Alotta Money Tribute Exhibition & Auction: Where Art, Technology, and Philanthropy Converge in Unprecedented Harmony

The Details

  • Trevor Jones is hosting his 2nd Annual Bitcoin Angel Party in France from September 3 to 5th, 2023
  • In memory of the late OG Crypto artist, Alotta Money, Trevor is collaborating with MakersPlace for a charity exhibition and auction. Proceeds will be donated to Maggie’s, a non-profit organization providing families with cancer support
  • 30 curated artists involved include Pak, Jose Delbo, Bryan Brinkman, Hackatao, and PR1MAL CYPHER
  • Auctions Start September 2 and End September 8 (Fiat and Crypto accepted)


Castle Party, France 2023 – The art world is about to experience an extraordinary moment in history as Trevor Jones presents the second Annual Bitcoin Angel Castle Party, taking place in the exquisite Château de Vallery near Paris, France, from September 3 to 5, 2023. 

Not only hosting a monumental event, Trevor Jones also joins forces with digital art marketplace, MakersPlace to release the Alotta Money Charity Exhibition & Auction – seamlessly intertwining art, technology, and philanthropy in an unprecedented celebration of creativity and compassion. 


       The Hero We Needed | Jose Delbo

A Tribute to Legacy:

For those unfamiliar with the late Alotta Money, he is known as one of the OG Crypto Artists of the industry, notorious for his artworks which some describe as “cyberdelic pills mixed with crypto currency, anarcho propaganda, triple dipped in nonsense”. For those that knew him personally, Philippe Fatoux was more than just a pioneer and digital architect. He is remembered by many as a true friend, filled with humor, passion and positivity that he spread to all those around him. Tragically, Alotta passed away due to cancer on March 3rd, 2022.

In his honor and to preserve a legacy, the Alotta Money Charity Auction consists of a curated selection of 30 artists who each created work inspired by Alotta himself. Funds raised through the auctions will be donated to Maggie’s, a charity focused on providing families with cancer support.



The Creator | Saint MG

A Philanthropic Force: Beyond its artistic resonance, the Alotta Money Charity Auction champions the spirit of philanthropy.

Maggie Jencks, founder of the organization, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 47. Through her personal experience, she realized that there weren’t many resources or locations for families to gather outside of the depressing hospital setting. This inspired Maggie and her husband to form the first center, creating a happy and comfortable environment to support families. The charity continues to expand and change lives in Maggie’s honor. After recently losing his father to cancer, Trevor Jones personally experienced the importance of needing support systems like Maggie’s. As a smaller scale charity, any money raised through these auctions will create a dramatic impact on all the centers and families they serve, while also showing the world how much of a positive impact Web3 and the digital art community can have. By participating in this auction, collectors will contribute to a much larger cause, extending an impact far beyond the boundaries of the art world.

Auction Schedule:

  • September 1: A 24-hour preview of the exhibit
  • September 2: Bidding opens at 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10am EST
  • September 8: Bidding closes at 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10am EST

Enriching Your Collection, Enriching Lives:

We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary journey—a journey that bridges the gap between art and philanthropy, between digital innovation and real-world impact.  Artists involved in the exhibition and auction include Pak, Hackatao, Jose Delbo, Bryan Brinkman, mbsjq, PR1MAL CYPHER, noCreative, Violet Jones, Saint MG, Kitty Bast and Perry Cooper.

For full list of participating artists and more information, visit Alotta Money Charity Exhibit and Auction (

Trevor Jones

Graduated from Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art in 2008 with an MA Fine Art and has been exploring art and tech collaboration for more than a decade.
Their genesis NFT dropped on SuperRare December 2019. EthGirl was a collaboration with the creative genius Alotta Money and it opened up my eyes to a whole new world of creative opportunity and tech potential. 

Alotta Money

Alotta Money was a Crypto Artist, memes perv, photoshop priest, VR&AR maximalist, NFT machine & most humble visual orgasm provider in the space. Their artworks are like cyberdelic pills mixed with crypto currency anarcho propaganda, triple dipped in nonsense.


A charity with a network of centres across the UK and beyond, which provides professional practical and emotional support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The funds raised by the auction will go to support the Maggie’s centre in Edinburgh.


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Artist Feature | SARES

Sares, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us! Why don’t we start with where you are from.

I was born in Argentina and that is where I live. But I believe that we are more than where we live, because the experiences that form and feed us are outside of our comfort zone. Taking this into account, it was that at the age of 21 I decided to give my life a radical change and venture to break with the borders. That is why I moved to Colombia and I was there for 2 and a half years.

Although I always had an inclination for art, I think that’s where my career changed completely. At first everything was shining, but over time the situation got a little more intense. Due to the need to move on, I gave up my career as a photographer, a difficult but necessary decision to continue, since I had to sell my camera in order to pay the rent. They say that the most complex moments are where the best ideas come from, and that’s how it was. Because after going through several jobs as an assistant, sales manager for an image bank, photography teacher and assistant on a farm; I started, thanks to a friend, to learn about Art Direction. After a while I returned to Argentina, but I must say that I had two unforgettable things: a career that allowed me to grow and a friend whom I still consider today the older brother I never had.

At the beginning it was strange to be back in my country, but thanks to the effort, perseverance and hard work, I got my first job as a creative and art director in an advertising agency. I must say that it was quite a personal achievement since all my education was self-taught.

Today I still live in Argentina, but my sights are set on breaking the borders again thanks to art.

Can you tell us about your background and what lead you down the path to becoming an artist and ultimately experimenting with NFTs?

Following the line of those that I told you before, my life is divided into two great moments: Before and after my departure from Argentina.

If we talk about before, I must say that since I was a child I have had an inclination and appreciation for art, something that I am really grateful to my family since they encouraged me to look beyond what is seen, and thus also to defend my ideas and values. Without going too far, there is a story that my relatives always tell that since I was a year and a half old I sat looking at a book that was in my grandmother’s house where there were some reproductions of works by Rembrandt. Also that my aunt taught me the colors with pencils. This is how the need to create and express myself was born in me, thanks also to my parents who supported all my artistic hobbies: drawing, painting, miniature painting, etc.

Already as a teenager, around the age of 15, I began to take this more seriously. I spent hours drawing, because at that age I grabbed my first spray can and went out into the streets. Although graffiti is something that I find fantastic, it had much more connection with the portraits using the aerosol as a technique. That’s where I found a passion and a direct link to art, making me choose to major in Art within my school studies.

Having spent a few years and after leaving the fashion designer career (I love fashion as a method of communication) was that I began to approach photography. My grandfather gave me my first camera for my 18th birthday, an analog Konica. And with it I began to try self-taught. I liked it so much that I decided to study fashion photography, it combined the two things that I was passionate about and it was something that focused on the human portrait, something that, as I said before, always captured my attention, because I think that people speak without words when they are in front of to a lens.

With publications in Argentina, coverage of Buenos Aires Fashion Week for two consecutive years and editorials in Colombia prior to my trip, it was that I decided to leave.

After my return, and after working with my dad in his construction materials business, I worked and currently work as an art director, at first in advertising agencies, until life put me on the path of the entrepreneur after that I was fired from an agency, causing me to set up my own creative studio: BORK Studio.

I think that there was always a transversal line during more than 10 years of career in the world of advertising: the link between creativity and technology. Something that I always tried to include in my work for clients like L’oreal, Adidas Originals LATAM, Renault, Supervielle, Unilever. That combination is something fantastic and I was able to fully apply it when, thanks to BORK, I got to know and entered the 3D world. It was always my biggest fear, but they say that things happen when we break barriers.

I remember that thanks to a colleague, who one day spoke to me and my wife, Barbi Ares (@barbiares) about NFTs back in 2020, it completely captured my attention and I began to investigate to understand how to enter, there was not much information at that time and Twitter was not very good for me, but I decided to accept the challenge and join. Meanwhile, and taking advantage of the pandemic lockdown, I sat in the chair to learn everything I could in record time. Once again I had chosen the hard path: Learn Houdini and enter a world I was completely unfamiliar with.

At that time we worked together with Barbi under the name of SNTG, until a friend told me: build a strong branding. And by combining Barb’s last name and my first initial, SARES was born. Nowadays everyone manages their own account with their personal style, I run SARES and Barbi under her own name, but we continue to work side by side (Literally, we share the desk in our house hahaha)

” Once again I had chosen the hard path:

 Learn Houdini and enter a world I was

completely unfamiliar with.”

When did you mint your first NFT? What platform did you choose and why? 

On August 22, 2021 to be exact, I still remember the nerves of that first mint.

My genesis was in KnownOrigin, I had been researching other marketplaces but they didn’t quite convince me: Foundation was by invitation, SuperRare was with an application and it felt unattainable, OpenSea didn’t quite convince me for 1/1 art.

The day my friend told me about NFTs, he told me that he was in KO and had very good user support and artist support on social media. It sounded really great for someone just starting out. So I decided to take a risk and send the portfolio I had, days later they contacted me to tell me that I had been selected.

Who is your favorite artist(s) (Non NFT)? What about their style resonates with you? 

If we are talking about an artist who absolutely resonates with everything I do, I must say that Caravaggio is my favorite. The strength of each piece seems fascinating to me, that environment focused on drama and tension; accompanied by the lighting technique and the general concept, they make a mix of elements that generate an atmosphere charged with visual and conceptual intensity. These features, in my opinion, are incredible. Since it loads the canvas with a message that takes the viewer out of their comfort zone, generating that necessary discomfort to reflect, while making them a witness to what happens on the scene.

From a photographic point of view, Tim Walker is an artist who has captivated me since my beginnings as a photographer. His dreamlike scenes and concepts, and how he integrates different aesthetics and attitudes is truly inspiring. I think his pieces speak of the past and future in the present.

And Ale Vidal, an artist that I discovered relatively recently and it was a connection at first sight. Her way of working movement, light and atmosphere in each piece has a mix between delicacy and a strong spirit where aesthetics shines in truly exquisite compositions.

And I must also mention Alyssa Thorne and Tanya Gomelskaya, they seem to me to be two artists who take a mix of classic styles to another dimension. Literally speaking, their style and how they carry it out seems to me to be something truly inspiring, really strong, impressive and innovative works in my opinion.

Who is your favourite NFT artist? What makes this artist unique? 

Here I could mention many artists to be honest, although I don’t believe in the distinction between artists and NFT artists, everything is digital art. But focusing on the community, there is an incredible amount of talent, which is why naming just one would be impossible. To name a few, I could tell you:


Min Shi

Daria Antypenko

Vittorio Bonapace


Beryl Bilici

Barbi Ares

JJ Ribi

Ergin Ishakoglu

Each one of them has a defined and consistent style, be it with the technique, with the composition or with the conceptualization. But what, in my opinion, makes them truly unique is that their works generate the need to see and analyze them in depth, a quantity of details that arouse a thousand emotions when one is immersed in the pieces.

What made you pursue NFT art?

For a few years there has been a need within me to express what I think and feel, although I always put things into words, and sometimes in a somewhat crude way haha, I began to feel that I wanted to break the routine of creating for others and start creating for me. And in this way to be able to give a place to the externalization of those feelings, emotions or situations that at some point in life made a change in me, making me who I am today.

Although I love being part of the world of advertising, for some years now it began to happen to me that I needed to change my perspective and my actions because, day by day, I was mutating to a side where I was not interested in being. And at the moment I decided to become independent as a professional, the need to create without depending on other people’s observations or confusing feedback also arose. A rather big break since I began a new personal search: the construction of a path as an artist. And I say path because I believe that this is not something that has an end, as one develops it mutates, and that is how it becomes something constant; but unlike advertising, this path leads to the construction of a balance between the self and the other, due to the link we generate with our values ​​and ideals.

This duality in constant movement is what leads me to work in 3 times, that is, learning from the past while thinking about the future, but always capturing the present. That fair point of the chaos of the passage of time.

In short, the need to find freedom and a space where I can express the essence of what I believe.

What is the one piece of NFT art you wish you had purchased but missed out on? 

I remember that when Transcendance, by Billelis, came out, I fell completely in love with this piece, it was clearly out of my financial reach, but if I could buy it, I would not have hesitated for a moment.

Transcendance by Billelis:

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why this location?

 There are 3 places that I have yet to visit: Armenia and Lebanon. Although I could say Italy is one of my fav European countries, it has a strong culture that marks the aesthetics of what I do. I feel that the link is more tied to identity than the search for roots. And in my case, the countries that I mentioned above define part of my identity, since my family has descendants from both places. A few years ago I began to investigate and learn more about where everything that has been building me since childhood comes from, especially after the loss of my great-grandfather at the age of 18, who left me teachings that really marked me as a person. Both countries have a truly incredible culture and the development of a particular aesthetic; And that is precisely where I am currently searching: finding a point where the aesthetic development that has guided my work since I began and the aesthetics that define my identity as a person come together.

What are your other passions besides art? Why? 

