MilkAI – BNB token just launched. AI Animations, Videos, Images. Ready product to use. ETH token already at $500k market cap. Daily buyback burn program.

Explore the future of AI-generated visuals with milkAI, a cutting-edge platform that transforms the creation and sharing of visual content.

AI 2D Animations, 3D Animations, Video Chat, Lip-sync, Videos and Images generator are already ready to use on web app and discord/telegram.

Offering seven distinct image styles, including Realism, Fantasy, Waifu, Anime, Dreamy, Synthwave, and Low Poly, milkAI empowers individuals and businesses to create stunning visuals for personal or commercial use.

Experience the future of ownership with milkAI’s Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token, which provides partial ownership in the company and enables token holders to benefit from various revenue streams, such as Premium Subscriptions, Advertisements, NFT Creator Program, and the milkAI Metaverse.

Daily buyback and burn program with 0.5% of value being burned everyday, starting today.

By participating in the staking program, you can earn additional ETH rewards while contributing to the security and stability of the ecosystem. With a stable token supply and no mint function, you can maximize the value of your milkAI tokens.

Join the milkAI community, a group of pioneering individuals who are pushing the boundaries of AI technology and transforming the visual content creation landscape.

With a fully functional product, a revenue-sharing model, and an ERC20 utility token, milkAI is the go-to platform for AI-powered visual generation.

ETH Token already did +3480%, BNB token has launched one hour ago.

Experience the future with milkAI.

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