$1.6 Billion USDC Recently Converted To Bitcoin


On February 16th, Bitcoin (BTC) almost hit the $25,000 mark — its highest point since August 2022. Based on CoinMarketCap data, BTC had…

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Breaking Through the 25K Resistance Barrier


The rise experienced on the Bitcoin side yesterday afternoon quite surprised the investors who were waiting for the fall and left the…

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Lost in the Wilderness? AVAX Journey to Find Its Way


Avax, which could not pass the resistance at $ 22 for about two weeks and ended the upward trend at $ 10.65, took a sigh of relief by…

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10 Altcoins of BNB Grew Nearly Threefold in Just a Month


Market valuation for altcoins from Binance blockchain-based projects totals $207.9 billion as it races with its competitors. Lately the…

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