Wondering What Web3 Means? Listen to Ethereum’s First Marketer


Out of concern for the company’s viability, I became obsessed with payments. In New York, where I lived, there were a number of technology meetups, and as a co-founder of a small but growing platform, I was able to meet and socialize with other founders. In 2015, I met several members of the early Ethereum team, including Joseph Lubin, Sam Cassatt, Andrew Keys and Christian Lundquist. Despite the code base being public, it was difficult for me to understand the inner workings of the Ethereum Virtual Machine without a computer science degree. However, it was clear the individuals being attracted to Ethereum were some of the smartest people I had ever encountered. Although I was unable with my media and marketing skill set to perform my own independent diligence on the technology they were building, it was easy to diligence the people. I recognized that they were brilliant.