USERVICE — Service-Based Service On Blockchain Technology

In the world of automated technology industry is one of the supporting success and the advancement of an automobile industry this thing we can not deny, the more sophisticated technology used one of the automobile manufacturers, the factory will be targeted by all circles of automotive lovers. This causes all automotive manufacturers to compete to make new things more advanced and more sophisticated than others.

And that is currently being favored by all system makers is a new system that is a trend, that is blockhain technology, we all know that the current business world is experiencing technological advancement system called Blockhain, Currently one of the automotive manufacturers began to use blockhain technology as a tool to start something new. USERVICE is one that will use this technology.


  1. A Platform that can connect all representatives of the car industry

this platform will make all parties who have authority in the car industry from car owners, insurance companies, banks, car service centers, spare parts distributors and many others will be interested to join, all can be connected, this will lead to more things simple that will increase the profit and efficiency of the services provided. without going through a more complicated process.

2. Using Blockhain Technology

all organized transactions will be able to see all the transparency provided by Blockhain, Blockhain will record every transaction that happens instantly, in just a few minutes. And you can choose what is needed and all connected around the world.

3. Database Distribution

Saving the entire history of cars on one platform is the blockchain platform, this will make USERVICE a leading information aggregator throughout the car industry.

Benefits of Using USERVICE Platform

For Car Owners you will get all the needs of car service with reasonable price and best quality guaranteed, and also can get discount from insurance company when drive well. And get the best price from the manufacturer to meet your needs from the auto service center

You Will always be informed about the car production process at the factory based on world-class analysis according to the most damage statistics.

Travel and Planning USERVICE For the Future

In the Year 2016

* Concept creation from

* All stages of the project completed (from prototype to alpha version and beta version of this service)

* Launch of the project in Eastern Europe market

In the Year 2017 Quarter I-II

* Successful Growth

* Uremont — the largest aggregator of car services in the prime market

Uservice idea has emerged

In the third quarter of 2017

* Support for the Uservice platform (testing stages in new territory)
* Expand the zone filling bases for newly connected cities in each country

And In Quarter IV In Year 2017

* Pre sale token and token sales period
* Increased penetration in start up market
* Preparing infrastructure to start operations in North America and Asia

In 2018 Upcoming

* Implementation of blockchain technology
* Massive promotion in inbound markets (North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East)
* Platform support
* System scaling

In the Year 2019

* Implementation of new functions
* USX token issues

And In the Year 2020

* Domination in the market where the project exists
* IPO Uservice

This is a series of Trips and Plans that Uservice will do for the Future. It can be seen that Uservice starts in real in 2016 and finally in 2017 begins the trial phase to this USERVICE Platform.


Through the Token Usage Process will be allocated as follows:

  1. 25% will be allocated for the development and implementation of blockhain technology.
  2. 25% for all kinds of operating activities
  3. 20% will be allocated for
    software adaptation to new markets.
  4. 15% for Marketing
  5. 5% for legal legality
  6. 5% for Security
  7. 5% for other development

As for the Distribution Process of Token will be allocated as follows:

  1. 60% For general contributions
  2. 20% For reserve fund
  3. 10% for team
  4. 10% Event and Advisor

Token will be distributed with the UST symbol, as for details of this UST Token will be detailed as follows:

The UST Token will be the main one for our ecosystem. The owner of this token will be able to use it to pay for purchases and any kind of payment for the company’s partner services within the USERVICE platform.

By 2019, USERVICE will introduce a secondary token called USX that you can use for purchases within the USERVICE system for a UST token. The USX token will be authorized by undergoing the necessary procedures to become a Uservice value document.

as for further info will be poured on the official web more detailed information USERVICE information.

For More Info can be seen below here:


Eth : 0x64947F03e8d6C2dC65e9F4e87cFc651d1fadd82D