential selling pressure induced by the deployment of 11,000,000 $APE.

The proposal assures that at least 50% of the capital will be put to use within the first year, ensuring swift execution and realization of this ambitious project.

Additionally, a clause ensuring no direct NFT purchases from Machi has been integrated into the proposal, fostering transparency and keeping conflict of interest at bay.

The Market’s Response

The potential of an 8-figure capital inflow into the market is being hailed positively by many, including the original poster, who seems enthusiastic about introducing this new buying entity to their collection.

However, CirrusNFT’s comment sheds light on the humorous undertone of the situation. As the proposal is discussed and analyzed, it seems Machi is continually placing them into bids, reflecting the volatile and ever-entertaining nature of the NFT space.


TL;DR: Machi’s Apecoin proposal, involving the use of 11,000,000 $APE to buy and place NFTs in museums, is up for voting. If accepted, a new governance token $DAM will be introduced. Users can obtain $DAM by time-locking $APE. The proposal aims for swift execution, with 50% of the funds being used in the first year. While the proposal is seen as a significant move, some find humor in Machi’s continued bids.


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Commemorating “The Legend”: John McAfee, A Life of Defiance and Innovation


In the rapidly evolving world of crypto and blockchain, few names stand out as vividly as that of John McAfee. Trevor Jones, a renowned artist, beautifully captures the spirit of this iconic figure in his 2018 portrait, “The Legend”.

After painting this portrait of larger-than-life businessman, programmer and crypto personality, John McAfee in 2018, John invited me to his beach house in an artist residency role. After much contemplation I decided not to take him up on his offer, although now I do regret not going. What an adventure it would have been! – Trevor Jones

The world was stunned when, in 2021, John McAfee met a tragic end in a Spanish prison cell. Though his death was officially ruled a suicide, there remains a shroud of mystery and conspiracy theories. John, himself, seemed to foresee this; two years prior to his demise, he openly proclaimed, “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd.” A sentiment so strong, he etched it onto his skin with a “$WHACKD” tattoo on his right arm.

Despite the controversies and shadows that danced around his life, McAfee’s legacy is undeniable. He was an emblem of defiance, showcasing how groundbreaking innovations often emerge from the offbeat and an unyielding pursuit of one’s beliefs.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary life, on September 18th – marking McAfee’s birth – Trevor Jones will unveil a limited-edition physical print and accompanying NFT package of “The Legend”. The artwork is symbolic, crafted with oil and wax atop articles from the Financial Times, particularly those spotlighting Bitcoin and the larger world of cryptocurrencies.

These exclusive prints, measuring 60 x 80 cm, come signed and are restricted to an edition of just 65. Each purchase includes packaging in a meticulously crafted, premium-quality box, with shipping costs encompassed in the price.

For collectors eager to get their hands on this piece, a note of importance: the artwork is presently in pre-sale, available solely for existing collectors of Trevor Jones. As the public sale commences on September 18th, the starting price point will be revised to $2,500. For any queries or further details, prospective buyers are encouraged to reach out to the Collector Service team.

For those fortunate to be in possession of Trevor’s “The Oath” or “Bitcoin Angel” NFTs, they stand eligible for this pre-sale, a testament to the interconnected world of digital art.

TL;DR: Artist Trevor Jones pays homage to the enigmatic John McAfee with a limited edition print and NFT bundle titled “The Legend”. This piece, made in 2018, will be released on McAfee’s birthday, September 18th. The art is crafted over Financial Times articles and focuses on the crypto universe. Currently, in pre-sale, the piece is exclusively for Trevor Jones collectors. The starting price on September 18th will be $2,500.


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The Surprising Turn of Events with Nakamigos: A Dive into the Dynamics of NFT Collections


The world of NFTs is dynamic, ever-evolving, and full of surprises. Nakamigos, a recognized name in the NFT landscape, recently stunned its followers by unveiling a brand new collection of 20,000 pieces. While one would presume that such an announcement would inflate the value of the collection, the reality portrayed a different picture: the floor price plummeted by a staggering 40%+.

Let’s delve deeper into this.

The New Cloak NFTs: A Token of Exclusivity?

In a bid to entice holders, Nakamigos has introduced an exclusive offer. Holders are presented with the unique opportunity to acquire the new cloak NFTs at a price of 0.05 ETH. This proposition seems lucrative, especially considering the historical performance of such announcements.

Flashback to 2022: The Sharp Rally

Last year, in 2022, similar projects announcing expansion led to a sharp rally in the floor prices. The announcement acted as a catalyst, and the floor price soared, suggesting a robust demand and a heightened sentiment around the projects like BAYC and Azuki collections. This past performance set a precedent, leading many to anticipate a similar bullish reaction this year.

2023: Defying Expectations

However, 2023 painted a contrasting narrative. Instead of the expected rise, the floor price took a hit, dropping from 0.35 ETH to a surprising 0.2 ETH upon the news. This decline was unexpected, especially when you juxtapose it against the backdrop of last year’s positive rally.

Analyzing the Decline

Several factors might be responsible for this shift in market sentiment:

  1. Market Saturation: With a plethora of NFT projects emerging, the market could be experiencing a saturation, leading to more discerning and selective investments by collectors.
  2. Speculation Dynamics: The speculative nature of NFTs means that investor sentiment can be volatile. What worked one year might not necessarily replicate the next year.
  3. External Market Forces: Broader macroeconomic factors, technological shifts, or even regulatory changes in the blockchain domain might be influencing investor decisions.

TL;DR: Nakamigos announced a new 20,000 piece collection, leading to a 40%+ decline in floor prices, contrary to the sharp rally seen in 2022. Holders can purchase the new cloak NFTs for 0.05 ETH. The NFT market remains dynamic and unpredictable, highlighting the need for investors to stay informed.


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Bored Ape Yacht Club Launches Official License Directory: “Made By Apes Bodega”


The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), one of the most renowned NFT communities in the digital space, has unveiled yet another exciting venture: the “Made By Apes Bodega”. Announced via their official Twitter handle, this initiative emphasizes BAYC’s commitment to strengthening the bond between NFT owners and the creators.