Apart from art, I think there are two great concepts that are my other passions. On the one hand, there is knowledge: I really love constantly learning, it is something I dedicate at least an hour a day to because I think it is the best exercise to keep my mind active and fresh, a key characteristic when creating what be. And on the other hand, I could say that fashion is something that has captivated me for several years, I think it is a great social and artistic expression. And beyond the fact that I materialize it by collecting sneakers, it is real that it captures in garments each cultural moment of society.

Do you make other forms of art? 

Yes, in fact it is what I use as a tool when I have blockages or feel overwhelmed in the head. Writing and putting thoughts into words is something that I find fantastic. The ability to express ourselves and communicate with words is one of the characteristics that defines us as a species. And as an exercise it is really interesting because it helps us develop conceptualization and narrative.

In fact, my inspiration in general terms comes mostly from Rio de la Plata Literature and the lyrics of the rhymes that Spanish hip hop has. It seems exquisite to me, the concise and precise construction that both things have to make daily descriptions in a really beautiful and synthetic way, is something that awakens the imagination in a very particular way.

How did you come up with your specific style? 

I honestly believe that it was a progressive construction that was put together over the years.

As a first general approach, since I was a child that I have been very aware of classical art, as I told you before there was always an art book at the home of a relative. At the same time, I always had a very close link with classical architecture thanks to the fact that my godfather, a very influential person in my life, studied architecture when I was little, so I remember being very connected from that side as well. I remember that he had a painting that was an architectural sketch of Versailles, I always kept looking at it when I passed by.

On the other hand, time is present in my work, this is because over the years I developed a certain appreciation for nostalgia, which in fact is one of the main triggers of the concepts I work on. A connection with those places detained in times of forgotten glory that reflect the passage of time in the crudest possible way, destruction as creation. Above all, because since I was a child I have been curious about how time is freely represented independently. I usually analyze it by looking at the behavior of humidity on objects or the deterioration of fruit, for example.

This developed over time. As the years passed and some of the most important people in my life left, the appreciation for what it was, grew. And that’s when I began to embrace my roots even more, as a way of clinging to the construction of a real identity and keeping the memory alive in one way or another.

Another constructive element of my style is nature, this is where life and beauty come into play in their maximum splendor; I generally make use of flowers that I remember from my childhood, those that were in the garden of my house or that were the favorites of a loved one. The rebirth after chaos, that moment where we begin to rebuild ourselves. This is due to the willpower put in more than once throughout my life to get ahead after complex situations that changed my life in a decisive way. To give you a specific example, the day I ended my relationship with the last agency I worked for, I didn’t see what happened next; 9 months without a job was not an easy situation, especially having to pay rent. But from that moment of bankruptcy where there was not enough money, the independence that I currently have arose, because that was when I was encouraged to jump and undertake. Getting ahead is always a complex task, but when you realize that you are not alone and that you can do it, the situation changes completely.

And finally there is chaos. The present at its best, that moment where destruction is expressed, the disorder of everything that happens in an instant but we do not get to contemplate. I have always been curious about entropy, seeing change and the process that leads to change from state to order to disorder. I owe this to my country, my character and how it was formed throughout my life: I must say that I grew up among people of strong character, firm convictions and an enormous appreciation for values ​​and ideals; This sometimes led to moments of tension, for example, which I understood more as an adult as moments of explosion. People sometimes need to release those thoughts that are usually destructive. The country where I come from is also added here, because as we all know, Argentina is characterized by being constantly unstable, always changing and this leads to life sometimes becoming a stress trigger that leads us to need to express ourselves. This is where the expression of the harshness of the reality that everyday life here comes into play.


How has your style evolved over the years? 

I would tell you that it unfolded as my life developed, as I grew up. For this reason, I believe that it is a constant evolution that will last as long as I last. It is completely based on personal experiences that make use of a combination of classic styles, to give rise to the representation of an instant triggered by the past but that impacts the future carrying a message that adds to whoever witnesses the piece. And I say witness, since I seek to bring an experience that envelops the viewer, a journey towards those deep thoughts that we usually have but do not share, instead of giving them an image to contemplate.

In my beginnings as a photographer I had an essence similar to the current one but I oriented it towards a neat side, towards full splendor, combining it with contemporary themes that were a trend at that time.

After a few years, and executing other types of graphic design and illustration techniques, I began to execute the destruction under a more rustic application, but it was carried out with contemporary aesthetics: new wave, grotezk, etc. Much more contemporary to tell the truth.

And at one point, when one Sunday morning in 2020, I set out to do an introspection job and create a personal branding without looking at any type of reference that comes from the graphic design side. That’s when I found this style that I’ve been working on for 3 years, which organically expresses identity. Although it will continue to mutate for the first time, I feel that in each piece I make, I can express my deepest and most sincere part, my true self. And in this way generate a real interaction with the witness spectator, in order to create a sincere bond.

What is coming for you and your work in the near future? 

For now, there will be a series of drops shared with other artists for the launch of a new selling methodology on one of the marketplace I’m in.

And the launch of two series that I’m working on, which will come out on the dates that I usually mint year after year: one for September and another for the end of the year in December. I don’t usually take many pieces for different reasons, one of them is the production time that 3D has.

And finally, we are in communication with a space brand to be able to do a collaboration between one of its products and its intervention with my style.

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be? 

It’s a bit difficult for me to just name one, I think I would love to collaborate with Vittorio Bonapace. The way in which he works the compositions, the scenes and the atmosphere that he generates in his pieces seems truly incredible to me.

But here I could not ignore the desire to collaborate with Min Shi or Billelis.

Do you have any upcoming drops? 

Yes, at this precise moment I am working on the post-production of a new series that I plan to launch during August / September, based on the concept of: Tombs of Glory. A series of pieces that talk about how oblivion makes those constructions that were formed generation after generation disappear, and the importance of keeping those memories alive so that we are not the ones who fall there tomorrow.

And I am already working on the conceptualization of a series of pieces that will close 2023 and open 2024. It has not yet been defined because I am debating between two ideas, but I am sure of one thing, I want it to be something big.

Where can collectors find your work? 

Link to Website:


Social links:


NFT marketplace links: 

Biggest piece sold?


My biggest sale was AMARE, my debut piece within SuperRare.

I remember the excitement when started the auction on that piece, I really couldn’t believe it.

 What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that? 

Since I started, I think I made a thousand mistakes, in fact that is how you learn in my opinion. From hitting our heads against the wall, the best lessons come out.

When I minted my genesis, I had no knowledge of how the pieces were priced. I remember that the gas was 100 usd at that time, I had put the piece in editions. Ten to be precise, at 0.1ETH. Crazy. Until chatting with a friend who was already in space for a long time, he explained to me how I could quote.

On the other hand, I spent shilling the piece instead of creating a place within the community. I remember my feed had completely mutated into tweets that were just Engagement Farming. Until one day a colleague explained to me how to move little by little to start connecting with the community.

I also think I made a mistake that I haven’t been able to fix yet, but it’s something I’m working on. I mean the way and the attention that I give to my social networks, I think they need a little more presence and content to be able to reach more people.

But if we talk about the biggest mistake, I would have to tell you this: when we started with Barbi Ares, we both shared the same wallet. She created a profile in Foundation to be able to develop her own style and I continued in KO; then I put together another wallet since I needed to put together a profile on Foundation as well. But, it turns out that my first sales and collectors look at his Foundation profile. Rookie mistake, very rookie, but that’s how I learned how things work when organizing our channels as artists.

Anything else you’d like to share?

During the last few years, things have happened in my life that I imagined would be possible, and all thanks to having made the decision to change my life and start this path. Exhibiting in NY, Canada, China, Los Angeles and Italy was a great achievement indeed.

There is one more thing that I would love to share, and that is gratitude. Because nothing that has happened in recent years would have been possible without some people who gave me their unconditional support and left me great lessons. For example, if my mom and dad hadn’t taught me the true value of standing up for our ideas and that hard work is what gets results, nothing would be the way it is in my life in general.

All of this is possible thanks to the constant support of my family, to my parents, to my sister, to my wife Barbi Ares, JJRibi, Hernán Ortiz, KRIEZ, Foleee, DDO, The Crypt Gallery and their entire team. And, above all, thanks to each of the collectors who believe in my work.

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Artist Feature: BRIAN CATTELLE


Capturing the beauty of the human spirit through long exposure street photography. 

Delray Beach FL – 4/24/2023 – Brian Cattelle, a photographer with over 10 years of experience in the field and 2 years of experience working with NFTs, has announced the launch of his latest project, “Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.” This marks his 4th major NFT release to date, and the project is now available to collect on Foundation.

The project features candid street photography from cities around the world, all captured in a single, 1/4 of a second exposure. The long exposure technique creates an image that speaks to the narrative of being spiritual beings having a human experience, questioning the very nature of time and the existence of the physical world.

Through this project, Cattelle explores the concept of what having a soul implies in relation to a physical form. The long exposure captures more than one instance in a single image, highlighting the fleeting yet always meaningful moments in which we pass each other. This visual representation of the soul and the connection we share in the human experience is what makes this project so impactful.

This technique also creates an image that speaks to the narrative that questions the very nature of time and the existence of the physical world.

“It’s in the long exposure that you can actually see that something is there, the single moment has passed, but it’s clear there is more than just a single moment and thus our existence extends beyond a series of single moments. With that in mind, the moments in which we pass each other are fleeting yet meaningful because the connection we share in the human experience which extends beyond a singular moment.”

“I have always been fascinated by the idea that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience,” Brian shares. “Through this project, I hope to encourage others to see the true beauty in their own existence. I want to encourage others to stay open-minded in light of the fact that we know very little of how the universe actually works”. Brian points out that According to NASA, Everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe. The project is minted in a manifold ERC-721 contract and is currently listed on Foundation.

For more information on the project and to purchase the NFT, please visit follow Brian Cattelle on @briancattelle Twitter or visit his page on Foundation at

Contact: Brian Cattelle

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New York | Spanish technology, fashion, and decor firm, MÄKELISMOS, inspired by the works of renowned artist René Mäkelä, is set to launch a groundbreaking strategy dubbed #FINDINGLITTLEBEEPLE in New York. As part of the strategy, the firm seeks to pay homage to digital artist Beeple by delivering, through René Mäkelä, the painting, “Little Beeple,” which reflects a baby Beeple surrounded by elements of his creativity. The work is part of the firm’s Every Child is an Artist series, which pays tribute to icons represented as children on canvas, followed by their 3D evolution in NFTs, resulting in sold-out collections.

MÄKELISMOS will attend NFT NYC as a prominent firm and speaker and will launch its new child icon, Little Beeple, in an open edition on Nifty Gateway, in partnership with The Crypt Gallery. The previous icons, including Little Basquiat, Little Dalí, Little Frida, and Little Warhol, have been highly successful, with sold-out collections. The physical work, already owned by Beeple, will continue in an exclusive NFT NYC release of NFT Every Child is An Artist: Little Beeple. The collection will be available first to collectors of The Crypt Gallery, and then to the general public for a few hours around NFT NYC.

MÄKELISMOS has become a benchmark in the NFT scene, with an extensive collection of highly valued works. The artist René Mäkelä has exhibited in some of the most relevant international galleries, with collectors that include top athletes such as Manny Machado, Cam Newton, Vinicius Jr., Austin Rivers, Antoine Griezmann, Patrick Peterson, Matt Kemp, as well as celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Madonna, and even Pope Francis.


Visit the MÄKELISMOS website at, and follow them on Instagram at @makelismos_brand.




Trevor Jones to Auction Physical Bitcoin Angel at The Crypt Gallery

Celebrated artist Trevor Jones is set to make headlines again with his upcoming live auction of Bitcoin Angel, both physical and digital, at The Crypt Gallery, during The King of Midtowns NFT tour on April 13th, 2023. The auction promises to be a spectacular event, with the chance to bid on one of the most sought-after NFTs on the market, giving the winning bidder both the physical and the digital version of The Bitcoin Angel.

But that’s not all. Trevor Jones is also excited to announce the second annual Castle Party 2023, taking place at the historic Château de Vallery. This three-day, two-night event promises to be an unforgettable experience, with entertainment, games, food, and an open bar included in the price of entry.

Trevor Jones has been at the forefront of the art and technology intersection for over a decade. His experiments with QR code oil paintings and AR paved the way for his more recent foray into the world of NFTs. His crypto-themed AR paintings have been a hit with collectors, and his latest work, Bitcoin Angel, has generated significant buzz in the NFT community.

The Crypt Gallery, where the live auction will take place, is a creative powerhouse that connects the digital art community, curates digital drops, and provides education and advisement for brands, celebrities, and artists as they navigate Web3. The gallery is known for its custom IRL activations and events with large artist and community presence and for bringing together a diverse network of industries under one roof.

Castle Party 2023 promises to be another unmissable event in the charitable and NFT calendar, with the opportunity to celebrate the fusion of 21st-century art and technology in a stunning ancient château. It’s also an opportunity to do more good than you can imagine by supporting Trevor’s fundraising goals.

