Meet the GPT Definity Ai – The Fantastic Crypto Auto Trading Bot

Are you increasingly attracted to a serious, professional career in the crypto industry lately? Do you want to do everything you can to beat your competition and become a serious professional crypto trader?

Such a thing is also possible if you use one of the proven tools for crypto trading. Which auto trading bot is worth using nowadays? It is the GPT Definity AI bot that, in a very short time, has gathered a huge number of fans in the crypto world due to its top performance.

Everyone who has succeeded seriously in the dynamic crypto market has started using this software. They have proven to be top trading assistants due to their powerful AI technology.

Well, what do we mean when we say – GPT Definity AI? Let’s gather more information about this useful tool, shall we?

What is GPT Definity Ai about exactly?

The GPT Definity Ai represents one of the latest AI technology-powered auto trading bots that became one of the leading software due to its fantastic performance. It spots the most valuable trading opportunities, enabling traders to know when it is the right time to buy and when to sell cryptos.

There are more than 900 available cryptocurrencies that crypto lovers might use while using this GPT Definity Ai. It’s one of the most powerful trading tools to maximize your profits, doing all the hard work on your behalf.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some expertise, this app will help you maximize your profits, making successful trades with the highest accuracy and maximum security. It’s a 100% reliable tool that any crypto professional should start using today!

It has top-notch AI technology

The main reason why this app is extremely successful is that it utilizes top-notch AI technology. Due to its powerful trading signals and algorithms, any trader can spot perfect trading opportunities and earn a lot of income. Every professional knows that AI crypto bots are, without a doubt, the safest to trade nowadays.

This app lets you access your favorite cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Fantom, Cardano, etc. It is useful with popular cryptocurrencies and will help you make the right decision at the right time, thus making the biggest profits with it!

Why are crypto bots so essential nowadays?

At a time when AI technology has advanced rapidly, it is almost impossible not to use it for business purposes. You can be on top of the game with an adequate AI tool, even in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, with the proper usage of GPT Definity AI, everyone can become a serious, rich, and successful professional in crypto investing! On the other hand, if you refuse the assistance of these AI bots, you will have little chance compared to the competition that successfully and frequently uses them for their needs!


GPT Definity Ai is recommended to every serious trader of any experience level who is eager to improve his results in the market and take crypto trading to another level! Every motivated professional should use it daily! Good luck achieving your crypto trading goals with this powerful AI tool!

MarketAcross Selected as Media Partner for IVS Crypto 2023 Conference in Kyoto

MarketAcross, a leading specialist in blockchain marketing, has been designated as one of the media partners for IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO, the largest international crypto conference in Japan. Working in collaboration, they aim to ensure that the highly anticipated three-day event garners the recognition and attention it deserves.

IVS Crypto is a specialized conference within the larger IVS event, which has been a prominent fixture on Japan’s startup events calendar since its inception in 2007. Scheduled to take place at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall “Miyako Messe” from June 28 to June 30, the 2023 edition will feature over 200 speakers participating in a wide array of sessions related to the startup ecosystem, with a particular focus on web3 and crypto.

Whiplus, Head of IVS Crypto, expressed utmost confidence in this year’s conference, noting that the inclusion of MarketAcross as a media partner further bolsters their expectations:

Our expectations for this year’s conference could not be higher, and the appointment of MarketAcross as a media partner gives us even more confidence. I have no doubt that startup executives and investors, including those in the burgeoning web3 space, will appreciate the diversity of events we have planned this year.

They firmly believe that startup executives and investors, especially those operating within the burgeoning web3 space, will appreciate the diversity of events planned for this year.

The IVS Crypto conference serves as a nexus, connecting startups and entrepreneurs with executives, investors, developers, evangelists, and enthusiasts. In addition to captivating keynote presentations, the conference will encompass a myriad of meetups, workshops, and Q&A sessions. Esteemed speakers slated to grace the event include Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle; Ito Joichi, Co-Founder of Digital Garage; Emi Yoshikawa, VP of Strategy & Operations at Ripple; Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games, and many other notable figures.

Itai Elizur, Managing Partner at MarketAcross, commented on the company joining the IVS Crypto 2023 conference as a media partner:

We are delighted to join IVS Crypto as a media partner for 2023. Working with the world-class IVS team is something we’ll be proud of for years at MarketAcross.

