Bitcoin Soars Over $25K, MEXC (MX) Rockets To All-Time High in 2023

PRESS RELEASE. With Bitcoin surging to reach a new 2023 high, MX has been the top performer in exchange tokens, with a 7-day growth of 32%.

Bitcoin’s price rising over $25,000 has sparked a frenzy of activity in the cryptocurrency market. With investors flocking to take advantage of the price gains, the trading volume for top exchanges has significantly increased.

As one of the leading exchanges, MEXC announced that its futures business made a significant breakthrough, with an average daily trading volume growth of 1200%.


  1. BTC was recently trading at about $25,247, rising 16.61% in 7 days. Bitcoin last traded over $25,000 in June 2022.
  2. In the last two months, MEXC Coin (MX) has surged upwards, racking up an 81.82% increase and reaching a 7-month high of $1.44 on Feb. 16.
  3. MX is currently trading at $1.21 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,954,282.


  • As of September 2022, MEXC has exceeded 10 million users, and the platform’s cryptocurrency liquidity has already ranked first in the world. MEXC’s top ranking in liquidity is expected to drive up the MX price, as it increases investor confidence in its ability to manage risk and provide stability in the market.
  • MEXC’s commitment to “User First, MEXC’s changing for you” has earned it recognition as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Services by Cloudflare. The ranking is widely considered the definitive report card on corporate influence worldwide, and also boosted the market recognition of MEXC and led to a surge in the price of MX.
  • The MEXC Launchpad presents an exciting opportunity for holders of MX to receive airdrops during initial listings. Recently, the platform introduced its latest Launchpad Project, DeHeroGame, which is a pioneer in GameFi 2.0 and utilizes NFT TCG technology. This launch has sparked high demand for MX staking.


“We never stopped focusing on our customers throughout the general market’s up and down,” said Andrew Weiner, VP of MEXC. “an important part of backing our customers is giving them confidence when they trade, so we’ve reduced our trading fees to the lowest in the market.”

MEXC has recently announced revised fees for trading on its platform. The new fee structure includes a 0% maker fee and a 0.03% taker fee for futures trades. The maker fee for spots is also 0%, with a taker fee of 0.1%.

On average, cryptocurrency trading platforms charge a fee rate between 0.02-0.06%. Following this rate adjustment, MEXC has become the platform with the lowest trading fees across the entire industry. Without a doubt, such competitive price rates are very attractive to most cryptocurrency users.





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Mr․ Satoshi Is The New Premium Bitcoin Apparel Store You Do Not Want to Miss

A new player has entered the Bitcoin apparel market and is quickly making a name for themselves. Founded by Bailey Jakob, an Australian-born entrepreneur and Bitcoin enthusiast, Mr. Satoshi has quickly become the go-to brand for high quality and professionally designed Bitcoin clothing.

Mr. Satoshi is a new U.S. based premium Bitcoin apparel store that is making waves throughout the Bitcoin community with their high quality & luxuriously designed Bitcoin apparel. Mr. Satoshi launched on January 4th and in their first month, saw more than 20,000 individual visitors to their store, and a surge in social media followers.

Bailey explained his motivation behind creating the Bitcoin clothing line was from his growing frustration with the lack of quality Bitcoin apparel, with designs that look good and do not scream “Crypto”.

“In October 2022, I was searching online for a Bitcoin-based t-shirt for myself. After an hour scrolling through a dozen online Bitcoin stores, I gave up. Either the designs were poorly made, and not original, or the quality of the t-shirts were low-grade. I thought that I couldn’t be the only person frustrated by the lack of quality Bitcoin apparel, and that is how Mr. Satoshi was born.”

Products and Payment Options

The new online store features a wide range of clothing and accessories for Bitcoin enthusiasts, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and more. With the ability to check out through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, credit/debit card, and Apple/Google Pay.

