🔥 After ShangHai, what does Ethereum have?


The next big event is The Surge (scheduled for 2023-2024). The events that are still ongoing in the series are: The Verge, The Scourge, The Purge and The Splurge

With The Surge, the EIP-4844 (Q3/2023) upgrade gets a lot of attention for helping to reduce expensive gas fees in the Ethereum ecosystem, especially with Rollups solutions.

EIP-4844 helps to divide data in a transaction into small pieces, L2s don’t need to spend as much effort to query data from a large pool as before. Storage time will also be reduced => Minimize gas charges

Understandably, this feature will make Ethereum even “cheaper” using L2s like Optimism and Arbitrum, even though L2 transactions are already much cheaper than L1 Ethereum.

Layers 2 will continue to be in the spotlight because of this upgrade:– Zk Rollups: Polygon, zkSync, StarkNet, Scroll, Taiko, Loopring, Linea,…

– Optimistic Rollups: Optimism, Arbitrum, Metis, Boba,..


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