During the conference, participants and partners of IVS Crypto will host a variety of side events at venues surrounding the main conference space, providing ample opportunities for networking and learning from professionals across diverse industries. The event is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees.

Apart from organizing and hosting the conference, IVS operates as a launchpad for promising startups selected by a panel of judges. To date, the launchpad has raised over $2.2 billion, with more than 430 companies participating. This year, the spotlight will shine on 14 finalists, chosen from a long-list of over 250 startups, who will have the opportunity to present their products in concise six-minute presentations, ultimately leading to the announcement of an overall winner.

10 Best Metal Crypto Wallets: Top Seed Phrase Storage Picks for 2023

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular way to store and transfer wealth securely and anonymously. With this rise in popularity, the need for a safe and secure way to store cryptocurrencies has also increased.

This is where metal crypto wallets come in. Made from materials such as stainless steel and titanium, these wallets provide a high level of security, protecting your digital assets from hackers and other forms of online theft. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which metal crypto wallet is the best for your needs.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the 10 best metal crypto wallets on the market, comparing their features, security, and ease of use. So whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or just getting started, read on to discover the best metal crypto wallet for you.

Here are our picks for the 10 best seed phrase storage options in 2023:

  1. Cryptotag Zeus – A virtually indestructible premium metal wallet
  2. The Billfodl – A sleek and durable metal wallet solution by Ledger
  3. Cryptosteel Capsule – Seed phrase storage with a unique design
  4. Shamir HODL Pack – An unrivaled seed phrase and hardware wallet combo
  5. Cryptosteele Cassette – Crypto seed storage with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  6. SafePal Cypher Seed Board – A simple yet secure punch-in crypto seed wallet
  7. Steelwallet – A simple yet secure punch-in crypto seed wallet
  8. Ellipal Mnemonic Metal – Affordable aluminum metal wallet
  9. imKey Safe Kit – A metal crypto wallet that can be used with a digital remote
  10. X-SEED Pro – Metal seed phrase storage option from SecuX

Overview of the best metal crypto wallets for 2023

This article aims to explore the best and most recommended products for storing crypto seeds available on the market in 2023. Analyzing their benefits and drawbacks will equip you with the necessary information to make an educated choice on how to best safeguard your seed phrase.

1. Cryptotag Zeus – A virtually indestructible premium metal wallet

The Cryptotag Zeus is a state-of-the-art titanium wallet seed phrase backup system created by Cryptotag to ensure the ultimate safety of your recovery seed. The Zeus is a 6mm thick bulletproof, waterproof, and shockproof titanium plate that can endure the most extreme conditions. The fact that this metal wallet received the highest score on the Jameson Lopp durability test proves its outstanding resistance to external factors, such as extreme temperature (up to 1667°C), high-pressure, corrosion, and even extreme physical damage, such as being beaten with a pneumatic hammer. It also allows you to store up to 24 BIP39-compatible recovery seed words.

The only disadvantage is the rather long process of inputting the seed phrase. You have to look up the seed phrase words in the BIP39 recovery seed word list, find their respective number, and punch them in using the included center punch. For sure, this process is a bit more time-consuming compared to other metal wallets, but you will only have to punch in the seed phrase once. Once the words are engraved in the wallet’s titanium slate, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, which makes Cryptotag Zeus a must-have wallet for long-time HODLers who value the security and durability of their investment.

Pros of Cryptotag Zeus:

  • Virtually indestructible (highest score on the Jameson Lopp durability test)
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Nice design and a premium feel
  • Can store 24-word seed phrases

Cons of Cryptotag Zeus:

  • Somewhat inconvenient entry of the seed phrase
  • Stores seed word numbers, not actual phrases
  • Rather expensive ($129)

2. The Billfodl – A sleek and durable metal wallet solution by Ledger

The Billfodl is undoubtedly one of the most reliable seed phrase backup options available on the market in 2023. It is essentially a sleek and compact steel case that is built to withstand fire, water, and other destructive factors. According to its spec sheet, the Billfodl’s marine grade stainless steel can endure temperatures that are more than twice the average house fire temperature, withstand shocks of up to 1 million volts, and is fully rust-resistant. In addition, setting up the device is straightforward.

You can simply insert the first four letters of each of the 24 mnemonic seed phrase words into the metal case and seal it by screwing in the top screw. This device was engineered by the trusted experts at Ledger and is priced at 99€ (roughly $109). When stored in a safe place and used in combination with a quality crypto hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X, the Billfodl provides the highest level of security and protection for your digital assets.

