AI Crypto EXPLODES Due To Revolutionary Technology!

We gotta talk about this huge AI war that’s, that’s going on right now. Ai, we’ve been hearing nothing about it for, for quite some time, and then all of a sudden, boom, everyone is talking about it. Right? And the biggest thing, the biggest, I guess, name in AI has to be chat G B T. Once chat, g p t came out, it hit the world like, okay, AI is.

Here and it’s actually useful and it actually works. All previous times before we hear about AI and we see robots, but we don’t really get any use out of them. But now people are figuring out it still daily seems like people figure out how to. Approach chat G b T in a way that can actually make you money and make your life useful.

And that is why Microsoft decided to buy 49% steak in chat, gpt. They know, we’re just, barely scratching the surface. And of course, Google is so worried about this because Google, of course, has like a 90. Percentage share in search. And of course they control the, the ad space, right?

And they control YouTube, right? They control a whole bunch of stuff and they don’t wanna lose because if they start losing it, bing, well that’s, that’s the beginning of the end for them, right? That is why they decided to invest in this AI firm called Tropic. So they’re putting a 300 million in. into this, AI firm, which is essentially doing the same thing.

But, you know, they’re, they’re trying to create this new assistant that will do the same thing that chat G B D does. But it does seem like they’re. , they’re really behind. Right? But Google wants to make sure they’re on top of it. And there’s a lot of rumors about Google, you know, deploying a whole bunch of internal teams to this cuz they don’t wanna, they don’t wanna lose their edge to Microsoft, to bing, to anyone else that a lot of crypto projects that are involved with AI have been pumping.

All pure speculation at this point. There’s like no official partnerships or anything like that, but people are thinking, well, if the big tech giants aren’t getting involved with the AI so much, then it’s just a matter of time. Crypto, you know, somehow integrates or partners up, or there’s some kind of collaboration, something that happens, right, relating to crypto, right?

This is the reason why I believe. Pumped 55% today. Now, when chat g b T was getting popular and Microsoft decided to invest in them, singularity also pumped. But today you could see it pumped quite a lot. 55%. Founders of, they’re the founders of Sophia, the humanoid robot. Now, she made a big splash years ago because, you know, she.

She was marketed everywhere on all the late night talk shows, and you could have a conversation with her and, and supposedly she was the very first robot to get citizenship at, at some kind of country or whatever. You don’t hear about her anymore. I don’t know what happened to Sophia, but the, the creators behind Sophia, obviously in ai, obviously in robotics, right?

They’re the ones that created and singular net. , you boil it down to just two things really. One thing, singularity 99 is really an AI marketplace, okay? So if you do have like some kind of AI project that you are developing and you want to say, sell it to someone else, you could put an AI marketplace and, and others could take a look at it and they want to use your core code or some kind of, um, some kind of data that you’re sharing, right?

They can use it within their product. It’s just a giant AI marketplace. Right. And then they also have a AI publisher, which is basically you, publish your, findings or whatever your documents, your research, right? And then you could also stake their tokens. But essentially it’s a giant AI marketplace.

They actually have a few projects that’s already on top of it. Okay. Well, a lot of it’s their own, like senior letter. Do, Sophia verse. . Okay. Which is actually an NFT based game. Who knows? Maybe Google, maybe this, you know, this, uh, entropic, anthro pick, I mean, and maybe Chat GPT. They decide to share their data.

The other one is, fetch Ai. They’re not in card, but they’re in Cosmos ecosystem. And again, they’re in the AI space, but they’re different. They’re, they’re really like a, their own . Okay. and what’s unique about them is they have what they call agents. And these agents are basically like agents of smart contracts where they will actually detect like certain events and they will do certain events based on how you want ’em to, right?

But they will automatically do it for you. And supposedly over time they get smarter because they will learn. Right? Kind of like a. Bot, so to speak. So they’re like , they’re like a L one project that has AI bots that you can program and they will get smarter over time. So that, that’s kind of how, how they are, right?

So they’re not, AI marketplace like similarity. They’re just, there’s more. So like a AI project to simplify what graph does it indexes and categorize data. , okay. For chains and for projects for data retrieval, and helps those projects offer APIs so that other projects can fetch that data. Okay?

Essentially, that’s what it does. They call it Google block chains because it indexes basically whatever’s within a chain, and then it looks at all the Ds and stuff like that, right? But then it offers those Ds ability to create APIs, so other Ds can. Retrieve data. That’s essentially what the graph is all about.