So mark your calendars for April 13th and get ready to bid on Bitcoin Angel at The Crypt Gallery live auction. And don’t miss your chance to attend Castle Party 2023 at the magnificent Château de Vallery. It’s going to be a party to remember!

Explore The Bitcoin Angel Auction here.
Bitcoin Angel Silent Auction
Start: April 12th 1:00 pm EST
End: April 17th 1:00 pm EST
The Crypt Gallery
The Dream Hotel
355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011
About Trevor Jones:
Graduating with an MA Fine Art (Hons) from Edinburgh College of Art Trevor has been working at the intersection of art and technology for over a decade experimenting with QR code oil paintings in 2012 and AR the following year. Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 inspired a new creative direction with the development of crypto themed AR paintings, which in turn soon led him to the fast paced and exciting world of NFTs.

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Epic NFT Event At The Crypt Gallery During NFT NYC

April 5th, New York | The Crypt Gallery brings the web3 community together this upcoming NFT NYC week, with part 2 of King of Midtown’s NFT TOUR hosted on April 13th. Known for his ability to connect the digital art community irl, King is bringing together an impressive lineup of artists, collectors, and communities for this exciting event. The Crypt Gallery, located in Dream Downtown’s lobby and lounge areas, will feature over 80 permanent displays showcasing the work of talented artists like Trevor Jones, Violet Jones, Emanuele Ferrari, Alien Queen, Bryan Brinkman, Michael Kutsche, and more.

VIP hour will kick off with a Web3 comedy show featuring Ari Shaffir, Myq Kaplan, Matt Richards, Caitlin Peluffo, and Shane Mauss. David Bianchi will take the stage for a live performance, followed by a Poker Tournament hosted by World Champ and pro poker player, Johnathan Little. Participation in the tournament is free and prizes include NFTs courtesy of King of Midtown, The Crypt Gallery, and Jonathan Little.

General Admission opens at 8pm, with FREE access for all guests who RSVP. The evening will feature IRL exclusive art drops (LIVE MINTING), NFT raffles, and free giveaways. Attendees can also purchase physical artwork from Trevor Jones, Violet Jones, Yanis | Ethik Design, and more. Live performances by David Henry Nobody and JOY (John Orion Young) will provide entertainment, while music will be provided by Abana and Young and Sick.

Joining us for live art activations are Gabe Weis, Mistr G, and Donkeeboy. Mad Rabbits Riot Club, one of the main communities activating alongside The Crypt Gallery, and KOM community members have FREE ACCESS TO VIP HOURS. Please check their Discords for full details and registration instructions.


VIP ticketing information will be available soon on The Crypt Gallery website and social media channels. Stay tuned for more information and join us for an unforgettable night!

For details, view and save the flyer below or visit!

Make sure to RSVP here!

For those in town, make sure to visit The Crypt Gallery as the NFT hub of NYC! Open 24/7 guests are welcome to visit and enjoy the live exhibition. 

On Wednesday April 12, The Crypt Gallery will be hosting a VIP meet and greet featuring artists such as Trevor Jones, Violet Jones, Bloom Collective, Makelismos, Noelz and more! 

Friday the 13th, expect a full showcase takeover from Circle of Frens by Chikai. Artwork will be live from 11am to 4pm, within community meetup hours from 2-4pm. 

See you next week at The Crypt Gallery, the hub for digital art. 


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Artist Interview | Quetzal Gelo

Quetzal, Thank you so much for taking the time to share a bit about yourself with us. Would you mind starting by sharing a little about your story?

I am an abstract artist who has long put off trying to become a full-fledged artist. I studied at a school with an artistic bias, but after entering university, I stopped creating art. Sometimes I painted something for the table or for myself, creating acrylic paintings on canvas for my apartment and nothing more. I have worked as a counselor for problem children, a consultant at Zara, a copywriter, and most of all, I was a bartender. At one point, I began drawing a lot again to express my emotions through paint. After learning about NFTs, I started uploading these works to platforms for the sake of interest and the opportunity to be

Where are you from?

I am from St. Petersburg, which is considered the cultural capital of Russia. Many famous poets and artists lived in this city and were inspired by it, such as Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Kazimir Malevich, and others. It is impossible not to be inspired by this city. However, after Russia attacked Ukraine, I flew with my boyfriend and our cat to find a new home. We ended up choosing Montenegro, and our journey took us through Istanbul. But we loved Istanbul so much that we decided to stay there. I don’t know if this will be our final choice, maybe we will continue to look for a new home and travel further.

Can you tell us about your background and what lead you down the path to becoming an artist and ultimately experimenting with NFTs?

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be creative. Since childhood, I have been drawing a lot. I remember how I drew fashionable outfits for my mother, came up with nail designs for her, and so on. Then I was sent to a school with an artistic bias. It differed from the usual school in that we had many drawing lessons, and we studied a lot of architecture from different eras, costumes, and painting. After school, I delved into university affairs. My specialty was not very creative (bridge and airfield engineer), and I even forgot that I once knew how to draw. But nevertheless, I always followed artists, performances, exhibitions, fashion, and music. All this shaped my taste in art for many years. During my life, I managed to work as a counselor with problem teenagers and as a bartender. As an introvert, it was difficult for me to work as a bartender. On weekends, I started painting for myself, in pencil, acrylic on paper or canvas. With the help of colors, I expressed my emotions, most often negative ones. It helped me to throw everything out, and I really felt better. Then, experimenting with acrylic in the form of simple strokes became one of my NFT collections. I learned about NFT from the stories of my favorite singer Grimes. And I decided – why not try? Dude, you always stopped all attempts to become a full-fledged artist, you were insecure, and you are almost 30, can you change something already? And I finally decided to do it.

When did you mint your first NFT? What platform did you choose and why?

I dropped my first NFT about two years ago on OpenSea. At that time, I knew of only two platforms for NFTs, OpenSea and Foundation. However, I needed an invitation to join Foundation and didn’t know how to get one. Therefore, I chose OpenSea.

Can you tell us one thing you cannot live without? (and why)

Except for my family and my son cat, I thinking it would be music. Music has always been essential to me as it allows me to immerse myself in a particular emotional state, and it is an excellent source of inspiration. The music and the artists I have listened to have played a significant role in shaping my worldview and creative preferences.

Who is your favorite artist(s) (Non NFT)? What about their style resonates with you?

I adore many classics in art. But to answer this question, I will choose a contemporary artist, and it will be Emanuele Tozzoli. God, I just love his style. This is what inspires me a lot. He is completely free in his self-expression. His works are impulsive, and I see a whole theatrical performance in them. Some may find his work strange, but this is what inspires me. Going beyond has always impressed me.

Who is your favourite NFT artist? What makes this artist unique?

I love @iamsati with all my heart. She was one of the first artists I followed in NFT, and we became great friends afterward. I really like her TV collection; I love her color palette and cute stories. I appreciate that over time, she began to add more of her experiences to her art, and I often see a social or political context in her TV characters, which I like. I also love her 1/1 art, where she maintains her style, her color palette, and expresses herself on many topics that I admire. I see and feel her emotions in her work, and her cyberpunk storylines are impressive.

What made you pursue NFT art?

Everything matched perfectly. I always reproached myself for feeling embarrassed to post my art, being unsure of myself, starting and abandoning my art Instagram. Additionally, I felt the approaching crisis 30 years old; I had still not started doing what I had always dreamed of, and was often depressed. I saw that the main tool for promoting NFTs is Twitter, and I had not used this social network for promotion before. After seeing the amazing support from artists, I decided that I would do everything to fulfill my dream and become a full-fledged, full-time artist. As they say, “LFG”!

What is the one piece of NFT art you wish you had purchased but missed out on?

It was a photo of @Tylersjourney_ “True colors”. I periodically checked whether it was sold or not, and planned to buy it when I sold something for a certain amount. But I didn’t have time, she was taken away from my hands haha.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why this location?

I have always dreamed of visiting New York and Berlin. I think these cities are perfect for me and I hope to visit them. But if I were to choose a place to live, then I would opt for a quiet and peaceful place with good Internet and warm weather, where I could completely immerse myself in my creativity.

What are your other passions besides art? Why?

Music. I listen to music all the time, follow news and updates on different genres, and like to explore new artists. I also enjoy cooking and often treat people to my dishes, though I should probably do it more often.

Do you make other forms of art?

Currently no. If you only count writing stories for my open edition collection, each art is a separate story in two parts and I write these stories myself. In the future I would like to learn how to make music.

How did you come up with your specific style?

I’ve experimented a lot with my art, exploring different themes, colors, and even genres. My first NFT works were chaotic acrylic strokes, but I gradually began incorporating more movement and color. Eventually, I started adding characters to my pieces and sketched a lot on my iPad. I watched a lot of other artists, was inspired. This process led me to develop my current style, which is still abstract and features pastel-colored backgrounds that imitate oil paint. My works now include more characters and storylines, and each one tells a mini-story that I’ve experienced personally. Additionally, I always include my mushroom characters in each piece, which have become a signature of my art. While I still criticize myself at times, I would say that my current style is my favorite of all that I’ve done. Drawing in this style brings
me a lot of joy.

How has your style evolved over the years?

I think my art has become bolder and freer. I no longer see any limits for myself in creativity. There are more interesting details and features, and I see that my style is finally starting to emerge, and my latest works look organic with each other. I went from chaotic acrylic brushstrokes to full-fledged abstract illustrations.

What is coming in the near future?

I have some new 1/1 artworks that should be dropping soon, as well as several works in progress and many ideas in the form of sketches. I also plan to release a collection of works without characters, featuring minimalistic abstractions. I will continue to work on myself as an artist to become a full-fledged artist, and I will continue to develop my social networks, writing different threads such as a section for artists, musicians, and videos that have inspired me.

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

Another tough question haha. There are many talented artists that I admire, but if I had to choose one for a potential collaboration, I would say Grigala. I think our styles would complement each other well, with my characters and details blending nicely with his abstract approach. Who knows, maybe we can work together someday!

Do you have any upcoming drops?

Yes, there are at least two jobs that I plan to drop. These are personal arts for me, which I really love and worry about before the drop. If I’m lucky and I can get on SR, I would gladly post them there. The second option is Foundation.

Biggest piece sold?

“Coming out” – 0.5 ETH
This was a very personal work for me, where I expressed my emotions about my coming out last year. The art is accompanied by a very long description where I share my life and emotions candidly.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that? Anything else you’d like to share?

I guess I’ll name my unfortunate trait. I used to trust people too much, and because of this, I had problems with betrayal and many unpleasant situations. But that was in the past. Now, I have become a more closed person, and I am selective about who I trust. I don’t immediately open up to people haha

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to encourage all the artists who are considering trying their hand at web3. It is definitely worth it! I regret not getting into NFTs sooner. You will receive tremendous support from other artists, make friends, gain lots of inspiration, and have opportunities to grow. We are all just at the very beginning of this journey, so jump on the NFT train and embark on this journey together.


Where can collectors find your work?

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8 Leading Fashion Brands Incorporating The Metaverse

Although Metaverse still needs to be explored, it has shaken up many industries among which fashion is the leading one. It is not far from embracing the latest blockchain technology of the metaverse like other business niches. What impact will the metaverse have on fashion houses? Popular brands will undoubtedly leverage the groundbreaking technology of the metaverse to stay up with the times. Just like they do in the real world, people in the metaverse need to use fashionable clothing and accessories to signify and express their own self-identity.


Businesses from many walks of life, such as the crypto trading industry utilizing platforms like bitcoin strom, the fashion industry, and the technology industry of today, are establishing a presence in the Metaverse. The fashion industry is free to build its own metaverses which include everything from storefronts to designers. Louis Vuitton, Nike, Gucci, and many more of the world’s most recognizable companies have already made strides into the metaverse to take advantage of the many new business possibilities it has presented. Today, we’ll blow the lid off a few fashion companies that are making a dramatic shift toward the Metaverse. So, let’s get started.

Top 8 Fashion Brands Using The Metaverse

Here, we’ve listed top brands that leverage the metaverse and offer their users an immersive experience. Let’s know what are they.

  1. Gucci

The Italian luxury brand “Gucci” has set new standards of fashion by integrating metaverse.  Its Aria collection served as the inspiration for its first NFT-related project. Recently, Gucci teamed up with gaming and metaverse platform Roblox to create a new area named Gucci Garden. 


The Gucci Vault Discord, which was just released, will hopefully propel and encourage free-flowing discussions regarding the future of the metaverse. It is expected that this will be the official server where the brand’s creative space would be hosted, allowing the brand’s history, present, and future to coexist peacefully. The vault will also give Gucgi’s creatives a chance to sift through the House’s curated collection of historical goods and works by the industry’s most acclaimed designers.

  1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a fashion company and brand that was established long before Gucci yet has defied the odds to get to the top. It continually reinvents itself to meet the changing demands of its devoted clientele and to provide them with the best possible service and goods. Every self-respecting fashionista can spot a Louis Vuitton bag a mile away, even if it doesn’t have the label.


