Worldcoin Release Tokenomics, Report Geofenced for Some Countries

All 7.5 billion WLD, which will go to the community was minted before the launch, and the foundation aims to allocate 6 billion of those to users, but they will be unlocked over 15 years, said a Worldcoin representative. However, none of the tokens allocated to users are locked up, said the representative. Not all 2.5 billion WLD for insiders has been allocated.

Embattled Crypto Mining and Wallet Firm Poolin Moved $150M in Bitcoin

Poolin, a firm that runs a crypto mining pool and a wallet service, moved BTC 5,640 BTC ($150 million) from its main wallet on April 21, shows CryptoQuant data, around the time that the world’s largest digital asset dropped to $28,000.