The Details:

  • Official Directory: Accessible at https://madeby.yuga.com/apes/bodega, the Bodega is set to be the primary directory for active and verified MBA licenses. With this step, BAYC ensures that there’s a centralized space for all valid Bored Ape and Mutant Ape creations.
  • Innovative Integration: What sets the Bodega apart is its live integration with on-chain MBA licenses. This ensures that the content displayed is not only up-to-date but also authentic. It underscores the growing bond between blockchain technology and digital art, offering a seamless, trustable interface for all stakeholders.
  • An Homage to Creativity: BAYC’s subsequent tweet paid tribute to the “Apes” – members of the community who’ve been at the forefront of molding and evolving their Intellectual Property (IP). The Bodega is not just a directory; it’s a testament to the relentless creativity and innovation that has been a hallmark of the BAYC community.
  • Stay Updated: With more licenses set to be approved and incorporated into the Bodega, enthusiasts and collectors are encouraged to keep an eye out. This evolving space promises to be an ever-expanding universe of BAYC creations.

TLDR: Bored Ape Yacht Club introduces the “Made By Apes Bodega”, an official directory for active MBA licenses. This platform, which integrates live with on-chain MBA licenses, aims to centralize and showcase the plethora of Bored Ape and Mutant Ape creations. It stands as a testament to the community’s creativity and innovation.


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MetaMask Unveils Snaps Open Beta: A New Era of Wallet Customization


In an age where customization is king, MetaMask, a leading Ethereum wallet, has ushered in a new chapter with its Snaps Open Beta. This avant-garde platform aims to redefine wallet personalization, allowing users and developers alike to experience a more tailored, seamless, and expansive MetaMask journey.

The Highlights:

  • Snaps Open Beta: This feature empowers users to incorporate independent, unique features into MetaMask, enhancing their wallet interface.
  • Permissionless Ecosystem: Reinforcing the essence of decentralization, any developer, regardless of ties with MetaMask, can now develop and incorporate features, bolstering innovation.
  • Feature Categories: The new offerings are segregated into three primary categories:
    1. Transaction Insights
    2. Interoperability
    3. Notifications

    This triad ensures that users have access to an array of functionalities, making their MetaMask experience more versatile and user-friendly.

  • Safety First: With security paramount in the world of digital assets, Snaps have undergone rigorous audits both from third-party entities and the internal MetaMask team. An allowlisted MetaMask Snaps Directory further ensures that users access only trustworthy features.
  • Deep Dive:

    MetaMask’s evolution from merely an Ethereum wallet to a comprehensive web3 hub is evident with the launch of Snaps Open Beta. This new feature is not just about aesthetic alterations; it’s about broadening the user’s scope. For instance, current Snaps in the open beta allow enthusiasts to integrate Tezos and Solana, facilitating multi-chain navigations from a singular hub.

    Given MetaMask’s impressive track record – boasting 10 million active users in 2021 – this innovation is primed to further heighten user engagement. With the autonomy to tweak and enhance their wallet as per individual preferences, users are likely to find MetaMask even more indispensable.

    TLDR: MetaMask introduces Snaps Open Beta, a groundbreaking feature that promotes customization in the wallet space. This permissionless platform invites developers to create features, enhancing user experience. With enhanced security and a myriad of functionalities, MetaMask is poised to amplify its role in the web3 domain.


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Konami Dives into the World of Blockchain Gaming with Project Zircon


The ever-evolving gaming world witnessed another monumental step forward as Konami, renowned for titles like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Castlevania, shared their foray into blockchain gaming with the introduction of “Project Zircon.” A blend of mystery and excitement surrounds this latest endeavor, with much of the information still concealed from the general public.

Konami’s official statement highlighted their aspiration to offer “a new co-creation experience by utilizing blockchain technology.” This cryptic teaser has certainly set the gaming community abuzz with speculation. Further feeding into the excitement, the game will encompass NFT trading, affirming Konami’s commitment to merging traditional gaming with the burgeoning NFT sector.

To deepen the intrigue, the publisher has set two significant dates for fans and enthusiasts. The first is September 13, when details will be divulged on their official Discord. This will be closely followed by a more formal unveiling slated for September 21 at the celebrated Tokyo Game Show.

Interestingly, the announcement emanated from a relatively new Twitter account, but its authenticity was confirmed with a repost by Konami’s primary Japanese account. For those outside Japan, the communication may still be obscure due to the language barrier, explaining the limited chatter on global NFT Twitter platforms.

TLDR: Gaming giant Konami is stepping into blockchain gaming with the announcement of “Project Zircon,” promising a fresh experience intertwined with NFT trading. Details remain scarce, but a fuller picture will emerge in September during their Discord reveal and the Tokyo Game Show.


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SEC Charges Stoner Cats for Unregistered NFT Offering: Implications for the Future of NFTs


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently charged Stoner Cats 2 LLC (SC2) for unregistered NFT (non-fungible token) offerings, setting a crucial precedent for future NFT initiatives. Here’s a breakdown of the event and its potential implications:

What Happened?

The SEC alleges that SC2 had carried out an unregistered crypto asset securities offering by selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the public. These sales were intended to fund an animated web series titled Stoner Cats. Within just 35 minutes, the project sold over 10,000 NFTs at $800 each, accumulating about $8 million.

“Registration of securities, including crypto asset securities, protects investors by providing them with disclosures so they can make informed investing decisions,” said Carolyn Welshhans, Associate Director of the SEC’s Home Office. “Stoner Cats wanted all the benefits of offering and selling a security to the public but ignored the legal responsibilities that come with doing so.”

Key elements of the SEC’s findings include:

  • The marketing campaign around the NFTs, which emphasized potential profits.
  • The ability for owners to resell these NFTs on secondary markets.
  • The 2.5% royalty SC2 would gain from each secondary transaction.
  • The fact that these NFTs were sold as potential profit sources instead of mere collectibles.

What Does This Mean for NFTs?

The SEC’s action against SC2 illustrates the grey area where NFTs currently reside in the realm of securities law. This case emphasizes several takeaways:

  1. Economic Reality over Labels: The SEC has highlighted that the nature of an offering is determined by its economic reality rather than its label. Even if something is promoted as an NFT, if it operates like a security, it will be treated as one.
  2. Registration is Crucial: The case underscores the importance of registering securities, even those in the crypto domain, to safeguard investors. The registration process ensures investors are well-informed and provided with necessary disclosures.
  3. Promises of Profit: The way an NFT is marketed can affect its classification. If it’s promoted as a potential source of profit, rather than a collectible or a piece of art, it might be seen as a security. NFT projects should be wary of making claims about future profits or returns.

