Shiba Memu sets a new presale milestone as enthusiasm builds for the meme sensation

  • Shiba Memu has raised over $3 million as presale underlines investor interest.

  • Shiba Memu is unique in its AI marketing, focusing on making it sustainable.

  • A potential 50x gain could be realised based on margins recorded by meme cryptocurrencies. 

Investor interest in new meme cryptocurrencies is undeniably high. Small projects that started as a joke, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have become big names. When PEPE launched earlier this year, investor interest pushed the token to thousands of percentage-digit gains. It is no coincidence that Shiba Memu, a new AI-led meme cryptocurrency, is attracting a huge demand. Still on presale, the token has crossed the $3 million mark on amounts raised. With this unstoppable demand, you can learn more about this token and whether you should invest.

What is Shiba Memu, and how is it unique?

Shiba Memu is a sensational meme crypto project that aims for high ROI by tapping into the power of AI. The project uses AI to optimise its marketing interventions and track branding initiatives. Shiba Memu can also identify positive and negative sentiments on online forums and social media. It then uses the information to inform its marketing campaigns.

The self-marketing concept effortlessly creates hype and popularity for Shiba Memu. For a sector driven by speculations and online chatter, the capabilities enable Shiba Memu to grow powerful. 

Shiba Memu also taps into the power of predictive analytics to stay ahead of rivals. The project can forecast future marketing trends and adjust its branding techniques. An AI personalisation feature also lets Shiba Memu customise its PR strategies. The feature underscores Shiba Memu’s commitment to generating sustainable income for its investors.

Shiba Memu also stands out as a powerful AI project for social engagement. Users can directly engage with the AI through a dashboard and learn from it. From hot topics in creative advertising to captivating crypto conversations, Shiba Memu can do it all. Users can also ask questions and get feedback from the AI. The capability lets Shiba Memu tap into the power of social connections to grow and become more intelligent.

Is Shiba Memu the best meme crypto of 2023?

A few established names may pop up when considering the best meme cryptocurrencies for 2023. However, these tokens, most listed on exchanges, are enduring a prolonged crypto winter. That leaves investors with limited options for meme investment. Shiba Memu is yet to debut on exchanges, meaning its value is still locked. 

As we saw with PEPE earlier this year, meme cryptocurrencies are best when they are starting. Gains can be as high as 50x as speculations are high and investor interest solid. Given this historical trend and market situation, Shiba Memu could be the ideal investment. 

Another investment thesis for Shiba Memu is its utility beyond speculation. Once you have bought the tokens, you can stake them in a smart contract platform or staking pool. Investors earn yields for their staked tokens. Other investors will earn transaction fees by offering liquidity through a decentralised exchange. The use cases could drive investment and demand for the project and generate long-term returns.

Shiba Memu tokenomics and unique presale

From the project’s roadmap, 85% of SHMU tokens will be offered at a discount before the token is listed. The team has set the total supply at 1 billion, with investors rapidly taking the tokens off-shelf. 

The demand can be attributed to Shiba Memu’s unique presale. Since opening the presale, the value of Shiba Memu has risen steadily. From an initial starting price of $0.011125, the token is now valued at $0.028900 and is still on the move. 

The price gains reflect the project’s tokenomics, allowing SHMU value to rise daily at 6 PM GMT. By the time the presale ends, investors will receive more valued tokens than they invested.

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Chancer presale at the $2M mark as expectations of Fed’s rate pause boosts Bitcoin

  • Chancer has raised $1.99 million in a presale

  • The presale could benefit from improved crypto sentiment as BTC recovers to $27K

  • Chancer carries a more than 10x gain in the future.

Chancer has raised over $1.99 million in a presale welcoming the first decentralised betting platform. With betting one of the fastest-growing sectors, the prospect of taking it to blockchain has excited investors. This comes when cryptocurrencies undergo consolidations following market turbulence. Bitcoin has recovered above $27,000, giving hopes of a potential resurgence. The cryptocurrency had previously slipped to below $25,000. The recoveries in the leading crypto could boost the sentiment for risk-on assets, benefiting Chancer. 

Why Bitcoin is rising this week

Bitcoin is up more than 7% over the past week, thanks to improving market sentiment. The sentiment reflects expectations that the Fed will pause rate hikes during the September 20 meeting.

Investors have based their expectations on the September 13 inflation, which showed cooling prices. Although the consumer price index increased 3.7% in August from 3.5% in July, the annual core CPI dropped. The core CPI, which measures inflation less volatile food and energy, increased 4.3% from the previous 4.5%.

The falling prices provide hope that the US is headed for the Fed’s target inflation rate of 2%. This could provide the impetus for the US central bank to pause rates. A less hawkish Fed is considered positive for risk-on assets, which could boost Bitcoin and altcoins. 

The role of Chancer in the crypto ecosystem

Chancer is a revolutionary blockchain that aims to change how betting occurs. Presently, betting is conducted on centralised marketplaces. The bookmakers or owners of such marketplaces determine the betting events.

With Chancer, the role of intermediaries in betting is eliminated. Betting occurs in a virtual blockchain ecosystem, which is in the hands of the users. In other words, users create peer-to-peer betting markets and set their own rules and odds.

Wagers invite friends, family, acquaintances, and fans to their betting market. They can also join P2P markets created by others and participate in blockchain-based prediction. 

Chancer carries a lot of flexibility as users can create P2P markets from multiple events. Users can create a Chancer market, from mainstream betting events to social activities. The ability to develop a P2P market from almost any event expands the scope of betting. This allows Chancer to grow and capture a considerable market niche in the fast-growing betting sector. 

What is Chancer token, and what value does it carry

Chancer token or $CHANCER is the token that will run the blockchain P2P betting platform. Users get rewarded with the token for successful winnings and predictions.

CHANCER derives value from the popularity of the Chancer ecosystem. The more users join and participate in P2P betting, the more the token’s demand and price are unlocked. The prospect makes CHANCER an exciting token since betting is a demanded service. 

Chancer token isn’t restricted to betting only. Users are rewarded with the token for creating the P2P betting markets. The aim is to incentivise more users to engage in market-making activities and grow the platform. Market-making rewards make a substantial investment case for Chancer beyond betting. 

Staking will also be a passive income-generating strategy for Chancer users. Users can stake the native token to facilitate the platform’s growth and earn yields. For sustainability, users get discounted fees when they create or join P2P markets. Additional rewards are earned by sharing the Chancer platform. 

Chancer price prediction in 2023 and 2024

Chancer gears for listing on Uniswap and other CEXs in Q3 2023. The price could start to pick up when the token is available on exchanges. Investors have earmarked up to a 1,000% increase for the token when listed. 

In this prediction, a prudential 100% or more is preferable as a sustainable price gain. The forecast is based on the fact that the Chancer platform will launch later in Q4 2023 and early 2024. 

A 10x increase is preferred in 2024 when Chancer’s demand stems from the use of its platform. In the long term, gains could exceed the 10x estimates as Chancer attracts more usage.

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Shiba Memu: Why new meme cryptocurrency has won the hearts of investors?

  • Shiba Memu’s presale has raised over $2.85 million in its presale on solid demand.

  • The price of the tokens in presale increases every day at 6 PM GMT

  • Shiba Memu could rise 50x, reinforced by its popularity and meme token trends

Buying meme cryptocurrencies might not be the right decision as crypto winter rages on. Leading meme names like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to suffer in a bottomless drop. The bear market situation prompts investors to seek alternative tokens with the potential to explode. The entry of Shiba Memu (SHMU) into the scene has generated enthusiasm for meme investment. Since the presale started, investors have bought over $2.85 million of the tokens. To buy the token, investors can visit the project’s website

Why investors are interested in Shiba Memu

Investment in Shiba Memu is partly attributed to its potential sustainability. It is the world’s first meme project to apply artificial intelligence. The AI generates hype, which puts Shiba Memu in the limelight.

Unlike its meme peers, Shiba Memu will market itself on online forums, generating hype for itself. As you may be aware, meme cryptocurrencies’ prices are moved by online publicity. The self-marketing concept allows Shiba Memu to be a potential big price mover. This capability puts Shiba Memu ahead of rivals, which rely on humans to gain and maintain relevance.

Investors could also be looking at the price potential of Shiba Memu. Early birds in presale have already tasted the price potential with Shiba Memu’s tokenomics. At the onset of the presale, the token was valued at $0.011125 but now goes for $0.027325. The price increases every day at 6 PM GMT in the presale

Alongside the price increases at presale, the potential for Shiba Memu is enormous, given its market space. In the past, meme cryptocurrencies have exploded in value after listing. Shiba Memu looks at a similar potential, given the love meme tokens attract in the sector. As the bear crypto sector lingers on, investors could look at Shiba Memu as the fresh kid in the market. This could inspire a rally for the token.

Shiba Memu’s social features could also attract investors. The project features an AI dashboard where users can build meaningful conversations with the robot. They can ask the AI questions, share suggestions, and learn new things in creative advertising. 

How much can the Shiba Memu token rise?

Predicting the exact increases in the value of Shiba Memu could be subjective. However, projections can be made based on the token’s demand. The potential is indicated by the increasing number of investors buying the token. 

While launching tokens have risen by up to 10x, Shiba Memu can surprise the markets. Analysts have earmarked up to 50 times increase, reflecting past price surges in meme cryptocurrencies. 

Also, the token’s value could be unlocked from novel use cases. The Shiba Memu pool will let users earn fees by generating liquidity through a decentralised exchange. Similarly, the tokens can be staked in a smart contract or staking pol for additional rewards.

In the future, Shiba Memu could be unstoppable. AI can find use cases in diverse areas, benefiting Shiba Memu. This means the token’s value could overcome the frequent dumps that face meme cryptocurrencies. 

Is Shiba Memu worth buying now?

Shiba Memu’s roadmap provides for the token listing in Q3 2024. After listing, the token could witness increased buying, allowing it to explode in value. However, prudential investment involves buying an asset when the price is low.

Investing in Shiba Memu’s presale makes sense, as the token’s price is still low. By the time the token’s price starts to rise, presale investors will reap the benefits. Also, investing now is advantageous as investors get tokens worth more when the presale ends.

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JPMorgan reportedly considers a payment token as Shiba Memu raises $2.58 million

  • JPMorgan is said to be launching a blockchain-powered token to revolutionise its global payments.

  • Shiba Memu takes on meme tokens with an AI application amid the hunt for new crypto use cases.

  • Shiba Memu could increase by up to 50x, given the historic price moves of meme cryptocurrencies.

The hunt for new solutions in a blockchain-based economy is on. JPMorgan is the latest to consider a blockchain-based deposit token for global payments. Meanwhile, Shiba Memu is bringing a new marketing perspective through blockchain. Investors have bought over $2.58 million worth of Shiba Memu in a fast-occurring presale

JPMorgan to launch a payments token

Big banks are never shy of opportunities when they knock. In its latest indication of blockchain and cryptocurrency forays, JPMorgan seeks a payment token. The latest reports indicate that the banking giant has laid the infrastructure for the new payment token. 

The bank expects to accelerate international settlements and payments with the blockchain solution. This is not the first time JPMorgan has let its blockchain and cryptocurrency pursuits known.

In June, the company said it had processed about $300 billion via JPM Coin launched in 2019. With the new token, JPMorgan expects to process instant transactions, leveraging blockchain technology. The token is also expected to reduce transaction costs by eliminating clearinghouses and counterpart banks.

JPMorgan’s continued push in crypto underlines a sector with immense and unexploited opportunities. Big banks are entering the space, which is expected to dominate future payments. Shiba Memu comes into the scene with an innovative use case that fills another unexploited opportunity.

Shiba Memu AI marketing angle

Shiba Memu enters the meme token space with its own vibe – an AI application. To put it better, Shiba Memu will leverage artificial intelligence to self-market and fight off rivals. 

AI is taking a more critical role now than ever, making Shiba Memu unique. AI lets Shiba Memu research and find the most creative ideas in marketing. Interestingly, AI can work all the time and source information far and beyond. With this capability, the team expects Shiba Memu to achieve more than 100 marketing agencies combined. 

Shiba Memu won’t keep all the marketing information to itself. Its community can interact with the AI. Users can ask the AI questions, give feedback, and get informed on marketing strategies. The engagement is one of its kind, making Shiba Memu a truly user-led platform. That means Shiba Memu won’t crave attention like its meme peers, which rely on influencers.

