In a country like India, where majority of population believes stock market as gamble and therefore like to invest more in gold and land because of high security level, there people started listening about something new, something like digital coin called Bitcoins. Year 2017 proved to be a significant year for Bitcoins in India and its effect is seen increasing after demonetization. And in few months, the topic became burning news for media channels and newspaper organizations. In a short span, Bitcoin became a common discussion among public and a new source for investment. The news spread as, there is a digital currency whose value is touching the sky and gives almost double returns in less than a year. It is good that there is more and more promotion of Bitcoins (through media, word of mouth , internet etc) as people should know about any new financial asset (or currency) available in market and it’s pros and cons associated with it and should be educated about Bitcoins before investing in it. One should know the reasons for such a high demand for Bitcoins all around the globe and what is the government’s role of different countries towards it. It is important for the mass to know the technology behind working of Bitcoins. This way they can come up to a concrete decision and further they can understand more about the technology behind Bitcoins i.e. Blockchain technology. This blockchain technology is in its growth stage and challenging most of the current technologies prevailing in different industries and has an ability to change them at fundamental level. As the popularity of Bitcoins is increasing day by day, so does the blockchain’s. This technology is not limited up to crypto-currencies, but has potential to change the financial market, media, e-commerce and many more industries. We can expect a huge employment opportunity and that should be the main focus of today’s youth. The coming 5–10 years will be the main adoption stage of blockchain and it is necessary for us to have basic knowledge of it so that we don’t lag behind in growing, adapting or earning money. You can find various videos and articles on blockchain and details about top crypto-currencies and their recent performance in various websites or apps. Top researchers of this area suggest that we should not invest in these crypto-currencies only because others are investing in it too. We should do our homework and have proper knowledge about the coin (eg- Bitcoins, etherium, lightcoin etc) in which we want to invest. Initially, start with small amounts, read and understand the market patterns and when confident enough, you can increase your investment or withdraw money.