Pros of The Billfodl:

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures and physical force
  • Can store 24-word seed phrases
  • Simple seed phrase input
  • Among the cheaper high-quality metal wallets ($109)

Cons of The Billfodl:

  • Unoriginal and generic design

3. Cryptosteel Capsule – Seed phrase storage with a unique design

Cryptosteel Capsule is another high-quality solution for seed phrase storage. The Capsule, which is made out of 303 and 304-grade stainless steel provides high protection to external conditions, such as resisting temperatures up to 1400°C and withstanding pressure up to 150,000 N. Nevertheless, what sets this wallet apart from its competitors is its unique shape and concept of storing the seed phrase. Rather than aligned on a plate, the characters of the recovery phrase are stringed on a central rod. The words are separated by the separator tiles included in the package.

Together with the capacity to store 123 instead of 96 characters most other solutions provide, this allows users to store 12 unabbreviated seed phrase words. Setting up the Cryptosteel Capsule is super easy – you simply slide the letters on the rod in the same order as they appear in the recovery phrase. Recovering the seed phrase is a bit more difficult though, but hopefully, you will never need to go through that. A single Cryptosteel Capsule costs $103, while you can get a pack of two at a discounted price of $165.

Pros of Cryptosteel Capsule:

  • Resistant to water and fire damage
  • Unique concept and design
  • Can store unabbreviated seed phrase words
  • Reusable and reversible if mistakes are made

Cons of Cryptosteel Capsule:

  • Seed phrase retrieval can be time-consuming

4. Shamir HODL Pack – An unrivaled seed phrase and hardware wallet combo

The Shamir HODL Pack is a top-notch crypto wallet and seed phrase storage kit that includes 5 Cryptosteel capsules and a Trezor Model T crypto wallet. The combination provides arguably unrivaled security against hacks, thefts, and natural disasters. Despite its price tag of over $600, it’s still a more affordable option than buying a separate Model T and five Cryptosteel Capsules.

The Cryptosteel Capsules are made of stainless steel, shockproof, waterproof, and fire-resistant, while the Trezor Model T is a multi-purpose hardware wallet that functions as an authenticator and digital ID.

Pros of Shamir HODL Pack:

  • Combines one of the best hardware wallets with one of the most robust metal wallets
  • The combo protects you from both environmental risks and hacking attempts
  • Cheaper than if the products in the bundle were bought separately

Cons of Shamir HODL Pack:

  • By far the most expensive bundle ($605)
  • Greatly exceeds the needs of an average user

5. Cryptosteel Cassette – Crypto seed storage with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee

The Cryptosteel Cassette is a simple yet reliable and robust metal wallet. As its name suggests, the wallet is made of 304-grade stainless steel that can withstand water, rust, shocks, and fire up to 1200°C. Since the seed phrase is stored in a physical form your wallet will also be much less prone to hacker attacks if you keep the cassette in a safe place.

The package includes the metal cassette and 800 letter tiles, which should be more than enough to constitute your 12-word seed phrase. Cryptosteel Cassette is launched in partnership with Trezor, a leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet producer. The metal wallet comes with a relatively high price tag of $144 but this also includes a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Pros of Cryptosteel Cassette:

  • Comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Pocket-sized with durable casing
  • More than enough letter tiles included
  • Easy assembly

Cons of Cryptosteel Cassette:

  • A high price tag for a rather simple device ($144)
  • Can only store 12-word seed phrases (96 characters)

6. SafePal Cypher Seed Board – a customizable and affordable seed phrase storage

SafePal Cypher Seed Board is a user-friendly mnemonic wallet. Like many other wallets, it is made of 304-grade stainless steel which is a robust material that ensures longevity and protection against moisture and scratches. However, the manufacturer of the Cypher Seed Board does not guarantee it to withstand such extreme conditions as its more expensive counterparts and only includes a 1-year warranty. 

Nevertheless, this metal wallet has many other advantages, such as being lightweight, easily portable, and highly customizable. Users can opt for various fonts and design options to fill in the word slots. SafePal Cypher Seed Board supports the storage of 12, 18, and 24-word seed phrases and sells at a reasonable price of $45.