Louis Vuitton embraces the metaverse. As part of celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the owner’s birth, the mobile game Louis The Game was released. It’s an interactive tale that takes place in 7 different virtual environments designed to seem like the world’s most important cities for the fashion industry. Players have the opportunity to acquire rare NFTs, which ups the ante of an already interesting game. There are a total of 30 NFTs in the game, 10 of which were created by Beeple.

  1. Nike 

Nike has become the dominant force in the sportswear business as a result of its incorporation into American popular culture and the production of some of the most recognizable clothing brands in the world. The company’s swoosh emblem and tagline, “Just Do It,” have also contributed to its widespread notoriety.

When it comes to the Metaverse, Nike has always been at the forefront. The company has experimented with the Metaverse many times. The first Nike initiative in this field was Nikeland. Like many other firms today, Nike recognizes the need of protecting its digital assets. An NFT collectables startup, RTFKT Studios, was founded by the firm. Together with RTFKT, Nike releases NFT footwear lines.

  1. Adidas

The German corporation Adidas is the industry’s second-leading maker of sports equipment. This company’s products still go head-to-head with Nike’s. The iconic three stripes that represent Adidas have been used in a wide variety of their goods.

Adidas, much like Nike, has dabbled in a number of different fields. In order to expand its online presence, Adidas has bought real estate in the popular MMOG The Sandbox. In addition, the brand collaborated with Yuga Labs to produce its own NFT line. The NFT collection, titled “Into the metaverse”, provides its owners many perks. The company has laid out the plan for this endeavour in three distinct stages.

  1. Prada

Are you ready to enter a world where style and technology are the norms of the future? Prada and Adidas Originals collaborated on a breakthrough initiative, which has caused quite a stir in the digital sphere.

These two giants have taken the fashion industry by storm with their Adidas for Prada Re-Source limited edition NFT collection, which included contributions from over three thousand individuals working in the fashion, design, and cryptocurrency sectors.

Zach Lieberman, a superb digital artist, challenged these gifted people with developing NFT tiles that would eventually be combined into a single NFT planet.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger is an affordable clothing brand that has a wide variety of items in its product line, including clothes, home decor, shoes, and accessories. The brand is carried not just by its own retail outlets, but also by a wide variety of larger shops. This means that they appeal to a diverse clientele. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, the company’s creator, is still the primary designer and has the final say over all creative matters.

Tommy Hilfiger has seen a rise in the prevalence of online communities inside the most well-liked gaming software. In 2020, the company will debut in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a sponsor. Moreover, the company has released a line of virtual clothes for use in the massively popular metaverse game Roblox.

  1. Ralph Lauren

Another luxury brand Ralph Lauren produces fashionable garments. Jewellery, cosmetics, and home scents are all available from this retailer. Ralph Lauren is a holding company for various mid-tier and value brands. It has managed to stay current and appeal to customers across three generations.

The company believes the corporation must invest in the Metaverse if it is to remain competitive and appeal to a younger audience. Because of this, Ralph Lauren has become one of the Fast Fashion-Mid Range companies that have partnered with Roblox. Ralph Lauren has debuted a new Roblox game entitled Winter Escape. The company designed collections for avatars that were appropriate for use by users of either sex. 

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian high-end fashion house. The company’s products also include cosmetics, accessories, and purses. The clothing store has flourished and expanded for decades. Collezione Genesi, the label’s first NFT collection, was released that September 2021. The NFT tokens were gathered in this joint effort by the UNXD digital marketplace and the NFT Foundation. The Polygon blockchain was used to successfully execute the project. The total sale price, in US currency, was above $5 million. It was groundbreaking since it was one of the first NFT collections released by a high-end fashion house.

Bottom Line

It’s obvious that high-end retailers are setting up shop on the Internet of Things. These companies are helping to advance the metaverse fashion industry with their digital items, NFTs, and online boutiques.

Not only are digital artists, but also fashion businesses, making use of NFTs’ special properties including ownership verifiability, data immutability, and smart contract operation. The supply chain, logistics, and other business operations are just a few examples of where companies are investing in NFT development solutions.


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How Does Joining The Metaverse Help Fashion Brands?

We all know that fashion is always one step ahead of the curve, never lagging behind the times. It’s no surprise to see fashion brands adopting new technologies, especially non-fungible tokens, given the current state of the metaverse. Many luxury brands like Gucci, Nike, Adidas, etc. have embraced the metaverse by looking into the benefits it has brought to the fashion industry. For many reasons, venturing into the metaverse may be a highly fruitful plan of action. Today, we’ll put the spotlight on why the fashion industry is accepting metaverse, and what potential the brands see by incorporating metaverse in their business. So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

Perks Of Using The Metaverse In Fashion

No doubt, the fashion industry is leading by incorporating the metaverse into fashion. See what benefits it gets from the metaverse. 

  1. Convenience

In the metaverse, consumers have the option of making purchases online and then trying them out digitally via various immersive technologies. With virtual products like Avatar Skins, companies can try out new designs at little cost and get instantaneous feedback from their target audience. Marketers of clothing and accessories may also expand their customer base by using the metaverse. Dolce & Gabbana showed their wares during the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week. As a result, several fashion sites are looking at e-commerce strategies that cut out the middleman.

  1. High-Profit Margins

Like crypto trading platforms such as immediate connect, which provide high-profit margins, fashion brands are also shifting to digital collections to provide a huge relief for designers. They don’t have to stress about things like locating suppliers, setting up production, or keeping stock. Couture garments might take as long as a few weeks or even a few months to make.  Artists may save a lot of money and direct their energies more effectively by switching to a virtual workflow.


Do you know that virtual apparel may generate virtually 100% guaranteed profit for its designer? The benefits are readily apparent when weighed against the time and effort put in by fashion designers and companies. Minting designs may be a successful business since it requires little in the way of actual work and no real fabrics.

  1. Sustainability

Well, sustainability is another great benefit of integrating metaverse into fashion. Some luxury fashion brands offer digital clothes and promote a more ecological way of marketing by not shipping things to influencers. With the use of augmented reality, digital clothing may be instantly displayed on the influencer’s body with only a single click. This expedites the release of new arrivals and eliminates the need to send out huge samples to influencers who may not require them. 


  1. Creativity 

To attract and retain consumers, fashion companies are increasingly turning to the metaverse. The way that high-end fashion companies communicate with their clients is evolving due to the metaverse, a shared digital environment. They can now put on fashion shows online, as well as build virtual boutiques and even virtual worlds.   The models may serve as three-dimensional avatars that help bring together users from all around the world.  


Big designers like Dolce & Gabbana have previously staged such events. In addition to other famous brands like Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana has shown their wares during this fashion week. Conversely, Ralph Lauren demonstrated that the virtual and the real can coexist at New York Fashion Week 2022 by holding an event alongside its actual fashion show.

  1. Exceptional Customization

Custom clothing can be designed in the metaverse and customized to each avatar’s unique body type and aesthetic preferences. This customization option is especially valuable in today’s customer-focused fashion industry, as more and more of us are on the hunt for really one-of-a-kind outfits.


Every digital object in the metaverse has its own serial number, making it even more of a one-of-a-kind work of art than it already is due to the customization process. By combining virtual reality (VR) with augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) allows consumers to virtually try on clothes in a variety of sizes and styles without leaving the comfort of their own homes. They won’t have to worry about getting a product that doesn’t fit because it’s the only size in stock or one of the few sizes accessible. While making purchases in the metaverse, customers may take advantage of MR’s precise sizing suggestions. When they go dress shopping, they may have fun trying on various sizes.

  1. Market Accessibility


With the help of fashion meta-commerce, online shoppers are no longer limited by time or location. Each shopper, no matter their location, has instantaneous access to thousands of fashion brands and items from dozens of categories. Using a VR headset, consumers may explore digital versions of brick-and-mortar setups and virtually try on garments in a 3D virtual fitting room to obtain a full visual sense of how they will appear.

Immersive experiences


Direct-to-consumer sales allow buyers to quickly buy real things online. Virtual reality (VR) in retail will make the shopping experience more engaging and enjoyable for customers. Virtual reality (VR) technology will enable companies to interact with customers in a simulated setting via wearable devices.


  1. Enjoyable Shopping Experience

  As more and more individuals, particularly members of Generation Z, are investing time online, they will have the opportunity and leisure to shop for and try on virtual garments. Customers in the virtual world will dress up their avatars much as they do in the real world. Customers will spend money on virtual apparel because they want their online personas to reflect their best selves and have access to a wide range of fashionable options. Individual preferences in virtual attire will also emerge.

In a Nutshell

The metaverse is the next generation of the internet that will consist of interconnected permanent virtual 3D areas. Like the physical world, it has monetary, commercial, social, and even game ecosystems, all of which are populated by people and things that interact with one another. In this context, the importance of highlighting the responsibilities that a fashion brand and store can play in fostering a meaningful connection with expanding online customers by harnessing the qualities of the metaverse cannot be overstated. 


Since the pioneers of the metaverse have already demonstrated that the metaverse offers a huge market for digital fashion as well, it is unquestionable that fashion houses, labels, and retailers who want to engage Generation Z must understand and actively participate in virtual worlds, digitals goods, NFTs, and the broader metaverse. Now is the time for the fashion industry’s leading brands and retailers to forge connections across the many parallel universes that make up the modern fashion industry. Because the ultimate purpose of the metaverse is to create decentralized and linked virtual environments.


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5 Interesting Ways to Use NFTs in Marketing

NFTs are an important part of today’s digital world. Like cryptocurrency, NFTs have tremendous marketing opportunities to make money. Many people have been investing in non-fungible tokens to double their money. NFTs are unique not just because they are innovative projects in artwork but also because they may be made up of anything. 


Artists, musicians, and digital designers may all benefit from NFTs since they allow them to operate in an infinite space with unprecedented financial rewards for their efforts.  NFTs facilitate the exchange and ownership of digital assets rather than their physical counterparts. NFTs are a young field, but investors are eager to get in as their worth in the real world grows. 

Marketing Opportunities With NFTs 

Many individuals invest their NFTs and crypto coins using a variety of reliable trading platforms like Bitqtapp. Because there are many marketing opportunities in this niche, people want to buy them and keep them for longer until they make a huge profit. If you want to invest in this arena, you must be aware of top marketing opportunities with NFTs to invest your money in the most rewarding area. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of some marketing opportunities with NFTs.  

  1. Gaming 

Have you ever imagined earning money while playing games? Well, nowadays, there are a variety of opportunities to play and earn through games. Now, the rewards you win can be cashed out.  In the NFT world, customization of an avatar’s appearance is highly valued. Players are more inclined to acquire these NFTs since games like Axie Affinity let you use cryptocurrencies to purchase virtual clothing and other items. As a result, you may promote your NFT in-game and even build an NFT-based business model to take things to the next level.


The gaming industry may capitalise on the widespread acceptance of NFTs by using these digital assets in innovative ways. The gaming industry is also making use of NFTs to promote its games and goods and to build and maintain a dedicated fan base.


  1. Building Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programmes that leverage NFTs to reward consumers for their continued engagement with a brand. An NFT could be awarded to a consumer in exchange for participation in a survey or the sharing of product-related content on social media.

Your NFTs may be put to work creating exclusive, collectable content. Videos, music, or even full-fledged virtual worlds might be among the kind of unique material we’re talking about here.

NFTs provide companies with fresh approaches to generating income from their media. By selling NFTs that provide access to premium content, businesses may generate additional money beyond ad sales and conventional subscription models while also providing customers with a richer, more personalised experience.

  1. Growing Interest From Customers

Companies may improve consumer engagement with the correct NFTs. They also provide businesses with a unique channel for expanding their customer base. Shareholders of NFTs will back a company since they have a financial stake in its success. The value of the NFTs will rise if the firm does well. As a result, their success depends on the company’s prosperity. This mutual hope for rising prices bonds businesses and their clientele in mutually advantageous ways.

  1. Increased Brand Recognition

Brand recognition increases when NFTs are widely disseminated and discussed online. If individuals see an NFT for a brand they’re interested in, they’re more inclined to look into the company and its offerings. NFT digital marketing business is enthusiastic to provide our customers with this service since we know firsthand the positive effects NFTs can have on marketing campaigns.


These days, businesses use an abundance of advertising methods to raise awareness of their product. NFT is one of the most effective strategies for advertising a brand, and it is used by many well-known companies. NFTs’ prominence as an alternative representation of digital data including art, music, and video for advertising campaigns is a key factor in the brand’s decision to use it. Currently, our presence in the Metaverse is limited. To enter the Metaverse of the future, all you need is an NFT, which is simply a brand ticket. NFT helps drive engagement and create one-of-a-kind brand experiences by facilitating the conversation. Acquiring new customers and expanding your existing customer base are other attainable goals.


  1. Using Email Marketing Techniques

NFTs are a useful tool, and they can support email marketing campaigns. Those who join up for a company’s direct email marketing campaign may get NFTs as an incentive.