All products on the Mr. Satoshi online store feature high quality materials. Their t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, and their Collector’s Edition hoodie range is made up of 85% cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

Mr. Satoshi’s apparel ranges in price, from $24, to $109 USD. However, be sure to take advantage of their in-cart 5% and 10% automatic order discounts, as well as their Sats Back Rewards.

Mr. Satoshi has a focus on expanding their product line to be more environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials where they can.

Besides their industry-leading product offering, Mr. Satoshi does not stop at quality apparel. Every month, Mr. Satoshi gives away 1.5M Sats (Satoshis) in their free-to-enter giveaway. On top of that, Mr. Satoshi taps into the Bitcoin Lightning technology by offering instant Sats back on every purchase above $29 USD. Customers who make a purchase online are presented with a unique QR code, which, when scanned through a Bitcoin Lightning enabled wallet, instantly transfers up to 100,000 Sats to the customer (depending on their order size).

Involvement In The Bitcoin Community

In addition to providing well-designed Bitcoin apparel to their customers, another priority for the Mr. Satoshi brand is to create a community for fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect, learn, and support each other. Bailey explained that Mr. Satoshi’s Twitter account has grown to over 700 followers since their launch in January and has seen a growing community develop.

“Since launching Mr. Satoshi, we have seen an incredible community of like-minded Bitcoiners develop. Our Twitter account has grown to become a hub for Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect with one another. It’s been really incredible to see. Additionally, Mr. Satoshi’s email subscription list has surpassed 500 people. On top of exclusive product discounts and offers, we have prioritized emailing educational Bitcoin content for our customers, which we have received a ton of positive feedback on.”

This week, Mr. Satoshi has announced their sponsorship for the popular BitBlock Boom annual Bitcoin conference, held in Austin, Texas this year in August. Bailey also hinted that some further upcoming partnerships and sponsorships are in the works this year.

Collections and Collaborations

Bailey further explained that Mr. Satoshi’s focus is on product quality and positive customer experience above all else, and their recent collection drop backs this claim. On February 1st, Mr. Satoshi launched their second premium collection “Satoshi Social Club”, which features minimalistic and embroidered designs on top quality materials.

The Satoshi Social Club collection was an instant hit with online followers, and the popularity of this collection has not slowed down, with it being their most purchased collection to date.

Mr. Satoshi’s first collection, launched in mid-January, put them on the map as a rising leader in the Bitcoin clothing space. Their “Collector’s Edition” range is a collection of ultra premium apparel. Featuring embroidered and print hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, beanies, corduroy hats and a fan favorite – pastel colored hats. The Collector’s Edition range is designed for the true Bitcoiners, who want to wear Bitcoin apparel in an elegant way.

Additionally, this week, the Bitcoin social platform powerhouse, Orange Pill App and Mr. Satoshi collaborated on a limited edition “Orange Pill’d Club” tee, and in true Mr. Satoshi fashion – the duo launched their new collab with a tee & Sats giveaway on their Twitter accounts.

Following this collaboration giveaway, the Orange Pill’d Club tee will be available for purchase on Mr. Satoshi’s online store, with only a limited number of tees available. The Bitcoin apparel underdog expects this tee to be popular, with a great amount of support and interest from raving Bitcoin fans on Twitter.

Customer Support and Shipping

All Mr. Satoshi products come with a 30-day refund and exchange promise. As a standard, Mr. Satoshi offers free shipping throughout the US, and low cost international shipping too.

Pushing to ensure a positive customer experience, Mr. Satoshi’s online store features an advanced virtual chat bot, cleverly named the “Satoshi Bot.”

This customer-focused feature ensures complete 24/7 customer support, with the ability to instantly connect to a human support team member when needed.

The Satoshi Bot live chat UI is outstanding and interactions are simple, quick, and have no complicated requirements for customers to access the information they need.

When speaking with Satoshi Bot, be sure to ask it to tell you a joke or two – thank us later.