Pros of SafePal Cypher Seed Board:

  • Among the cheapest options ($49)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to store 12, 18 and 24-word-long seed phrases

Cons of SafePal Cypher Seed Board:

  • Less resilient to damage as some competitors
  • Only 1 year of warranty

7. Steelwallet – A simple yet secure punch-in crypto seed wallet

Steelwallet is an offline metal storage solution that ensures the safety of your seed phrase from electric shock, fire, water, and corrosion. Its two engraved stainless-steel sheets can store up to 12 recovery words on each page, totalling up to 24 words.

The wallet is highly durable, resistant to radiation and mechanical force, and compatible with the BIP-39-word list. You can punch the boxes of the letters to store your seed phrase with the puncher that comes included in the package. This low-tech metal wallet is made in Switzerland and costs $70.

Pros of Steelwallet:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to store up to 24 BIP-39 seed words
  • Letters are readable even if the wallet becomes damaged

Cons of Steelwallet:

  • Big and therefore less portable
  • High price for its low-tech approach ($70)

8. Ellipal Mnemonic Metal – Affordable aluminum metal wallet

Ellipal Mnemonic Metal is a unique and innovative solution for storing your seed phrases securely. It is made of lightweight aluminium and measures a compact 86mm x 60mm x 8mm, which makes it an excellent portable option. It takes on a clamshell form and is designed to hold 12 or 24-word recovery phrases compatible with the BIP39 recovery phrase format. It comes with a set of letter stamps that are inserted in the slots and a screwdriver that is needed to screw on the front panel and thereby lock the letters in place. The wallet can also be locked with a padlock for an additional layer of security.

While the wallet is highly durable, it is all but indestructible. It may be subject to damage if excessive force is used. In addition, its temperature resistance is not very high due to its aluminium-based construction (aluminium’s melting point is at around 660°C). The Ellipal Mnemonic Metal wallet is still a good deal, especially after counting in its affordable price of only $49.

Pros of Ellipal Mnemonic Metal:

  • Affordable ($49)
  • Lightweight and portable

Cons of Ellipal Mnemonic Metal:

  • Less resistant to heat due to the use of aluminium
  • Prone to physical damage if subjected to high force

9. imKey Safe Kit – Metal crypto wallet that can be used with a digital remote

The imKey Safe Kit is a comprehensive security kit that combines a stainless-steel metal seed phrase storage product with a hardware wallet. Its durability is impressive, as it is designed to withstand various natural disasters, including fire, water, and shock. The wallet features two seed phrase storage surfaces, each with a total of 12 words, and is made of sturdy materials, ensuring the engraved letters remain legible and intact in any condition. What sets this device apart from its competitors is the remote on/off functionality. 

The imKey Secret Box has a price tag of $129, which is still somehow affordable for the combination of both hardware and metal wallet. While the imKey Secret Box hardware wallet weighs only 8.1 grams, the mnemonic wallet is bigger, heavier, and less suitable to be carried around at all times. Counting in all the pros and cons, it still makes a solid choice for anyone seeking comprehensive security for their crypto assets.

Pros of imKey Secret Box:

  • Both hardware wallet and metal seed storage in a single device
  • Can be turned on and off remotely

Cons of imKey Secret Box:

  • Less resistant to heat due to the use of aluminium
  • Prone to physical damage if subjected to high force
  • The mnemonic wallet is quite big and heavy

10. X-SEED Pro – Metal seed phrase storage option from SecuX

SecuX’s X-SEED Pro is a highly secure metal wallet designed to protect seed phrases and private keys against a wide range of environmental factors, including water, moisture, fire, and high temperatures of up to 1454°C.

Its 6mm thickness makes it resistant to high-pressure impacts, while its stainless-steel plates are corrosion-resistant, ensuring that engraved letters remain legible and intact in any climate. This sleek and compact metal wallet has a price tag of $89.

Pros of X-SEED Pro:

  • Top-tier resistance to physical damage
  • Priced somewhere in the middle ($89)
  • Can be purchased in bundles together with SecuX’s hardware wallets

The bottom line – Using a combination of a durable seed phrase storage and reputable hardware wallet is best for your crypto’s security

Investing in quality seed phrase storage and crypto hardware wallets has become essential to keep your cryptocurrency secure from potential hacking attempts and theft. Combining these two elements provides superior security and also facilitates easy backup and recovery. Most importantly, you should keep your cryptocurrency offline and thus eliminate the need for third-party crypto handlers, such as exchanges or online wallet providers, which are a well-known single point of failure.