Moreover, NFTs may be used to increase conversions over time by informing individuals through email about the (admittedly complicated) technology and the need for NFTs.

Formulating Marketing Plans for Social Networking Sites

With NFTs, your social media marketing efforts will stand out from the crowd. Companies may incentivize social media followers and content sharing using NFTs.

In order to get your material in front of individuals who are knowledgeable about blockchain technology, you should aim your efforts towards preexisting bitcoin groups on social media networks.

  1. NFTs Work for Digital Marketing

NFTs are still in their infancy in the digital age of marketing. Yet a growing number of companies are relying on them to make their marketing efforts more interesting and effective for customers. New and exciting applications of NFTs in digital marketing are likely to emerge as the technology matures.


In addition, NFT is already being used as the primary marketing strategy in various other areas. NFTs are often utilised to connect real-world items. It serves as evidence of property ownership. A tangible document of ownership may be kept on the blockchain and verified quickly for increased security. Their purchasers will not need to worry about the safety of their expensive credentials. 



Digital artists love NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens). Non-exchangeable tokens may be used to visualise anything in the real world. Tokens verify digital asset ownership, making this sector promising. Investments in digital assets may easily go into hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to their widespread use in the aforementioned sectors, NFTs also enjoy everyday popularity in others, such as the fashion, sports, gaming, and entertainment sectors. But, the NFT idea is not limited to the collectables industry. It ‘s clear that NFT trends are particularly essential for anyone working in marketing, PR, branding, and retail.


Several companies now employ NFT as part of their loyalty marketing strategy. The distinctive selling propositions of these companies will be remembered by customers, and NFT has the potential to increase both brand recognition and brand interest and loyalty. This will hopefully inspire the consumer to engage with your business. It stands to reason, therefore, that businesses which use NFT for brand marketing would see an increase in client loyalty and recognition.


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Latest NFT Projects To Invest In 2023

Investors! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the most prospective NFTs to invest in.  Stocks of NFT-related businesses have risen sharply in response to the recent upsurge in demand. This is the reason why so many NFT businesses are offering shares to the public.

Those who are familiar with the concept of NFT in equities may be interested to buy them for reasons other than diversification. In this article, we’re heading up to discuss the top NFT projects that investors must buy to make big bucks. 

New NFT Projects To Buy In 2023

We’ve researched the latest NFTs that have great potential of generating money. Here we’ve outlined 5 new NFT projects that investors should look into. 

1. Fight Out 

In comparison to other blockchain games, Fight Out distinguishes out due to its innovative combination of the metaverse and fitness. When signing up for Fight Out, gamers will be given a free NFT to use as their in-game avatar. The player’s fitness level—represented by a “Soulbound” NFT—is directly proportional to the difficulty of the game’s fitness tasks.

The player’s NFT will improve in tandem with their fitness level, unlocking new clothing and cosmetic options for their character. These alterations may also increase their in-game revenue. The Soulbound NFT is not a trading item, rather it represents the player’s permanent identity in the metaverse.


The native currency of Fight Out, $FGHT, is an ERC-20 token established on the Ethereum platform. During the pre-sale, buyers would have access to 13.5% of the total token supply of 10 billion. Users of $FGHT may purchase REPS with a 25% bonus and compete in competitive events hosted by Fight Out. The project provides a 10% incentive on token purchases of $500 or more, with a 6-month lock-up term, to incentivize early token adoption. Investors can choose any reliable trading platform like bitlq to buy $FGHT tokens. 

2. Cloudflare (NET)


Cloudflare is a company that offers a content delivery network and Ddos defence service, guaranteeing the safety and trustworthiness of resources accessible to the public online. An average of 32 million HTTP requests are served by it every second. These requests go via a wall for security inspection. The service is able to do this because it owns and maintains a very large server infrastructure.


Cloudflare Stream makes it easy to post videos online without worrying about things like frame rate,  compatibility, memory, or FFmpeg documentation. This platform now allows for the distribution, storage, and streaming of NFTs. By the use of an application programming interface (API), any video may be represented as a token built on the Ethereum ERC-721 protocol. Essentially, every NFT made on any other platform may be connected to a video on the platform by means of a token. When the video is sold with the addition of smart contracts, the original owner will continue to collect royalty payments even after the movie has been resold several times.

3. RobotEra

RobotEra (TARO) is a recently-launched NFT project with the goal of creating a vast, explorable metaverse environment in which users may create a wide range of interactive, financially rewarding games. Since its debut in November 2022, the project has created quite an impact among those interested in similar works, such as The Sandpit.


Although RobotEra is an exciting new NFT on the horizon, it also makes use of TARO, an ERC-20 token with a 1.8 billion coin supply that gives participants access to the platform’s governance mechanisms. Token holders may promise to take on the role of management and have their opinions included in future plans for RobotEra by making a corresponding contribution of tokens. Additionally, TARO may be staked to gain crypto rewards.

TARO tokens may be purchased during RobotEra’s first presale phase for $0.020 each. At the second stage, this value will climb to $0.025, before peaking at $0.032 during the third. When the presale ends, 10% of the presale tokens will be released immediately, with the remaining 90% being released monthly.

4. Calvaria

Calvaria is a project that will change the face of gaming forever by creating a revolutionary utility that will bring both new and veteran players to the blockchain. $RIA tokens will be listed on exchanges like Uniswap and Changelly in the upcoming days, giving investors access to a larger pool of marketable assets. 


Calvaria is distinct from other games while sharing many of its mechanics. The game’s complete 3D graphics create a realistic and engaging environment that will keep players engaged. Calvaria’s play-to-earn (P2E) concept, in which users may earn incentives by merely playing the game, is one of its most intriguing elements. As this approach allows gamers to earn money from their abilities and property, it is thought that more people would join the blockchain..

5. Meta Masters’ Guild 

The Meta Masters’ Guild is a new player-to-everything (P2E) cryptocurrency that incorporates the most fun and accessible NFTs into the experience. The revolutionary platform developed by Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is causing a stir in the world of web 3.0 gaming. The use of NFTs in player gaming increases immersion and realism on the platform.


MMG’s native cryptocurrency, $MEMAG, has completed its presale period after receiving a strong reaction from investors over the last several weeks. By letting users buy one-of-a-kind Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) tied to their digital wallets, the platform has established a new standard in the P2E industry. A number of upcoming games will support these NFTs, allowing players to easily incorporate them into their experience.


The group has implemented its own virtual money, known as Gems, for use inside the app. In order to get $MEMAG, gamers must first earn Gems by taking part in different games is available on the site. This feature encourages players to take an active role in the game and get additional rewards for their efforts. Incorporating $MEMAG tokens into games and giving users access to new revenue possibilities is one way to increase the platform’s long-term viability.


While investing or collecting NFT artwork, you should not risk money you cannot afford to lose. Digital works of art and collectables are prone to huge price swings since their worth is determined solely by the market.


The NFT market is still in its beginnings, and NFT art is among the first applications of blockchain technology. In addition to allowing artists to make more money than ever before, NFTs have the potential to radically alter the definition of an artist.


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Top Developments in Blockchain Technology to Watch in 2023

The crypto market is seeing a significant influx of investment capital as more and more people decide to put their money there. In only ten years, bitcoin and blockchain have become big names due to their widespread adoption. Almost everyone we talk to suggests we put our money into this booming market. As a result, it is essential for crypto investors to keep up with the latest news and trends in the sector. Anybody who is just starting out in this industry and wants to invest should be aware of these changes. Thus, let’s go further into the advancements that will be produced in 2023.

Crypto Advancements To Look At In 2023

We’ve researched the latest developments and the advancements going to happen by the end of 2023. Head up and see what’s going to happen in the crypto industry! 

  1. Strict Crypto Regulations 

In 2022, the cryptocurrency industry saw a number of extraordinary occurrences that led to increased demands for stricter crypto regulations in a number of nations across the globe. Protecting investors, bolstering consumer trust, and promoting widespread uptake are all goals of the rules being put in place. 


On December 16th, the Biden administration issued a request for more stringent and transparent rules through the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). It suggested a few reforms to Congress that would safeguard investors and the country’s security while maintaining financial stability. This will significantly reduce the number of malicious individuals in the cryptocurrency industry. It will also make market manipulation harder. As a result, this change will make the market safer for investors and maybe increase the use of cryptocurrencies among financial institutions. The economies of Japan and South Korea, two of the most crypto-friendly nations, are often used as examples of thriving crypto markets. Both have shown that the widespread use of cryptocurrencies is possible within strong regulatory frameworks.

  1. More Investment In Stablecoins

Investors want the security of fixed-income investments during times of market uncertainty. Stable assets, also known as stablecoins in the cryptocurrency industry, are less subject to price fluctuations than digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. That’s why stablecoins are a great option for those who want to keep their money secure during times of market uncertainty.

  1.  More Focus On DeFi

You’ve probably heard the term “DeFi” very often if you’re a crypto investor or researcher. DeFi, an acronym for “Decentralized Finance,” is a new financial system and investment model based on blockchain and digital currency. As evidence, consider the fact that interest in DeFi has increased by more than 5,600% since 2017.

It’s the bedrock of the cryptocurrency system and the driving force for its creation.

A decentralised system’s public ledger records all monetary operations. Banks are unnecessary since “smart contracts” are used by DeFi. Yet in its infancy, DeFi resembles the internet of the early 1990s with its chat rooms and flashy websites. 

  1. Increased Adoption of Blockchain

The increasing use of blockchain in business processes will be a major development in the blockchain industry in the coming year of 2023. As blockchains are distributed ledgers, they provide increased security, transparency, and protection from cyber threats, all of which should lead to increased adoption by businesses.


In the year 2023, there will be a high need for software engineers that have experience working with blockchain technology. There will be a rise in demand for blockchain solutions that can assist in the development of robust apps for conducting secure transactions, enhancing Know Your Customer (KYC) functions and other similar uses.


People have started trading their crypto assets using secure trading platforms like Quantum AI. To now, roughly 4% of the world’s population has embraced cryptocurrency, and this figure is expected to rise in the next year (2023). In spite of the exponential rate of expansion, there are multiple reasons to expect this trend to persist. Several smart contract cryptocurrencies are now being tested by Facebook and Instagram, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

  1. 2023 May Be The Year of Modular Blockchain

Modular blockchains provide autonomy, safety, and scalability. This means that users won’t have to deal with drawbacks common to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin’s long confirmation periods or Ethereum’s high gas prices. Security, efficiency, and speed may all be improved by giving each layer and component a clear role to play. Compared to the monolithic blockchain, the modular blockchain design offers far more flexibility. It was created so that miners may use features that were previously unavailable inside the unified blockchain. All blockchains used by cryptocurrencies have several fundamental characteristics, such as the assurance of data availability, security, agreement, and the execution of transactions. This kind of transaction is often handled at the same layer by blockchains. The modular nature of blockchain architecture improves productivity by distributing tasks across many distinct levels.

  1. Web3 Will Become Prevalent In The Corporate World

Rapid progress in Web3 technology is opening up new markets for companies across a wide range of industries, from the manufacturing and retail sectors to the gaming and apparel industries. An increasing number of businesses, for instance, will soon be interested in testing out cutting-edge approaches to selling and interacting with clients. In recent years, the prevalence and use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have shown a profound impact on the luxury sector. Famous premium fashion and lifestyle companies including Off-White, Gucci, and Equinox have begun accepting cryptocurrency as payment. 


Luxury watch and travel brands like Hubolt and have followed suit, accepting bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies as payment options. Yet crypto might still be the catalyst that pushes this sector above the $1.5 trillion threshold by 2025. Louis Vuitton, Nike, Givenchy, and Dior are just a few of the prominent luxury companies that have already recognised the potential of the metaverse and made investments in it. We believe the luxury sector will gain a great deal from the widespread use of cryptocurrency in the year 2023 and beyond. From raw materials to finished goods, the whole supply chain will benefit from increased visibility thanks to this. Furthermore, customers may buy premium items with a wider variety of cryptocurrencies. Customers will be able to tokenize assets that are not easily converted into currency.

Bottom Line

People are becoming aware of cryptocurrency. People’s interest in digital assets is expected to rise as more familiarity with the concept and its functioning increases. As a result, interest in and use of cryptocurrencies will grow. Some noteworthy developments in the cryptocurrency industry have recently shown promise in promoting crypto’s widespread use and development. The majority of investors are now convinced that the crypto market is safe to participate in.   However, investors are allotting more capital despite the crypto winter because they see crypto’s long-term potential. At long last, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have shown their worth in elevating the luxury sector’s focus on the consumer experience

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How Blockchain Is Opening The Door For Technological Innovation?

No doubt, cryptocurrency has rocked the world with its marvellous potential to transform the way many businesses operate. It has given red alerts to the traditional banking system. 90% of the companies use blockchain technology in some form, and 87% plan to invest in it during the next year. More than half of the Chinese respondents anticipate investing in blockchain technology by 2023. However, this dramatic shift is just the beginning, and its sonic power will soon be manifest. It’s the blockchain technology that’s behind cryptocurrency’s popularity and growth. 