Dissent from the SEC

However, not everyone within the SEC agrees with this action. A recent statement dissenting from the SEC’s decision points out that:

  1. Lack of Limiting Principle: The application of the Howey investment contract analysis to NFTs lacks a solid limiting principle, meaning it’s unclear where the line will be drawn.
  2. Stifling Creativity: Treating NFTs the same way as physical collectibles could deter artists. There’s a concern that creativity might be hampered due to the ambiguity of legal regulations.
  3. Need for Clear Guidelines: Instead of sporadic enforcement actions against NFT initiatives, the statement suggests that there should be well-defined guidelines. Artists and creators need clarity to understand if, and how, securities laws might apply to their work.
  4. Monetization and Artists: Many artists struggle to financially support their craft. NFTs present a novel avenue for monetization. Just because monetary transactions are involved doesn’t necessarily equate NFTs to securities.

Broader Implications and The Way Forward

The SEC’s action against SC2 and the subsequent dissent highlight the tension between regulating a burgeoning digital market and fostering creativity. The challenge for the SEC and other regulators will be to strike a balance. As the NFT market evolves, it’s pivotal that artists and creators are provided with lucid guidelines, ensuring that innovation isn’t stymied due to regulatory apprehensions.

In sum, while the SEC’s move sets a tone for NFT regulations, there’s a palpable need for clarity. As the industry expands and more creators dive into the world of NFTs, they deserve definitive guidance on navigating the intricacies of securities laws. This will not only protect the rights of creators and investors but also preserve the innovative spirit that defines the world of NFTs.

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Art Basel Americas 2023: A Global Fusion of Premier International Galleries


Art Basel has officially announced the names and numbers behind the 2023 edition of its flagship Americas fair, a magnet for art enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe. Boasting 277 premier international galleries hailing from 33 diverse countries and territories, this year’s fair promises an expanded vision into the world of contemporary art.

A significant portion of this vast collection, nearly two-thirds, represents galleries primarily from North and South America. This continental representation is complemented by outstanding exhibitors from Europe, Asia, and Africa. With 24 galleries making their debut appearance, including intriguing first-time entrants from distant corners of the world such as Egypt, Iceland, Philippines, and Poland, the canvas of this year’s show is painted with broader strokes of diversity and innovation.


For attendees, the experience has been reimagined with an improved layout that ensures a smoother flow of visitors. Enhanced spaces for relaxation and culinary delights have been added, ensuring that art lovers can refuel and refresh as they indulge their senses.

But Art Basel 2023 is not limited to the confines of the Miami Beach Convention Center. In collaboration with leading museums, private collectors, and cultural icons across Miami Beach, Art Basel extends its reach with a multitude of exhibitions, events, and activities throughout fair week. This expanded program ensures that the spirit of art and culture is woven into the very fabric of Miami Beach during this period.

New participants this year span a wide range, from Galerie Minsky in Paris to The Ranch in New York. Each newcomer brings with it a unique flavor and perspective, ensuring a fresh and vibrant experience for return attendees and first-timers alike.

Special sectors, such as Meridians, Kabinett, and Conversations, further enrich the experience. Curated by distinguished professionals, these sections will offer large-scale projects, thematic group exhibitions, and enlightening debates on the pivotal topics shaping today’s art and culture.

The leadership behind Art Basel emphasizes the fair’s role in the broader creative ecosystem. Noah Horowitz, CEO of Art Basel, celebrates its transformative nature and highlights its significance in the global arts community. Vincenzo de Bellis, Director of Fairs and Exhibition Platforms, promises a series of delightful surprises for visitors this year.

As we inch closer to December, the anticipation builds. With new leadership on the horizon in the form of incoming Director for Miami Beach, Bridget Finn, the future of Art Basel Miami Beach shines bright.

TLDR: Art Basel 2023 in Miami Beach is set to host 277 premier international galleries from 33 countries, with a significant representation from the Americas. With 24 galleries making their debut, enhanced visitor amenities, and collaborations with top institutions, this year promises an immersive and expansive art experience.


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Introducing the Bytesons NFT Collection: A New Chapter in the Web3 Space


The ever-evolving world of web3 is about to witness another revolution. Enter Bytesons, an innovative NFT collection crafted meticulously on the Ethereum blockchain. With a restricted supply of 3000 and a mint price of just 0.003, it’s set to carve a unique space in the NFT universe.


Why a Supply of 3000? And Why the 0.003 Mint Price?

Bytesons isn’t just about minting and selling. It’s about cultivating a community whose voice reigns supreme in every decision. A community of 3000 offers the ideal balance for engagement, interaction, and collective growth in the realm of web3, from online events to real-life gatherings. We’re fully aware of the current bearish trend in the NFT market. Despite this, our sights are firmly set on the long haul. By setting the price at 0.003, we hope to lay a foundation where the community is the foremost beneficiary.

The Bytesons Brand – Beyond the Name

Ever wondered about the name ‘Bytesons’? Well, in the vastness of the NFT space, certain terminologies like ‘kid’ have become nonstarters. Our quest for a unique identity led us to blend the essence of pixels and kids, thus giving birth to “bytes” and “sons”.

Bytesons’ Vision and Purpose

Bytesons isn’t just another collection; it’s the dawn of a brand that will span both web2 and web3. Through dedication and collaborative effort, our dream is to manifest Bytesons as tangible figurines, reminiscent of the iconic Rubik’s cube. This exclusive offering, at first, will be reserved for our token holders. But as we expand our horizons, we plan to make Bytesons a household name, with products and merchandise that resonate with a global audience.

Bytesons’ Unique Propositions

  • Revenue Sharing: Token holders can apply for funds for legitimate reasons, ensuring that the community is always supported in times of need.
  • Complete IP Rights: Collectors will hold 100% Intellectual Property rights, fostering creativity and innovation within the ecosystem.
  • LEGO Adventures: Pixel art comes alive as we venture into creating LEGO figurines of Bytesons characters, initially targeting collectors with children.
  • Community Engagement: Active community members will be appointed and rewarded for roles like Discord Manager, Twitter Spaces Manager, and more.
  • Engaging Activities: Interactive games and missions will keep the community engaged and rewarded.
  • Transparent Distribution: The entire supply of 3000 will be made available to the community, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and fairness.