Is Shiba Memu a good investment?

What investors consider a good investment is quite a subjective topic. However, Shiba Memu could be suitable for investors looking for tokens that can quickly gain value. 

From past price action, meme cryptocurrencies have been the biggest earners, with split-second gains. Shiba Memu carries a similar potential when listed. It means by capitalising on initial price movements, investors can return big. 

A potential worry for most investors is the high volatility of meme cryptocurrencies. Sharp drawdowns accompany huge price gains. Although such a risk cannot be wished away for Shiba Memu, its AI angle makes it a sustainable project. Over time, the value of Shiba Memu could stabilise and deliver consistent gains to long-term investors. 

Shiba Memu presale and price prediction

Shiba Memu launched with a unique presale. The token’s price increases every day at 6 PM GMT. It means the investment increases every 24 hours for early investors. 

On price prediction, meme cryptocurrencies always surprise markets. These cryptocurrencies attract a lot of online chatter, which drives demand, suddenly pushing prices higher. Over the past months, new meme tokens have risen by up to 10,000%. This doesn’t mean that Shiba Memu will see such margins. It just shows how much potential the token carries once listed. 

Given the above, Shiba Memu could rise 10x, 20x, or even 50x when listed. The overwhelming presale suggests the likely price surge.

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Edelman predicts a $150K Bitcoin price post-halving. How does this impact Chancer?

  • Edelman says Bitcoin could rise to $150,000 after the 2024 halving event.

  • A strong Bitcoin could boost the sentiment for other cryptocurrencies like Chancer.

  • Analysts expect up to a 1,000% price increase for Chancer.

After a prolonged bear crypto market, Bitcoin is expected to look up to the stars again. The upcoming halving event somewhere in April 2024 is expected to boost prices. Edelman Financial Services, which manages over $291 billion in assets, expects a fixed-figure price for BTC. The halving event could also be decisive for other cryptos like Chancer

Bitcoin could surpass $150,000 after 2024 halving

The prediction is according to Edelman founder Ric Edelman. The analyst expects the milestone to be reached a few months after the halving event. This is not the first time Bitcoin has seen such huge predictions from analysts.

Edelman believes the crypto sector is in a transformative phase. The stage is characterised by increasing maturity and behavioural shifts. According to Edelman, these market dynamics and regulatory actions are cleansing the sector. The cleansing will make digital assets more attractive to individual and institutional investors. 

Recent developments will also boost crypto. Edelman references Ripple’s win against SEC as a critical development that will boost crypto adoption. Also recently, Grayscale won a case against SEC, providing a further greenlight to the sector. Analysts led by JPMorgan believe the victory paves the way for the approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETF. 

But the 2024 halving event will be a bull catalyst for Bitcoin, per Edelman’s predictions. Edelman notes that Bitcoin’s halving is historically a bullish catalyst. He says the halving could unlock Bitcoin’s value, helping it to reach $150,000 by the summer of 2025.

Role of Chancer and how it benefits from a bullish Bitcoin

Chancer is a new blockchain platform that powers peer-to-peer betting. Investors can create a Chancer market and bet on any event they feel like on a secure blockchain platform. The users bet under their own rules and odds.

The proliferation of Chancer challenges traditional betting, where markets are established by bookmakers. By allowing investors to create P2P markets, Chancer enables more people to get involved in betting. There are rewards for creating Chancer markets and sharing the platform. 

Chancer will be the token investors can use to claim winnings on successful bets. They will also get paid using the token for creating the P2P markets or spreading Chancer news. The token will also be available for staking to investors seeking passive incomes. 

Initially, Chancer could benefit from speculation around its novel betting platform. As the token lists in Q3 2023, the price could start to gain value. 

Conversely, a bullish Bitcoin is always a positive catalyst for the rest of the crypto sector. As the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin demand boosts the sentiment for risky assets. Thus, the projected bull market by Edelman could help Chancer and increase the token’s value.

 Is Chancer a sustainable blockchain?

The prolonged bear market taught that only the strongest blockchains and projects survive. Once the bull market returns, investors could focus on valuable projects with solid use cases.

Betting is among the strongest and fastest-growing sectors. Online sports betting alone is expected to grow by 9.94% CAGR between 2023 and 2027. The growth rate will take the total market volume to $63.62 billion by 2027.

Chancer will capitalise on the strengths of the entire betting sector to grow. It will also introduce new betting events that will see it capture a considerable market. This means it could be a sustainable project to deliver consistently to investors.

What is the 2023 price potential of Chancer?

Chancer will be listed in Q3 2023 amid huge expectations. 2023 might be a volatile year for the token due to intense speculations. 

Analysts have earmarked a 1,000% price increase, although this could prove overambitious in the short term. A triple-digit price increase in 2023 could be more realistic, with more than 10x in the future.

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Inspired by blockchain betting, Chancer seeks to leave a mark in 2023 and beyond

  • Chancer introduces blockchain-based betting based on the P2P model

  • Chancer could benefit from a strong and growing betting market, valued at 81B in 2022

  • The price potential for Chancer is huge and could surpass 1,000% in 2024 and beyond

Have you ever thought of how much potential blockchain-based betting has? Well, the traditional global sports betting market alone was valued at $81.03 billion in 2022. The sector growth is estimated at 9.50% up to 2030. This projection has inspired blockchain-based betting, with Chancer being its firstcomer. Essentially, blockchain is one of the most rapidly growing sectors. Chancer has the potential to beat the growth rate in traditional betting under its novel model.

Chancer’s presale and what it means for investors

Ahead of the launch of its decentralised betting platform, Chancer is welcoming investors. The project launched a presale of the token, $CHANCER, which has seen huge demand. Over $1.65 million has been raised in two months as investors bet big on blockchain betting. 

Investors see the Chancer token as an opportunity for 2023 and beyond. CHANCER will be used to transfer value through the betting platform. Should Chancer become mainstream in betting, the demand and use of the token will increase. This could see the token skyrocket in value and generate sustainable gains in the long term.

Chancer also carries a rare opportunity for creators. Users can create and customise their own betting games and be rewarded. The attribute embodies a peer-to-peer model, where users build Chancer markets on predictive events. This gives Chancer more than a betting use case and makes the platform attractive to investors. Besides, the token can be staked for investors to earn passive income.

How does Chancer work?

Chancer functions as a P2P model, where users relate directly to each other. In P2P betting, users come up with betting events and invite others (peers) to bet for and against them. Users can create a Chancer market for any event, expanding the scope of betting. For example, you can bet about an upcoming marathon, election, or even weather conditions.

Next, users set rules for their betting market. They also decide on the odds of successful winning in the betting event. The flexibility means users are open to what they can do, overcoming restrictions in traditional betting. 

Based on the outcomes of the betting event, users can claim winnings using the Chancer token. The P2P relationship is secured via a decentralised Chancer ecosystem. The system guarantees transparency and trust for bettors and investors.

Besides, Chancer features live streaming using Google-powered WebRTC capabilities. The features allow the community to engage, communicate, and watch live gameplay activities.

Chancer prediction and market potential

It might be too early to judge about the future potential of Chancer. However, being the world’s first blockchain betting platform, the potential is huge. The platform changes how betting is done and gives investors more value and income opportunities. That makes Chancer an attractive investment now and in the future. 

Predicting the Chancer token, sustainable gains could be realised in 2024. Analysts have predicted up to 1,000% increase in price. In the future, the value could rise by bigger margins as the Chancer platform witnesses organic use. 

The price of Chancer could be a bit volatile in 2023 due to high speculation. The volatility allows early investors to cash in on strong price moves when the token is listed in Q3 2023. A price increase of up to three-digit percentages should be considered realistic in 2023. 

Should you invest in Chancer this week?

Chancer’s presale has happened fast, and the listing is drawing closer. Investors that buy the token on presale are more advantaged as they can ride the price momentum after listing. As such, the presale presents an opportunity for investors looking to maximise returns. Investors can buy the token via ETH, USDT, BNB, and BUSD.

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Cryptocurrencies face more slump, but Shiba Memu shines on presale

  • Shiba Memu presale has raised over $2.2 million

  • Increasing risk-off sentiment is hurting the rest of the sector

  • Shiba Memu could return by up to 1,000%

The past week has been a bloody period for cryptocurrencies. A more than 10% loss takes Bitcoin to slightly above $26,000, while Ethereum is back to below $1,700. The losses reflect an increasing risk-off mood, with the US dollar gaining strengths. But does that mean investors are giving up on the sector? Shiba Memu (SHMU), an upcoming meme cryptocurrency, has witnessed high demand. With over $2.2 million raised, the presale illustrates interest in high-potential crypto projects.

Risk-off sentiment and what it means for crypto

Appetite for high-risk appetite has cooled off lately, thanks to sector concerns and macro developments. Sector risks have been underlined by falling Bitcoin volume on exchanges. This follows reports that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has sold its Bitcoin holdings.

Meanwhile, the US dollar, which has an inverse relationship with Bitcoin, has been gaining. The most notable contributor is expectations that the Fed will hold its hawkish monetary policy. Ahead of this week’s annual Jackson Hole meeting, analysts have been sounding higher rates.

The expectations of hawkish policy reflect elevated inflation rates. Although the July consumer price index eased to 3.2%, it remains outside the band Fed considers appropriate. The US central bank has a 2% inflation target, with July readings above it. As such, the projection of a hawkish stance has spooked crypto markets ahead of the meeting. 

Shiba Memu defies the risk-off mood

Shiba Memu is a new crypto project that aims to be self-sustainable in the meme space. This has attracted demand as the native token, SHMU, carries a use case that outwits its meme peers. In particular, investors may be attracted to Shiba Memu’s AI angle. The project utilises AI capabilities such as machine learning and predictive analytics to self-market itself. 

Shiba Memu can also engage with its users through an AI-led application. A robotistic dashboard lets users ask the robot questions, give feedback, and provide suggestions. The use cases are expected to make Shiba Memu a unique user-led platform. In the future, there is no limit on what Shiba Memu can achieve with its AI application.

As investors shun risky holdings like Bitcoin, they could shift attention to Shiba Memu. A project of its nature is yet to unlock value, explaining the high demand. SHMU doesn’t rank on the same risk profile as the greenback. However, it gives investors an excellent alternative to mainstream assets. This could explain the fast-selling presale.

Shiba Memu carries a meme vibe

Whenever meme cryptocurrencies are mentioned, eyebrows are raised. They are assets that have shown huge promise to deliver up to 10 times due on pure online chatter. Shiba Memu is a meme cryptocurrency and reawakens similar thoughts. Investors expect huge gains once the value of this token is unlocked after listing on exchanges.

The meme vibe is also brought out in Shiba Memu’s price dynamics. The price of the cryptocurrency increases every day at 6 PM GMT.

For example, the price of the token is $0.022150. That compares to a price of $0.011125 when the presale was launched. The presale ends after eight weeks at a SHMU price of $0.0244. It means investors that bought the token at the initial stage will see the value of their holding double. The trend gives investors a meme vibe as these tokens are known to be always on the move.

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

Obviously, Shiba Memu’s presale is near its conclusion. Investors that missed a chance to buy at the initial stages can still do so now as the price is low. The value of SHMU could increase exponentially after listing. It means investing now allows investors to benefit from potential price increases.

Predictably, Shiba Memu could return up to 1,000% once listed. Highly subscribed projects have risen by more than the prediction. This gives Shiba Memu a realistic chance to rise by similar margins.

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Is Chancer a profitable bet in 2023 and 2024?

  • Chancer aims to take the mainstream betting market to the blockchain.

  • The P2P betting has been in demand, as the presale raises $1.4 million

  • Chancer has huge potential after listing and could rise more after the platform launches

Blockchain is fast infiltrating traditional sectors. Betting is one of them, with Chancer taking steps to take the predictive market to the blockchain. Chancer lets users bet on a fully decentralised ecosystem powered by a crypto token. Since launching a presale, investors have bought over $1.43 worth of tokens. But is Chancer worth buying at presale ahead of the listing?

How Chancer works

Chancer is coined under the phrase “Your Game, Your Rules, Your Odds.” That partly explains how the platform works.

Chancer allows users to dictate the game of betting. Users can determine what they want to bet on, from mainstream events like football to social events. There is no limit on what users can bet on, making Chancer a game-changer in new betting experiences. 

To bet, users create a peer-to-peer Chancer market via the decentralised ecosystem. Users can invite others (peers) to their markets. 

