PayPal’s Regulated Stablecoin Is a ‘Watershed Moment’ in Crypto Space, Says Partner Paxos

In terms of those rules, a big one is the removal of bankruptcy risk, Hessert said. “Customers’ assets are protected, including if Paxos were to go bankrupt – a situation we now see with a bunch of companies in crypto. If you can end up sitting in line as a general creditor of a private company that issued you a stablecoin, that’s not as good as a physical dollar,” he said.

BlackRock May Have Found Way to Get SEC Approval for Spot Bitcoin ETF

“Why should it be necessary?” Weisberger said in an interview with CoinDesk.” Because Kraken, Coinbase, ItBit, Lmax and Bitstamp — all of their data feeds are public,” he added. “The SEC could clearly get all this data or hire someone to feed it to them. You can know every trade in every order, and that will give the SEC the ability to say, ‘Hey, this looks like a manipulative trade. So who did it?'”