It is not easy to make money in the crypto market

These days, Bitcoin continued to rise, from a low of $16,256 at the beginning of the year to a recent high of 25,250, an increase of more than 55%.

If you invest $10,000 at the beginning of the year and do nothing for more than 2 months, the income will be $5,500 , and you will make a profit. But most people dare not increase their positions at low points, and only wait for the rise before saying that they knew it earlier.

Some people say that the entire market is currently on the rise, and there may be new highs; but the market is unpredictable, and no one dares to guarantee it.

Bitcoin daily volatility

Two days ago, with the announcement of Hong Kong’s encryption market-related policies, projects in the Hong Kong sector became popular, sweeping Twitter with Chinese Coin.

For example, CFX, a domestic public chain track, rose from 0.05 to a high of 0.36 in a week, an increase of more than 620%, and today the price returned to 0.28.

A group of friends hesitated to buy when they saw that CFX had risen by 1.5 times to 0.12 US dollars. After seeing the 6-fold increase, they could only feel that their situation was small.

There is also Polkadot Eco’s notarized anti-counterfeiting project KEY, which rose from 0.0038 to a high of 0.018 in a week, an increase of more than 370%, and fell by 44% in the past two days.

The hot spots ferment quickly, and the upward momentum is violent; after the hot spots stabilize, the decline is also fast. Those who get the information early, earn again.

CFX daily volatility

The market always goes up and down alternately. In the past two days, all sectors rose sharply, but today they all fell.

For novices who do not have first-hand sources of information, if they see a hot spot and go after it, they must be the target of a violent beating.

The market cannot be achieved overnight, and it will fall as much as it rises. I don’t know if there are any friends who have gotten into the car following the hot spots in the past two days and have been trapped.

The rise and fall of each sector in the past 2 days

I am at a loss for the market during this period. As a new player in the currency circle, I really feel great excitement and shock.

On social media, you can see that all types of players are working hard.

Some people are earning blur points, some are chasing domestic public chains, some are harvesting StepN Genesis running shoes airdrops, some are researching L2 public chains, some are doing interactions, liver chain tours and so on.

Most newcomers are dazzled and have no idea where to enter. There is no learning direction, and even the entrance cannot be found.

Hebi, a KOL with more than 170,000 Twitter followers, is saying that airdrops are not easy, let alone ordinary people.

He said that other people are interacting with blur during the Chinese New Year carnival, when they are reunited with their families, and when they travel with friends, so he has received a lot of blur airdrops.

The currency circle is also no pain, no gain

The bosses are saying that this industry is difficult, and it is even more difficult to make money. No one can make huge profits easily. No pain, no gain, but in the encrypted market, once there is a harvest, it may be very rich.

Some players are outputting content every day, researching project gameplay and white papers; some players are learning web3 interactively every day;

Behind the encryption market scenery and wealth stories, there are also many painful lessons, opportunities and big pits are accompanied by them.

There are web3 industry theme voice sharing every day

I also saw reports today that the star Xu Jinglei is doing Blur interaction and earning points; by the way, I looked at her wallet, holding 1082 NFTs and 10 BAYCs. She is a very early NFT player.

And Yi Nengjing hosted today’s “Hong Kong concept skyrocketing, mysterious oriental power rising” theme space. At 11:30 in the evening, there were still more than 2,000 people listening and sharing.

In the encryption market, many people study hard. If you pay today, you will be able to reap tomorrow;

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.

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It is not easy to make money in the crypto market was originally published in Coinmonks on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

How to Freemint Lifeform Cartoon NFT?

In the past two days, there is a Metaverse avatar Lifeform Cartoon that can be free to mint.

Lifeform provides Decentralized Visual Digital Identity (DID), providing digital citizenship for Web3 users. Binance Labs led the project’s seed round last August, with an unknown amount.

At present, Lifeform Cartoon has launched a one-month freemint event, from February 17th to March 17th.

Players pay about $0.5 for free minting, with a limit of one per wallet.

Lifeform Cartoon NFT Free Minting

How to cast Lifeform Cartoon?

Casting has the following steps:

Download the APP — connect the wallet to log in (in the BSC chain), the wallet needs to have a gas fee — create a cartoon avatar — fill in the inviter’s wallet address to get 500 points — FreeMint avatar NFT.

Users need to download Lifeform to the mobile phone, IOS can scan the code to download, or Google App Store to download, or APK download link.

Download links from different channels:

IOS download method requires IOS 13.0

1. Download TestFlight in the AppStore: TestFlight is an application that Apple helps developers distribute Beta software

2. Copy this web page address in the Safari browser, click “Start Test” to jump to “TestFlight” to download.


Visit Google Store to download, link:

Or download offline APK directly:

Freemint NFT

Connect Wallet Register Login

After opening the APP, click “Login with wallet” to select a commonly used wallet to connect.

The login response of different wallets is different. Some compare cards, and they are stuck all the time and cannot enter the next link; you can switch wallets, or exit and try again, or disconnect the network and reconnect. In addition, it is best to open the node when using the wallet;

You can also log in with a social media account, and the system will automatically assign a wallet address.

When I used TokenPokect to register, it was not successful,and Metamask was used to register successfully.

Register and log in with wallet

Create Avatar

Click “CREATE” to create a character, dress up and edit according to personal preferences, or upload or take your own photos to make NFT.

Click “EDIT” to edit characters at any time; click INTERACT to experience AI avatar creation. After the editor is confirmed, the character is cast, and it cannot be re-edited after casting.

Create character NFT

FreeMint Avatar NFT

The free minting ends on March 17. Click MINT and fill in the inviter’s wallet address to get 500 points respectively. I don’t know what the points are for.

You can fill in the invitation address of mine:


Fill in the inviter’s wallet address to get 500 points

After filling in the address, you can minting free, jump to the wallet login confirmation, the gas fee is about 0.5 US dollars, on the BSC chain.

After casting, you can see it in My NFT. Click on the wallet logo in the upper left corner, and you can see the points are the points obtained, and you can continue to invite friends.

After the NFT is cast, you can start the experience, but there is no detailed strategy for how to play it yet.

Minting NFTs for free

On February 17th, the first day of Lifeform Cartoon’s opening of casting, the amount of NFT casting exceeded 10,000, and the current number of casting characters has exceeded 65,000.

Some players sorted out the ecological introduction of the Lifeform project, sorting out from the track competing products, highlight innovations, team and financing, and roadmap.

The DID track has always been popular, and many entrances require users to hold digital identities. Will Lifeform Cartoon open a new metaverse door for users this time and create a cooler experience? Still need to wait.

Interpretation of Lifeform Cartoon project

​Currently, Lifeform Cartoon is free to mint, and the download and registration process is a little troublesome, but it is not clear what will happen in the future. The project led by Binance Labs may have its own halo.

In addition, whether Metaverse + DIA + 3D + NFT will collide with new gameplay is also worth looking forward to.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.

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How to Freemint Lifeform Cartoon NFT? was originally published in Coinmonks on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.