SEI airdrop is a game to play

It’s always airdrop season if you are focus on that.

Recently, Miles Dautscher and other airdrop hunters shared a tweet about how to get involved in Sei network: but weeks have been passing and new interactions are possible.

First of all, Sei is built on Cosmos, and is the first sector-specific L1, specialised for trading to “give exchanges an unfair advantage”. Airdrop is confirmed (they will be distributing 1% of all tokens to beta testers).

Sei launched their incentivized testnet Act 4 on October 29th and a fixed airdrop amount is allocated to act 4, including 5 tasks to do to earn points The more points you have, the more airdrop you get.

Here are the engaging steps:

  1. install Kepler if you don’t have it: (Connect wallet then install it on Chrome)
  2. join Sei discord and request faucet tokens on atlantis testnet: !faucet youraddress !faucet UST2 youraddress
  3. Go to, connect wallet, select SEI Network on your Keplr wallet
  4. Go to “Trade”, Deposit UST2 Set up orders as from Act4 missions (limit, market…). When transaction pop-up shows up go to explorer and collect txn hash
  5. fill the form with your data and submit
  6. last but not least, to gain more points open a new form and fill the informations needed about referral: First, paste my address: sei15plhyfewnez2dh4eax77pwfcsz5femrsdh0dae; paste your address (in the 2nd box); paste your friend address (in the 3rd box), and send the form

In these days, Sei added a staking game to the task. The Sei Stake It Till You Make It game will begin on the 16th of February at 12pm PST and conclude on the 2nd of March at 12pm PST. Here you find the compelte guide, but it is so easy you can jump it:

  1. go to the staking page and ask faucet (available every 6 hours);
  2. go to staking game: you will find three validators assigned to you every 4 hours. The game? take them beneath the firs 5 on fhe leaderboard, just delegating

Thats’ it.


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