Customer Reviews

Since launch, Mr. Satoshi has accumulated over 60 verified order reviews on their website. All of these reviews boast a 5 out of 5 star rating with commentary on the premium product materials, professional designs, and exceptional customer support. Below is a snapshot of a few recent reviews:

“I recently bought a t-shirt and hoodie and they arrived in a couple of days. Both designs look amazing and they are super comfy. Just bought a corduroy hat, excited to receive it. Thank you.” – Jake. Miami, FL.

“Love the well thought out designs, the fair prices, discount promotions and customer service. I was really happy to purchase. I definitely recommend Mr. Satoshi to anyone wanting cool Bitcoin clothes” – Samuel. Toledo, OH.

“Found the website on Twitter from a giveaway. I bought the Bitcoin Est. 2009 t-shirt, and paid with Bitcoin which was a cool experience. Comfy tee and fits well. Thank you.” – Ellis. Arlington, TX.

Future Plans and Upcoming Releases

With a strong initial launch, premium product offering, a growing community, and a website incorporated with Bitcoin Lightning technology, the future for Mr. Satoshi looks bright. Bailey hinted at some upcoming projects and releases for the brand:

“We are still very early in our business journey, and the popularity of our products since launch has been an encouraging sign. For the immediate future, Mr. Satoshi will continue to release more designs and collections. We have a number of promotions and giveaways lined up through our Twitter and website too. We also have some exciting upcoming partnerships with leading Bitcoin companies, which will further enhance our website, payment gateways, and rewards technologies.”

Established as an emerging leader in Bitcoin apparel, Mr. Satoshi has already earned a reputation for providing unmatched quality and customer service. Backed by a motivated and dedicated team, and through their instant Sats Back Rewards, monthly giveaways, and collaborations with some of the most well respected brands in the Bitcoin industry, Mr. Satoshi has cemented their status as the go-to destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking for premium and stylish ways to express their love for the popular Cryptocurrency. With exciting new projects and partnerships on the horizon, including limited edition collections and sponsorships, Mr. Satoshi is a must-visit online store for every Bitcoin enthusiast.






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TOTHESMART Is Transitioning to Its Own Token What Is the TTS Token Phenomenon?

PRESS RELEASE. TOTHESMART is a PlayToEarn mining farm built on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The project works on decentralization principles and believes that the best way to develop community and promote blockchain industry in Mass Adoption is a game engine with open rules of the Game prescribed in blockchain.

The project was released more than 200 days ago. We’ve already wrote about it in a previous press release.

TOTHESMART uses stable BUSD token to interact with smart contract mining farm, but due to a series of high-profile negative events related to Stablecoin and its decoupling from USD exchange rate TOTHESMART decided to switch to its own token TTS built on Binance Smart Chain.

The main idea of token is decentralization and fair distribution of tokens among blockchain enthusiasts community.

Thus, 80% of the maximum issuance of the TTS token is inside the Play to Earn smart contract of the mining farm. These tokens can only be obtained by purchasing virtual miners and selling namained tokens for real TTS tokens.

10% of the tokens were sold in a private sale with a 25% monthly split.

5% are team tokens that will be unlocked monthly for 20 months.

1% of the tokens have already been locked into the liquidity pool until 2107.

The remaining 4% were distributed to the community in the form of Airdrop. They can only be spent to purchase Tothesmart virtual miners.

The TTS token is already available on PancakeSwap

Binance Smart Chain

Slippage for buying and selling on DEX – 12%

The distribution is as follows:

5% is sent to the Play To Earn TOTHESMART smart contract for additional user rewards.

2.5% is burned. This deflationary model allows the issuance of tokens to decrease over time and thereby increase their value.

2.5% replenishes the TTS token liquidity pool

2% – replenishes the marketing and advertising fund of the TOTHESMART ecosystem.

TOTHESMART is committed to

build an international healthy community of blockchain enthusiasts and implement new products needed by the market.

One of the planned products is ido startup site where users can get important information about new cryptocurrency stratagems in a game-like manner and participate in IDO and Airdrop token allocation.