After exploring the best seed storage options, we advise you to check our list of the best hardware wallets to create a crypto security kit tailored to your needs.

10 Best Crypto Hardware Wallets: Top Crypto Storage Solutions for 2023

While there are many ways to hold your cryptocurrency assets, not all types of wallets are equal in terms of safety. While leaving your coins on centralized exchanges is undoubtedly the most convenient way, it is also the least safe way to hold your precious digital assets. There are countless tragic stories of how investors lost sizeable crypto portfolios because they kept it on an exchange that went bust, the last infamous example being the collapse of FTX in November 2022.

Compared to exchanges, even keeping your coins in web, mobile, or desktop wallets, where you are the owner of the private keys to your wallet, is a much safer option. Nevertheless, offline hardware wallets (also referred to as “cold storage”) are unequivocally the safest cryptocurrency storage method. Hardware crypto wallets are made of durable material and only connect with the network when you want to move the funds from or off them, which makes them extremely resilient to hacking attempts.

Here’s a quick look at the best crypto hardware wallets for 2023:

  1. Ledger Nano X – The best hardware wallet for most crypto holders
  2. Ledger Nano S Plus – A budget-friendly option from Ledger
  3. Trezor Model T – Trezor’s flagship model can back up the wallet seed
  4. ShapeShift KeepKey – A cheap hardware wallet that does not compromise on security
  5. Trezor Model One – A simple yet secure hardware wallet from Trezor
  6. Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 – A truly air-gapped crypto hardware wallet
  7. CoolWallet S – A highly portable credit card-like crypto wallet
  8. SecuX V20 – A robust wallet with dual connectivity and a large responsive touchscreen
  9. Keystone Pro – A secure hardware wallet powered by AAA batteries
  10. Shift Crypto BitBox02 – A crypto wallet capable of connecting to full Bitcoin nodes

The 10 best crypto hardware wallets in 2023: A detailed overview

Over the years, many different types and brands of hardware crypto wallets appeared on the market, which makes deciding on which one to buy increasingly difficult. Hardware wallets differ greatly in backup features, the number of supported blockchains, materials used, and also price. To make the decision at least a bit easier we have prepared an overview of the best crypto hardware wallets on the market today.

1. Ledger Nano X – The best hardware wallet for most crypto holders

Ledger Nano X is the flagship product of French company Ledger and is often considered to be one of the best and most versatile cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market. This hardware wallet boasts a CC EAL5+ certified secure element chip and supports over 5000 cryptocurrencies and is therefore a suitable storage option for almost any cryptocurrency user. In addition, Ledger Nano X is compatible with almost all popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The hardware wallet can be connected either via USB or Bluetooth.

The wallet uses Ledger’s proprietary Ledger Live software, which simplifies cryptocurrency management and seed phrase generation and restoration. A small display on the hardware wallet provides the user with immediate visual feedback, making processes more intuitive. In addition, the Nano X does not only support a huge number of cryptos but can also connect with a whooping 100 applications. Integration with hot wallets like Metamask and other Web3 wallets is another advantage of the Ledger Nano X, allowing users to access DeFi platforms and blockchain dApps.

Last but not least, Ledger’s hardware wallets have not been exploited or found to have vulnerabilities, which provides a good illustration of the company’s commitment to top-tier security standards. Although the market price of $149 sets Ledger Nano X among the more expensive crypto hardware wallets, the Nano X’s superior security and dApp integrations make it the best hardware wallet available in 2023.

Pros of Ledger Nano X:

  • Top-tier security (CC EAL5+ certified chip)
  • Supports more than 5000 cryptocurrencies
  • Can install with up to 100 applications
  • Supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems.
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Cons of Ledger Nano X:

  • Priced slightly above the market average ($149.00)
  • It takes some time to get familiarized with Ledger’s user interface

2. Ledger Nano S Plus – A budget-friendly option from Ledger

Ledger Nano S Plus is a highly secure hardware crypto wallet that offers many of the features of the more expensive Nano X but at a lower price point. Ledger Nano S Plus also supports over 5,500 cryptocurrencies and allows you to install up to 100 applications. It featured the same advanced security systems as its more expensive option, including a CC EAL5+ certified security element. This hardware wallet utilizes Ledger Live software that streamlines the process of creating a new wallet or transferring your old wallet to a new platform.