Once created, users develop rules that will govern their P2P betting market. They also determine the odds of claiming winnings.

The P2P model of Chancer is unique from the mainstream betting platforms. Users are not constrained to what bookmakers provide. This aspect is expected to bring limitless betting opportunities and attract new users. The revolutionary features explain the fast presale of the token. 

What is the value proposition of Chancer?

Betting is one of the fastest-growing and most popular sectors globally. By bringing it to the blockchain, Chancer has a huge potential to find unlimited uses. Users need not turn to their local or bookmaker currencies to bet and claim winnings. They will do so with the Chancer token. This means the potential for the token to skyrocket is high as demand increases, delivering returns.

Owning Chancer is also an opportunity to earn through market-making rewards. Users get rewarded for creating the P2P markets. The native token can also be staked for passive income-generating opportunities. Those who like to spread the word about Chancer are rewarded for their efforts through a Share2Earn feature.

Betting does not also need to be boring too. Chancer features real-time or live streaming powers via P2P markets. This is a good way to engage with wagers in one’s betting cycles and have fun. 

Chancer price potential and prediction in 2023 and 2024

The magic of creating one’s betting market through Chancer gives the token a lot of potential. Analysts have lauded the token as a 10x investment, which is realistic and attainable.

Based on the project’s roadmap, Chancer will be listed on Uniswap in Q3 2023. The company seeks a minimum of two CEX listings in the quarter. The listing will open up the token for more buys and unlock value. It means the value of Chancer could start to rise then.

But from a prudential perspective, Chancer’s value could rise by 1,000% in 2024 or more in the future. This is after the main platform launches, and the value is unlocked from organic use rather than speculation. For 2023, investors should be comfortable with 100% or more increases. A 10x increase could be overambitious in the near term.

Is it the right time to buy the Chancer token?

There is a clear expectation that Chancer will surprise the markets, looking at its successful presale. The price will be ready for takeoff when the token is listed in the third quarter. Investors that miss the presale may be forced to buy the token at a higher price on exchanges. 

Buying the token at the presale is advantageous as the token’s price is low. More so, the token is most attractively priced at the initial stages. For example, while Chancer started the presale at $0.01, it now goes for $0.011. That makes it worthwhile to buy it now rather than later.

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Shiba Memu’s presale is nearly $2 million. Is the token set to explode?

  • Shiba Memu has raised $2 million in a fast-happening presale

  • Investors have been thrilled by Shiba Memu’s AI capabilities set to make it a marketing powerhouse

  • Shiba Memu has a potential higher 1,000% price increase as the project gains popularity

Shiba Memu (SHMU) buyers are shy of the $2 million mark regarding the value of tokens bought. Since launching the presale a few weeks ago, token buying has been unstoppable. At this point, it is fair to say that buyers have huge bets for the new meme kid on the block. That positions the token to a potential price surge after listing. Investors can purchase the token via the project’s website

Is Shiba Memu the best meme cryptocurrency of 2023?

There are notable crypto names in the meme scene. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been the top dogs for quite a while. Still, new names like PEPE debuted in 2023 and became instant sensations. Undoubtedly, the meme space has been growing fast. The market hit a market cap of $20 billion in early 2022 from $0 in early 2020.

Nonetheless, there has been a notable challenge for most, if not all, meme cryptocurrencies. They have yet to replicate gains and remain sustainable to generate lasting returns. For Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, a prolonged bear market has caught up with the assets.

The search for a meme token likely to remain powerful and deliver lasting returns is on. Shiba Memu looks like that alpha edge investors have been looking into meme investments.

Against the backdrop of enjoying the privileges of being a meme, Shiba Memu aims to be sustainable. The project is built with an artificial intelligence angle. With AI, the focus is to make Shiba Memu powerful and intelligent, capable of doing more than humans. Shiba Memu will write its own PR, devise a marketing strategy, and generate FOMO for itself. After all, meme tokens are mostly driven by hype. 

But think of what AI can do in creative advertising. It can crawl the web and find the best ideas in marketing. The AI can then package the information in a fun, friendly, and understandable manner. As an AI-led project, Shiba Memu will feature these capabilities. 

The added advantages of AI in Shiba Memu make the project one of the best in crypto right now. As such, Shiba Memu could be the unlikely hero of 2023 while the rest of the sector sleeps.

Is Shiba Memu a 10x investment? 

It is highly speculative how much potential a newly launched token could rise. However, a 10x increase in value is an understatement, as meme tokens have risen up to 50x. 

So far, Shiba Memu has been a presale king, hinting at how much potential the token has. Thus, the future of the token is huge, which could start to get realised after listings in 2024. 

The possible price drivers for the token are hype due to ingenious self-marketing and demand. As the world evolves through AI, we could see more demand being unlocked for Shiba Memu. 

The project also allows users to interact with the software through an AI dashboard. They can ask questions, give suggestions, and be informed of the latest in creative advertising. This could unlock demand and make Shiba Memu a more than 10x investment.

What are the benefits of buying Shiba Memu in the presale?

Shiba Memu’s presale is quite unique. The price started at $0.011125 and is now at $0.020575. The price of the token will be $0.0244 when the presale ends. The increases have been due to SHMU tokenomics. The tokenomics will see SHMU value double by the end of the 8-week presale period.

Essentially, Shiba Memu’s price increases daily at 6 pm GMT. This allows buyers to see investment increases for their tokens daily and have a meme vibe. At the end of the presale, investors will receive their tokens and be set for huge benefits as SHMU lists.

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AltSignals price forecast 2023: How attractive is $ASI in the presale?

  • AltSignals is a profitable trading service with more than 64% signal accuracy. 

  • AltSignals has raised $1.3 million in presale as investors show interest in AI trading

  • $ASI token has been lauded as a 10x investment ahead of Uniswap listing in Q3 2023.

2023 has been a year of twists and turns in crypto. Major cryptos have underperformed, but newly launched projects have found a soft landing. This means Investors are looking for projects out of the ordinary. Cryptocurrencies with the potential to surge strongly in the next bull cycle have benefited. AltSignals ($ASI) has been one of them, with a fast-selling presale suggestion of high investor interest. $ASI has raised $1.3 million in presale amid a huge interest in its new AI-led trading platform.

AltSignals’ AI application in trading

Artificial intelligence is growing and finding applications in numerous sectors. Trading has been one of them, with Altsignals the latest to jump into the AI bandwagon. The company is creating an AI platform dubbed ActualizeAI. Investors will hold $ASI tokens to become a member of ActualizeAI.

AltSignals is a profitable trading signal provider in the UK with half a decade of existence. The company covers financial instruments ranging from forex, stock, and cryptocurrencies. Up to now, AltSignals has been using an algorithm indicator AltAlgo™ to generate trading signals. The company generates signals with an average accuracy rate of 64%. 

With AI, AltSignals expects to cover more trading instruments and increase the quality of its signals. In the trading world, AI has been used for generating quality signals. This is achieved through machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive modelling. AI is also devoid of human emotions, enabling traders to make better decisions in trading.

The AltSignals team believes AI will supercharge earnings and give investors more value for money. $ASI, the token of the AI-powered platform, will be the unit of exchanging value. This includes allowing investors to participate in the governance of the platform. Members can earn more tokens by contributing ideas through an AI Members Club. There are also trading competitions where investors can improve their trading skills and earn $ASI.

$ASI prediction and investment opportunity

$ASI has a huge opportunity to succeed, given that it powers an already successful trading platform. Success is illustrated by its over $52,000 followers on Telegram and 1,400 VIP members. That gives $ASI a headstart as it gears to list on Uniswap in the third quarter. 

But the future growth of AltSignals depends on how much it continues to attract users. With a blockchain and AI angle, the visibility of the platform could grow. As more members join to benefit from the trading signals, the value of $ASI could skyrocket. 

It means that AltSignals is an ideal investment for investors looking for a token with real-world utility. The token can deliver consistent returns and sustainable returns on increased use of ActualizeAI.

Predictably, analysts expect $ASI to close the year at $0.20. The current price for the token is $0.01875, implying an increase of nearly 1,000%. An increase of this magnitude happens quite often with newly launched tokens. This means $ASI has a real chance to rise by 10x, per analysts’ estimates. 

While this thesis finds $ASI with such a realistic potential, the increase could occur in the medium term. Potentially, the increase could occur over 2024 as the use of the platform grows. In 2023, a price increase of three-digit percentages would be more realistic. 

Should you buy AltSignals in August?

AltSignals presale is happening first, while the token listing is fast approaching. $ASI’s value could increase exponentially after listing. Investors might be forced to pay a premium buying a token on exchanges than on presale. 

An ideal investment decision is to buy $ASI when the price is still low on presale. This allows investors to benefit from a possible rise in value when the token is listed.

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Huge predictions for SEI token ahead of debut, while Chancer token could be next

  • The token of SEI Network debuts on Binance on August 15, with price estimates of $0.26

  • The token of the Chancer platform, a predictive markets application, will list in Q3 2023

  • Chancer token could rise by up to 10x after debuting with higher predictions in the future.

Binance is set to debut the token of Layer-1 blockchain SEI Network on August 15. Traders have huge expectations of the token, with its market expected to hit almost half a billion US dollars. Meanwhile, the robust presale of Chancer token continues, with over $1.225 million raised. The prospect of peer-to-peer betting by Chancer has accelerated the presale. Investors can buy the token via ETH, USDT, BNB, and BUSD.

Upcoming SEI token debut and price predictions

SEI, the token of the SEI Network, will go live on Binance on August 15. The listing comes amid positive predictions, with price estimates of $0.26 immediately after going live. A pre-listing futures data by Aevo shows at the estimated price, SEI will have a market cap of $486 million.

It means that SEI will enter the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap after listing. The token will have a circulating supply of 1.8 billion, equivalent to 18% of its 10 billion total supply. SEI’s pre-listing futures contracts went live on Aevo on Wednesday. They allow traders and investors to speculate on the post-listing price of the token.

About Chancer and the Chancer token

Chancer is the world’s first blockchain-based predictive market application. The Chancer token will be the unit of exchanging value on the platform and claiming winnings.

The platform enables betting in a P2P environment. What has made Chancer exciting is that it allows betting on multiple events. Users create P2P markets, decide what to bet on, determine rules and odds, and invite others. 

Let’s say you predict that it will rain in the evening. You can create a Chancer market and invite your friends to place bets for or against the outcome. Winners get rewarded with a Chancer token.

Chancer decentralises betting by taking betting to blockchain and allowing users to be in charge. This allows more users to join and benefit from the predictive market. 

What value does the Chancer token carry?

Like any other cryptocurrency, Chancer carries value based on current and future price movements. Presently, the token is valued at $0.011, with the price increasing at each presale stage. In the future, the token’s value could be higher when it is listed on exchanges. Investors buying the token will benefit from a potential price surge. With betting a popular sector, a high price potential remains. 

Chancer also carries value for investors for continued use of the platform. Users can join in on live betting games, create Chancer markets, and claim winnings on accurate predictions. Investors can also stake the token for passive income. 

Chancer presale and listing

Chancer’s presale will occur in 12 phases, targeting $15,000,000. The presale is in the second stage, with the selling occurring fast, barely two months since it was launched.

The Chancer token will be listed in Q3 2023, starting with Uniswap. The aim is to get the token on at least two centralised exchanges in the third quarter. The listing will welcome more demand for the token, and the price could skyrocket. 

Chancer token prediction

Although predicting a new token is quite subjective, a price increase of up to 10x is not off the table. Newly-launched tokens have risen by similar margins a few weeks after listing. Given the huge expectation around the Chancer platform, high speculation is a plus for the token. Thus, a price of up to 10x is possible in 2024 and near similar margins in 2023.

In 2025 and beyond, Chancer could be a 20x or more investment. The value could increase consistently into the future as blockchain-based betting gathers momentum. This means Chancer is a potential investment that can deliver sustainable returns over time.

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Huge anticipation as Shiba Memu clocks nearly $1.7M in presale

  • New meme sensation Shiba Memu has raised $1.697 million

  • Shiba Memu gears to be a sustainable meme cryptocurrency

  • The token has a huge potential of up to 50x

There is a lot of enthusiasm around the launch of a new meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu. The lovely puppy of a cryptocurrency has caught the eye of investors looking for a meme out of the ordinary. Unlike its siblings like Shiba Inu, Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme cryptocurrency. As such, it has greater capabilities, making it a worthy rival with huge potential. That partly explains the fast-selling presale, which has raised $1.697 million in a few weeks.