More info

Website –

Audit –

Telegram feed –

Community chat –

Twitter –



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World-Leading Cloud-Mining Service Provider BitFuFu Launches ANTMINER Coupons Trading Function

PRESS RELEASE. On 21st February, BitFuFu will announce the launch of the ANTMINER coupons trading function at the WDMS conference. ANTMINER coupons are issued by the world’s leading miner manufacturer BITMAIN, which can be used to offset the purchase order amount of ANTMINER produced which was sold by BITMAIN, thereby reducing the cost of miners for investors and improving the return on investment efficiency. Currently, ANTMINER coupons can be transferred through the BITMAIN website, and miner investors can find relevant information on the Coupon Master, which is BITMAIN official forum.

BitFuFu’s launched coupon trading function to provide a formal platform for global miner investors to communicate, trade, and circulate ANTMINER coupons, so that traditional investors and new investors can obtain relevant information about coupons in a timely manner, and realize safer and more convenient coupons trading transactions, while avoiding the disturbance caused by fake coupons in the market.

Based on the Standardized trading process, interested investors can easily match the expected type and price of coupons through simple searching on BitFuFu to achieve efficient trading. For coupon holders, they can quickly dispose of idle preferential resources and obtain additional funds, allowing them to develop mining plans more flexibly. BitFuFu’s coupon trading function promotes the circulation of ANTMINER coupons, further improving their mining production and operation efficiency.

Built upon BitFuFu’s proprietary technologies, the coupon trading function on BitFuFu’s official website creates a secure and transparent trading platform for ANTMINER coupons trading and verification. BitFuFu believes that its strategic partnership with BITMAIN will help attract coupon holders and interested investors to its platform, creating traffic vortex to further promote transactions. The launch of the trading platform not only creates a market for coupon buyers and sellers, but also promotes the circulation of ANTMINER coupons and market activity. At the same time, it will also provide convenience for new investors to enter the mining industry, and promote capital increments and changes in the mining industry.




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End of an Era for the Seasonal Tokens Economy: Summer Tokens to Become Scarcer

PRESS RELEASE. Like bitcoin, the four Seasonal Tokens – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – are produced by proof-of-work mining and go through regular halvings that make them harder to obtain as time goes on. Once every nine months, the rate of production of one of the tokens is cut in half. That token goes from being produced at the fastest rate of the four tokens, to the slowest.

Summer tokens are currently produced at a rate of one token every 4.3 seconds. On the 6th of March, that rate will drop to one token every 8.6 seconds. Summer tokens, which are currently the cheapest of the four, are expected to become the most expensive over the following months as the market adjusts to the lower rate of supply.

This process has already happened once before, after the Spring halving in June of 2022. Spring was the cheapest token before the halving, and then it became the most expensive. Analysis of the historical data has shown that the relative prices of the tokens tend to reflect the amount of time needed to mine them. A token that takes twice as long to mine will tend to be twice as expensive.

The halving will bring the era of abundant Summer tokens to an end. A new era will begin in which Summer tokens become increasingly scarce, and Autumn tokens will become the most abundant of the four. In December, the Autumn halving will take place, and then Winter tokens will be produced at the fastest rate.

Investors have just a short time left to obtain Summer tokens while they’re plentiful. Future investors will never have the chance to buy Summer tokens when they’re being produced every 4.3 seconds. Like bitcoin, early investors in Seasonal Tokens can buy in times of plenty, and later investors will buy during times of comparative scarcity.

Unlike Bitcoin, the tokens provide a way for existing investors to increase their holdings over time. As the prices slowly cycle around each other, investors can gain more tokens over time by trading the more expensive tokens for the cheaper ones, which become the most expensive later on, allowing the investors to trade again. Investors who traded Summer tokens for Spring before the June halving increased the total number of tokens they owned, and those Spring tokens can be traded for even more Summer tokens today.

