Week #7


Update 2023.7

This week, focus was mainly on Webhooks and API-Keys, in response to the introduction of new limits and the requirement to have a way to increase them per project. While the changes made are primarily in the background, they have resulted in improved loading performance and a simpler Webhook summary.

What happened

  • VeBlocks experienced issues during the week, with some servers being out of sync due to being stuck at a certain block. To address this, a long-planned change to the Node-Proxy was made. The Proxy now checks the synchronization state of its configured nodes and marks a node as erroneous if its state is older than five minutes.
  • Two blog articles were published this week reminding the ease of our available toolkits. The first was a guide on “How to Archive Blockchain Events to MongoDB,” and the second was a guide on “How to Use Web3Auth for VeChain.”
  • The bulk of work this week went into migrating some data storage for Webhooks and API-Keys to ensure that planned future enhancements and add-ons are possible. For example, a paid extension for the Webhooks limits and a new API service that will be gated by existing API-Keys.
  • Previous week, all NFT information on the entire chain was indexed using Webhooks and MongoDB. This information is now available for analysis using a GraphQL service, which will allow for current and historical access to ownership and activity from the perspective of users, contracts, or NFTs.

What’s next

Continuing to focus on the same topics in the coming week. The NFT-Indexer will receive some more tweaks based on current tester feedback, and the ability to extend limits on-demand to the Webhooks will be built.