Leveraging the power of AI through Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu is unique to other meme cryptocurrencies in that it incorporates AI. AI enables Shiba Memu to maintain momentum and be a sustainable project. That’s due to the fact that Shiba Memu doesn’t rely on human-led PR to increase popularity. It can sniff out the best creative ideas in advertising, generate hype and drive growth. 

Shiba Memu also grows and becomes better each day. As an autonomous marketing machine, Shiba Memu can learn from its successful marketing interventions. It can also improve its own strategies and apply marketing strategies that align with new trends. 

But Shiba Memu can also forecast trends and tailor its marketing. It does it through its predictive analytics capabilities, which make the puppy move with time. As you may be aware, the meme landscape generates a lot of online chatter and sentiment. Shiba Memu can use its sentimental analysis to distinguish between important and unimportant messages. This way, it can craft objective responses to keep its community informed.

Finally, Shiba Memu can build positive interactions with users. It does so through an AI dashboard. Users can ask questions, provide feedback, and get informed on the latest in creative advertising. The engagement could drive hype for the project and allow Shiba Memu to remain sustainable. 

The unique Shiba Memu presale

Forget those endless weeks or months of presale. Shiba Memu’s presale occurs in eight weeks. After this, the presale will close with whatever amount is raised and tokens released to the holders. 

However, the best part is that the price of SHMU increases daily at 6 PM. By the end of the presale, the price will be $0.0244, up from the initial $0.011125. With this price dynamic, Shiba Memu generates value for investors daily.

What is the price potential of Shiba Memu?

Given the early subscription for the project, it is interesting to think about the potential of Shiba Memu. As a snapshot, meme cryptocurrencies rose from a valuation of $0 in early 2020 to $20 billion in early 2022. Investors see them as vehicles for quick gains, a task they have delivered.

Shiba Memu enters the meme space, riding on the momentum that started in 2020. In the past, meme cryptocurrencies have risen by up to 1000% in a few days after going live. Shiba Memu stares at a similar potential once it launches on exchanges. 

But Shiba Memu could go the extra mile. AI is fast growing and is hype in itself. Shiba Memu could ride on the meme and AI hype to become an overnight sensation. 

There is also the question of the future potential of which other meme cryptocurrencies have fallen short. With the capability of AI, Shiba Memu could tap into more use cases to sustain growth. This means the potential for Shiba Memu to become a 50x investment is nearly an expectation.

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

A lost opportunity to invest in a good project could haunt. As we saw with the meme tokens of the past, procrastination always brings lamentation. These tokens have returned big to its early movers.

Any ideal investment like Shiba Memu is best taken when the project is launching. This is when the price is low and demand is locked. Thus, investing in the meme token could be right now than when the token has been listed.

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Exploring the bullish case for AltSignals in 2023 as presale accelerates

  • AltSignals has built a successful trading signal service since 2017 

  • The platform will tilt towards an AI-led service that is expected to increase investors’ earnings

  • $ASI has huge potential for up to 10x returns on continued use of its platform

While investors maintain a lukewarm sentiment on crypto, newly launched projects are gaining success. AltSignals ($ASI), a successful trading signal service in the UK, has attracted investors at the presale. The presale raises funds for a new artificial intelligence trading platform. AltSignals expects the AI platform to improve the quality of trading signals and supercharge earnings. Investors can join the AI trading signal platform by purchasing $ASI, the native token.

Leveraging AI in trading – The power of AltSignals

AltSignals is a platform created in 2017 by a team of experienced UK traders. Since then, the platform has grown popular, with its quality trading signals averaging 64% accuracy rates. Over 52,000 traders use the signal service. 

In the past, AltSignals has been using the AltAlgo™ indicator to generate trading signals. Following exponential growth, AltSignals is tapping into the power of AI to generate trading signals. AI is expected to improve the quality of signals and help the team cover more financial instruments. 

In line with the new growth focus, AltSignals will create a new platform dubbed ActualizeAI. Members will own $ASI, the token to power transactions and transfer value on the platform. 

What are the benefits of owning $ASI?

Investing in $ASI means becoming a member of ActualizeAI, with full benefits of AltSignals trading signals. With a successful trading service, investors will benefit from quality signals increasing their incomes.

$ASI also holds a huge potential to increase value and return to early investors. The value of the cryptocurrency will be determined by the continued use of ActualizeAI. 

Investing in AltSignals also means accessing and belonging to a trading community. Investors learn from the AltSignals team and other traders on the platform. Regular trading contests and tournaments are ideal for traders to showcase their skills. They also learn from peers to improve their trading competencies. Investors get rewarded with $ASI for winning the contests. 

AltSignals also gives members a chance to get involved in the project. Investors can join the AI Members Club and be rewarded for giving ideas and feedback on the project. Members will also use their tokens to vote on governance issues. Other benefits of $ASI include exclusive access to presale opportunities and AI-powered products.

 Will $ASI become bullish in 2023?

$ASI will be listed on Uniswap in Q3 2023. This could be when the token will have a genuine chance of skyrocketing in value. The prediction is based on historical price trends, where tokens rise strongly after listing. 

2023 is also a year that AI is gaining prominence. As a result, $ASI could ride on the optimism to increase in value. 

However, $ASI presents an opportunity beyond 2023. Most developmental activity for the ActualizeAI platform will happen in 2024. It means sustainable gains in $ASI could be realised beyond 2023 from the use of the AI platform.

Given how fast the presale is happening, $ASI could rise by up to three-digit percentages in 2023. In 2024, $ASI could be 10x investment or higher in the future. 

Should you invest in $ASI while on presale?

One of the benefits of purchasing $ASI in presale is gaining early access to the AI trading platform. For traders, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to benefit from quality trading signals. These signals cover forex markets, crypto, stocks, and CFDs. 

Investing in $ASI on presale is also advantageous since the token’s value is still low. The value will be higher when the $ASI lists and investors will spend more to buy it. 

With the current price at $0.01875, $ASI is a bargain for value-seeking investors. Investors will also ride a bullish momentum when it occurs after listing.

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Could AltSignals become the hottest token in 2023 as experts laud artificial intelligence?

  • AltSignals has generated more than $1.23 million in a fast-occurring presale

  • TicketMeta co-founder says AI is the biggest news of the century

  • AltSignals has the potential to rise by over 1,000% in the long term

Decentralised AI is still in its infancy, although the technology has been used for years. AltSignals, a trading signal platform, has embarked on AI transformation to capitalise on this trend. The platform has been popular with traders and is tapping into AI to supercharge trading. The signal service will launch an AI platform powered by a crypto token, $ASI. Within weeks, the presale has raised $1.23 million. You can participate in the presale through the company’s website.

Experts laud AI as the biggest news of the century

Although AI has been in use, its application is growing beyond the traditional borders. Irina Jadallah, the co-founder of NFT ticketing service Ticketmeta, says AI is the biggest news of the century. She recognises the latest AI-led innovations like Alexa, Siri, and ChatGPT. Jadallah believes AI has the potential to revolutionise many fields.

The Ticketmeta co-founder’s sentiments have been echoed across. AI technology is finding applications in crypto. The metaverse and the overall Web 3.0 space have been some of the blockchain application areas.

AI applications in the trading world are also fast expanding. AltSignals wants to tap into AI and blockchain to launch a new and improved signal-generation service. 

About AltSignals and AI trading service

AltSignals is a UK trading service with about 5 years of successfully delivering quality signals. The company covers different financial instruments like forex, stocks, and crypto. The signals average 64% accuracy rates. The company has raised over $2.2 million in revenues from the signals. The service is utilised by over 52,000 traders, with more than 1400 VIP members. 

The robust demand for trading signals has fueled the AltSignals team to consider AI. The company will launch a new platform dubbed ActualizeAI. To become a member, one will need to purchase $ASI, the token powering the platform. The aim is to make AltSignals and ActualizeAI member-governed, with $ASI as the medium of voting.

What is the value proposition of $ASI?

$ASI has a huge price potential since it powers a successful trading service. Investors could earn from potential price increases. Currently, $ASI goes for $0.01875, but the value is expected to be slightly higher in the next presale stage. With the token price low, a potential increase in demand will raise the value and generate huge returns.

But $ASI is more than an asset for speculation. It means investing for trading profits and learning from the experts. Investors get access to quality trading signals generated by the AltSignals team. There are also learning opportunities where traders can engage in trading contests. Investors are rewarded with $ASI for winning trading tournaments and competitions. This could be an opportunity to improve one’s trading skills.

AltSignals also allows investors to join the AI Members Club. The members can earn $ASI by giving feedback and ideas on various projects. There are also exclusive presale opportunities for ActualizeAI members.

Will AltSignals explode in 2023?

AltSignals could be an ideal investment opportunity over the long term. Decentralised AI is getting noticed while blockchain is growing. This means $ASI can deliver consistent returns as the AI platform grows in popularity. The prediction doesn’t mean $ASI will be muted in 2023.

The token’s presale has been happening fast, implying high demand. With $ASI set to list on Uniswap in the third quarter of 2023, the value could finish the year strongly. A conservative double or triple-digit percentage price increase is likely. 

In the long term, $ASI has the potential to rise by more than 1,000% as it witnesses increased use. As such, the token is attractive now when still on presale, and demand is somehow locked. 

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Cautious optimism prevails in crypto, but Chancer presale maintains momentum

  • Crypto markets are mixed this week as the outlook remains unclear

  • Chancer’s presale has surpassed $1.08 million amid high demand for the token

  • Chancer has strong potential due to a robust betting market and blockchain application

Investors might be a little cautious in crypto this week. The market has displayed a mixed outlook, with slight gains and losses across the major cryptos. Meanwhile, investors are undeterred when it comes to newly launching crypto projects. Chancer, a new predictive markets project, continues to attract buyers. The project’s presale has surpassed $1.08 million in amounts raised.

XRP ruling jitters and key market developments this week

Jitters over last month’s ruling that Ripple’s XRP is not a security could be rattling crypto markets. The July ruling saw crypto markets, especially XRP, make strong comebacks. Investors believed that the ruling cleared the uncertainty in the crypto sector. But the recovery has now been muted, as SEC is said to consider appealing the court decision.

Meanwhile, investors are also watching the US non-farm payroll data this week for July. The report gives a synopsis of the US labour market and causes huge moves in the market. Investors are looking forward to slower payroll growth amid extreme weather conditions in the US. 

Crypto markets have, in the past, reacted to NFP data. Strong payroll data has fueled selling in crypto on expectations of economic tightening. It also has a positive impact on the dollar and a negative relationship with crypto. Thus, the event will be closely watched on August 4. 

Chancer presale maintains momentum.

As investors exercise caution on crypto this week, the buying of Chancer tokens isn’t slowing down. As of August 2, the project had raised more than $1.08 million. Since launching the presale on June 13, Chancer has been selling fast. The demand has been fueled by Chancer’s revolutionary betting model.

The project is launched with the promise of taking betting to the blockchain. Chancer will allow a peer-to-peer betting model via a decentralised ecosystem, the first in the world. 

Decentralisation is the art of Chancer’s predictive markets system. Unlike the current betting system, P2P betting allows users to create their betting markets. They are not constrained by what their bookmakers provide. As such, one can bet on virtually any event through Chancer’s P2P markets. The platform also allows users to set their betting rules and bet against whomever they want. 

The idea of a decentralised betting ecosystem has attracted interest in the project. In the future, Chancer will focus on adopting a quadratic governance model. This is where participants use their voice credits to vote on governance issues. 

Is Chancer a good investment?

Betting is growing fast, allowing Chancer to carve a market niche. But aside from the novel betting model brought by the project, Chancer could be an ideal investment token.

First, the potential for the Chancer token to increase in value is high. The prediction emanates from a strong and growing betting market and the application of blockchain. Allowing investors to create Chancer markets and bet on multiple events will increase the token’s use case. This will allow it to increase in value and generate returns to investors.

Secondly, Chancer has an investment model beyond betting. Users get rewarded for creating Chancer P2P markets. Token holders can also participate in building the Chancer platform by staking the tokens. Other income-generating ways are sharing the platform and earning through a Share2Earn feature.

How much can the Chancer token increase?

Like any other newly launched token with a robust use case, Chancer can rise by up to 10x. The gains can be realised within months after the token debuts on exchanges. 