By always trading tokens for more tokens of a different type, an investor can guarantee that the total number of tokens in the investment will increase with every trade. This allows the investment to grow in value over time without relying on long-term price appreciation.

This form of investing is well-known in traditional asset markets and is called seasonal investing. Rather than betting on the success of a business, investors can profit from predictable seasonality in asset prices. The task of a seasonal investor is to identify a collection of assets with reliable, complementary seasonality in their prices, which can be traded for one another as they go through their cycles.

Seasonal Tokens are the first cryptocurrencies designed specifically for seasonal investing. They’ve been designed so that their prices have the reliable seasonality that seasonal investors need to implement their preferred investing strategy. By trading tokens for more tokens over time, investors can increase their holdings without spending more, even as the tokens become harder to obtain.

Bitcoin’s halvings occur once every four years, and early investors understood that they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy an asset when it was plentiful and hold it until it became scarce. Seasonal Tokens are intended to give that opportunity to today’s investors.

Twenty one years from now, the tokens will be produced at less than 1% of today’s rate. Future investors are likely to regard today’s investors as lucky, because they have the opportunity to buy the tokens during an era of plenty.

Visit the website at to learn more.



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Bitget Announced Panda Farm (BBO) Token Sale on Its Re-launched Launchpad Platform

PRESS RELEASE. Victoria, Seychelles, February 16, 2023 Bitget, the world’s largest crypto copy trading exchange, announced the relaunch of its Launchpad platform, which provides exclusive access to promising blockchain projects at an early stage. Panda Farm (BBO), the first completely decentralized GameFi project running on Arbitrum, will be launched on Bitget Launchpad on February 16. A total of 1,000,000 BBO utility tokens will be offered for purchase.

Bitget’s Launchpad was initially introduced in February 2022, and as of now, it has launched five early-stage projects with an all-time-high (ATH) return of 29X in the first week of its listing. Launchpad was put on hiatus since June 2022, but it is relaunching today for Bitget’s confidence in new, select tokens and the sustained recovery of the crypto market.

As Arbitrum’s first GameFi project, Panda Farm aims to build a fully on-chain game metaverse. Users can make a profit from the prize pool while participating in each game and competition. The first game from Panda Farm is the Foodies Competition, and more games are expected to come in the following months.

Bitget users who have a minimal holding of 100 BGB tokens, the native token of Bitget, will be eligible for the token sale on Launchpad. Allocation is decided by the amount of BGB held by each user. After the token sale, trading service of BBO on the Bitget spot market opens on February 20th.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, says, “The re-launch of Bitget Launchpad is another major step in our Go Beyond Derivatives strategy. As a leading player in crypto derivatives trading and crypto copy trading, we are heavily building up our spot market this year, in terms of the variety of coins, activities, and overall liquidity. We are happy to support more early-stage blockchain-based projects that can make a real impact in the crypto space, and we are excited to partner with Panda Farm to bring a more innovative Web 3 experience.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bitget. Our goal is to provide an innovative and immersive gaming experience to our users, and this partnership will help us expand our reach to a broader range of investors and users. We are looking forward to working with Bitget to create value for our respective communities.” says William, Community contributor of Panda Farm.

According to Coinmarketcap, Bitget is now the 12th largest crypto spot exchange with over 430 coins and 560 trading pairs. Driven by the growth of the Bitget spot market with over 20 new listings this month, the price of BGB has seen an increase of over 100% in the past seven days.

About Bitget

Bitget, established in 2018, is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange with innovative products and social trading services as its key features, currently serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world. The exchange is committed to providing a secure, one-stop trading solution to users and aims to increase crypto adoption through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, the Italian leading football team Juventus, and official eSports events organizer PGL.




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Neon Link’s Gaming-Focused Neon Coin Presale Begins

PRESS RELEASE. LONDON, ENGLAND – February 15th, 2023 – Neon Link, the new blockchain gaming ecosystem consisting of a layer-1 blockchain, native coin, wallet, dex, bridge, games and more is opening up the opportunity to own part of this project by holding the NEON coin on the 15th February at 5PM UTC. By connecting a wallet and purchasing coins with ERC-20 $ETH or $USDT, anyone can invest in some of the 55 million coins that are on offer in this presale.

