Why Author Brady Dale Is ‘Drowning’ in Sam Bankman-Fried


These words are coming to you from somewhere around the halfway point of writing this book. It’s December 1, 2022. Tonight, as my workday at Axios, the internet-native news site, was ending, I was trying to make some time do a little bit of research in companies that one of his companies, Alameda Research, has backed, but then I got a message on our Slack that SBF, the boy wonder who lost several billion dollars in crypto wealth, was doing a Twitter Spaces. For those blessedly adrift from the gravity of Twitter, Spaces are where a few people can go online and talk with each other, no video, just voice, while dozens or hundreds or thousands of others just listen, interacting only with a few emoji. Spaces has become a big way for big accounts to broadcast. And SBF, since late November and here in early December 2022, was all about broadcasting.