Decentralizing Identity with ENS Vision

We recently led a $2M seed round in ENS Vision.

Since it launched as one of the first Ethereum projects in 2017, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) has become the decentralized identity layer for the internet. It is the most widely owned NFT collection today and its inclusive nature is a big reason why — anyone who wants to own an ENS can cheaply mint an unclaimed name and use it as their online identity. Currently 680k+ unique Ethereum users own an ENS name and we think this number will soar in the coming years as more people understand the benefits of decentralized identity.

The use cases for ENS are endless. The most common is to replace the confusing 30 character alphanumeric Ethereum address with a .ETH address. This makes sending and receiving funds easier for the average user. Using ENS names for content is also on the rise with over 20k+ Ethereum addresses now being used as a decentralized website or blog where you truly own the name space and don’t rely on a third party custodian in any way. It’s early days still — as the wrapper for ENS subdomains gets rolled out soon you can imagine entire new businesses being built around ENS.

ENS Vision is the leading marketplace that makes ENS more accessible for the masses. Last summer, the bootstrapped team (Zimtente, Furyan, and Lcfr) launched tools for exchanging and managing web3 identity and quickly took significant market share (see below). We’re excited to partner with them to help more people get the benefits of decentralized identity.

Learn more at or follow them on twitter @ensvision

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