The projection depends on how much the project will unlock value. With the mainnet launching in Q1 2024, the project could start attracting users soon. However, the value of Chancer could start to be unlocked in Q3 2023. This is when the token will be listed on centralised exchanges, starting with Uniswap.

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Shiba Inu gains while investors grab 50M Shiba Memu tokens on meme craze

  • Shina Inu has risen by over 6% amid positive Shibarium news.

  • Shiba Memu benefits from the meme craze as it raises $1.5 million.

  • Shiba Memu has huge potential from its AI application.

Meme cryptocurrencies continue to attract interest despite crypto markets remaining mixed. A few weeks after launching a presale, investors bought over 50,000,000 tokens of Shiba Memu (SHMU). The AI and blockchain-led project has generated nearly $1.5 million. Is this an indication of the growing popularity of meme cryptocurrencies?

Shiba Inu is the top gainer among the top 20 cryptos

Perhaps underlining the interest in meme cryptocurrencies is Shiba Inu. Unlike Shiba Memu, Shiba Inu has been in the meme space for a while. The cryptocurrency has attracted praise and criticism in equal measure. For critics, Shiba Inu carries little or no value. 

The delayed launch of Shibarium has been a particular source of criticism. Shibarium is expected to give Shiba Inu more utility. This includes powering the project’s metaverse dream. For enthusiasts, Shiba Inu can take on established blockchains and cryptocurrencies. 

As such, Shiba Inu has witnessed wild price swings on changing investor sentiment. However, Shiba Inu is the top-gaining cryptocurrency this week among the top 20 peers. In the past week, the cryptocurrency has added over 6%. The gains are about half its closest top gainer, BNB, with 3.30%.

The gains in Shiba Inu came when the Shibarium Beta Bridge went live for public testing. Enthusiasts have reacted to the developments, which suggest Shibarium is well on course. But meanwhile, Shiba gains underline that investors are still banking on tokens that drive overnight hype. The fast-selling Shiba Memu presale partly underlines this sentiment. 

Why is the Shiba Memu presale in high demand?

 Like any other meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu is benefiting from investor demand. These tokens rise at the slightest of news, returning big to its early movers. But Shiba Memu is crafting a niche that investors are banking on.

Shiba Memu is a self-marketing cryptocurrency. It leverages artificial intelligence to market itself and generate hype. By leveraging AI, Shiba Memu aims to become self-sufficient. This creates a unique investment opportunity as it can deliver consistent results. 

Shiba Memu enters the meme space when the application of AI is rising. There is no limit on what AI can do, meaning that Shiba Memu can become more intelligent and powerful. The project also learns every time, and being robotic-led, it can do more than humans. This gives the token a huge potential to explode as AI and blockchain become more pronounced.

What is the investment potential of Shiba Memu?

Meme cryptocurrencies are always an exciting asset class. They always surprise the market, pulling double and triple-digit returns in hours or a few days. In fact, meme tokens have grown so popular that their market cap crossed $20 billion in 2022. The market value was $0 in early 2020.

With the market growth, a huge potential lies in meme tokens like Shiba Memu. That also reflects a changing investment landscape where meme stocks and tokens are growing popular. Shiba Memu could ride the meme frenzy to become a strong and valuable cryptocurrency.

Apart from the market size and dynamics, Shiba Memu is the only meme cryptocurrency that is AI-led. Users can use the project’s AI dashboard to monitor hot and trending topics in creative advertising. This could also be a chance for users to engage the AI itself. They can ask questions, provide feedback, and give suggestions. The engagement could make Shiba Memu user-centric and drive value for the native token.

Shiba Memu price dynamics are unique

The desire to own Shiba Memu at presale is high as this will only be an 8-week affair. Within this period, the price of SHMU will have doubled from $0.011125 to $0.0244. This is because the price of SHMU increases every day at 6 pm GMT. It means investors that buy now are better off than 24 hours later. That potentially explains the fast happening presale.

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Chancer on a lightning presale, but how huge will P2P betting be?

  • Chancer revolutionises betting by making it possible to predict multiple events.

  • Chancer launched a presale on June 13, which has been happening fast.

  • The token is a 50x investment in the future as blockchain-based betting gains prominence.

A few weeks since Chancer launched a presale, investors have accumulated more than $1 million of the tokens. Very few presales raise these amounts that quickly, underlying a strong interest in the token of the peer-to-peer betting platform. As the world’s first decentralised betting ecosystem, investors believe Chancer could be revolutionary. That stems from the growing interest in betting, which Chancer aims to take to the blockchain. 

About Chancer and its P2P betting model

Chancer is a new blockchain-based betting platform. The platform will be powered by a $CHANCER token. The token will be the platform’s medium of exchanging value and claiming winnings on successful bets and other rewards. There are a total of 1.5 billion Chancer tokens in supply, but only 65% are available for presale.

Chancer aims to become the go-to destination for decentralised social and predictive markets. Betting on Chancer occurs through a P2P model, where users set their rules and odds.

Picture this: You expect candidate X to win an election. Your peers may hold a contrary opinion. So, you place a bet against them for this probabilistic outcome. Under normal circumstances, you won’t be able to bet on such a political event. Chancer allows betting via these less popular events.

Through Chancer, investors can bet on many events. They simply create a P2P Chancer market for the particular event or incidence and bet on it. In other words, Chancer increases investors’ choice and flexibility in betting. This makes the platform a remarkable way to decentralise betting and enable investors to be in charge. 

The exciting bit is that users are rewarded for creating the P2P markets. The use case makes Chancer more than a betting platform. Users can also generate passive income by sharing the platform and staking the native token.

How big is the P2P betting opportunity?

Since P2P betting is new, estimating the market size is down to estimations. However, it is easy to predict based on the market size and trends in traditional betting. 

Market reports point out that online sports betting was valued at $70.23 billion in 2021. This level is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% by 2030. Growth in technology and the proliferation of the digital arena are linked with these strong trends. 

The projected growth in betting is positive for Chancer. Traditionally, sports betting dominated, but Cancer wants to bring new ways to bet. Coupled with the ever-growing popularity of blockchain, Chancer will craft a niche from traditional betting. It will also build a new niche that could increase the betting market size further through the P2P model. 

Given the above, Chancer’s betting market size is huge, conferring significant opportunities to investors. A strong demand for the platform is positive for the token and its ability to return huge. 

Chancer prediction in 2023, 2024, and the future

The Chancer token’s long-term value will be derived from the platform’s continued use and demand. As such, quantifying the future value would be highly speculative. Most cryptocurrencies have risen by thousands of percentages after finding and earning the market trust. Thus, a potential 50x increase or more in the future is probable if Chancer lives to its promise. 

However, in the short term, $CHANCER could start to find higher values when it lists on Uniswap in Q3 2023. This is when the token will unlock more demand and rise, potentially by double or triple-digit percentages.

In 2024, $CHANCER could rise by over 1,000%. The basis for the prediction is that the main platform will allow $CHANCER to be deployed for real-world use cases. That could unlock organic demand that will sustain the token’s value and push it to higher levels.

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The unending Dogecoin story and why Shiba Memu is a solid meme competitor

  • Shiba Memu is a self-marketing crypto project powered by AI

  • The entry in Shiba Memu happens Dogecoin is speculated for use in Twitter payments

  • The potential for Shiba Memu is huge due to the twin capabilities brought by AI and blockchain

Will Dogecoin (DOGE) finally be used as a form of payment on Twitter? Well, the speculations are back again, but before we get to it, Shiba Memu (SHMU) could be the ultimate meme you would like to explore. Combining AI and blockchain, Shiba Memu could be a time-ticking meme token waiting to explode and swallow its predecessors. The token is on presale and selling fast.

Speculations of Dogecoin use in Twitter payments are back!

This is an old story that redeems itself every day. Twitter owner Elon Musk has vehemently toyed with the idea of Dogecoin as the payment medium on Twitter. While sceptics might want to give up on Musk’s theatrics, the billionaire investor isn’t giving up any time soon.

Recently, Musk updated his Twitter bio with the Dogecoin (Ɖ) symbol, raising speculations over the longstanding question. The move was consequential as DOGE rose by double-digits. The meme token has now eclipsed Cardano by market cap. 

The gains in DOGE are not new. Meme cryptocurrencies have risen by more than four-digit percentages at the slightest of positive speculation. They have, in turn, generated enormous and quick bucks for investors able to capitalise on positive developments. Shiba Memu is positioned to ride the AI frenzy and become among the most sought meme cryptocurrencies.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme crypto project that markets itself. The project will use AI-based software to write its own PR and self-promote on social networks. Shiba Memu can also learn from successful marketing strategies to improve its creative advertising.

Being AI-powered also means that Shiba Memu can work 24/7. It can crawl the web all day and night and find the best ideas in creative advertising. The Shiba Memu team believes this capability will enable it to perform the work of 100 marketing agencies combined. 

As such, Shiba Memu is made to be self-sustainable. It can deliver a unique investment opportunity beyond a meme label. In the future, the aim is to make Shiba Memu more intelligent and powerful.

What is the market potential of Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu carries a lot of potential owing to the popularity of the meme token market. The total value of the meme market was $20 billion in early 2022, up from $0 in early 2020. 

But Shiba Memu isn’t your usual meme cryptocurrency. The token enters the scene when AI is the hottest thing in fintech. Times have shown what AI can do, and Shiba Memu capitalises on this trend. 

With the meme sector still recovering from a prolonged crypto winter, Shiba Memu could be a game-changer. It allows investors to bet on a token with huge price potential and benefit from the first-mover advantages.

 Is Shiba Memu a 10x investment?

Meme cryptocurrencies are an exciting asset class. The price movements can be wild, which positions Shiba Memu for potential sky-high prices. A price increase of 1,000% is just an underestimation, as we have seen meme tokens rise by bigger percentages. 

With the enthusiasm that Shiba Memu is generating, investors should consider it a more than 10x investment. A price jump could be unstoppable once a FOMO around the cryptocurrency kicks in. 

Shiba Memu’s unique presale

The Shiba Memu presale is unique and is happening fast. It will be an eight-week presale and will end with as much amount that is raised. 

The second thing is that the price of SHMU increases daily at 6 PM GMT. That means you spend less buying now than 24 hours later. By the time the presale ends, the token’s value will have doubled to $0.0244 from the initial price of $0.011125.

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Worldcoin to reportedly go live on Monday as AI gold rush fuels interest in AltSignals

  • AI-led token by Altman, Worldcoin, is said to go live on Monday

  • Worldcoin’s launch comes when AI interest is growing with AltSignals, a recent entrant

  • AltSignals value is expected to skyrocket when the token lists amid high demand

AI is becoming the application technology in finance and beyond. As such, AI-related projects are becoming sensations, with WorldCoin and AltSignals as two of those projects. Take the case of AltSignals, for example, which is launching an AI trading signal service. Since a presale of AltSignals started, investors have heavily bought the token, with the first phase completed. In the second stage, investors bought more than 53% of the tokens.

Worldcoin to launch on Monday – Reports

The controversial biometrics and AI token by ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman will reportedly go live on July 24. The token has generated a lot of interest as OpenAI has become popular since the launch of ChatGPT. 

Worldcoin seeks to build the world’s largest identity using AI. The project uses a device dubbed “The Orb” to scan an individual’s iris. So, each person can have a single identifiable Worldcoin ID. 

Nonetheless, Worldcoin has attracted criticism concerning how it handles biometric data. Still, investors are undisturbed, with the coin attracting thousands of daily signups since launch. The reported Monday launch of the cryptocurrency could be a litmus test of how much potential the coin has.

Meanwhile, investors are excited that AltSignals, a prosperous trading signal service, is going the AI route. The AI trading signal platform will be dubbed ActualizeAI and powered by a crypto token, $ASI.

Since its founding in 2017, AltSignals has benefited investors through its quality signals. The accuracy rates of the signals have averaged 64%. Launching an AI platform could be a game-changer in adding more value to existing and new traders.

AltSignals could be a potential high-earning project

AltSignals has grown popular for trading signals in forex, stock, and crypto markets. This has seen its membership grow to over 52,000 on Telegram. The platform has a strong rating of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot. 

The fact that AltSignals has been a successful project means its new focus on AI could pay big for investors. AI is used in the trading world for quality signal generation using the power of machine learning. AI also helps overcome human emotions, one of the greatest contributors to failures in trading systems.

