Exploring the Future of Digital Ownership with Futureverse


So far, it has been pretty intense and thrilling in the NFT space, with various blockchains doing so well. Besides, It seems that Opensea Pro has received a significant leap in volumes and address transactions, while Mastercard debuts an accelerator program with a Web3 twist, even as I see that it recently partnered with Futureverse; more hype on that.

I’m not disputing the fact that BoredApeYC has certainly been getting a lot of hype lately with its NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, but then I’ve also been interested in futureverse. I like to think of it as the “ETH” of the NFT world, made up of 8 different companies, each playing a vital role.

I first heard about the futureverse through the dual-purpose Sylo app, which I found really intriguing. That led me to check out one of their projects, seekers_xyz NFTs, which I ended up minting a couple of. If you’re curious about the concept, I’d recommend taking a look!

One of my recent adventures involved pledging my allegiance to the Gods’n’Goblins Queen and sacrificing some of my void seekers for a silver amulet. There’s a giveaway going on for hoverboards, which is always a nice bonus.

As someone who’s also into degenerate play, I’ve flipped quite a few NFTs and accumulated some rugs along the way. I recently gathered them and burned them for junk tokens in order to mint a funky ass goblin. If you’re interested, you too can join the burn at with different sizes available.

However, my remaining syloNFTs are currently sitting pretty in my sylowallet, and I’m eagerly awaiting news about when incentivized node #staking will be rolled out.

Overall, there are certainly other NFTs out there that are doing so well in this vast ecosystem, like Buzzies of Flufworld, Altstate Machine’s various immersive theme parks, not to forget mntge_io fashionables, Partybear banging with Spotify, and even CoolCats, which recently partnered with Futureverse.

Sincerely, there’s a lot of potential in this space, which I’m not ready to snooze on no matter what. Now that I’ve given you the tip of the iceberg, why not DYOR?

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