Embarking on a Journey Together

Bytesons is not about overnight success or short-lived hype. Every step we take will be deliberate, with a transparent approach that values the community’s trust. Our aim is to cultivate a community that not only thrives today but also stands the test of time, driving the NFT space forward.

TL;DR: Bytesons is a new NFT collection on Ethereum, aiming to build a strong community with unique features like revenue sharing, complete IP rights for collectors, and exciting ventures like LEGO toys. The minting process will begin soon, with a focus on community engagement and long-term growth.


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Metaverse Economics: Epic’s Challenge and Web3’s Solution


In a world increasingly veering towards digital realities, Epic’s CEO has articulated what many insiders have already sensed: economic interoperability is a colossal challenge confronting the open metaverse. The puzzle lies in crafting a creator economy within game realms that doesn’t hinge on open standards. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts may have immediate solutions, but the broader challenge requires a deeper dive.

The discourse on this matter extends beyond just the thoughts of Epic’s CEO. Digital visionaries like John Patten offer intriguing insights that could pave the future. Patten’s tweets suggest a distinct perspective: web3 metaverses need to be rooted in economics rather than mere visual prowess. Autonomous digital realms should prioritize decentralized token economies over trying to outdo platforms like Unreal in physics. This strategic focus might be how smaller entities (“David”) can overcome industry behemoths (“Goliath”).

The intricacies of this challenge were further elucidated by the CEO of Epic: while asset interoperability is achievable – think coding an outfit in Blender and importing it seamlessly into Unreal Engine or Unity – the real hurdle is in creating standards for economic interoperability. This concept brings forth scenarios where outfits purchased in Roblox could potentially be used in Fortnite, provided there are in-place economic agreements and content standards. The entire process won’t unfurl overnight, but certain facets could be streamlined sooner than others.

Patten, in his tweets, underscores the Web3 approach. By prioritizing economics, there’s a recognition that digital worlds should not merely be about creating better physics. Instead, these digital realms should be founded on robust, decentralized token economies. Patten also touches upon the concept of bonding curves and how they’ve been integrated into platforms like Friend Tech. While the idea commenced with Circles UBI, the broader public found it too avant-garde. However, Patten predicts a shift in this perception in the years to come, with creator currencies likely resembling the early visions of Circles UBI.

One of Patten’s striking observations revolves around the idea of artists leveraging currency as a tool for self-patronage. This isn’t just about provenance or other superficial attributes. Patten postulates that NFTs could herald a Second Renaissance, empowering creators in ways hitherto unseen.

In a nutshell, the metaverse’s future, particularly its economic structure, might not hinge on visuals or advanced physics. Instead, decentralization, token economies, and the power of blockchain could guide its trajectory, ensuring a space that’s both inclusive and innovative.

TL;DR: Economic interoperability poses a significant challenge to the open metaverse, as highlighted by Epic’s CEO. John Patten offers insights into how Web3-based metaverses should prioritize decentralized token economies over visuals. NFTs, as part of this evolution, could be pivotal in ushering in a Second Renaissance for digital creators.


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Yuga Labs Continues Its Hiring Spree: Welcomes Director of Animation to Boost The Bored Ape Yacht Club Evolution


Yuga Labs is on a relentless mission to expand its creative force. A post by from the bored ape gazette confirmed another exciting hire for YL.  As the mastermind behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the company is cementing its commitment to driving forward with consistent new hires. The latest to join this innovative brigade is Lorenzo Colaiori as the new Director of Animation. This move further signals Yuga Labs’ intent to immerse deeper into the digital art and NFT realm, particularly with its highly-anticipated project: The Otherside.

“I’m incredibly excited to start this new chapter in my career. Everything I’ve seen about Yuga Labs so far is at the edge of what technology could bring to online communities in the future, I feel honored to be part of it, and I’m going to do my best to support the team achieving its goals.Special thanks to Eric Reid who, since our first day of collaboration at Roar Studios Inc., keeps being one the most trustful, knowledgeable and kind leaders I’ve ever worked with, and Hannah Barfield Spellmeyer, together with the whole People Team at Yuga, for the amazing onboarding process and support during the hiring stages.”

Yuga Labs turned heads with the announcement of Colaiori’s appointment. Taking to LinkedIn, an ecstatic Colaiori shared his vision for what lies ahead. He spoke of Yuga Labs as a beacon of innovative tech potential, with its endeavors pushing boundaries of what online communities could expect in the future. In his own words, “Everything I’ve seen about Yuga Labs so far is at the edge of what technology could bring to online communities in the future.” His professional journey, spanning nearly eight years at Riot Games and a two-year stint at Elodie Games, speaks volumes of his expertise. And while the specifics of his role remain intriguingly undisclosed, he has dropped hints of spearheading animation for the ‘Otherside’ project.

This hire is not just a testament to Colaiori’s prowess but also a clear indication of Yuga Labs’ ongoing strategy of onboarding top-tier talent. The company is positioning itself as a powerhouse in the NFT space, and this continued hiring spree only amplifies its ambition.

TL;DR: Yuga Labs is on a hiring roll, with its latest addition being Lorenzo Colaiori as their new Director of Animation. This move accentuates the company’s ambition in the digital art and NFT space, especially with projects like ‘The Otherside’. Colaiori, a veteran from Riot Games and Elodie Games, is set to play a pivotal role in this evolution.


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OnChainMonkey Embarks on a Bold Migration from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Citing Enhanced Security


In an announcement that’s shaking up the NFT space, OnChainMonkey NFT collection is making a daring transition. The collection is moving its comprehensive array of 10,000 NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin. As first reported by Cointelegraph, this massive transition is set to span several months and is a testament to the overwhelming trust the community has in Bitcoin’s unparalleled security and decentralization mechanisms.

Deciphering the Bold Move

Danny Yang, CEO of Metagood, unveiled this impending transition on September 7th. He emphasized that their prime collection, OCM Genesis, will transition from Ethereum’s realm to that of Bitcoin. Originally launched on Ethereum in September 2021, the OnChainMonkey collection is making this stride mainly because of the community’s unanimous sentiment. They resoundingly believe in the security and decentralization features Bitcoin Ordinals offers over Ethereum.

Highlighting this sentiment, Yang stated, “The Bitcoin Ordinal protocol distinctly outshines the Ethereum NFT protocol in areas of decentralization and security. This paves the way for high-caliber NFTs to truly shine on Bitcoin.” A monumental 99% of OnChainMonkey tokenholders endorsed this shift, spotlighting their shared conviction in the benefits of Bitcoin.