As AI grows and AltSignals expands the range of financial assets covered in trading, that could unlock $ASI value.

Is $ASI a good investment?

$ASI could be a good investment from the perspective of speculating on a token of a highly demanded service. Investors will also enjoy quality trading signals to increase their incomes.

But besides the above, $ASI carries value from various benefits that members of ActualizeAI will enjoy. Investors will enjoy exclusive future presale opportunities and can earn tokens by contributing ideas on the platform. 

Investors can also earn $ASI by participating and winning in trading competitions. This is a good way to increase trading skills and competencies by learning from the AltSignals team and peers.

AltSignals also envisions a situation where the investors are in charge. Members of ActualizeAI can vote on governance issues and determine the direction of the platform. Investors will use their $ASI holdings to vote on key decisions.

What it means to invest in AltSignals in presale

The value of $ASI is rising at each stage of the presale. The token was valued at $0.015 in the first stage but now goes for $0.01875. However, the actual value of the token will be unlocked when the token lists on Uniswap in Q3, 2023.

Investing in AltSignals while on presale means buying the token at the best possible low price. The token is lower priced at the initial stages of the presale than in later phases.

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Countdown to the 2nd phase of the Chancer presale amid strong demand for token

  • Chancer presale has seen strong demand as investors bet on blockchain-based betting.

  • Less than 10% of Chancer tokens remain before the first stage presale concludes.

  • The value of Chancer could rise strongly after listing on Uniswap in Q3 2023 and after the mainnet launch in early 2024.

Chancer, a blockchain-based predictive markets application, opened the presale on June 13th, 2023. Five weeks later, investors bought almost $905,000 in tokens in the first phase. The amount suggests that Chancer is imminently sold out at the current price of $0.01 since the first stage targets $1 million. Investors seeking to buy the token can do so via the company’s website before the price rises in the second stage.

Why is Chancer in high demand?

Raising funds quickly through a presale suggests investors see value in Chancer. So, what does the token offer?

$CHANCER is the native token that will power a blockchain-enabled platform Chancer. It is the world’s first blockchain betting platform that allows users to bet against each other through a peer-to-peer (P2P) model. 

The opportunity lies in tapping into the fast-growing online gambling and bringing it to blockchain. According to market reports, online gambling will grow by 11.6% CAGR in this decade to hit $172 billion by 2030. Investors are betting on Chancer to revolutionise betting, given the growing application of blockchain in several other sectors. 

What is the value proposition of Chancer and its P2P model?

Chancer carries a value proposition in that it lets users bet on numerous events, outcomes, and situations. This happens as users create their own Chancer P2P markets and determine what to predict in those markets. They can then invite friends or join Chancer markets created by others. 

The exciting bit of P2P betting is that it allows flexibility. Users can bet on their preferred events, replacing the existing model where the bookmaker creates betting markets. Users can also determine the rules and odds for each bet via Chancer. 

Besides rewards on successful bets, Chancer lets users earn from market-making activities or creating P2P markets. That makes Chancer more than just a betting platform. The Chancer token can also be staked, allowing investors to earn passive incomes and improve their bottom lines. 

Chancer roadmap and predictions in 2023, 2024

Chancer is in the presale phase, but the demand for the project is already high. While the value of Chancer is increasing at each presale phase, the potential value of the token will be unlocked in the third and fourth quarters of 2023. This is when the token will be listed on exchanges. The token’s roadmap points to the first listing on Uniswap in the third quarter. The team eyes at least two CEX listings in Q3. 

In the fourth quarter, product development will begin. It will start with the testnet, aiming to pave the way for the full mainnet launch in the first quarter of 2024. 

The launch of the mainnet will be influential for Chancer as it actualizes the dream of bringing forth P2P betting. While our prediction is that the value of the Chancer token could start to rise in the third quarter of 2023, 2024 will be the most influential. This is when sustainable gains could be realised, allowing Chancer to go mainstream and become more acceptable. 

With the above roadmap, the value of Chancer could rise initially by double or triple-digit percentages in 2023. In 2024, the value could skyrocket by more than 10x heading into the future, where Chancer’s future acceptance will allow more gains. 

Should you buy Chancer this week?

Only 10% of Chancer tokens remain before the first stage of the presale concludes. After that, the price will increase by 10% in the second phase. 

With the demand for the token showing little signs of slowing down, chances are that the first phase will conclude in a few days. Thus, it could be the right time to grab the remaining tokens before the price increases to $0.011.

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Shiba Memu rides meme coin and AI mania as project raises $994k

  • Shiba Memu has raised $994,000 in a fortnight of presale

  • The presale has generated a frenzy as investors bet big on the AI-led meme token

  • The price of SHMU rises at each presale, with the value expected to explode once listed

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is seemingly eyeing the position of one of the best meme cryptocurrencies of 2023. At a time leading meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are reeling from the effects of a prolonged crypto winter, Shiba Memu is attracting huge investor interest. Just two weeks since launching the presale, investors have accumulated almost $994,000 worth of the AI meme cryptocurrency.

About Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme coin that leverages the technology to market itself and generate hype. The meme can create its own PR and promote itself on social networks and forums. The AI-based software also allows Shiba Memu to learn from successful marketing campaigns to create more intelligent and powerful advertising. 

The idea behind using AI is to make Shiba Memu self-sufficient and be a viable investment. Unlike the previous meme projects, where huge budgets are spent on marketing, Shiba Memu leverages AI technology to achieve the objective. 

AI also allows Shiba Memu to work 24/7, with the team anticipating the capability will position it to be the best in creative advertising. Given its self-sufficiency, SHMU can generate huge returns over time. 

What utility does Shiba Memu carry?

Shiba Memu boasts itself as a showoff, capable of doing the work of 100 marketing agencies. Well, that is surely a showoff, but we all know what AI is capable of. With human-like tech capabilities, it means Shiba Memu can do more than what a normal person can. Thus, it is a low-maintenance meme coin that can grow quickly with a low budget.

But again, imagine a meme project that interacts directly with the users. As times have shown, investors are looking for more engagement, which has seen an increased rise in decentralised autonomous organisations. 

Shiba Memu features a robotic dashboard. Users can use it to give feedback, ask questions, provide suggestions, and interact with the AI. Indeed, this could be an ideal opportunity for meme lovers to build meaningful relationships with the loved dog-based meme. You can learn from it, including getting to know what’s up in the world of creative advertising.

If you are an investor seeking passive income, there are some exciting details. Shiba Memu tokens will be available for staking in a staking pool or smart contract. There is also an opportunity to provide liquidity via the Shiba Memu pool. You simply do it through a decentralised exchange and earn fees for transactions made on the DEX and a portion generated as trading fees by the pool.

How much can Shiba Memu rise?

This could be quite a subjective question to answer. But from past experience, Meme cryptocurrencies could be the best to invest for quick gains. These are cryptocurrencies driven by hype and retail mania, with prices rising by thousands of percentages. 

Fortunately, Shiba Memu has won the hearts of meme lovers, given the quick presale. Combined with the growing enthusiasm around AI, Shiba Memu could be an ultimate gainer by the time the token is listed on exchanges.

Should you buy Shiba Memu now?

Suppose you have ever missed a promising cryptocurrency that went on to return big to investors. In that case, you probably know what it means to miss an exciting opportunity like Shiba Memu. The meme cryptocurrency is already generating a frenzy, suggesting the potential to explode is huge.

Shiba Memu is also on the move, and procrastinators always pay a higher price tomorrow than today. What does this mean? The price of Shiba Memu rises daily at 6 pm GMT during the presale. This presale is set to occur in 8 stages. After that, the presale will end with whatever amount is raised. Investing now makes sense when the price is low, with a potential for considerable gains in the meme cryptocurrency.

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AltSignals AI angle attracts investors to native token amid huge price prediction

  • AltSignals is in its second presale phase with huge demand for the tokens.

  • AI has grown popular, with AltSignals expecting it to increase the quality of trading signals.

  • $ASI price could start to rise in the third quarter as the token will begin to list.

There has been a new reawakening in artificial intelligence since ChatGPT was created, and big tech companies started making multi-billion-dollar investments in the sector. One company that has realised this trend is AltSignals, a trading signal service platform founded in 2017. Since launching the presale of the $ASI token, powering the AltSignals AI platform, investors have been accumulating. The first presale phase sold out quickly, and more than half of the tokens are bought in the second phase.

The power of AI trading and AltSignals iteration

Trading is becoming automated daily, and AI is becoming integral to that. The trading industry has used automation for enhanced market analysis and predictions. Since starting in 2017, AltSignals has benefited from automation, using the AltAlgo™ indicator to generate quality trading signals. That has made it an on-demand platform, attracting over 52,000 members on Telegram and more than 1,400 VIPs.

AltSignals want to take the game of automation to the next level. Owing to the increasing popularity of AI, the company seeks to incorporate AI to tap into the power of deep machine learning, forecasting, and sentimental analysis. The company expects AI to increase the quality of signals generated. 

AltSignals also expects AI to revolutionise trading experiences. With AI, traders can make entries with clearer confluences and better risk management. With an already winning strategy that generates signals with average success rates of over 64%, AltSignals expects AI to be a game-changer for its trading community.

What buying $ASI means

Investors buying $ASI will have access to the AltSignals AI platform dubbed ActualizeAI. The platform confers investors full benefits of trading signals and interacting with other traders. $ASI also decentralises AltSignals governance. Members can vote on issues and determine the directions taken by the AltSignals team.

But AltSignals also want investors to grow with the platform. As such, there will be trading competitions and tournaments. Users participating in the contests will have an additional chance to win $ASI. This could be ideal for investors looking to advance their skills in trading by learning from others and applying their competencies. 

Members of ActualizeAI have exclusive access to presale opportunities and future AI-powered products. The AI Members Club also lets users earn $ASI by giving their ideas and feedback on AlSignals products. 

Is AltSignals a good investment, and what is its price potential in 2023?

Altsignals powers a demanded service. The platform has a following and is only advancing to the next level. Investing in $ASI means taking a position in an already successful platform. It could be a good investment for investors looking to improve their trading or benefit from quality trading signals to increase their incomes. 

$ASI also carries huge potential given the already successful project and growing application of AI. As the presale has shown, the demand for the token is already high. The token could explode in value and generate returns for investors.

The price of $ASI could start to rise in the third quarter of 2023 when the token will list on Uniswap. However, the real price potential could be realised when the AI platform launches in early 2024 and more investors join. 

In a conservative prediction, double or triple-digit price increases should be the minimum by the end of 2023. In 2024, the price could rise by over 1,000%, following similar trends set by newly launched projects and tokens.

Should you buy $ASI this week?

$ASI is valued at $0.01875 this week and is in its second presale phase. The price began at $0.015 in the first phase and will rise at each stage. Buying now could be ideal for investors looking to spend less and get more before the price increases.

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Ripple’s win against SEC a boost to Chancer as presale accelerates

  • US court ruled in favour of Ripple in the case initiated by SEC

  • The ruling is positive for crypto, with newcomers like Chancer benefiting

  • Chancer could rise by double or triple-digit percentages in 2023

Crypto is not a security. This was the message the US judge Analisa Torres passed in making a positive ruling on Ripple’s XRP classification against the Securities and Exchange Commission. The classification was welcome in crypto quarters as XRP pumped by double digits. The ruling is positive for existing and upcoming digital assets as it clears legal uncertainty. Chancer could ride on this optimism to become a valuable asset, with the presale quickly selling out in just a month.

SEC loss is a win for crypto

The SEC’s case against Ripple has been a long-standing issue since December 2020. It would have set a precedent for the classification of digital assets, impacting their attractiveness to investors. SEC believed Ripple violated security laws through the issuance of XRP. The court’s verdict now clears the legal hurdle and represents a win for crypto as it limits SEC’s action against other digital asset entities and issuers.

The landmark win is positive for Chancer. Chancer is a blockchain-based predictive markets application that launched a presale on June 13th, 2023. A month later, Chancer raised more than $768,526 from investors in the presale. 

Investors would be excited that the court’s ruling creates a transparent market where future entanglements of crypto and the regulator are minimised. Chancer could benefit from the outcome. The enthusiasm that the presale has generated means the positive sentiment created by the ruling could boost demand. 

What does Chancer do differently?

Chancer taps into the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) relations to build a blockchain platform for betting. P2P has become popular with crypto and blockchain, as it allows users to exchange value in a decentralised manner across geographies. 

