A True Second Brain


How many people spend more time organizing their “second brains”, instead of leveraging the information within them? 

With consumer AI now capable of processing simple language prompts and interfacing with unstructured data, is the landscape of information management on the brink of a transformative evolution?

Founders of Mem, Kevin Moody and Dennis Xu, plus writer Nat Eliason, explore what’s gotten in the way of a true second brain, and how AI may finally unlock what “knowledge management” tools have promised for so long. 


Topics Covered:

00:00 – A true second brain

02:45 –  Knowledge management

06:01 – Thiago Forte’s ‘Building a Second Brain’

10:24 – Digital hoarding

12:53 – The fun of organizing 

14:16 – Levels of utility

19:09 – Can the unstructured nature of AI help?

21:46 – What does a second brain unlock? 

25:23 – Time spent  searching for information

31:07: LLMs and technology unlocks

34:22 – Personalization 

36:24 – Is the second brain a new PA and EA?

38:57 – Challenges

44:32 – Moats and differentiators 




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