However, transitioning isn’t a cakewalk. Metagood anticipates a sizable expenditure, which might exceed $1 million, to ensure this migration is hiccup-free.


Preserving Legacy and Authenticity

Amidst the intricacies of this process, every newly crafted OnChainMonkey on Bitcoin promises to have a clear lineage traced back to its Ethereum counterpart. To effectuate this, holders will be awarded the corresponding Bitcoin Ordinal once they’ve decommissioned their Ethereum NFT.

Yang also revisited Metagood’s prior ventures to showcase their proficiency in handling such tasks. He remarked, “Our trailblazing endeavors include inscribing 10,000 images of a collection on Bitcoin, initiating a parent-child collection with OCM Dimensions 300, and pioneering recursive inscriptions on Bitcoin.”

Yet, Ethereum continues to reign supreme in the NFT marketplace. As per CryptoSlam’s recent data, Ethereum is leagues ahead with a whopping $236.8 million in NFT deals over the past month. Bitcoin, while making commendable strides, is currently placed sixth with $11.1 million.

Yang, however, is buoyant about Bitcoin’s prospects. He envisions a vibrant Bitcoin-centric NFT ecosystem and believes that both Bitcoin and Ethereum have the potential to co-exist and prosper.

Ordinals is an elegant protocol, and like Bitcoin, is both simple and powerful.


Snapshot of the Present Market

Presently, OnChainMonkey NFTs are traded at an average baseline price of 1.10 Ether (ETH). They’ve accumulated an impressive transaction volume exceeding 20,550 ETH since debuting on the illustrious NFT marketplace, OpenSea, in September 2021. Notably, a hefty 31% of the 2,900 OnChainMonkey NFT aficionados are unique, as stated by OpenSea.

The transition was further facilitated by the inception of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens at the beginning of this year, a development following the successful Taproot soft fork in November 2021.

TL;DR: As first spotlighted by Cointelegraph, OnChainMonkey NFT collection is transitioning its entire assortment of 10,000 NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin. The community’s faith in Bitcoin’s security and decentralization features fuels this move.


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GEN/GEN: Generative Generations – A Chronological Digital Art Journey


Gazelli Art House, London has unveiled its next major attraction: GEN/GEN: Generative Generations. This group exhibition traces the evolution of digital art across six decades. Featuring an illustrious lineup including Loren Bednar, Darien Brito, Sougwen Chung, and more, the event is a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of generative art.

This monumental event is co-curated in tandem with tech collaborators, Verisart, and unfolds across Gazelli Art House’s three-floor Mayfair gallery. Notably, the house has consistently championed digital art, and this showcase further integrates that dedication with the gallery’s rich history.

As a special highlight, on September 26th, a collaborative conversation involving artists, curators, and the GAZELL.iO community will come alive on Twitter (X) Spaces. This discourse, supported by Verisart, promises insightful discussions on the state and future of generative art.

Window Project 2023: Celebrating Non-Verbal Expression

In another captivating event, the Gazelli Art House introduces Wanqi Wang, the triumphant RCA Graduate of the 2023 Window Project. Wang’s oeuvre revolves around ‘finger tutting’, a profound medium of non-verbal communication that harnesses hands and fingers to conjure intricate shapes. Wang’s art form ventures beyond traditional boundaries, making it a transcultural phenomenon that resonates universally.

Through Chinese Women Philosophy, Wang offers a series of stills, deftly blending age-old Chinese proverbs with the contemporary dynamism of tutting. As Wang states, her aim is to revolutionize traditional communication paradigms through the immersive art of tutting.

Coming Soon: Derek Boshier and Pauline Boty Exhibitions

This Autumn, anticipate Derek Boshier’s much-awaited showcase. Titled 7 Self Portraits, the collection is an introspective deep dive into Boshier’s artistic journey. Complementing this is Boshier’s Sit/ Stand/ Knell – Global Warming, The Factory, and The Saints, a series merging figuration with abstraction. The showcase aligns with Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s survey of Boshier’s works and a book launch.

Finally, as the year wanes, Gazelli Art House will reintroduce the world to the iconic Pauline Boty. Celebrating two decades since her first solo, the retrospective is a vivid journey through Boty’s groundbreaking explorations. As a beacon of the 1960s British Pop Art movement, Boty’s art fused audacity, color, and satire, making her a perpetual force in the contemporary art realm.

TL;DR: Gazelli Art House, London, presents GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, an exhibition that chronicles six decades of digital art. The Window Project 2023 showcases Wanqi Wang’s ‘finger tutting’ prowess. Upcoming exhibitions feature prominent artists Derek Boshier and Pauline Boty, ensuring an art-filled Autumn.


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Onchain Summer: A Grand Celebration of the Launch of Base


Onchain Summer, a month-long festivity organized by Base, the L2 venture incubated by Coinbase, culminated last week, leaving an indelible mark in the realm of onchain technology. Celebrating the exhilarating launch of Base Mainnet, Onchain Summer manifested the immense community zeal, bringing together over 50 pioneering companies, prodigious artists, and innovative creators. From August 9 to August 31, a unique mint unveiled daily, underscoring the might of onchain technology.

Onchain Summer by the Numbers:

  • An astounding 700K mints over the course of 23 days.
  • Participation from 268K distinct wallets.
  • The big hitters in partner collections included Coca-Cola (80K), Iskra (71K), FWB (71K), Zora (70K), and anotherblock (55K).
  • The most prolific creator mints were Base itself with a whopping 154K, followed by Iskra (71K), Deekay Motion (45K), Zorb (44K), and Kleerup (31K).


Onchain Summer’s Essence: Central to Onchain Summer was the spirit of unity and collaboration. With contributors like FWB, Parallel, anotherblock, Coca-Cola, and many others, the event represented the vast potential of the onchain space. Artists like Slimesunday collaborated to echo the transformative nature of NFTs, reinforcing their permanence in the digital world, not as a mere transient trend but as revolutionary tools that amplify creativity.

The sheer volume of participation, with 700,000 mints from 268,000 unique wallets, underscores the burgeoning onchain ecosystem.

Quotes like, “The odds of you being alive at the birth of a major art movement is close to zero,” from Cozomo de’ Medici, encapsulate the essence of the event, highlighting the privilege of shaping a prominent art movement.