In its P2P betting model, Chancer allows users to connect with others and bet on their preferred events. Different from the existing betting methods where the bookmakers determine events, odds, and rules, Chancer lets users decide for themselves. Users create P2P markets, determine rules, fix odds, and invite other participants to bet on a decentralised platform. The bets are facilitated by the $CHANCER token, the medium of exchanging value.

But it is not just the betting element, as Chancer is designed to be a medium of investment. Users earn from creating Chancer markets, besides making successful bets on them. For investors who love passive income, there is the option to stake the native token and earn yields. Users also earn for sharing the platform with others. 

Is Chancer a 10x investment in 2023?

Cryptocurrencies are new asset classes and power innovative use cases. As we have seen in the past, cryptocurrencies can rise by more than 1,000% in a few months after launch. Chancer could be a 10x investment as it powers a user case that has not been exploited in blockchain and crypto. This also reflects the growing popularity of betting. 

Nonetheless, a 10x prediction for CHANCER in 2023 could be too early. Chancer is still on presale, and its first listing will occur in the third quarter on Uniswap. It takes a few months for valuable tokens to surge in value 10 times, which this analysis doubts could happen in 2023. Potentially a price increase of 1,000% is likely in 2024. A double or triple-digit percentage price gain is the most realistic scenario for 2023. 

Should you buy CHANCER now?

Chancer is in its first presale stage, priced at $0.01. Once the first stage concludes, the price will rise to $0.011 in the second phase. It means buying now is attractive as the price is still low.

CHANCER is also headed for listing in the third quarter. Any explosive price move would occur after listing. Buying now allows investors to ride the price momentum when the token debuts on exchanges.

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Shiba Memu (SHMU) bursts into the meme scene with an unstoppable demand

  • Shiba Memu is a new meme cryptocurrency that taps into the power of AI and blockchain.

  • Through AI, Shiba Memu will be a self-sustaining marketing powerhouse, delivering value to investors.

  • The price of the meme token increases every day, and its presale concludes in 8 weeks.

Who thought meme cryptocurrencies would have so much following and attraction in this day and era? Just in early 2020, the market cap of the total meme token market was $0. In early 2022, the market was valued at over $20 billion, showing how much potential meme tokens have. Early entrants like Doge and Shiba Inu and latecomers like Pepe Coin have always elicited enthusiasm. But now, we are talking of a new meme coin that combines AI and blockchain technology, Shiba Memu(SHMU). Since launching its presale, Shiba Memu has hit unprecedented demand, with more than 26,755,000 tokens sold.

What is Shiba Memu (SHMU)?

Shiba Memu is not your usual meme cryptocurrency. It is a revolutionary coin that taps into the power of AI and blockchain to create a self-sustaining marketing powerhouse.

As you already know, AI has been a buzzword since ChatGPT came into being in November 2022. Who doesn’t know what ChatGPT can do today, including letting you do serious stuff like writing code or drafting an assignment?

Shiba Memu is a meme cryptocurrency that embodies the unique attributes of AI to learn and promote itself across social networks and other forums. With the help of AI-based software, Shiba Memu can write its own PR and promote successful marketing strategies. 

Shiba Memu is also learning 24/7, all on its own, to become a better version of itself. As the power of AI grows, Shiba Memu will become more intelligent and powerful, achieving more than what hundreds or thousands of marketing agencies combined can do. 

Does investing in Shiba Memu make sense?

Up to now, meme tokens have shown great potential, eliciting reactions even more than mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The potential reason is that investors are looking for fun and creative ways to engage in crypto, which is only possible through meme tokens. 

But investing in Shiba Memu is more than that. It carries a value proposition owing to its AI capabilities. It doesn’t need those annoying Twitter or Reddit spats to gain traction. The token will pick battles on its own and generate hype using AI. This is its essence of being a meme token and remaining independent. That means the token can potentially explode in value and generate significant returns to investors. 

Aside from that, who wants to miss out on the AI train? Tech wars are moving to AI, just like the internet disrupted everything and made adoption the only survival tactic. Put simply, Shiba Memu’s AI angle manifests a trend that is catching up with us. The inevitable shift into AI makes Shiba Memu a worthwhile investment in the future.

Shiba price increases every day

Shiba Memu is always on the move, right from the presale. The price of the token rises each day at 6 pm GMT, which is quite positive for its incremental value addition. Throughout the presale, the price will have doubled from a starting value of $0.011125 to $0.0244. 

Shiba Memu’s presale will last for 8-weeks and conclude with whatever amount investors will have put in. Token distribution will start when the presale ends. Since the project runs on ERC20 and BSC networks, investors can buy it with Ethereum, USDT, BNB, and BUSD.

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

Time is of the essence in investment, and finding projects that can deliver exceptional returns feels like a gift. History has taught that meme cryptocurrencies are most ideal when the hype is building up rather than when FOMO has dried up. 

If meme crypto is your preferred investment, this could be the right time to pick Shiba Memu before the presale ends. The potential for the token is huge, and the application area through AI is limitless.

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AltSignals’s stage 2 presale quickly closes the 50% mark amid the rush for AI-trading

  • Phase 2 of AltSignals presale is 50% sold out

  • The token’s demand has been fueled by a proprietary trading service and AI craze

  • $ASI could rise to $0.1 in 2024 as more investors join ActualizeAI

Days after a successful presale in phase 1, investors are back on AltSignals ($ASI) in the second stage. Phase 2 of the presale has raised more than $1.15 million, representing approximately 51.12% of the tokens. The quick presale underlines strong investor interest in the token of the trading signal service, despite the price rising slightly to $0.01875 in the second phase.

AltSignals AI angle exciting for investors

AI has nearly been a buzzword in 2023, with analysts predicting it to be a game-changer for numerous industries. The launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 started the craze as enthusiasm also gripped crypto and stock markets. 

In trading, AI has been touted as a game-changer as it aids in machine learning, predicting modelling, and sentimental analysis to generate quality trading signals. AltSignals is tapping into the power of AI to supercharge trading results. The trading signal service has previously used a highly successful algorithm to generate signals for its over 52,000 traders.

Dubbed AltAlgo™, the algorithm has produced over 3,782 trading signals, with accuracy rates averaging 64%. Owing to the increase in AI application, AltSignals want to take the game higher and make its platform a go-to place for new and seasoned traders in stock, forex, crypto, and CFD markets.

What is AltSignals’s AI trading service’s value proposition?

AltSignals AI trading service will be dubbed ActualizeAI. The team looks at ActualizeAI as the ideal iteration to expand the scope of the trading instruments covered and increase the accuracy of the signals. Investors will become ActualizeAI members by buying $ASI, the token that will power the trading community and become the medium of exchanging value. 

One of the benefits of owning $ASI is access to quality trading signals by the AltSignals team. With the early success of AltSignals since its founding in 2017, there has been a lot of enthusiasm that the AI service will grow investors’ earnings. Investors also benefit from the appreciation in the value of $ASI as the AI trading service continues to garner popularity.

ActualizeAI members acquire trading-related skills by participating in tournaments and competitions on the platform. They also get to accumulate $ASI for winning competitions against other traders. 

Other utilities that $ASI carries include participation in community governance which gives holders the decision-making power in the affairs of the platform. There are also exclusive presale opportunities and access to AI-powered products for ActualizeAI members.

Will $ASI reach $0.1 in 2023?

$ASI is a token with a lot of potential, given that $AltSignals has been in existence and has organically built a trusted trading community. Coupled with the growing popularity of AI, the potential for the token to rise by up to $0.1 is strong.

A prediction of $0.1 in 2023, however, looks too soon since it means the price must rise by 1,000%. As the token starts listing in the third quarter, investors should expect substantial price increases, with a prediction of three-digit percentage rises more likely.

Predictably, a 1,000% is likely in 2024. This is when all the developmental activity of ActualizeAI will have occurred, opening the doors to more investors.

Should you buy $ASI this week?

$ASI is in its second presale phase, and the price is rising at each stage. With less than 50% left to end phase 2 of the presale and the price to rise, it could be the right time to buy the token. 

Also, $ASI is geared toward listing on Uniswap in the third quarter. Listing on an exchange means the token will be opened up to more investors, giving it a chance to skyrocket in price. This means that buying now presents a better opportunity for investors as the token’s value is still low.

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Chancer presale accelerates as Binance CEO CZ makes a huge prediction on crypto

  • Chancer seeks to introduce a P2P betting model.

  • Chancer’s presale has accelerated, with over half of the tokens sold in the first stage.

  • The token could hit three-digit or four-digit percentage price increases in 2023.

When will cryptocurrencies resume a bullish trend after a down-beaten 2022 and 2023? Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) thinks 2025 could be the likely year. And while investors may feel this might be a little bit far after expecting the bull market later in 2023 and 2024, the interest in crypto keeps growing. Investors are banking on newly launched tokens that can defy the bear market. Chancer, a blockchain-based predictive markets application, has been attracting investors. Investors have bought at least $615,560 worth of tokens in less than a month since the presale launched.

CZ predicts a bull market in 2025

In a recent AMA Twitter session, CZ told his followers that 2025 could be the probable year for a sustained Bitcoin bull market. According to CZ, the Bitcoin halving event in 2024 will likely catalyse the bullishness. 

The Binance CEO pointed out that historical bull price movements in Bitcoin have followed the halving cycles. If history is to repeat itself, Bitcoin is set for a bullish surge in 2025, with the cryptocurrency’s price seen as a barometer for the rest of the sector. Notable halving events propelling Bitcoin’s price were in 2012 and 2016, and CZ projects a repeat after the halving event in 2024. 

CZ’s insights underline growing sentiments that Bitcoin is set for a bullish market after the price recently attempted to break above the $30,000 barrier. Investors have been hopeful of a likely bull run over the next couple of months. 

Nonetheless, macroeconomic concerns are yet to clear, meaning that a potential bull market could occur in or over a year. With this, investors could be looking for opportunities in newly launched projects to capture initial momentums before the bullish market. Chancer could be benefiting from this sentiment, given the fast-selling presale.

What is Chancer, and how does it work?

Chancer is a blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform. As the name suggests, the platform lets users bet with friends, colleagues, and other participants via custom markets. Chancer works quite simply.

Users create P2P markets to predict the outcome of key events, processes, episodes, and many more. Unlike traditional betting, whose betting markets and odds are fixed by the bookmakers, Chancer allows users to determine what they want to bet on. 

Users also place odds and rules which guide the betting and claiming of winnings. All these are enabled via a secure decentralised platform powered by Binance Smart Chain.

CHANCER will be the token to run the Chancer project. Users earn CHANCER by winning on successful predictions, creating Chancer markets, or sharing the platform with others. The token will also be available for staking, allowing investors to earn passive income by committing their holdings to the growth of the platform.

CHANCER prediction in 2023

Chancer is only starting, and a huge prediction for 2023 could be overambitious. However, the project is attracting global interest, which could propel it to higher value. 

With the price of CHANCER at 0.01 BUSD in the first stage of the presale, the value could rise by triple digits before the end of 2023. The prediction is based on the fact that CHANCER will start listing in the third quarter of 2023, starting on Uniswap, giving it a chance to rise in value. 

Although tokens have risen by 10x after listing, which would also be realistic for CHANCER, such increases could be limited for 2023. That’s because product development is still ongoing, with huge value increases possible in 2024.

Is it the right time to buy CHANCER?

There is no right time to buy Chancer. Nonetheless, investors are better off buying now when the price is low for a higher return-to-risk ratio. The token’s price will rise in the next presales, meaning buying now could be the right idea for investors.

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Chancer to usher a new era of betting as Mastercard eyes a multi-token network

  • Chancer raises $421.4k in two weeks

  • The token’s P2P model in betting is attracting investors

  • Chancer’s value to increase in the subsequent presale phases and upon listing

Blockchain is revolutionising traditional sectors in good ways, with the latest being betting. Chancer has been the key project in this shift, focusing on new ways investors can participate in betting and earn. The primary innovative feature of Chancer is its peer-to-peer betting that allows investors to predict in markets created by themselves. Investors have shown enthusiasm for the project, buying more than $421.4k worth of Chancer tokens in the first phase of a presale that opened two weeks ago. The successful presale underlines the growing uptake of crypto, with Mastercard considering a multi-token network (MTN).

Mastercard to make digital transactions secure and interoperable with MTN.

