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Looking for Crypto-enthusiasts to take my survey on what they seek in a new gambling platform built for charity. 1 ETH Bounty to be won!

Hey fellas, I’m currently working on a crypto gambling platform and was wondering if anyone from the reddit community would be interested in taking my survey so I can gauge who the users are and how you think I can improve upon the idea in current development. The main focus is to help those in need by cutting charity costs through automated raffles powered by smart-contracts and by donating a portion of admin costs to selected charity organisations. The platform can be accessed through a web browser, and will be developed to innovate raffle-natured gambling to a whole new industry.

Here’s the link to the survey. Any response is a good response as the team and I believe that the platform will help crypto lovers, gamblers, and charitable contributors find a new way of giving.

If this is against guidelines/rules, please notify me so I can take action quickly! Thanks.

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Trying to Solve a Security Dilemma with Limited Trust

I’d like to get the community’s thoughts on an idea for managing security of wallets. Likely this idea is either stupid or already well-known, I apologize for either case.

Security of keys in Ethereum (crypto generally) is problematic. To avoid theft we need to keep our keys as guarded as possible; however, to avoid loss we need to make sure our keys (or recovery mnemonics) are written down in multiple locations known to us. There is no practical difference between having your key stolen and losing/forgetting your key – your currency is lost without recourse. From a theft perspective it is best to not keep your keys written down anywhere, and from a loss perspective it is best to tattoo your keys on your forehead. These are obviously incompatible.

I’m thinking of solving this with a kind of "chain of limited trust" (COLT to make it easier here). What if I were to spread my key out among a number of people (let’s say 8) in my trusted social circle, who would then entrust me with a portion of their private key? For purposes of this example I’ll assume all in the COLT are using hardware wallets and have written down their 24-word mnemonic.

I order my COLT alphabetically – they are listed with their wallet addresses:
* 1. Alice: 0x001…
* 2. Bob: 0x002…
* 3. Charles: 0x003…
* 4. Diane: 0x004…
* 5. Elaine: 0x005…
* 6. Fred: 0x006…
* 7. George: 0x007…
* 8. Harold: 0x008…

I then give 3 mnemonic words to each of them, beginning with Alice (mnemonics 1, 2, and 3) through Harold (mnemonics 22, 23, and 24). It’s not completely safe for my COLT to write these down and keep them, so they’re going to store these words for me on the blockchain so they’re never lost. The words will be sha-256 (or keccak) encrypted using their own private key as salt before going onto the blockchain so only they will be able to retrieve them.

Now, a hardware wallet does not expose a private key and the goal is for nobody to know their own private keys anyway. Instead of using the key itself as the salt for the hash we can use a signed transaction ID, with the following fixed parameters to make it deterministic:
To address: address of next person in the COLT (so Alice uses Bob’s address, Harold uses Alice’s, etc.)
Amount: 0
Nonce: same as ‘To address’ (not sure about this, depends on the data type of nonce because we don’t want overflows, just want to ensure it’s unique and deterministic)

Using the hardware wallet we can sign the transaction above offline, then hash the following concatenated string:
<0-23 index of mnemonic word>-<mnemonic word>-<transaction id>
Once the hash is created, the transaction ID is deleted. This resulting hash is stored on the blockchain – it can either go into a contract somewhere, or be transaction data, whatever. Just so long as it can be found later. This setup is done for every one of the COLT, resulting in 24 x 9 hashes stored on the blockchain. Everyone then destroys the sheet where they’ve written down their mnemonics.

In the best case scenario, nobody ever loses their hardware wallet or forgets their pin code. When someone does need their mnemonic however, either because they’ve lost or are locked out of their wallet, their account was somehow compromised (pin leaked), or they just got a shiny new ledger they’d like to initialize, the following can be done:

The COLT (everyone except for the person who needs their mnemonic restored) re-create the transaction ID with the same parameters as above. Then, they iterate through the list of mnemonic words from BIP-39, concatenating the mnemonic index and transaction ID and hashing until they match what was originally stored on the blockchain. Each one in the COLT then provides the mnemonic words back to the one person needing a restore. If the account was actually compromised and not just lost, the COLT must now assume that the attacker possesses 3 of their 24 mnemonic words and all should transfer their funds to another wallet and start again with newly initialized hardware wallets.

It will be somewhat problematic if multiple individuals in the COLT lose access to their wallet at the same time. 2 is probably reasonable, because each one of the two will be able to recover 21 of 24 words and a program can be written simply to brute-force the other 3 in not a terribly long time. 3 losing access simultaneously is harder – I don’t know how long it would take to brute-force 6 mnemonic words but it could be unreasonable unless some serious computing power were devoted to the task. To guard against this I’d propose using a canary (perhaps bi-monthly) so everyone is always aware of whether their COLT is in control of their wallets.

It kind of goes without saying that all of these steps would be automated with simple applications (some offline) instead of having people do all of these steps by hand.

Sorry for the long post, but this is something I’ve been thinking of and am curious to get some feedback on viability and whether there are massive holes I’m missing. Yes, trust is involved but I know for myself there are others in my life who I would certainly trust with a portion of my private key.

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eth-button: a simple way to receive donations with Ethereum

I tried posting this a couple weeks ago. It looks like my account was too young at the time, so it never showed up. I tried again recently, but I think it was deleted for being a duplicate.