Combining web3 innovation with gameplay-first experiences for gamers and game developers, Neon Link is racing through a sophisticated roadmap that includes, amongst other things, the release of an AI-enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK) for game developers.

The game-focused NEON coin provides utility and governance to the Neon Link blockchain and its suite of products and can be earned through gameplay in any of the three upcoming Neon Link Games: Ascend The End (which has recently launched its Closed Alpha test), Neon Saga and Neon Punks Arcade.

The Neon Bridge can be used to bridge tokens from one chain to another, with all major chains supported and more to be added in the future.

The minimum purchase is $12 and the maximum is $50,000 worth of Neon Coin, and prices are discounted through bands as the sale progresses. Funds will be allocated to the development of the games, community growth, and an accelerator program for the first 20 projects that sign up to build games on Neon Link.

Visit the Presale Page to find out more, and sign up to receive important updates and take part on the 15th of February at 5pm UTC.

For media inquiries, please reach out to




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Hello Pets Depict an Open Entertainment Ecosystem and Aim to be the Next Disney in Web3

Hello Pets team is building an open entertainment ecosystem where the community can join in the storytelling and art creation of shared IPs. Starting from their own adorable pet characters, Hello Pets also actively incorporate external NFT characters into their story and invite the holders and communities to create amazing content together. The Hello Pets team believes this is a paradigm shift that can fully unleash the potential of the community. Their ultimate goal is to be the next Disney in Web3.

How will Web3 Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry?

In the traditional entertainment world, when an artist wants to incorporate well-known IPs (e.g. the classic characters from Disney, Nintendo, and Marvel) into her new story, she has to pay a heavy IP authorization fee and dedicate a significant amount of time communicating, negotiating, and signing contracts with the companies who own the IPs.

However, in the NFT world, in most cases all she needs to do is to purchase an NFT. Then she can use the characters freely to create derivative works and integrate it into her own brand to create additional value. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Firstly, she can use the IP to add content and fun to her brand; secondly, she can attract the fans of this IP to become aware of her brand, bringing her a larger audience; thirdly, the derivative works she created also increase the exposure of this IP and thus increase its value.

Therefore, Hello Pets team decides to take the opportunity of the new IP licensing mechanism of the NFT world, and build the entertainment ecosystem of the future.

Starting the journey with Adorable Pet Characters

Hello Pets aim to reach the mainstream market and build a recognizable web3 brand through their core characters. Adorable pets are universally loved by people of all ages and backgrounds, and bring people a lot of joy in life. With this in mind, they design a set of pet characters that are able to emotionally connect with people, and are easy to use for creating derivative works in many forms of art.

Incorporating External NFT Characters into Hello Pets World

Hello Pets go a step beyond traditional entertainment companies by taking advantage of the efficient IP licensing mechanism in the NFT world. They can easily integrate the characters from external NFT collections by holding them and inviting their holders to participate in the content creation of Hello Pets world.

Covering Both Digital and Physical Worlds

By leveraging the latest technologies of game engines, AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing and many more, the products of Hello Pets will not only cover digital applications like movies, games, metaverse, music, and more, but also extend to physical applications like lego-like toys, fashion products, home decor and many others.

Unleashing the Creative Power of the Community

Another thing that sets Hello Pets apart from traditional entertainment companies is that the content is not only created by the team, but also by the community and the masses.

The team believes that a single content-producing company cannot compete with those that fully utilize the collective power of the community, because the creativity of the masses is infinite. In their opinion, the next ‘Disney’ should be a decentralized entertainment ecosystem where the community participates in the storytelling, and they believe that now is the beginning of the revolution. So the team is working to create a world where the art is created by the community, for the community, and the value generated is shared among the participants in the ecosystem.