On the other hand, Ledger Nano S Plus has a storage capacity of 1.5 MB, which is slightly less than the Ledger Nano X, which has 2 MB. While most ordinary hardware wallet users should find 1.5 MB of storage more than enough, some might miss the Bluetooth support, which Ledger Nano S Plus also lacks. However, the USB-only connectivity of the Nano S Plus eliminates the need for a battery, which makes Ledger Nano S Plus extra light (it weighs only 21 grams). The wallet comes in five different colors, including Matte Black, Mystic White, BTC Orange, Deepsea Blue, and Ice.

The Ledger Nano S Plus is packed with features and is available at almost half of the price of the Nano X. This makes Ledger Nano S Plus one of the most popular hardware crypto wallets. In fact, the Nano S Plus seems to continue the legacy of its predecessor, the Nano S, which was a bestseller among hardware wallets, when it launched back in 2016.

Pros of Ledger Nano S Plus:

  • Supports more than 5,500 cryptocurrencies
  • Top-tier security (CC EAL5+ certified chip)
  • Affordable (priced at $79)
  • Among bestselling hardware wallets

Cons of Ledger Nano S Plus:

  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The device’s user interface and navigation can be complicated for novice users

3. Trezor Model T – Trezor’s flagship model can back up the wallet seed

Trezor Model T is an advanced hardware wallet that is used for storing coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 1200 other cryptocurrencies. Like other hardware wallets, this device is designed to keep your private keys safe from potential threats like hackers or malware. However, Trezor Model T is far more than just a hardware wallet. The device can also function as a two-factor authentication method and has an embedded password management function.

As far as the storage of crypto is concerned, there are only a few crypto wallets as versatile as the Trezor Model T. With this piece of hardware, you can manage multiple cryptocurrency accounts, store, and send funds, and even back up your wallet with a recovery seed. If you lose the hardware wallet, your funds may be recovered using a 12-word recovery phrase thanks to the use of Shamir Backup (SLIP39). Data on Trezor Model T is secured by an up to 9-digit long PIN code that the user chooses upon device set up. To access funds in the wallet, you need to input the correct PIN. In case you fail to enter the correct PIN code 16 times in a row, the wallet will automatically delete itself. The PIN is entered via Model T’s large touchscreen, that is also used to verify transactions and give out other visual feedback when interacting with the wallet.

In addition, Trezor’s flagship hardware wallet supports the storage of NFTs. It connects with other devices only through a USB-C port. The Model T is priced at $215, but its features and build quality make it a top contender among the best crypto hardware wallets on the market.

Pros of Trezor Model T:

  • Top-tier security (PIN lock and wallet seed backup function)
  • Password and digital identity management
  • Suitable for NFT storage
  • Interaction through the big color touchscreen

Cons of Trezor Model T:

  • No iOS or Android apps
  • Among the most expensive wallets ($215)

4. ShapeShift KeepKey – A cheap hardware wallet that does not compromise on security

ShapeShift KeepKey is a sturdy hardware wallet that is among the cheapest hardware wallets on the market today. Although KeepKey devices sell for just $49 these wallets do not compromise on security. This ShapeShift’s product utilizes AES hardware encryption and 2-factor authentication, which puts its security on par with the wallets listed above. KeepKey can also deploy firmware updates without being connected to the internet. However, when you do need to connect the device to a computer and the internet, you should not have any problems as KeepKey supports most systems, including PC operating systems such as MacOS, Windows and Linux, and Android mobile operating systems. Through a large OLED display that occupies the entire front surface of the device, the user is constantly informed about what is going on with his wallet and transactions.

Nevertheless, every bargain comes with some trade-offs. In the case of ShapeShift’s KeepKey, the biggest disadvantage is the fairly limited support of different cryptocurrencies. You will be able to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ethereum (together with Ethereum-based tokens), Dogecoin, Dash, and nothing else. The wallet is also unable to integrate with Web3 wallets or DeFi applications. This means that even less advanced users with a diversified crypto portfolio might quickly find that the cheap KeepKey falls short of meeting all their needs. If you are, however, just looking for secure and cheap cold storage of the above-mentioned coins, KeepKey is definitely the hardware wallet to consider.