The good news is that many industries are accepting and adopting the miracles of blockchains in their operations. IBM is one such company that has incorporated blockchain technology. They may assist organizations in developing their own public blockchain and smart contract systems by using the Hyperledger Blockchain builder tool. To boost productivity and save expenses, they have already teamed with a few logistics-related companies. Walmart is also not far behind. It has collaborated with IBM. Looking into these adoptions, we can anticipate that blockchain will shake up the future of innovation. 

Impacts Of Blockchain On Enterprises 

Blockchain has paved the way for how businesses operate. By integrating innovative blockchain technology into businesses, companies can get so many advantages. We’ve bent over backwards to help you provide the ultimate benefits of blockchain that companies are leveraging. Let’s delve deep into them. 

  1. Defi

People are becoming more interested in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the use of smart contracts in areas like insurance, environmental sustainability, real estate, and more. We found that around 11% of businesses are now using blockchain technology, while 75% are actively investigating how they may use it.


Microsoft’s Azure platform has teamed up with ConsenSys to offer the Quorum Blockchain Service, which is helping companies in many different industries start using blockchain. The fully-managed ledger services allow for the creation and scaling of enterprise blockchain applications and smart contracts in the cloud, used by companies like Bosch and Microsoft. 

  1. Use Of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs that are executed on top of the blockchain based on the rules that the parties establish in advance. Compliance with these conditions will result in the agreement’s completion and immediate enforcement. You may arrange to pay your component supplier 40% upon shipment, 50% upon delivery, and 10% upon quality inspection. This business logic may be fed into blockchain technology, which can then track and enforce compliance with the contract’s terms. You may automate the release of funds from any digital assets related to the contract after the provider has finished her work.

 Smart contracts have gained popularity because of their lower cost of negotiation, enforcement, and assessment, as well as their increased transparency, security, tamper resistance, and their decreased reliance on third parties.

  1. Recordkeeping

In any business, it is essential to keep records of every transaction. Usually,  this financial information goes to third-party brokers, which increases cost and time. With blockchain technology, this hassle can be avoided. Record keeping has now become a piece of piss with blockchain technology. It simplifies this long process and keeps logs of transactions on a decentralized ledger faster than the traditional record-keeping system. Thus, it provides a cost-effective and time-saving option for companies. 


Blockchains not only record financial transactions in the form of cryptocurrency but also monitor products and other information. It tracks products from the time they are transported until the time they arrive at their destination. 

  1. Decentralization 

Decentralization is the most crucial aspect of blockchain, which is difficult to understand. It has given freedom and control to the people to get away from a single point of control. It facilitates the transfer of power from upper-level management to those farther down the corporate ladder. Numerous positive outcomes may result from decentralization, some of the most often mentioned ones include enhanced communication, higher employee empowerment, and better organisational adaptability and responsiveness.

  1. Transparency 

Transparency is an essential part of any decentralized system. Under a decentralized structure, all workers have equal rights in company matters. Employees benefit from increased trust and collaboration because of this policy of openness. Also, it provides employees with a means to demand accountability from their superiors. Utilizing digital signatures helps to ensure that all transactions are legitimate and that other users cannot change or tamper with anyone’s information.

  1. Blockchain Applications

    Blockchain technology has the potential to be used in a variety of industries, such as identity management, recordkeeping, confidentiality, and security, trading in financial products, the digital economy,  recording property certificates, supply chains, insurance, and even biomedical research and clinical testing. Blockchain technology may be used to cut out intermediaries and link consumers and sellers directly, as is seen in the sharing economy. The Biticodes application uses blockchain technology to provide users with safety, security, and autonomy.

    1. Innovation in Payment Systems

      In only a decade, cryptocurrency has made such progress that now it can be used as an effective means of donation. You just have to show the QR code to request donations, and the transfer of funds takes only a click of the mouse. Donors can see how much was raised. Bitcoin donations might facilitate a quicker international response to crises like natural disasters.

      1. Crowdfunding

        Cryptocurrency can be used to run crowdfunding campaigns like Kickstarter, where people give money to a project and the money is only taken from their accounts if the project gets enough money to reach its goal. The Bitcoin protocol handles these assurance contracts and delays transactions until all requirements have been satisfied. 

        The Crux Of The Matter!

        Blockchain has altered the way businesses function. It has provided us with confidence, transparency, decentralization, and safety. Our methods of communication, living, and working have altered as a result of technological advancements. The advent of the blockchain might mark a significant turning point. We have a fantastic opportunity right now to move towards simplicity, efficiency, and openness. Blockchain technology doesn’t end here; it has a broad scope that is hard to digest.


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Best NFT Wallets To Store Your NFTs Safely

Congratulations on getting your favorite NFTs! But how will you store them? You might be feeling scared of losing them, but worry not! You can keep your NFTs safe by using a trustworthy NFT wallet. Just like you secure your fiat money in a wallet, you must secure your NFTs in a digital wallet to keep them safe from cyberattacks. Since the NFT market has expanded rapidly, hundreds of wallets have emerged, each with its own set of advantages.

We’ve gone above and beyond to provide you with a detailed analysis of the top NFT wallets to assist you in making an informed choice. In only a few minutes, you’ll find the best wallet for securing your NFTs.


Top 6 NFT Wallets To Keep Your NFTs Safe


There are several trading platforms like xbt360ai to trade cryptos; however, NFTs are a little more complicated. Most NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain; therefore, any wallet that supports Ethereum should be able to store these tokens. Some wallets stand out from the crowd. Let’s blow the lid off!


  1. The Meta-Mask Wallet

When it comes to NFT wallets, many people use Metamask. In 2020, Metamask was developed as a smartphone app by ConsenSys. The wallet’s desktop and mobile versions perfectly sync each other’s holdings. An integrated web browser allows users to access dApps and NFT markets inside the mobile app.

Metamask is compatible with several blockchains, so you can use it even if your preferred one doesn’t work. MetaMask is well-liked because it allows users to easily and flexibly store their assets and trade NFT tokens on the Ethereum network. In addition, MetaMask’s emphasis on minimizing third-party involvement is one of its key features.


  1. Math Wallet


Math Wallet secures your NFTs very well. Compared to its competitors, it distinguishes out because it is interoperable with 70+ blockchains. It can link to various hardware wallets and offers web-based, desktop, and mobile wallet versions that share data across devices. In addition, you may use Math Wallet to set up a chain of unique addresses.


A built-in dApp browser is included in Math Wallet, allowing users to access NFT markets. Many other features such as staking, trading, and the ability to purchase the platform’s utility token, are designed to appeal to cryptocurrency investors.


  1.  ZenGo Crypto Wallet


ZenGo leverages biometric encryption to protect against private key vulnerabilities. ZenGo uses web3 technology, which has already been adopted by multibillion-dollar corporations ZenGo’s wallet eliminates the primary entry point for NFT theft — a hacker’s worst fear — by not requiring a private key.


With ZenGo’s 3-Factor authentication, you’re guaranteed that only you’ve access to your cryptocurrency. It ensures that your wallet is backed up, and you can retrieve your cryptocurrency with only a 2-step authentication process. It also supports 70+ assets and provides 24/7 human-staffed in-app customer assistance.


  1.  Trust Wallet


Let’s look at another reliable and non-custodial NFT wallet that is open-source and cost-free, the Trust Wallet. Using this wallet, you may utilize Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain tokens and decentralized applications (DApps). Because of its user-friendliness, it is often considered the finest NFT wallet for newcomers. Trust Wallet also supports over 50 different blockchains, letting you quickly and simply buy and sell cryptocurrency on the move with any of them.


Unlike the other wallets above, Trust Wallet works with Bitcoin. Using the Ethereum and BSC blockchains, the decentralized wallet is compatible with NFTs and is accessible as a mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Your NFTs and their associated information may be seen in full inside the NFTs section. You may purchase and sell NFTs directly from the wallet thanks to its integrated compatibility with all major NFT exchanges. Moreover, the wallet is safeguarded by frequent audits and updates to keep ahead of malicious actors aiming to hack it.


  1.  The Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase is well-recognized as a trusted cryptocurrency exchange. Furthermore, it is a safe place to keep your NFTs or other tokens. Storing coins in the Coinbase Wall differs from storing them on the Coinbase exchange. In addition to utilizing decentralized apps, the mobile wallet’s web browser allows users to use traditional web-based services.


Coinbase Wallet is different from other wallets in that tokens may be easily transferred to other users by utilising their usernames rather than their public wallet addresses. While transferring money or other valuables to the appropriate person, you may rest assured that the transaction is fully secured. It helps prevent you from losing access to your NFTs or other wallet contents by creating a backup of your private keys.


  1.   AlphaWallet


It’s great for newcomers because of its intuitive design. The NFTs and gaming tokens are stored in a separate wallet section. It also lets people annotate their tokens with metadata that may be used to find specific items or apply filters to a user’s token collection.


You may use AlphaWallet with a wide variety of NFT markets and blockchain games. Like others, it has a built-in dApp browser, so you can quickly use DeFi applications and find new NFT marketplaces.


Let’s Conclude!


As opposed to traditional wallets, NFT wallets are completely digital. They grant use of the underlying blockchain-stored assets by associating a private key with the address, allowing the wallet’s owner to approve transactions. You may claim ownership of anything sent to that address as long as you hold the secret key.


Having a wallet makes purchasing, trading, and transferring NFTs or cryptocurrencies simple by handling the underlying technical details on your behalf while still providing a pleasant user experience. Moreover, it offers a practical method of tracking your assets across devices and may boost security with two-factor authentication. We wish you a high degree of security with all of these wallets.




Looking for a secure NFT wallet? Here is a list of the top 6 NFT wallets to protect your NFTs from cyberattacks and keep them safe.

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How Does Gaming Influence The NFT Industry? Are NFTs the future of Gaming?


Imagine playing games to earn money, the hours you spent in game would finally have a meaning! The video game industry is evolving with the advent of NFTs. The gaming community gradually became used to the concept of in-game purchases to unlock unique skins, levels, and extra benefits. Today, a wide variety of games rely on microtransactions to generate revenue, like Star Wars Battlefront II, Fortnite, and Pokémon Unite. Now, video games have been made accessible online. 


To the delight of gamers everywhere, it is now possible to turn their game rewards into real money. It is because of this change that the NFT gaming market has expanded and gained popularity. Let’s delve deep into NFT gaming and see how it is contributing to the benefit of people.

NFT Gaming – An Overview

NFT games are those that provide NFTs, or virtual tokens, to players in exchange for their participation in the game. NFTs are a matter of luck. There is also the option to purchase NFTs that are extremely popular and wait for their value to rise before selling. When it comes to NFT gaming, Axie Infinity is a great choice. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Axies are the game’s primary forms of currency. Players may swap their SLP tokens for real money on major platforms like Binance.

How Do NFTs Ace Up The Gaming Industry?

Many people think NFT games are the wave of the gaming future for a few different reasons. The advantages of NFT games surpass those of conventional games in many ways. Let’s have a look at them.

1. A Way to Earn Money

A few years ago, players used to earn rewards in video games but those rewards could not be cashed out. Nowadays, NFT games provide people with a means to make money while playing video games. Playing Axie Infinity may make you anywhere from $200 to $1,000 each month in places like the Philippines, where it is quite popular.


Many people trade a variety of crypto assets with trading platforms like tesler app and make money. NFTs also serve as an investment vehicle. Those that purchase NFT do so in the hopes of realising a profit by selling their holdings at a higher price in the future. The same scenario may occur in virtual worlds.

2. Sales Outside The Game

Blockchain technology allows NFTs to be traded and bought without a central location. Players may trade in-game currency for real-world currency outside of the game, which presents a new challenge for developers. Companies may be omitting a range of transaction fees. The majority of games now prevent players from engaging in monetary transactions outside of the game’s official trading tool. However, this can’t be prohibited with NFTs.


3. Security

Players should feel safe in the NFT game’s safe space. Modern blockchain technology is reliable and secure. Therefore,  gamers may rest easy knowing that their NFTs are secure against duplication and theft. No NFT can ever be lost, unless in the instance of fraud or when a player unwittingly provides access to their wallet to a malevolent smart contract.

4. Rarity

Rarity scores provide a quantifiable indication of how uncommon certain NFT initiatives are. Higher scores indicate that the NFT project is more special and in demand. The value of a non-fungible token (NFT) is generally based on how rare it is. NFTs’ underlying blockchain technology aids in keeping transactions public. So, it is simple to confirm the authenticity of the NFT’s owner and the rarity of the asset. 

5. Commission Fee for Transactions

In addition to gamers, game creators also stand to gain from NFT games. The video game publisher has the right to collect a fee equal to a certain percentage of the sale price whenever an NFT comes up for sale. Hence, the publisher receives payment for each NFT that is bought. Several NFTs have sold for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, making them a lucrative investment for video game companies.