Payments giant Mastercard wants to enhance digital transactions’ security, interoperability, and scalability with a Multi-Token Network (MTN) product. The company says MTN will enable efficient and cost-effective payments by using digital assets.

MTN is also expected to enhance identity management and permissions through blockchain networks, thus building trusted business interactions. Using digital identities will also help counter fraud common in card-related transactions.

The new product by Mastercard underlines that big players are getting into the sector, building needed trust. For a global payment network like Mastercard, it means the project will increase digital asset visibility and allow new ones to succeed. 

Peer-to-peer betting by Chancer. What is it?

As the name suggests, peer-to-peer (P2P) is a betting model permitting user relations with each other. Chancer is pioneering a P2P betting where users can build their betting markets via a secure decentralised system. Users can determine what instruments, events, or situations they want to bet on and invite others (peers) into that betting market. 

Chancer has the edge over the traditional betting markets in that investors are not restricted to the odds and rules common in betting platforms. They play by their rules and odds betting through Chancer. 

With the ability to create a betting market from almost anything, Chancer brings fun to betting and allows flexibility to investors. It also expands the earning opportunities for investors as they can create limitless betting markets via the P2P model.

What is the value proposition of Chancer?

Chancer carries value in letting investors create betting markets and earn rewards on successful outcomes against peers. Investors can bet on events from football to politics and elections. But of course, Chancer is built with an investment focus rather than betting.

One of the ways to unlock value through Chancer is by creating predictive markets. Investors get rewarded for market-making activities. It means investors are rewarded for their interests and expertise by participating in the Chancer project.

The second way is through staking $CHANCER. Investors can stake the tokens for yields, thus unlocking liquidity and facilitating the platform’s growth. Other ways to earn include token rewards for promoting Chancer to others. 

Is Chancer an ideal investment? 

Chancer could be an ideal investment if you are looking for a project with huge growth potential. Betting markets are fast-growing, and the entry of Chancer offers a leeway for investors to do it differently.

Alongside the ability to earn through P2P betting, investors who feel locked out of the traditional markets can find Chancer ideal. 

The growth of the Chancer platform could fuel an increase in the value of the token and generate enormous returns for investors. For a token of a novel project like betting, price increases for $CHANCER can be up to 1,000%.

Does buying $CHANCER on presale make sense?

Any token that is newly listed is best bought at the presale. The price level is low, and there is a potential to earn big when it is listed on exchanges. 

Chancer’s presale will occur in 12 stages, each with a higher price than the previous one. As such, the price is the lowest in the first phase and the most attractive. 

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AltSignals’ first stage presale nearly sold out amid resilient crypto sector

  • AltSignals presale nearly sold out with $1.021 million raised

  • An interest in crypto and AI boosting the trading signal service platform

  • $ASI is likely to surge in value as it gets listed on exchanges amid huge investor interest

Trading signal service AltSignals ($ASI) has been a presale sensation this year. The project has raised $1.021 million, with investors eyeing a share of its upcoming AI-led trading platform ActualizeAI. AltSignals is expected to raise $1.080 million through the presale, meaning that only 5% remains for the first phase to conclude. By all standards, this is a highly successful presale, given that it just opened its doors to investors a few months ago. But why has AltSignals generated so much interest from investors? Let’s explain this in some detail.

Crypto is the future, and so is artificial intelligence

Crypto had a rough year, but investors are still undeterred. Over the past week, recoveries have been widespread, with the crypto king Bitcoin eyeing a breakout past its now-established resistance at $30,000. The gains underline that the search for supernormal profits from the digital sector is far from over.

But we know the investment landscape is changing. As established cryptocurrencies whipsaw within ranges that investors have become accustomed to by now, new crypto projects are a fast gathering storm. They present new and unexploited opportunities that investors are willing to try. 

AltSignals comes at a time when the application of AI is growing, especially in the trading world. Just imagine the benefit of using AI to generate signals from financial instruments like stocks and forex. Of course, AI has been in use in the trading world as it has been shown to produce more quality signals. The ability to intertwine crypto, AI, and trading makes AltSignals a unique and quality project which is attracting investors.

What is AltSignals, and how does it work?

AltSignals is a trading signal service created in 2017 by a team of professional UK traders. It has grown exponentially over the years, with its trading community increasing to over 52,000 members on Telegram. The signal service boasts approximately 64% signal accuracy, generated using the AltAlgo™ algorithm. The top performing markets for the company are shares, forex, the Binance Futures, crypto, and CFDs. 

A strong and growing demand for AltSignals service has prompted the team to expand into AI-led signal service. The team is launching an AI platform dubbed ActualizeAI. The interest in AI has been fueled by a need to increase the quality of signals generated and the number of financial instruments covered. 

To benefit from the AI signals, you need to become an ActualizeAI member. Crypto token $ASI will be the unit of membership. Investors who buy $ASI in the presale will have early access to ActualizeAI and enjoy other benefits.

What value does $ASI offer?

If you are a trader or investor interested in trading, $ASI could be an ideal investment. You have access to a trading community benefiting from quality signals generated by professionals. $ASI also gives investors a chance to compete in trading tournaments. This could be an excellent way to improve trading skills while getting rewarded with $ASI for winning the contests. There are exclusive presale opportunities for members of ActualizeAI. 

If you have been searching for a trading community where members have a voice, AltSignals, and ActualizeAI could be the ideal place. You can use $ASI to vote on governance, besides using the tokens to contribute ideas on the platform and get rewarded.

Should you buy $ASI this week?

$ASI’s presale in the first phase is ending with around 5% of tokens left to be sold out. From here, the token’s price will increase, and investors may have to spend more. The token could also get boosts from exchange listing after a successful presale. It means buying now offers a perfect chance to join ActualizeAI early and familiarise yourself with the AltSignals platform.

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Investors grab $245K Chancer tokens within days of presale opening

  • The Chancer presale opened on June 13 and raised $245K in 3 days

  • The predictive markets application has attracted users interested in P2P betting and investments

  • $CHANCER could become a crypto sensation in 2023 with triple and four-digit percentage price increases

Investors are accumulating Chancer tokens ($CHANCER) fast amid enthusiasm for the world’s first blockchain-based predictive markets app. The presale opened on June 13, with $245,568 raised out of a total of $1,000,000. Predictably, $CHANCER could record one of the fastest presales as demand remains high.

Chancer: Unlocking the power of decentralised and P2P bets 

Chancer’s robust presale underlines its value proposition in the betting market. At a glance, Chancer aims to bring betting to the user, allowing them to create their own market, and set rules and odds. The user can invite friends and anyone worldwide in their betting market. They can also join markets created by others, thus permitting peer-to-peer betting relationships via a decentralised blockchain ecosystem.

Chancer brings flexibility and makes betting accessible to anyone. Users are not restricted to what their bookmakers offer. They can create a market to bet on almost everything. It could be anything from football to predicting that a friend will win an upcoming maths contest. Investors will use $CHANCER to place bets and claim winnings. 

$CHANCER will be launched on the secure BSC Chain, and real-time communications will be enabled via Google’s WebRTC. That means investors have enhanced security and can enjoy live streaming through the WebRTC capabilities.

Multiple income opportunities through $CHANCER

Betting is one of the ways $CHANCER holders earn by participating in live markets. There are also market-making rewards for users creating Chancer markets through the dApp and the live stream feature.

Staking is the other earning avenue for investors, which involves committing the tokens on the platform for a chance to earn interest on them. The staking feature unlocks liquidity, enabling traders to opt in and out of positions easily. 

Being a blockchain platform also means Chancer is accessible worldwide. As such, the Chancer team has made it possible to spread the word about the platform and earn. This is enabled through a Share2Earn feature. And to make the platform cost-effective for users, token holders get discounted fees for the markets they create and participate in.

Is $CHANCER the next token to explode?

The overwhelmingly bearish crypto market means investors could be searching for new projects with the potential to return big. Newly launched tokens make it to this list since their price movement is rarely influenced by the general market mood.

$CHANCER is a token launching with a new use case in betting. Predicting that this token will explode is both realistic and prudential. We can base this prediction on the quickly selling presale, which suggests that demand is strong and increasing. 

$CHANCER could explode as the token launches on exchanges and its main betting platform is created. Of course, the prediction is not outright, as it will depend on whether $CHANCER will sustain demand. Early suggestions are that it could. Consequently, we should expect an increase in the token’s value as more investors discover the platform.

$CHANCER prediction in 2023 and 2024

With the excitement around the launch of a platform that allows P2P betting and investment, $CHANCER could make robust price gains. However, a double percentage price increase for 2023 should be considered realistic, given that the token lists in the third quarter. 

With the current presale value at 0.01 BUSD, a price target of 0.1 BUSD or slightly higher in 2023 should be taken. There is still no harm in expecting a 10x increase in 2023, as $CHANCER’s high demand could fuel strong moves. 

Nonetheless, more sustained $CHANCER gains are likely to be driven by the continued usage of the platform. The mainnet will launch in the first quarter of 2024, which could unlock liquidity through real-world use cases. In my prudential approach, a 1,000% gain or higher should be expected of the token in 2024.

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AltSignal’s presale raises over $1 million as JPMorgan survey lauds AI-based trading

  • AltSignals presale has surpassed $1 million in sales amid enthusiasm around its AI trading signal service.

  • JPMorgan survey points to growing interest in AI-based trading among traders.

  • $ASI is attractive at presale as exchange listing could fuel price increases.

AltSignals (ASI) has been a presale sensation, with investors angling for a share of its AI trading signal service platform by purchasing the token. With nearly 93% of tokens sold out, the AltSignals team has raised over $1 million to actualize its dream of an AI-powered trading platform. This could be an excellent opportunity for new investors to join the trading signal service, which has accumulated over 52,000 members on Telegram since its founding in 2017 in the UK.

Why has AltSignals generated so much interest?

AltSignals has been a very successful trading signal service. Thousands of traders are using the service, with signals averaging accuracy rates of 64%. Much credit for its success has been attributed to its experienced team and the AltAlgo™ software used to generate the signals. Overall, AltSignals has generated over $2.2 million in trading revenues. With the growth and demand for its service, analysts believe Altsignals could benefit immensely from artificial intelligence. 

$ASI presale welcomes a new era of AI trading signal generation for AltSignals. The company will launch an AI trading signal service platform dubbed, ActualizeAI. The blockchain-based platform will be powered by $ASI and is expected to increase the quality of signals generated by AltSignals. The service incorporates predictive modelling, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentimental analysis. The highly successful presale underlines investors’ belief that AI will be core to the growth of an already successful trading signal service. 

AI trading to dominate trading in 3 years – JPMorgan Survey

Traders are betting that AI will dominate the future of financial markets trading, according to a new survey by JPMorgan. The survey, which included 835 professional and institutional traders, found increased automation and adoption of AI in trading. 

The survey establishes that AI has grown popular since the release of ChatGPT, with investors growing curious about what AI can do in business. The strategists predict the domination of the technology in trading in the next three years. That places proprietary platforms like AltSignals and its AI platform ActualizeAI at a pole position to grow.

Beyond trading signals, ActualizeAI offers new ways to earn

ActualizeAI’s benefits are not only about trading signals. Investors can earn in a variety of ways, including the ability to participate in trading competitions and get rewarded with $ASI. This could also be an opportunity for traders to sharpen their skills in trading.

$ASI holders also have access to the AI Members Club. They earn more tokens by contributing ideas and giving feedback to ActualizeAI projects. There are also exclusive presale opportunities for traders in the future. 

The exciting bit is that traders can vote on matters affecting ActualizeAI using their tokens. As such, AltSignals will be a community-led platform, giving its members a voice over issues that affect them. 

Should you buy $ASI in the presale?

Investment can be made at any stage of newly launched tokens, including when listed on exchanges. It depends on the value an investor sees by investing in a particular instrument. However, there is an advantage to buying tokens during their presale. 

One is the advantage of gaining access to the platform before the rest. For AltSignals, investors buying the token at presale can access ActualizeAI early enough. It means exclusive access to other presales and market opportunities.

The second advantage is obviously buying a token that is low-priced. Tokens on presale have a restricted demand since they are unavailable on exchanges. It means the price is still low, and buying at that point offers a chance to generate value from value increases. The tokens have gone to increase in value by up to 10 times from the presale price. As the $ASI presale in stage 1 draws close, it could be the right time to invest before the price skyrockets.

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