Configure Clef with Private Geth node

In the latest Geth release v1.11.0 personal namespace is being deprecated in favor of Clef.
I am using the personal namespace for account creation/unlock/lock etc. I want to integrate Clef with the private/local Geth node first.

My question is that is it possible to run Clef with a private node? if yes, then what should be passed as --chainid in the Clef startup command

./clef --keystore /path/to/keystore --chainid ?

I am trying to start the Private Geth note with --dev mode & to connect with Clef i am passing --signer. Geth complains that --dev & --signer cannot be run together. Does it mean Clef cannot be integrated with the Private Geth node?

I have been following this documentation & struggling to get Clef & Geth running together.

Command to start Geth private node

 ./geth --dev --dev.period 5 --mine --syncmode "snap" --http --http.addr --http.vhosts=localhost --verbosity 2 --http.api eth,web3,personal,debug,net --ws --ws.addr --ws.api eth --allow-insecure-unlock --db.engine=pebble --datadir /path/to/datadir --signer=./clef/clef.ipc

Any help/guidance will be much appreciated.