Pros of ShapeShift KeepKey:

  • One of the cheapest hardware wallets on the market ($49)
  • Large OLED screen
  • Allows password entry and QR code viewing
  • Open-source and simple-to-use software

Cons of ShapeShift KeepKey:

  • Very narrow list of supported cryptocurrencies
  • No support for Web3 wallet or dApp integration
  • No multi-signature support

5. Trezor Model One – A simple yet secure hardware wallet from Trezor

Trezor Model One stands out as a highly favored hardware wallet on the market due to its uncomplicated design and user-friendly interface. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, and over a thousand other cryptocurrencies. However, it does not support some high-market cap coins that many have in their portfolios, such as XRP, ADA, EOS, XTZ, and XMR. To ensure the utmost security for your digital assets, Trezor provides several additional security features, such as PIN codes and passwords. These measures offer robust protection for your funds, making it nearly impossible for hackers to gain unauthorized access even if your wallet is lost or stolen.

At just $69, the Trezor One is also affordable, making it an excellent value for those seeking a simple yet powerful hardware wallet. If you’re looking for a user-friendly device with minimal options, the Trezor Model One is an excellent choice.

Pros of  Trezor Model One:

  • Top-tier security (PIN lock and wallet seed backup function)
  • Password and digital identity management
  • Suitable for NFT storage
  • Interaction through the big color touchscreen

Cons of Trezor Model One:

  • No iOS or Android apps
  • Among the most expensive wallets ($215)

6. Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 – A truly air-gapped crypto hardware wallet

ColdCard Mk4 is a maximum-security hardware cryptocurrency wallet produced by the Canadian crypto hardware manufacturer Coinkite. It is one of the rare hardware wallets that can be used without ever being connected to a computer, as everything from wallet creation with seed generation to transaction signing can be done without connection thanks to the natively implemented PSBT (BIP174). Nevertheless, the ability to connect to a computer exists thanks to the USB-C connector at the bottom edge of the device. ColdCard Mk4 includes two secure elements, supplied by two different manufacturers, which additionally minimizes unknown vulnerability risks. The PIN is also entered through a full-size numeric keypad, which is a bit old-school but practical and a bulletproof input method.

ColdCard Mk4 only supports Bitcoin, but the security and utilities of this Bitcoin cold storage are unrivaled. The device features expanded multi-sig capabilities allowing it to handle big and complex Bitcoin transactions. In Coinkite’s official store, this device has a price tag of $148.

Pros of Coinkite ColdCard Mk4:

  • Full-sized physical numeric keypad
  • Bright OLED display
  • Two independent security elements
  • A truly air-gapped hardware wallet
  • MicroSD card support for backup and data storage

Cons of Coinkite ColdCard Mk4:

  • A Bitcoin-only hardware wallet

7. CoolWallet S – Highly portable credit card-like crypto wallet

CoolWallet S is a portable and durable crypto hardware wallet that stands out from its competition mainly due to its design. It comes in the form of a credit card-sized device, that has a thickness of only 0.8 mm and weighs only 6 grams. In addition, this “crypto card” is also waterproof and tamper-resistant. The wallet features a small built-in screen and a button, which is used to confirm transactions. According to the manufacturer, the device should last up to 3 months with a single battery charge.

The wallet connects via an encrypted Bluetooth connection to most mobile devices. On top of the advanced encryption standard AES256 that secures the wireless connection, the device utilizes both biometric and physical 2FA checks to ensure your assets’ safety and has an embedded EAL5+ certified secure element. Nevertheless, the device is easy to interact with and allows a new cold wallet to be created in under 5 minutes due to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user interface. Furthermore, the wallet features a built-in cryptocurrency swap system. You will have to spend $99 to buy one sleek CoolWallet S but the company offers a small discount if you buy two devices. If you convince a friend to buy it, too, you will have to part with only $89 per device (or $178 for both hardware wallets).

Pros of CoolWallet S:

  • Highly portable due to its unique credit card-like design
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • Long-lasting battery (up to 3 months)

Cons of CoolWallet S:

  • Limited cryptocurrency support

8. SecuX V20 – A robust wallet with dual connectivity and a large responsive touchscreen

SecuX V20 is a robust and stylish cryptocurrency hardware wallet with many useful features and a premium feel. The V20 supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Stellar, and has a responsive color 2.8″ touchscreen to ensure smooth interaction. The wallet, which supports multiple operating systems, can connect either via an encrypted Bluetooth connection or a wired USB connection. When you want to establish a connection between your hardware wallet and another device via Bluetooth or USB, the connection needs to be approved on the online interface called SecuXcess, which can be found within SecuXTech.