Jesse Pollak, the brains behind Base, took audiences on a daily journey with his Onchain Summer Stories livestreams, accumulating over 200,000 views. These sessions spotlighted the exceptional architects of our digital future, delineating the vast spectrum of onchain possibilities.

Closing Thoughts: Onchain Summer was not merely a commemoration; it exemplified the potential of an evolving onchain universe. As Ed Fornieles articulated, the near future might see a world where terms like ‘web3’ become so ingrained that they dissolve into everyday life. A boundless universe where art, innovation, and creativity assume unprecedented forms, and the horizons are infinite.

Though Onchain Summer might have come to a close, the onchain epoch is in full swing, promising unending digital summers.

TL;DR: Base’s Onchain Summer, a month-long event, celebrated the launch of Base Mainnet. With over 700K mints from 268K wallets, it showcased the dynamism of onchain technology, emphasizing the boundless potential of the digital future.


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Boundary-Breaking Artist, Vinnie Hager, to Merge Physical and Digital Realms in His Latest ‘Diary’ NFT Drop


September is shaping up to be an iconic month in the world of art and blockchain. Baltimore-based artist, Vinnie Hager, known for his unmistakable artistry featuring bold lines, shapes, and patterns, has announced the release of an ambitious art project titled ‘Diary’ on 7th September 2023. This project promises to be one of the year’s most inclusive art drops, captivating both traditional and digital art collectors.

“For me, drawing is the baseline of all my artwork and transitions into my daily life and habits. These 100 artworks that I’ve done over the past 7 years are so important to me because they act as a visual diary through from the really tough times, to the good times. I wanted to be able to reimagine those different eras of my life through a digital lens, having the process of this collection breathe new life and the meaning of that visual language.” – Vinnie Hager


Hager isn’t a newcomer to the NFT realm. His digital art project ‘Letters’ from 2021 amassed a staggering $10 million in trading. With ‘Diary’, he takes a different approach by tracing back his roots to the early explorations of drawing in 2016. The collection, which is available on OpenSea, will not just be digital tokens on the blockchain. Each digital artwork, priced at a considerate $86, promises uniqueness, inspired by 12 different aesthetic categories reflecting Hager’s evolution over time. What makes this venture even more unique is its physical aspect: owners can claim a tangible print of their digital purchase, and a lucky 100 will receive original Hager drawings from 2016-2023.

Hager’s seven-year artistic journey has been both transformative and emotionally charged, marked by significant personal losses. The ‘Diary’ collection symbolizes his resilience, chronicling his emotional evolution. These artworks are more than just images; they’re pages from his life. Speaking about this, Hager mentions, “Drawing acts as my visual diary from the tough to the good times. Reimagining these eras of my life through a digital perspective breathes new life into this visual language.”



Renowned for creating artwork that combines elements made of lines, shapes, symbols, and characters, Hager’s work is often reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle. His partnerships include notable names such as Meta/Instagram, Tommy Hilfiger, TIME Magazine, OpenSea, and more.

For enthusiasts and collectors, the collection will be available exclusively on OpenSea at: https://opensea.io/collection/diary-by-vinnie-hager/drop. Produced by Creature Labs, this 24-hour sale will commence at 2 pm EST/ 7 pm GMT on 7th September. Accompanying this release will be a short documentary, offering a deep dive into Hager’s artistic inspirations and personal journey. For more insights, one can follow Vinnie on Twitter at twitter.com/vinniehager.

TL;DR: Vinnie Hager is set to release a unique art project titled ‘Diary’ on 7th September 2023, blending physical and digital art. This collection will be available on OpenSea, with 100 lucky owners receiving an original Hager drawing from the years 2016-2023.


On OpenSea and NFTs: OpenSea stands as the pioneering marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), altering how digital assets are minted, bought, and sold. Their platform is not just user-friendly but also fosters a vast community of creators and collectors, ensuring artists get the best stage for their creations and enthusiasts find genuine digital masterpieces.

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Zynga’s Web3 Gaming Project, Sugartown, Announces Minting Details for its Oras Collection


The Web3 gaming landscape is set to witness a major shift as Sugartown, a groundbreaking Web3 gaming project by Zynga, unveils the minting details for its much-anticipated Oras collection. The excitement is palpable as the announcement reveals that there will be a total of 9,999 NFTs, which will be minted for free on September 13th. However, there’s a catch! The minting is exclusive to only five countries: the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. So, if you’re residing in one of these countries and are eager to get your hands on these NFTs, mark your calendars and make sure to verify your mint eligibility on Sugartown’s official website.

But that’s not all! Sugartown has kept its audience engaged with a series of informative tweets, ensuring potential minters are well-prepared and in the loop:

  1. Upcoming Event Alert: Sugartown is hosting a special session on September 7th at 11 AM PT, where discussions will revolve around ‘jpeganomics’, minting, and everything Sugartown. The guest of honor for this event is @Zeneca. Make sure you RSVP and don’t miss out on this!
  2. Minting Phases: Sugartown has strategized the minting process into three phases:
    • Phase 1: Dedicated mints for LVL 3-4, Twitter AL, Collab AL.
    • Phase 2: A private First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) exclusive for LVL 2 and those lucky Premint winners.
    • Phase 3: An open FCFS for the remaining NFTs. However, here’s a heads up: 100% of the mint is allocated to the allowlists, meaning the public phase does not guarantee minting for everyone.
  3. Distribution Details: Out of the total collection size of 9,999 NFTs, Sugartown has allocated 6,000 for the mint supply. The remaining 3,999 NFTs are reserved explicitly for rewarding holders and aiding the growth and expansion of Sugartown’s ecosystem.
  4. Eligibility Criteria: Here’s a crucial piece of information for all eager minters. The minting process is restricted to those aged 18 and above, and only those residing in the aforementioned five countries will be allowed. If you’re from outside these countries, you won’t be able to connect your wallet for the minting.
  5. Beware of Imposters: In their commitment to ensure a safe minting environment, Sugartown warns its community of potential malicious actors. Always double-check that you’re interacting with official Sugartown accounts before making any move.

TL;DR: Sugartown, by Zynga, has released minting details for its Oras collection, with 9,999 NFTs up for grabs on September 13th. This is exclusive to residents of the US, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Minting is structured in three phases, and 6,000 NFTs are designated for minting with 3,999 reserved for rewarding the ecosystem.


