I can’t make my first NFT sell


A buyer reached me on INstagram DM. Sent me a QR Code. I saw the price. She made the payement to the network. She’s clean. I’m clean. But things get complicated from this situtation: My NFTs are in Windows11, Google Chrome Browser, Metamask Wallet. It’s connected with OpenSea.com. I couldnt remember my password and I opened a new wallet in my iOS iPad. Than scanned the QR she gave me. System wanted me 0,5 ETH. I have made EFT from local bank account and paid. After that I paid the system 0,5 ETH. But transaction rejected. they sad " money is in ERC20 right now". Support sad to me "you have entered several times and it’s blocked". and they sad to me "you have to give 0,25 more". I did it. But when i’m ready to make tranaction, I scanned the QR code which buyer gave to me again, the page is falling to "timeout". What’s wrong? I don’t get it.