LOOMIA TILE works in conjunction with the LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL)

LOOMIA — We are a technology that creates intelligent product innovation on attempted through technology blockchain. and companies in Exchange for mutual benefit and smooth.

The LOOMIA TILE is a hardware change clothes become a gatherer of data and identity. LOOMIA invested in the idea that the future cannot be used with the computer is not the size of the thumbnail, but the technology is created directly into the stuff we wear every day with the need: our clothes.

WARMING: Flexible, soft heating that can be integrated into the shoe, garment, upholstery and more. The heating can be up to 200 degrees depending on the strength.Washable, can be sewn and ultrathin. The heating can be sewn, taped or cemented on most fabrics.

TOUCH SENSING: Touch sensitive fabric that can be used as interfaces, sensors, and more. Useful for automotive, interior, industry and application of garment.

Washable, can be sewn, ultrathin. Sensing it could be running on low power.

ILLUMINATION: flexible, soft lighting can be used for high visibility safety applications, as well as the use of more commercial. Washable, can be sewn, ultrathin. Lighting could be running on low power.

~ The LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL)
The LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) is a series of soft, flexible with the ability to sensechanges in their environment such as heat and touch that can be pinned to textiles.

LOOMIA integrates seamlessly with the material of your choice.

Our IP is on some area: connectors, flexible components, hold supple of ink direct-to-textile, special battery form factor, and patterned materials e. we create use cases, and produces smart fabric panels (as thin as flexible and as Nylon) so that the brand can be integrate to add value and functionality in their products, without limit. Our fabrics are tested for conducted over 150 washes and dries.

Is working with LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL), soft, flexible circuits embedded onto textiles with the ability to sense changes in their environment, such as heat and touch.
Aplikasi ini benar-benar tanpa server dan memanfaatkan blockchain untuk keamanan dan integritas data. Selain itu, kemampuan unik LOOMIA TILE untuk menghubungkan identitas fisik individu dengan identitas digital mereka menghadirkan titik awal yang menarik untuk berbagai integrasi pihak ketiga. Ini memungkinkan untuk membangun aplikasi yang menggunakan teknologi LOOMIA untuk memverifikasi identitas dan memfasilitasi pembayaran yang aman secara pasif. dan mulus, tanpa interaksi manual atau antarmuka.

Token Sale

  • Tanggal penjualan: 11 Desember 2017- 3 Januari 2018
  • Cap: $ 30 juta
  • Jumlah token yang akan dibuat 800–870 juta



  • Kelas A (min. $ 1.00mm jumlah pembelian) = 30%
  • Kelas B (Min. $ 0,50mm Jumlah Pembelian) = 25%
  • Kelas C (jumlah pembelian min $ 0,30mm) = 20%
  • Kelas D (jumlah pembelian min $ 0.15mm) = 15%

Distribusi Token:

  1. Penasehat: 5%
  2. Mitra merek: 10%
  3. Pengembang: 15%
  4. Satu tahun lockup: 5%
  5. Pra penjualan: 15%
  6. Penjualan umum: 50%

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