5 Best books each trader must read?


Acquiring any skill requires training and experience. Nowadays, in the wave of information, one of the popular skills for people is trading in the financial markets. Entering without training in the world of financial markets is like falling into the sea without having swimming and boat skills. These trainings can be through websites, Instagram, participating in courses and classes, or through reading books. Trading is also a skill and will be acquired with training and practice and experience and patience. The subject of our article today is about education through books. Today, in this article, I am going to introduce 5 of the best books for trading training.

You should be very careful in choosing the book you want to study. The most important issue in choosing a book is the author of that book. A person who wants to teach a skill through a book, first of all, must have achieved results and profit from using that skill, and secondly, he must have the technique of expressing and transferring tips and teachings in writing. So it is very important that the author of the trading training book is an experienced and professional trader.

A very important and noteworthy point is that just reading a book and doing its teachings will not make you a good trader. If you really intend to become a professional trader, you should use other training methods while reading several authentic books and doing exercises and personal experience so that you can acquire this money-making skill in the best and fastest way possible.

1. “How to day trade for a living” by Bryan Lee

If you are looking to improve your financial situation or financial independence, this book will help you. Many people have become successful investors by studying and applying the teachings of this book. Among the important topics discussed in this book are investing in the stock market, types of investment and how to open a trading account, methods of daily trading, methods of trading in positions, how to combine daily trading and free swing, how to become Investing a good approach, using technical analysis in investing, common mistakes that you should not commit, the best investment methods and many other things can be mentioned.

2. “Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard “by Mark Minervini

One of the most comprehensive books in the field of trading training in financial markets, in this book you will be introduced to a proven and tested trading system that will be very useful and profitable. Accurate risk management, self-analysis, selection of accurate entry points and capital preservation and many other points are taught in this book. This book is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

3. “New Trader, Rich Trader” by Steve Burns and Holly Burns

This book points out the big differences between winners and losers. This book talks about the mistakes you should not make in the form of an entertaining story. You will be presented with a series of rules about trading. Tips on the psychology of risk control trading and everything you need to succeed in the financial markets are available in this book. Buying and reading this book is considered an investment.

4. “Trading against the crowd” by John F. Summa

John Soma is an economist and a professional businessman. He believes that profits can be made by paying attention to the feelings of investors in the financial markets and that the market is in its most predictable state during extreme emotional conditions. This book talks about the psychology of the investor population and market timing tools and trading techniques. In this book, the author wants to teach how to trade in the direction or against the sentiments of the population of market traders and how to profit from short and medium-term sentiment waves.

5. “Trading in the zone” by MARK DOUGLAS

The psychology of the market and business is the topic discussed in this book. In this book, the author will introduce you to the wrong mental ideas that will cause you to lose your capital. In this book, you will learn that your profit or loss in the financial markets is not random, but the result of your own big or small risks. Mac Douglas talks about market facts. Reading this book is essential for all traders.

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