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Crucible and Futureverse Embark on a Groundbreaking Alliance for Open Metaverse Advancement


Crucible and Futureverse have unveiled their landmark partnership that promises to bring significant advancements in the development of the open metaverse. With a shared vision and cutting-edge technology, these industry titans are poised to reshape our digital future.

Futureverse, a forerunner in blending AI with metaverse technology, has a long-standing reputation for creating open, scalable, and seamlessly interoperable applications, games, and digital experiences. Their vast influence spans across an extensive digital collectible community, augmented by strategic affiliations with globally recognized IPs and brands.

On the other side, Crucible’s innovative Emergence SDK stands out as a pioneer toolset for game developers. This suite of world-building tools, aimed at facilitating the interoperability of digital assets and identities across diverse game realms, champions true ownership for all digital creators. This isn’t just a technical feat—it’s the foundational bedrock for an open metaverse. With Crucible also spearheading the Open Meta community, the synergy between the two enterprises paints a promising picture for the industry.

This partnership promises tangible benefits:

  1. Game developers looking to craft experiences tailored for the Futureverse ecosystem will find the Emergence platform the ideal springboard. This means a rapid influx of games, worlds, and immersive experiences waiting just around the corner for eager players.
  2. With Emergence SDK’s integration into The Root Network and Futureverse’s FuturePass technology, developers have a formidable toolkit at their disposal. And considering 35,000 developers on the Unreal marketplace have already embraced Emergence—with the SDK gaining traction on the Unity store—the outreach potential is staggering.
  3. The synergy between Futureverse and Outlier Ventures has birthed the Futureverse Base Camp, an accelerator initiative. Early-stage startups venturing into The Root Network now have the unique opportunity to tap into the Emergence toolkit, expediting their development journey without compromising on quality.

Crucible’s affiliation with Nvidia’s generative technology also merits attention, particularly their combined efforts to harness AI for groundbreaking game and world-building applications.

In the words of Crucible’s Founder & CEO, Ryan Gill, this partnership isn’t just about technological innovation—it’s about fueling a more inclusive digital realm. He envisages a future where open systems and game worlds reign supreme, with Crucible and Futureverse leading the charge.

“The Open Metaverse is here. Game engines are more accessible than ever, and AI will only amplify and accelerate their development,” said Aaron McDonald, Co-Founder of Futureverse. “Our partnership with Crucible will empower a new generation of developers to create memorable  experiences, and to unlock new utility for all FuturePass holders.”

In sum, this alliance marks a defining moment in the evolution of the open metaverse—a realm where technology, artistry, and community converge.

TLDR: Crucible and Futureverse have announced a pivotal partnership, poised to revolutionize the development of the open metaverse. Both companies, with their technological prowess and shared vision, are set to offer developers and users unprecedented experiences in the digital realm.


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PIXELYNX and Beatport Revolutionize AI-Generated Music with the Launch of BeatKOR


In an exciting move towards the future of AI-generated music, PIXELYNX has unveiled BeatKOR, the newest iteration of their esteemed KORUS platform. This innovative system empowers budding creators to fabricate AI-influenced music using fully-licensed tracks, coined as “Artist DNA.”

The spotlight shines brightly on Jitwam, an artist previously recognized as “One To Watch” by eminent platforms such as The Guardian. By integrating Jitwam’s Artist DNA into the platform, fans have the unique opportunity to mint and subsequently train their BeatKOR AI companions on the signature beats, stems, and sounds of Jitwam. This not only pays homage to Jitwam’s musical genius but also ensures that the artist receives appropriate compensation.

“BeatKOR enables artists who opt in to share their stem files with fans, granting them the power to explore their own creativity through remixing,” said Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group. “Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, so empowering them to shape the narrative of this new era of artist-fan collaboration in a way that protects their rights is core to our philosophy with BeatKOR and everything we do at Beatport.”

Jitwam proudly steps into the vanguard alongside renowned artists Grimes and Holly Herndon, championing the utilization of AI and Web3 in music creation. This avant-garde approach also hands fans the reins, letting them dive into the world of AI-generated music while championing the ethical rights and recognition of the artists they admire.

This groundbreaking collaboration between PIXELYNX and Beatport heralds a new age for AI in the music industry. It’s no longer about mere consumption but about co-creation. Through BeatKOR, artists can generously share their foundational stem files, inviting fans to embark on their own remixing journeys. In doing so, they shape the narrative of artist-fan collaborations, ensuring artists’ rights remain protected and celebrated.

Amidst ongoing debates around the potential impacts of AI on musicians, PIXELYNX and Beatport are setting a new paradigm. Their aim is not just to integrate AI but to magnify the bond between artists and fans, offering personalized musical experiences that both empower artists and amplify the value they deliver to their community.

Eager users and music enthusiasts can anticipate the official BeatKOR collection drop on September 13. This collection, fueled by officially licensed stems and tracks, will feature illustrious artists like Jitwam, Elle Shimada, Brux, and more. The platform promises a deep dive into music communities, offering interactions like voting, trading, remixing, and music sharing.

PIXELYNX and Beatport are not just shaping the future of music; they’re inviting every fan and creator to be an integral part of this evolutionary journey.

TL;DR: PIXELYNX collaborates with Beatport to launch BeatKOR, an advanced platform that allows users to create AI-generated music. It features Artist DNA, like Jitwam’s, and offers a novel way of remixing and co-creating music, setting new standards for AI in the music industry.

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The Next Chapter: DFZ Introduces RIP TCG – Revolutionizing Digital Trading Card Games


In recent times, DFZ has expertly meshed art and culture with groundbreaking tech innovations. Their origins as a PFP project have given rise to an array of remarkable developments like hologram rigs and interoperability assets, including pixelfellaz and voxelfellaz. But the magnum opus, the grand vision, has always been their very own gaming venture. And why not? The gaming industry holds the promise of seamlessly integrating web3 tech with DFZ’s unique IP, and more importantly, there’s an unequivocal passion for gaming and TCGs within the DFZ team.