SecuX V20 allows for the private keys to be created and stored offline but can also integrate with third-party wallets or apps if needed. Private keys and PIN codes are stored on an EAL 5+ certified secure chip. When turning on the SecuX V20 for the first time, the user is prompted to set a 4-digit PIN code, which is later used to interact with the wallet and confirm a transaction. Another rigorous safety measure that many hardware wallets, including V20, employ is the complete wipe-out of data on the device if an incorrect PIN code is entered 4 times in a row. The device allows users to create hidden wallets, which adds an extra layer of security. You can also set a really strong password, as the device supports hidden wallet passwords up to 99 characters long. SecuX V20 has a price tag of $120.

Pros of SecuX V20:

  • 2.8″ highly responsive color touchscreen
  • Support for multiple passwords and multiple signatures
  • Support for most PC operating systems, Chrome, iOS, and Android
  • USB and encrypted Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hidden wallet feature

Cons of SecuX V20:

  • A bit complicated interface
  • The bulky design makes it less portable

9. Keystone Pro – a secure hardware wallet powered by AAA batteries

Keystone Pro is an air-gapped hardware wallet with a range of security-focused features, including an advanced fingerprint biometric authentication system. The device supports wallet backup using Shamir backups and will self-destruct wallet keys if it detects tampering attempts. This hardware wallet is exclusively air-gapped. It cannot be connected via Bluetooth or USB even if you wanted to, as it does not support such connections. Transactions are conducted through the use of a camera and QR codes, while the device also has a 4-inch color touchscreen that displays information about transactions and wallet addresses.

Keystone Pro is available for purchase at the price of $169. Keystone also offers an Essential version of their crypto hardware wallet. Lacks fingerprint authentication, a self-destruct function, and rechargeable batteries, the Keystone Essential is priced at $119.

Pros of Keystone Pro:

  • Large touchscreen and camera
  • Support for air-gapped transactions
  • Long battery life (powered by 4 AAA batteries)

Cons of Keystone Pro:

  • A small onscreen keyboard makes password input difficult
  • Bad build quality and cheap materials
  • No Bluetooth or USB connectivity
  • Fairly expensive ($169)

10. Shift Crypto BitBox02 – Crypto wallet capable of connecting to full Bitcoin nodes

BitBox02 is a simple and easy-to-use but secure cryptocurrency wallet that supports the most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin but also more than 1500 less-known ones. The hardware wallet is controlled through the BitBoxApp, which features a straightforward user interface. The App’s and BitBox02’s source code is open-source and has been audited by an independent security company.

This hardware wallet, which is produced by Shift Crypto in Switzerland, employs high-level security measures, and has a dual-chip design to further increase the security of the crypto storage. What sets BitBox02 apart from most other wallets is the ability to use a microSD card with the wallet’s backup information, thus eliminating the need to enter a 12- or 24-word phrase every time you want to run the wallet. In addition, when connecting to the wallet through the BitBoxApp, users can opt into Tor forwarding, which further increases the security and privacy of the wallet. Worry not, the communication between your computer and your hardware wallet is also encrypted, which minimizes the risk of man-in-the-middle exploits and attacks. For Bitcoin purists, BitBox02 is also available as a Bitcoin-only firmware, which removes ballast code and further reduces the risk of exploits.

Pros of Shift Crypto BitBox02:

  • OLED display and responsive touch controls
  • Open-source externally audited source code
  • Tor forwarding feature

Cons of Shift Crypto BitBox02:

  • No app for iOS devices
  • Rather expensive (139€ or $153)

The bottom line: There are plenty of options on the market for keeping your crypto safe

By selecting a hardware wallet with a secure backup system that is built out of robust and durable materials, users can be confident that their crypto assets are safeguarded. It is also of key importance to check that the hardware wallet of your choosing supports all your favorite cryptocurrencies.

The prices of commercial cryptocurrency hardware wallets range from around $50 to more than $200. But even the purchase of an expensive high-end hardware wallet packed with security features should not be hard to justify if you are holding a large crypto portfolio. If, however, your portfolio is considered small, you only hold a small number of different coins and rarely interact with DeFi apps, you could do just fine with a lower-end hardware wallet. 

Just remember that each and every hardware wallet featured on our list is incomparably safer than keeping your coins on an exchange. Do remember (and live by) the age-old crypto saying: “Not your keys, not your coins!”