Using Proof-of-Stake for a Decentralized Credit Bureau

Cryptoeconomics, when it works, creates a hothouse environment where ideas are iterated upon by people all over the world. Creditworthiness assessment is just one use case, by building on a blockchain, smart contracts can build off-chain processing (such as zero-knowledge machine learning) onto the system, so nearly any data set can be encrypted and worked on given enough processing power and time — whether it’s tumor hunting, medical records inferences, insurance payouts, bail calculations even training robotic operating systems to serve hamburgers.

The Death of a Discord Server

Decentralized alternatives to Discord exist certainly exist, but as with all things online and interconnected, community building is secretly a way of taking advantage of network effects, and Discord is the most connected even if it isn’t designed for that purpose, meaning most users can join the community with the least amount of friction. Software, even crypto, lives or dies by building a community of active users.