They’re a promising project. I have covered ’em before. I’ve always thought they were kind of neutral, but they are definitely pumping up because the AI craze right now. Right? And here’s some interesting facts. As of Q4, 20 22 618 sub graph have migra migrated from the grass holding system to Desen decentralized network.

They are now on arbitrary. They started out with Ethereum. I believe that’s the correct, yeah, I believe that is correct. And you can see their quarries and indexes and everything else has been going up. Right. So overall, they’re moving in the right direction. Last week they set a new record, the highest number of DA querying in the past two months.

You have 129 unique D query in the network. 2.2 million queried. Right. So good numbers. Solid numbers, right? They have also, yes, they have basically moved to Arbitrar as well as all those other chains that I did mention. Right. So they, they are all over the place. Right. So that’s the graph in a nutshell.

They’ve been around for quite some. and, you know, right now they’re doing very well. So that’s good for people that have gotten into it. But you know, as, as for whether or not they’re really into a no, but you know what, maybe, maybe they will be in the future.

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BINANCE About To LOSE BILLIONS! New Attack By The Government!

How’s it going everyone? Rumor is Binance is about to lose possibly billions of dollars in fines to the US government. Now, I want to be clear, I’m not trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and I’m just trying to report the news as it comes in and trying to give it to you in a timely manner, because this has just been coming out and it could send some ripples through the crypto market, but we’ll talk about that, what this means for crypto here in a minute.

As we can see, the whole crypto market’s still looking great. Bitcoin is close to 25,000. Again, it’s the highest point that we’ve seen in six months. And the news of what’s happening with Binance, it doesn’t seem to be shaking the market at all. But I still will say, and I’ve been saying this for a while, there’s no reason to keep the majority of your crypto on Binance.

To be clear, I. Have a Binance account. I use Binance. I like Binance. I hope nothing goes wrong with them, but I’ve been saying for a while there’s no point in keeping the majority of your crypto on with B U S D being attacked by the SEC. I said this could be something bad for Binance as well. We also saw Kraken get their staking services shut down.

Now we’re getting news. And this is, this was kind of a rumor a few days ago in a Twitter space discussing Binance, but, apparently they’re going to try to avoid criminal penalties altogether and pay a one to 2 billion fee, fine or fee now. . What is this all about? Well, this article from the Wall Street Journal, goes through it a little bit more.

They say Binance grew quickly and began as a business powered by software engineers, unfamiliar with laws and rules written to address the risk of bribery and corruption, money laundering, and economic sanctions. The company has been working to fill gaps. Early compliance efforts, he says, but still expects regulators will impose fines for past conduct.

They’ve been growing very quickly and been willing to break things. Kind of the Silicon Valley model. The Silicon Valley model. The company is working with regulators to find out and figure out what the remediations. They have to go through now are to make amends for what they did in the past. The outcome will likely be a fine, could be more.

We just don’t know. This is for regulators to decide. Obviously after the s e c and after, the New York, whatever it was, department went after Paxos shut down all B U S D and after they went after Kraken as well, the. , I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go after a bigger player like Binance and Binance just to pay ’em some money to sweep it under the rug.

Now, if they took out a part of their business, like staking for example, whether it’s Binance or Binance us, I think that they would be more likely to fight it in. Coinbase has said the same thing, that they’re more likely to fight for staking, but if it’s past misconduct, like what they’ve done, where some people.

Jumped on tokens. And this has happened on other exchanges as well. But if people that worked for them jumped on tokens and committed, um, some type of fraud or, just weren’t, on the up and up, if they did some different illegal things as they were growing,

I think that would make sense for Binance just to pay the fee and not to really fight ’em too much on this, especially when they are cracking down so hard on crypto, it’s obvious that they’re.

To continue to crack down for a while now, we did get a reverse wells notice, uh, from U S D C, so basically going after the S E C. So they’re trying to point out the fact that the s e C is overreaching. So now the crypto in the entire crypto industry should have a bit more breathing. As I said, this isn’t really affecting crypto right now, at least price action wise and honestly, I just heard about this for the first time, but I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

I think Binance can handle a one to $2 billion hit and it might give people some comfort to know that Binance is kind of getting the check mark or the I, the AO K from the s ec. Maybe they’ll lay off them in terms of staking or other lines of their business, going forward a little bit since they are going to be able to get a lot of money from them.

But let me know your thoughts on this underneath the Blog , not spraying fear, uncertainty and doubt, but there’s no reason to keep the majority of your crypto on an exchange. In this day and age, I would highly suggest getting a cold storage wallet.

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BINANCE About To LOSE BILLIONS! New Attack By The Government! was originally published in Coinmonks on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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