Traditional Finance Will Embrace Crypto If There Is Money To Be Made

Following BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust announcement, there have been quite a few interesting developments in the Traditional Finance X Crypto space.

One thing is clear, firms would only enter the space with the expectation that there is money to be made.

And so, here’s a tiny collection of crypto-related headlines that made the news in mainstream media recently.

[Bloomberg] Crypto Exchange Backed by Citadel, Fidelity, Charles Schwab Goes Live

Citadel, Fidelity and Charles Schwab – the names don’t get much bigger than this.

If the article is paywalled for you, this one from CNBC should be a helpful read too.

[Yahoo Finance] WisdomTree, Invesco Follow BlackRock With Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications

US-based asset managers, WisdomTree and Invesco moved to file for Spot Bitcoin ETF as well. This move indicates the growing interest of asset managers in the crypto industry.

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank Applies for Digital Asset License Amid Growth Push

Deutsche Bank has applied for a digital asset custody license with German financial regulator BaFin.

Again, this move is significant as it shows the bank’s shift in approach toward the crypto industry, following a cautious stance in the past.

According to Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank is seeking regulatory permission to operate a custody service for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

I wouldn’t even try to pretend to know how things work behind the scenes, but this is a rather fun meme to end off this short blog post.

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