Key DeadFellaz TCG Takeaways:

1. Gaming Endeavors:

  • On September 8th, DFZ unveils its passionate venture into the gaming domain with the announcement of a digital TCG: codenamed RIP TCG. The official name and detailed creative elements will soon be revealed.
  • RIP TCG isn’t your everyday card game; it promises a thrilling, cinematic digital trading card experience. With a focus on engaging 3D character combat, deep card customization, a universe rich in dark humor and lore, it is poised to become the next big thing in the TCG genre.
  • This game goes beyond conventional play-to-earn mechanics. After a year of in-depth research and gameplay development, the focus remains on the quintessential gaming pleasure. But rest assured, blockchain is still in the mix, enhancing the gameplay experience with unique features.

2. Collaboration:

  • The masterminds behind this vision, including DFZ’s Director, Psych, have spent the past year meticulously detailing every aspect of the game. This includes the gameplay loop, universe lore, various ecosystems, and translating DFZ’s world into a distinct 3D representation.
  • There’s also thrilling news about a collaboration with a world-renowned AAA game studio (details to be revealed post-press embargo). This studio has showcased its mettle with titles like Battlefield, Star Wars, Madden, Fable, Forza, Minecraft, and Hearthstone.
  • The game’s developmental journey will commence this October in Vancouver, engaging a top-notch team of 16 developers.

3. RIP TCG Vault Sale:

  • This sale is a pivotal juncture connecting DFZ’s existing ecosystem to a vibrant new one. It has been designed to reward existing collectors while attracting new ones.
  • What’s inside a vault? A treasure trove of 450 first edition cards, including one ultra-rare card, awaiting their unveiling upon the game’s release.
  • The sale structure offers varying vault purchase options for Deadfellaz & Deadfrenz combo owners, individual Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz owners, Legacy members, Alphas, and the general public.
  • The sale kicks off for collectors on September 8th and opens to the general public on September 10th.

4. Enhanced Security:

  • DFZ, in collaboration with their development partners Props, is committed to ensuring the utmost security during the Vault Sale. Verification through multiple official accounts will be ensured, and users are advised to be wary of any unofficial or suspicious communications.

Stay Updated:

  • DFZ urges enthusiasts to mark their calendars for September 8th. Comprehensive terms and conditions, along with other details, will be made available then.

TL;DR: DFZ is all set to disrupt the digital gaming realm with RIP TCG, a cinematic digital card game. With an impending collaboration with a top AAA game studio, and a vault sale on the horizon, the future looks promising for both gamers and collectors.


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Andrew Mitchell launches “Flowers of Alfiren”


In the digital age, art is evolving, embracing technology and algorithms to create something previously unimagined. One artist at the forefront of this evolution is Andrew Mitchell, whose latest project “Flowers of Alfiren” is a testament to the brilliance of generative art.

A curated set of generative works, code stored onchain.


A Generative Journey

Generative art is about using algorithms to produce unique, unpredictable outputs. It’s a marriage of mathematical precision and artistic expression. Andrew Mitchell’s “Flowers of Alfiren”, created using JavaScript with the p5js library, is an epitome of this style. Each piece is distinctive, with its authenticity and immutability ensured by storing the script on-chain.

Mitchell likens his script to a “living entity”, a notion that captures the fluid nature of generative art. Over a span of a year, he meticulously drew each organism, evolving the script and thus the art it creates. The use of geometric functions to draw flowers rotationally ensures each piece’s intricate and complex nature. This dedication to craft is not just about aesthetics but also about creating a piece that grows and evolves, much like nature itself.

A Universal Appeal

Featured at “Art on Paper” in New York City in September 2023, Mitchell’s work successfully bridges the gap between the traditional and the digital. Its recognition in such esteemed circles speaks volumes about its caliber.

Personal assessments, such as its ability to pass the “hotel lobby test”, further emphasize its universal charm. The fluorescent colors, reminiscent of a blossoming garden, ensure it’s an artwork that would be appreciated in diverse settings.

Commercial Footprint

A look at Mitchell’s sales data gives us insight into his commercial traction. With an average sale price around 2-3E on SR and lower-end sales on Foundation, it’s evident that the market recognizes and values his contributions. The Nifty sales data, with an average sale price of $350 USD.

A Digital Oasis

“Flowers of Alfiren” merges the intricacies of generative art with the timeless beauty of nature. Mitchell’s dedication to refining the script and the artwork’s layered approach make it a standout piece in the realm of digital art. For those who wish to explore more, his works are accessible online through various platforms, showcasing his journey and evolution as an artist.

For a deeper dive, art enthusiasts and potential buyers can access Mitchell’s works on his Twitter @uncut_hems or view his previous NFT drops on andrewmitchell.xyz/nft. Those interested in acquiring a piece from “Flowers of Alfiren” can do so on Foundation.

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Pudgy Penguins: $10M Growth. More than Just Digital Collectibles


In the ever-evolving world of NFTs, the Pudgy Penguins have carved out an impressive niche for themselves. While many projects focus on token staking, selling more NFTs, or making lofty promises of metaverses, Pudgy Penguins have demonstrated a distinct approach: leveraging their intellectual property (IP) to cater to their fervent fanbase.

As of now, they are poised to achieve a sales milestone of $10 million from toys in a span of just 7 months. This figure is notably up from their forecasted $7 million just two months ago, reflecting their expanding popularity and the demand for their merchandise.

But beyond mere sales, Pudgy Penguins are on the cusp of rolling out significant initiatives for their holders:

  1. Project Overpass: An endeavor to simplify and streamline the licensing process for holders.
  2. Influence Quantifying Platform: A novel system designed to gauge and quantify the influence of each Pudgy Penguin.
  3. A tantalizing teaser hinting at “one of the biggest announcements in the history of web3.”

It’s undeniable that the world of NFTs and web3 has seen its fair share of overhyped projects, leading to skepticism and caution among many. Overpromising and underdelivering can indeed tarnish a project’s reputation.

However, with the guidance of leaders like Luca, the ethos of Pudgy Penguins seems grounded. Luca’s commitment is evident in his focus on delivering value to the holders rather than merely extracting financial gains. As he aptly puts it, the emphasis is on “what you can do for other people, not what they can do for you.”

While the road ahead is unpredictable, Pudgy Penguins’ journey so far suggests a project that understands the delicate balance between innovation, community service, and responsible growth in the web3 space.

TLDR: Pudgy Penguins is set to achieve $10M in toy sales in their first 7 months, up from an expected $7M two months ago. They are introducing new initiatives like Project Overpass, an Influence Quantifying Platform, and a major web3 announcement. While skepticism is natural given the overhyping in the NFT space, their commitment to holders shines through.

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