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Given the current financial institutions, it is possible to say that they can not find solutions to AML issues related to virtual money areas. Of course, this prevents the exploitation of crypto ecosystems, which results in wide acceptance in the cryptopole field, and consequently is a major obstacle to commercialization. Required resources and various technical support to comply with AML laws, including on many platforms in the theft system. If AML and CFT laws are not followed, various criminal proceedings will be applied. It is also possible to mention that sanctions such as imprisonment will be applied as well as sample applications for compensation damages.

When all these problems are visible, they cause important question marks in our minds. ‘confirm’, which is a quality that will answer all your needs that may exist in the solution phase of the problem, quit and give you an AMLT token.

What is AMLT?

With securely formed coinfirm block chains, the possibility of safe use is the most recognized and most effective leader in the field of ilmedia. The Coinfirm platform offers AML / CTF solutions for enterprise-based encryption and Blockchain. It is also possible to say that with the addition of the AMLT specifier to the platform, transparency is at a higher level.

We expect all our actions to take place at the highest level of security while attending privacy principles carefully. When making transactions with AMLT, transaction IDs are stored in chain blocks with various codes. the security of transactions will be ascertained at this time and people will be kept confidential by keeping in mind the secrecy of such persons.

One of the most important reasons for AMLT’s development is the pioneering illegal illegal work. This system, implemented by AML / CFT Platform Coinfirm, is recognized by many organizations.
As a result, Coinfirm developed by AMLT for a fully-formed security system will be accurate without high levels. You can actively use this service provided by Coinfirm and provide easy access.

Companies generally deal with whether it suits the problem. Coinfirm, on the other hand, is not only related to the subject, but also plays an important role in focusing in one direction, facing important studies like AML, CTF and KYC.

If AMLT will see the problem it will solve

· Conduct various researches to improve password acceptance.
· Arrangement of various criminal proceedings to ensure acceptance of regulations to protect orders.
· Developing effective and secure solutions from Coinfirm through the lack of solutions and hard work from Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorism Financing Prevention (CTF).
Generally, the result is to create a system that, together with the AMLT system, not only creates a platform by sticking to a single point of Coinfirm, but also outlining common problems and all possible problems.


· Paweł Kuskowski, CEO / Founder
· Paweł Aleksander, CIO, Founding Partner
· Jako Fijołek, CTO, Founding Partner
· Grant Blaisdell, CMO, Founding Partner
· Maciej Ziółkowski, Founding Partner

Partner Company

· NuCode


Pre-sale is conducted between 28–31 December 2017. It will be worth $ 1, 10 AMLT and at least 500,000 AMLT must be purchased. ICO Shan continued and collected 11165 ETs and continued to collect.

Data Collection Applications For AMLT
This is intended to ensure that certain benefits are only available to Network Members,
who will be required to hold a number of AMLTs, especially in the form of
(i) access to awards at AMLT for their contribution to the Coinfirm Platform
(ii) access to resources and / or AML / CTF training service known as ‘Knowledge Pool’.
Rewards may be earned and payable in the AMLT form for
Coinfirm Platform users who qualify as Network Members.

Qualifications for becoming a Network Member include:
• holding at least 50,000 AMLT (fifty thousand AMLT)
• agreeing and in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Coinfirm
Member Network
• approved for the purpose of the AML / KYC process.
Gifts to Network Members are awarded based on information provided to Coinfirm.


A global RegTech company focuses on AML / CTF for Blockchain, a recognized influencer in Blockchain / Virtual Currency and RegTech industries. Led by leaders and professionals from AML industry, compliance, anti-fraud and Blockchain. Partners and clients range from major crypto players like Dash and SSR to major financial institutions like SEI.

Coinfirm has hosted the sale of the current AMLT token, and they claim that there will be around 210 million tokens available to the public. This is quite surprising, and it really shows how important and different in the end.

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