6. Access to the Metaverse

The metaverse is such a wonderful concept! In 2022, as more businesses and artists push their way into the space, you can expect to hear more about the metaverse and its implications. It’s a complex network of media that includes websites, user-generated material, private forums, online games, and virtual worlds. Soon the world will accept the shaking concept of the metaverse and people will start investing their hard-earned money in the metaverse.

7. Make Your Avatar Unique

Video gameplay relies heavily on player customization. Several newer games are based on the premise that players like stepping into the shoes of their heroes. Evidence abounds in games like Grand Theft Auto Online, Fortnite, and FIFA’s online boot shop. The player’s avatar may adopt the player’s sense of style by purchasing and wearing unique clothing pieces like a coat, shorts, or hat. In NFT games like Forest Knight, you may find really rare objects, some of which may be one of just ten in the world. Developers of NFT games may use NFT drops to generate buzz for their games and foster a sense of community among players.

The Crux Of The Matter

There is no denying that NFT games are leading to a dramatic shift in the gaming business and giving players more agency. They provide benefits that were previously thought to be unobtainable via gaming. The stigma associated with devoting significant time to playing video games has all but disappeared. It’s become the equivalent of working full-time now.


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Culture, Community, Art: King of Midtown’s NFT TOUR

King of Midtown at The Crypt Gallery

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

7 pm to 11 pm pst

Dream Hollywood 

Admission is free, RSVP for entrance needed    


New York | March 20, 2023 | The Crypt Gallery, the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry, revolutionizes the in-real-life (IRL) digital art experience.

Known for hosting events that bring artists, communities, collectors, and multiple industries together, previous attendees include Ice Cube, Liam Payne, Dot Pigeon, JOY World, Miguel, and Emanuele Ferarri. 

Returning this year with new activations and guest experiences, The Crypt Gallery presents King of Midtown’s official 2023 NFT Tour. Starting part one of this coast-to-coast tour in Los Angeles, California, the first event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22 at Dream Hollywood. Part two of the tour continues this April during NFT NYC, one of the world’s largest NFT activation weeks.

With over a dozen artists exhibited and in attendance, guests in LA have the chance to meet some of their favorite talent in the industry, including recent Sotheby’s artists Michael Kutscshe and Bryan Brinkamn, audiovisual producer SillyGabe who is known for touring with Zedd, iconic digital artist Justin Maller, Blake Kathryn, Nicole Buffett and more! Additional performances include live painting by Gabe Weis and music by Abana. 


One highlight of the evening includes a LIVE MINTING experience with renowned artist  Jose Delbo. Famous for his work on comics such as Wonder Woman and other iconic modern Marvel and DC superheroes, Delbo released the first-ever original NFT comic in 2020. Pioneering comics into a new medium, Death…No Escape marks a historical moment. Since the original launch, Delbo has collaborated with other well-known artists in the space and continues to release original comic fine art. 

In collaboration with King of Midtown, Delbo’s work will be available for the very first time at The Crypt Gallery as a free live mint of a limited 20 edition “Classic” piece depicting his iconic character, Death. The release and minting of the piece will happen on Nifty Gateway during the Crypt Gallery event. 9 of the 20 total editions will be available in Los Angeles during part one of KOM’s tour, while the 10 remaining editions will open in NYC this April.  

Guests at the events will have exclusive access to enter for a chance to win one of five editions being raffled away in person. The remaining four editions will be raffled digitally to reward Delbo’s existing collectors on Nifty Gateway as well as King of Midtown Gold and Platinum membership holders. To enter the digital raffle, holders must visit The Crypt Gallery’s website and follow instructions for submission. Winners for both raffles will be announced after the event night. More information will be released shortly. Follow The Crypt Gallery for latest updates.

Adding to the in person experience, guests will be able to participate and contribute to artwork being made live by Gabe Weis. King of Midtown inspired, the artwork made during the event will be available as a $20 Open Edition on Nifty Gateway, exclusively available to IRL guests that evening. Rewarding the KOM community, this first ever live art and mint will then open to Gold and Platinum membership holders for an additional 24 hours. Final artwork will be revealed at the end of the evening and physical painting available for private sale.

Emphasizing creating accessible entry points and onboarding new audiences, both minting experiences focus on enhancing IRL attendance and merging the gap between digital and physical.

King of Midtown’s LA event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22, from 7 pm to 11 pm at The Crypt Gallery x Dream Hollywood. Admission is free, but RSVP here for entrance. 

NFT Culture, Social Club at Dream Hollywood, and On Chain Monkey are proud supporters of this event.

Part 2 of the tour will be held in New York City on Thursday, April 13th. Further details on the NFT NYC event will be announced soon.

Artists Exhibited and in Attendance:

Michael Kutsche, Justin Maller, TedsLittleDream, Robbie Trevino, Carlos Luna James, SillyGabe, Blake Kathryn, Jonathan Winbush, Bryan Brinkman, TooMuchLag, Brendan North, Nicole Buffett, Parrott, LeftyOutThere, Gabe Weis, Synchrodogs, Abana



TedsLittleDream: Year of the Rabbit, Blake Kathryn: Somnium Factorem, Justin Maller: Gatomnia


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Artist Drop: Fan3 + Amir Karimian

FAN3 is proud to announce their upcoming collaboration on Nifty Gateway with Iranian artist Amir Karimian, going live on Wednesday the 15th of March. This is Amir’s second drop on Nifty Gateway as he featured in FAN3’s first GEN3 drop in November 2022 as one of the 11 talented artists in their Emerging Artist Grant program.  Amir Karimian is an independent graphic designer and visual artist who lives and works in Iran. He studied graphic design and is currently a university lecturer. His inspiration sources are natural phenomena and daily life. He uses visual factors to transform external realities into his artwork. He tries to challenge validity with his characters and experiences the world beyond reality. His works are formed under the influence of nature and sensitivity to the phenomena and events around him, his visual expression has a different approach from other artists.

ID Collection 

One of the factors shifting the boundaries of art in the contemporary era is technology. Technology is a powerful tool to express the thoughts and ideas of artists. The artworks in the digital world are the result of connecting the artist’s mentalities and emotions with modern tools. In Amir’s practices, he pays special attention to discovering the capabilities of digital art in the platform of NFTs. Still, he also tries to take advantage of the capabilities of non-digital arts such as painting, sculpture, animation, and music to challenge the boundaries of image. In the upcoming project titled “ID”, Amir depicts several different human feelings through the visual branches of portraits using the capabilities of digital art. Each work has its own characteristics and each one is a representation of the complex dimensions of people’s thoughts. Depicting the deeper layers of the human head as the centre of thinking and feeling, along with the issue of time, is the main atmosphere of these works. Through this series, an audience experiences different feelings of humans through their feelings/motions and may identify with one in particular.

Portrait is the most basic distinction between people, the portraits presented are of special importance due to their unparalleled flexibility in representing inner states and their relationship with human identity. In this context, each piece of this project is a conflict between appearance and concealment, revealing and concealing, visible and hidden. They are a self portrait. ID collection features 8 pieces:

Dream: Open Edition – 48 Hours
Scramble: 1/1 Auction – 24 Hours
Riot: FCFS – 5 Editions
Affliction: FCFS – 5 Editions
Predicament: Ranked Auction – 3 Editions
Isolation: Ranked Auction – 3 Editions
Mask: A special reward for the highest successful bidders over $100, of Predicament and Isolation.
Shelter: $1 Drawing – 30 Editions. Eligible to Communi3 membership holders and owners of Amir’s NFTs.

Make sure to set your reminders and check out ID Collection on Nifty Gateway:
Drop Page:
Open Edition:

Amir Karimian



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The Crypt Gallery x MÄKELISMOS Return to Nifty Gateway, Revealing Part II of the ongoing Every Child is An Artist Series

Every Child Is An Artist: Little Dalí Edition
Live on Nifty Gateway, Wednesday March 8
6 pm est (view full drop page here)

Every Child is an Artist, by René Mäkelä, is a series of iconic figures represented as children. First created as physical paintings and now transitioning into the digital world through 3D scenes, each artwork reflects the creativity, passion and imagination these personalities experienced since childhood. Structured as an ongoing collection, The Crypt Gallery and MÄKELISMOS are revealing new characters and releasing artworks over a period of time. Little Basquiat, auctioned in November 2022, was part one of this series.

Returning to Nifty Gateway, The Crypt Gallery introduces part two of the collection, Little Dalí, a representation of Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Capturing the formation of his signature mustache and entering the mind’s eye, this artwork gives us a look into Dalí’s inner world, later brought to life in his paintings and creative works.

Drawing inspiration from his personal life, Every Child is an Artist collection is dedicated to René’s daughter, Olivia Mäkelä, who debuts her art skills alongside her father in this unique work. All the drawings seen when entering Dalí’s inner world were created by Olivia, capturing iconic characters and the unique universe born from talent, madness, and artistic vein. The physical artwork of Little Dalí, oil on canvas, has been displayed in multiple international galleries and caught the attention of top-level collectors including Pope Francis.

Experience artwork IRL
Not only digital curators, but IRL builders, The Crypt Gallery exhibits all drops live in their bicoastal gallery locations. Visit Dream Downtown, in New York City, or Dream Hollywood, in Los Angeles, to experience the drop in person.

Little Dalí
Edition of 5
24-hr Ranked Auction starting 6 pm est March 8, 2023
The 5 winning collectors are invited to attend The Crypt Gallery’s event during NFT NYC for a chance to meet René and the Mäkelismos team. Collectors in attendance will receive a custom-signed print of Little Dalí.

René Mäkelä
René Mäkelä is a well-known Spanish artist. His creations have been praised and collected by Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Pope Francis, and by sports stars like Cam Newton, Matt Kemp, Manny Machado, Austin Rivers, Antoine Griezmann and Vinicius Jr.

Mäkelismos Brand
René’s company MÄKELISMOS builds on his work to create t-shirts, sweatshirts, exclusive art prints, and different collaborations with important worldwide brands.

Art Emotion / Art In Motion
Connect to for updates and the latest news on their Web3 initiatives. Collectors, make sure to visit for exclusive perks including access to limited edition merchandise, discount codes, early access and previews, and more!

The Crypt Gallery
World’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry, The Crypt Gallery is currently located in Los Angeles and New York City. Bringing the digital marketplace to life, we focus on IRL experiences, giving artists + collectors larger visibility and exposure, educating and onboarding a new mainstream audience. Founded by King of Midtown, we are open 24/7 at Dream
Hollywood + Dream Downtown.

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Top Tips for Newbies Interested in Crypto

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and has become one of the hottest discussion topics in recent years. With the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, many people are jumping on the bandwagon and looking to invest in the crypto market. However, for newbies, the world of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming and confusing. 

From understanding how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to keeping track of market trends, there’s much to learn in this space. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips in this crypto guide for newbies interested in crypto to help you get started on the right foot. So whether you’re a beginner or just looking to improve your crypto knowledge, our tips at CryptoManiaks will help you confidently navigate the crypto world.

Top Tips for Crypto Newbies 

Our experts have done the needed research from crypto education articles to compile this material for you. Here are some top tips for newbies interested in cryptocurrency:

Educate Yourself

Educating yourself is the first and most important tip for anyone new to cryptocurrency. You’ll start by researching the basics of blockchain technology and the key concepts that make cryptocurrency possible, such as decentralization, mining, and consensus algorithms. This crypto education will help you understand how the system works and how different cryptocurrencies differ.

Choose a Reputable Exchange

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, the next step is to choose a reputable exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin. There are many exchanges, and not all of them are created equal. Some are more secure, some offer better fees, and some have a more user-friendly platform. Do your research, read reviews, and look for an exchange with a good reputation, low prices, and a simple and easy-to-use platform. 


Then, you can choose a reputable business that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind when buying and selling Bitcoin. However, it’s important to remember that even the most reputable exchanges can be hacked or face technical issues, so keeping your assets in a secure hardware wallet is always a good idea.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversifying your portfolio is one of the keys to success in Bitcoin investing. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; invest in only one or two coins. Instead, consider supporting various cryptocurrencies to reduce your overall risk. For example, the portfolio might include investing in a mix of large-cap coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, as well as smaller-cap coins with the potential for high growth.


Store Your Crypto Safely

It’s essential to store your Bitcoin in a safe and secure wallet, either a hardware wallet or a software wallet. However, if you choose to use Hardware wallets, they will help you hold your private keys offline, making them less susceptible to hacking. On the other hand, software wallets are digital wallets that can be accessed from anywhere but are more vulnerable to hacking. So choose a wallet with the security features you need, and follow best practices for securing your private keys.

Stay Up-to-Date

The Bitcoin world is changing rapidly, with new coins and technologies constantly emerging. Therefore, it’s essential to keep up-to-date on news and products in the space to stay informed about the latest developments and make informed investment decisions. Follow reputable news sources, join online forums, and participate in community discussions to remain in the loop.