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Czhang Lin Explains the Investment Strategy of LBank Labs in Web3

LBank Labs is the venture capitalist and blockchain accelerator arm of global crypto exchange LBank.

Spearheaded by investor Czhang Lin, LBank Labs is entering the market with a 100 million USDT fund to propel the Web3 industry. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about their investment strategy and the blockchain market:

Czhang Lin is a Taiwanese Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and crypto pioneer. In the last five years, Lin’s knowledge of digital investment strategies has contributed to over a hundred successful crypto and blockchain projects.

To learn more visit

The News podcast features interviews with the most interesting leaders, founders and investors in the world of Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs and the Metaverse. Follow us on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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DPA Token (DPAT) and Blockchain Technology: The Key to Unlocking Africa’s Economic Potential

PRESS RELEASE. For foreign investors who have always wanted to diversify their portfolio with African assets but have been held back by security and transparency, this might be a game-changer.

Africa is a continent that is rich with potential and opportunity. However, due to prolonged periods of negative portrayals and limited access to resources or capital, it has not been able to maximise this potential. This has led to a lack of economic growth and development in many African countries.

While many attempts have been made to address these issues, the lack of a secure and efficient alternative capital and fundraising market has resulted in further economic stagnation. This is where cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the recently launched DPA Token (DPAT) come into play.

What is DPA Token (DPAT)?

In addition to acting as a dependable store of value and efficient global money transfer tool, cryptocurrencies have developed into premier investing devices. They grant retail investors with no background in the market access to profitable opportunities that used to be limited exclusively to renowned venture capitalists and accredited angel investors.

Thus, DPA Token (DPAT) has been designed to give retail investors the opportunity to participate in African land ventures. For both real estate developers and crypto holders alike, this project unlocks untapped potential that can’t be found anywhere else.

Forging the way forward, a team of property and blockchain aficionados fully KYD’d by Coinsult launched Direct Property Africa to focus on upcoming real estate ventures across the continent. Investing in DPA Token (DPAT) is a promising venture for advocates seeking to capitalise on Africa’s growing land and property market in a transparent and safe way.

SolidProof finished the DPA Token smart contract audit, freeing the team to concentrate on developing this cutting-edge Web3-native land and property investment and trading platform with a number of compelling characteristics like transparency and inclusion. Every single land investment will have its own non-fungible token (NFT) mirrored and fractionalised, offering low entry levels so more investors can participate.

The Need for Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies in Africa

With the right tools, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could potentially revolutionize economic development across Africa. With its ability to securely store data and facilitate fast money transfers, it can be used to increase opportunity, provide liquidity, improve access to financial services, increase transparency, and ultimately catalyze growth.

Urbanization, population growth, and a deepening connection to the global economy have all created both pressures and possibilities for rapid infrastructure expansion in African cities. Real estate is one of the better-positioned sectors to drive this growth.

The African real estate market is projected to grow at a significantly faster rate than other markets in the world, making it an ideal platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. The next five years alone are expected to bring 200 million new citizens into African cities – creating a real estate surge of unprecedented magnitude throughout the continent.

The Bottom Line

With the booming real estate industry in Africa, investing has become a key factor for growth. At DPA Token (DPAT), the team aims to identify projects and land with the highest potential for long-term development in African cities. They are also looking to collaborate with reputable local real estate developers that have been verified and boast successful track records. The team has already broken ground on a project and partnered with Jacob West Ghana to launch the first NFT-funded project in Africa, The Khari Project.

The African real estate industry is expected to grow exponentially in the years ahead, and DPA Token (DPAT) provides retail investors with a unique opportunity to capitalize on this growth. In addition, the use of blockchain technology allows for the transfer of money from anywhere on the planet and provides a channel to access new lucrative emerging markets in a transparent way. Investing in DPA Token (DPAT) could be a smart move for anyone seeking to benefit from Africa’s clear economic potential!

For more information visit:




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