Is the third time the charm?

eth-button is a simple, one-line method to accept donations on your site, through Mist or MetaMask. It is meant to be very compact and minimalist, and to be as easy to configure as possible. All that is required is the address at which you’d like to receive donations.

I lack a good sense of design, so I’m looking for feedback or ideas on how to improve it. I would like to keep it focused to on task, though, and rather than extending functionality, I would prefer to work on ensuring it works on as many surfaces as possible.

Ideas, comments, issues, pull requests, and assorted feedback welcome!

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Mist/Ethereum Wallet doesn’t work for me

I bought a very small amount of ETH on coinbase just to try it, and I wanted to create my own wallet to get it out.

However, I’ve been trying to get Mist working for 3 days and it is always stuck on some step: not connecting to peers, the blocks stuck without downloading, chain structures increasing faster than my computer can download them, and crashing my admittedly modest Intel i5 @ 2.80 GHz/ 6 gb RAM computer.

I’m aware I can just launch the application and get an account, but shouldn’t it work all the way? Does it matter that I can never sync completely?

I can also just use myetherwallet but I really wanted the official recommended desktop app to work. I don’t want to disparage ether and I’m really glad that my ETH revaluates every day or almost every hour, but how do you expect widespread acceptance if the official app appears not to work?

I hope this post doesn’t get flagged as "pointless", and that someone can really explain if I’m doing or understanding something wrong here.

Thanks in advance.

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Sent Ether to my Binance ‘from’ address. Is it lost?

i accidentally sent 20.96199647 Ethereum from Bittrex to my Binance ‘from’ ethereum address instead of the deposit address. can someone please tell me if my deposit is lost or not? I believe the address is connected to me. Binance has not replied to me at all.

Binance ‘from’ address: 0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be

Transaction ID:

This is how I know this is my ‘from’ address on Binance. I successfully sent money to another exchange.

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Staking requirements

Does anyone have a link a/o info regarding the setup a/o requirements that will be needed to run one’s own personal staking unit? I’m planning on committing a fairly substantial sum but i’m afraid my infrastructure (pipe/ redundancy/ etc.) is not yet up to snuff. If there is info out there it would be great if it could be shared so we could start preparing to stake. Thanks much.

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Thank You Ethereum

i had this long story written out but ultimately deleted it. long story short this is become life changing for me, I’m helping my mother and my sister. i can not believe this year i can not believe how things started in November of 2016 and whats happened now. i’m excited for next year Thank You all and i will see you all around Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and the others happy holidays!

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Blockchain showing negative numbers?!

When I manually go through all my ethereum transactions on the blockchain I end up on a negative number. I have located the issue and has to do with some deposits to Ether Delta a month or two ago. And there is a big withdrawl of 2.77 ETH that (at that time) would have put my balance into the negative, which clearly is not possible. But it still shows as a "success" on the blockchain. I mean I wouldnt care if it wasnt for the case that it completely screws my portfolio on Cointracking and soon it will make my taxes all messed up as well. Any ideas on this?

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How do I give my stupid cousins ethereum for christmas

Half of them lost bitcoin when I gave them it through circle years ago.

Any suggestions to give them ethereum? I do have one requirement that makes it a bit difficult.

I’d like them to have cellphone access to trade it. Not sure if a wallet or web exchange is best, but I want them to have a relatively safe storage that also keeps them attached to the web.

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Sent eth from Gdax to bitstamp. Apparently gdax doesn’t support contracts. Any I can do?

I know it’s extremely dumb, but I sent to a new wallet in bitstamp with lout sending a small test amount first. Now it seems that my eth isn’t being credited to the wallet and I think it’s bc GDax/coinbase doesn’t support smart contracts. Am I totally SooL? Is there anything I can do? I already contacted support from both sites.

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Ether for Wine

Hello Ethereum Community, Any wine lovers here?)

With my team, we are developing a trustful recommendation service for wine, backed by ML and NLP. There will be subscription model using DAO and customer will be able to get, periodically, sets of recommended wine. Of course, this “trustfulness” will be ensured by smart contracts.

I’m interested in your opinion on the subject so please feel free to comment. Peace!

PS NO ICO, NO TOKENS!!! Just Ether 😉

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Need some advice to retrieve lost ETH

A friend is having an issue and I don’t know the ethereum ecosystem at all; I don’t own any so I’m posting here in the hopes that someone has an idea we haven’t thought of trying.

  1. My friend wanted to participate in the Livetree ICO, specifically, its pre-sale.

  2. He sent ETH to 0xDfE9739a19750658699F5e5cFA457455130747Bb from his MyEtherWallet.

  3. Here are the full details of the transaction:

  4. The TO address doesn’t match Livetree’s posted address of 0xeA13644b32E570C95B767849011B48Bbb0E6bBB9!/buy-seed-success/

  5. He bought the ETH on Coinbase and checked his GDAX account but there were no ETH there.

  6. He’s in contact with Livetree to see if 0xDfE9739a19750658699F5e5cFA457455130747Bb is affiliated with them.

  7. We also checked his MEW to see if the he might have sent the coins to himself by accident but only saw two transactions–one incoming and one outgoing.

Does anyone else have any ideas about what to try or where to look?

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