Manage Your Expectations

Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset class whose value can fluctuate rapidly. It’s important to understand that investing in Bitcoin is a high-risk, high-reward proposition, and you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Don’t get caught up in FOMO (fear of missing out) or make impulsive decisions based on short-term market movements. Instead, take a long-term approach and stay focused on your investment strategy.

Seek Professional Advice

If you need clarification on any aspect of Bitcoin investing, consider seeking the advice of a financial professional. They can help you understand the risks and opportunities and develop a proper strategy. They can also help you navigate Bitcoin’s complex world and guide you on the best ways to invest in this exciting and fast-paced market.

Why should Newcomers be Interested in Crypto?

There are several reasons why newcomers may be interested in Bitcoin:

 Decentralization: Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network, meaning any government or financial institution does not control it. Decentralization provides greater transparency and security compared to traditional economic systems.

 Potential for High Returns: Bitcoin is known for its high volatility, which can translate into high returns for investors. Many people have made substantial profits from investing in Bitcoin, attracting many newcomers’ attention.

 Fintech Innovation: Bitcoin is rapidly evolving, and many new fintech innovations are now available. There are many exciting developments in the crypto world, from new blockchain technologies to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

 Financial Freedom: Bitcoin offers greater financial freedom compared to traditional economic systems. Transactions are now quicker and easier without intermediaries like banks. This pace gives users more control over their financial assets.

 Store of Value: Bitcoin can also be a store of value, similar to gold or silver. It’s a finite resource with a limited supply, which makes it a popular investment option for those looking to preserve their wealth.

 These are just a few reasons newcomers may be interested in Bitcoin. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is highly volatile, and there are no guarantees of success. As with any investment, always do your due diligence and invest in what you can afford to lose. 


Investing in cryptocurrency is a great opportunity, but it’s essential to approach it cautiously. Do your research, choose a trusted exchange, diversify your portfolio, keep an eye on market trends, be patient, set realistic expectations, store your cryptocurrency safely, and stay up to date. 

By following these tips, you can confidently navigate the crypto world and potentially reap the rewards of your investments. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is highly volatile, and there are no guarantees of success. So, as with any investment, always research and invest what you can afford.

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Artist Interview: Makelismos

We are thrilled to have spent time with the famed artist Makelismos. His work is revered by many, from Madonna to Pope Francis, and his ongoing project, The MAKELISMOS is in its second year, giving a second life to many famed works in the form of Art, technology, and fashion. As part of his ongoing project, “Every Child Is An Artist”, Makelismios is partnering with The Crypt Gallery in an NG drop on March 8th, 6 pm EST.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your career, and how Makelismos the brand started?

I always liked to draw, since school, but when I had to choose a university path I decided on Advertising instead of Arts. I don’t regret it because I developed my career as a screenwriter which I enjoyed and learned a lot. It was during a break between programs when I decided to return to Mallorca and do resume painting. Painting actually has parallels with the creative process of a screenwriter, so I continued to create, but instead on canvas and not on a script. The truth is that it was a real surprise how quickly everything precipitated. I published one of my works on Instagram and the pilot Jorge Lorenzo contacted me to carry out a commission. From there, and always with Instagram as an expansion tool, numerous top sports stars from the United States contacted me. The ball grew and reached Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Cam Newton, Manny Machado, Jarvis Landry, Antoine Griezmann, Vinicius Jr… and Pope Francis himself. The MÄKELISMOS ( project was born two years ago together with my partners Jesús Moreno and Alfonso López. We wanted to give a second life to the works in the form of technology, fashion, and art. The truth is that we knew it could work, but not so quickly and with such a good reception.



What inspires you about art? Who are your artistic influencers?

I am inspired by a movie, a book, a character from history, a song… I am inspired by those characters who were different, who made their existence an event that transcends their lives.
Dalí, Picasso, Velázquez, Twiggy, Basquiat, Keith Haring, James Rosenquist, Einstein, Mohamed Ali… there are many who have had an influence on me when it comes to creating.
These are people I admire not only professionally, but also for their capacity for social and cultural transformation, beyond their eccentricities.

How do you make your art? What is your process in inspiration, planning, creation, and releasing?

I usually drop my daughter off at school and go to the studio. There are always days that are much more productive than others, it all depends on the inspiration of the moment, but having that routine allows me to more easily attract that inspiration. I don’t believe or, at least, I don’t entrust everything to the lashes and the muses that suddenly arrive and save you. Once in my work area, there are days in which I dedicate 10 hours to paint, others 4 hours… it depends on various factors, but rarely is there a day when I don’t
make progress on a work. Nowadays, fortunately, I have a high workload that requires me to go to the studio 6 days a week. I’m not complaining, quite the contrary. Being able to organize my week as I please is a luxury that I greatly appreciate.



What advice would you give to other artists starting out?

I would tell them that, as in all facets of art, the most important thing is what each one keeps and their way of channeling the expression and gaze of the world through a canvas, a song or a cooking recipe. I am not the one to give life advice but I would like to emphasize that the most important thing is to want to tell stories, express feelings and looks. Everything else, fame, applause, and likes are a flash in the pan, it has to be secondary or a consequence, and not at all the reason or objective of creation. I would also like to add that knowing how to manage frustration is essential. To continue, and continue, and continue doing what one loves is the key, despite the fact that sometimes they try to make us see that what we do is not good enough.

How did you first hear about NFTs and why did you choose to expand into this industry?

It’s funny because the first person who talked to me about it was Micah Johnson, with whom I frequently talked about art. Now look at him, his progression in this area is incredible. It was with MÄKELISMOS and my partners that I started to give my 3D works a second life and, through The Crypt Gallery, we started this wonderful journey that has only just begun.

What has been your favorite experience in the art industry?

The experience with Pope Francis had a great impact on me. Firstly, because of the type of social profile and the openness it represents, secondly, because of its artistic sensitivity, which
explains a lot about its sensitivity in all other areas, and thirdly, because it is a solidarity event that took us, from the UN headquarters, where one of my paintings was auctioned for his
children’s foundation Scholas Occurrentes, until the solemn reception in the Vatican. Quite an experience. Madonna also had a great impact on me professionally. She is very clear about what she wants and she is very on top of the whole process. Regarding the NFT field, I share with my partners a premise which is that, regardless of the opportunities, we are guided by personal feeling. And that’s where we meet King of Midtown, Vasia Makris, and The Crypt Gallery team on the way. They are a benchmark in the field but,
above all, they are excellent people and professionals who respect art above all else. It is not easy in the business and artistic path to find the true key, which is none other than going hand in hand with wonderful, responsible, and talented people. They are, without a doubt, the best experience so far in the digital field. There are many more, but far from artistic and technical aspects, the person at the center of everything as the DNA of our work has made a perfect match with them. Very grateful and eager to continue growing together. Also, Moishe Mana, one of Miami’s artistic and technological promoters, has also impressed me a lot with his desire to leave a unique legacy, which he is undoubtedly achieving. Not everyone
with their possibilities decides to dedicate themselves to improving the lives of others.

Are there any upcoming projects or plans you’d like to share with the

We are launching an ongoing Every Child is an Artist collection with The Crypt Gallery. Next March 8th we’ll present in a 24-hour daily auction Dalí Child and we hope it’ll be another sold out as all our previous drops. “Every Child is an Artist” is a famous series of icons represented by children as an expression of that childish creativity that we should never lose. It will be a series that will continue throughout the next year with different icons. After being at Art Basel and The Gateway Miami, the first Web3 metropolis on the planet we’ll
have a presence as featured brand in NFT NYC where we’ll also present our on/ off business model to investors and to a specific NFT audience where our Web3 will be a meeting point of talented people, artist, creators… on a platform full of benefits for our collectors. Shortly after we will return to the USA, in this case to Los Angeles to start another partnership with an important agent in the art field in Beverly Hills. In addition, we are going to start an artistic collaboration with Hard Rock Hotel and expand the fashion collection strategy to both Europe and the United States. If all goes well, we are open to fashion partnerships and interesting investors for the brand. We are very excited about our many upcoming projects!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

The best is always yet to come. Thank you for the interview and for the cultural promotion that you do!

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Artist Interview: Cibarius

Cibarius, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. For starters, where are you from? 

I am from Italy, specifically from a small town in Tuscany, where I currently reside with my family. I started at an early age to cultivate my creativity by approaching music, first as a drummer and then as a music producer(or bedroom producer….. I hate this term :))It was precisely my activity as a musician that was a strong influence for my becoming a visual artist since every time I prepared a demo ep I would create the covers with the intention of creating a continuum between music and visual art.

Can you tell us about your background and what lead you down the path to becoming an artist and ultimately experimenting with NFTs? 

As I mentioned earlier, my artistic path mainly comes from 20 years of producing electronic music, particularly House and Techno. Whenever I put and stand in front of my instruments I visualize objects, shapes, characters, or scenes and so the most natural result was just to imprint these visions into a handful of pixels. Then in 2021 I found out that a friend had become a well-known artist in the NFT world so I decided, given my familiarity with the blockchain world, to try to create my alter ego in the art field and mine my first piece of photographic manipulation. The funny thing is that “cibarius” the name I chose for my NFT journey, is a mushroom. I chose this name because it honors one of my greatest passions outside of art: mycology


When did you mint your first NFT? What platform did you choose and why?

I minted my first work in November 2021, it was a photo manipulation of a Tuscan landscape that I called “Pinkish.” The piece was an expression of the concept of a bleak and sad countryside that took a pink color palette to emphasize that beauty can sometimes also be a bleak element. Fortunately, I was able to mint it on FND after a very kind Thai photographer invited me inside the platform.


Can you tell us one thing you cannot live without? (and why)

I could not live without my family who support me every day and motivate me in whatever I do. I could not live without the music that has been and will be, trivially, the soundtrack of my life. I could not live without expressing myself in relation to the world and all that set of nuances that are created between what surrounds me and the way in which I interpret it.



Who is your favorite artist(s) (Non-NFT)? What about their style resonates with you?

Honestly, I don’t have an inspirational muse, but clearly, in my artistic background, there are many periods and artists who unintentionally inspired me. From Basquiat to Falero, from Schiele to Schifano, for example. Not to mention the music world, in which I have thousands of artists that I adore and influence me from so many different genres. I firmly believe that in the art world, there is no one way to be influenced, I believe there is a very powerful mix of attitudes afferent to styles, behaviors, and languages, which translate into the artist’s code.

Who is your favorite NFT artist? What makes this artist unique? What made you pursue NFT art?

As soon as I entered Twitter, I remember having mainly approached Italian artists. I remember that I was struck by Vittorio Bonapace for having been able to combine ancient and very modern, futuristic themes in a single concept. He is what I consider a digital artist or at least my acceptance of the digital artist par excellence: someone who manages to keep the artistic legacy alive by giving it a totally new profile and therefore not superimposable on the past. And this motivated me to assign my journey into the world of NFTs: the awareness that there was room for experimentation.


What is the one piece of NFT art you wish you had purchased but missed out on?

I’m not a big collector, so the majority of the pieces I would like to own are out of my reach.
But I have to mention an artist I would say LordNeutron

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why this location?

I probably wouldn’t settle in any country except the one where I live. But I won’t deny that the Asian world particularly attracts me for its centuries-old history, and surely their more spiritual approach to life would be able to convince me that there isn’t just one place worth living.

What are your other passions besides art? Why?

My biggest passion besides art is mycology and in honor of that, I’ve cibarius as my alias. It’s the name of a yellow mushroom that i find special because when the wood is totally brown and dark green, in autumn, it is so visible, it pops out very clearly.
It’s a disruptive thing.

Do you make other forms of art?

I’m a music producer, a synth nerd!

How did you come up with your specific style?

My style is the result of a journey. I started to express my creativity using vector art, to then feel the need to explore a more real environment, so I started taking my first steps in the photo manipulation environment where I created surreal environments. But then I realized that the thing that interested me most was to give voice to all my skills, so I decided to blend vector art. photo manipulation, and photography inside a much bigger container: 3d. In this way I was able to fully satisfy the need to join an ancient dialectic with a modern concept.



How has your style evolved over the years?

Of course. I think that this is my strength and my weakness.
I can’t stick with a strict aesthetical style, but on the conceptual side, I’m always trying to explore the same themes.

What is coming in the near future?

I’m working on my first animated piece where i finally have created a soundtrack……stay tuned!

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

I would like to collaborate with Uyo66 because I’m very very curious about the blend of two completely different staples….and then: how cool is his art????

Do you have any upcoming drops?

The animated piece I’m working on will be minted but at the moment I’m not sure about the release date, because I’m thinking about creating a mini-series.
But like every time what dictates a drop is my heart and not my mind, so who knows?


What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

The greatest ones it’s been to give up with my career of musician in 2010.Never give up is not just a sentence pronunciate for the “culture” it’s a state of mind.
But anyway it creates in me the will the change myself to become something different, someone who use a different “vocabulary”.

Where can collectors find your work?

Biggest piece sold?
0.25 ETH


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