GEKI Network Token with 100X Potential in 2023.

Everyone understands that the medium is a fantastic platform with a plethora of opportunities. One of the token opportunities is GEKI Network. The Geki Network Token has the potential to multiply 100x or more. Continue reading to learn about Geki Network Token and how to get 100x returns.

What is Geki Network(GEK Token)?

The Fantom Chain, a self-contained blockchain, underpins the GEKI NETWORK, a game-changing decentralized application platform. GEKI NETWORK is a high-performance platform that offers a variety of services on a single platform. The Fantom network serves as the GEK Token’s foundation.

FANTOM can be exchanged for GEK tokens on the GEKI NETWORK cryptocurrency exchange. GEK tokens are tokens with a clever twist: whenever someone else buys, sells, or trades the token, the GEK holder receives direct earnings in FANTOM based on the number of tokens held (in percentage of total amount minted).

This means that as soon as you start holding GEK tokens, you start accumulating “free” FANTOM, which is distributed to you on every transaction based on the number of GEK tokens you have on the exchange! Because the entire system is powered by an open-source smart contract deployed on FANTOM Chain, this exchange and token are transparent, secure, and trustworthy.

Concerning this dApp

The core functionality of the exchange is entirely powered by a deployed open-source Fantom smart contract. Because smart contracts are immutable, only this autonomous programme has access to these funds. You can view the complete source code for the contract that manages this exchange at any time on Fantom Scan.

This GEKI NETWORK exchange is unlike any you’ve seen before, and some aspects may surprise you at first. This section attempts to summarize the most important points to remember:

· Every smart contract action necessitates the transmission of a transaction. This means that every action you take on the exchange requires a user to send a transaction through the Fantom network. All actions, including “Reinvest,” “Withdraw,” “Sell,” and “Transfer,” require a “0” FANTOM transaction (with GAS, which costs FANTOM, make sure you account for this!). This explains why there are so many “0” FANTOM transactions in this section.

· The GEKI NETWORK smart contract manages all funds for this exchange. Accessing secure smart contract data can be slow under high load, which is why the main exchange front-end site can feel sluggish at times. To complete the same tasks, you can always use backup sites.

· When you buy or sell on the exchange, you are buying or selling directly from the GEK smart contract, not from other users. The GEK smart contract is solely responsible for issuing tokens, which increases supply, and burning tokens, which decreases supply. This happens automatically on all exchange purchases and sales. Furthermore, the smart contract is solely in charge of determining the value of the GEK token.

GEKI (GEK) Token

GEKI Network Token (GEK) is the official and native token of GEKI. Holders of the GEKI smart contract benefit from a self-generating income mechanism.

It is a community-driven project that distributes and rewards FANTOM among community members under certain conditions.

The GEK Token was created on the Fantom Blockchain and can be purchased with FANTOM in the GEKI Network dApp on Trustwallet/MetaMask.

Because you pay for GEK in FANTOM rather than dollars, you will benefit from any price increases. Holders can sell their GEKs whenever they want, providing them with a great deal of flexibility.

Holders benefit from both FANTOM coin dividends and GEK price appreciation, which results in more FANTOM because nothing is locked in the account.

The Benefits

The future of FANTOM reflection token ecosystems has arrived. Holders of GEK will earn passive rewards simply by keeping the token in their wallet, as each transaction, such as buy, sell, and dividend withdrawal, incurs a 10%, 10%, and 10% tax fee, which is distributed evenly to all existing token holders based on their GEK volume in the wallet.

Each transaction includes funds for marketing, the liquidity pool, and a rewards pool for all holders. As a result, GEK intends to foster a “hold and earn” culture that reduces sales pressure.

This is accomplished through smart contract functions that automate token distribution, requiring token holders to only manage the wallet in which their tokens are stored.

The rewards are automatically available for distribution once a new user purchases the GEK in their dApp. One of the best features of the Geki dApp is the ability to control your own reward payouts by withdrawing whenever you want.

Massive Passive Income

The first significant benefit is passive income. Being passive or recommending others can earn a lot of money here. Your direct refers to the passive mentioned above. The first level is 10%, the second level is 5%, the third level is 3%, the fourth level is 2%, the fifth to eighth level is 1%, the ninth level is 1.50%, and the tenth level is 2.50%. It is possible to make a lot of money by recommending this powerful system.

In this case, the second income benefit is critical. The GEKI (GEK) system generates a lot of revenue. When a GEK token is purchased, 60% of the money goes to the GEK community, and the remaining 40% is distributed to all GEK holders based on their GEK holdings. So, here is your maximum GEKI(GEK), and you will benefit more.

The Advantages of Lifelong Royalty Club

The Lifelong Royalty Club is an excellent way to make money. Royalties can provide you with a lifetime income. Silver Club (2% lifetime royalty) and Gold Club (3% lifetime royalty) are the two types of lifetime royalty. To be eligible for lifetime royalty, you must meet a few simple requirements.

Members of the First Silver Club are entitled to a 2% lifetime royalty. To qualify for this income, you must make a self-investment of 5000 Fantoms and a direct referral business membership of 10000 Fantoms.

Members of the 2nd Gold Club are entitled to a 3% royalty for the rest of their lives. You must make a self-investment of 10,000 Fantoms and a direct referral business membership of 30,000 Fantoms to qualify for this income.

All members of the Lifelong Royalty Club receive 5% of the club’s profits. Each royalty club requires a minimum of two direct referrals. You may refer more people, but there must be at least two.

How to Purchase GEKI(GEK) Tokens?

1.Download Trustwallet or MetaMask and send all FANTOM into it through your exchange via the Fantom Network.

2. Go to the dApps section in Trustwallet and paste this link:

3. Make sure you’re connected to the Fantom Network, which can be seen in the image’s upper right corner.

4. Deposit and register all of your FANTOM after connecting to the wallet.

5. Congratulations, you now own GEKI(GEK) Token. Prepare for a daily dividend!

It’s a brand-new project with a lot of promise. This is an incredible opportunity for those who have previously missed out on large amounts of FANTOM. Please message me on Telegram if you have any questions or need assistance.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor; therefore, do your own research and analysis before investing anywhere. The preceding article is a reflection of my own investment and experience in educational materials. Despite every effort to ensure that all information is correct and up to date, unintentional errors and misprints may occur.

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