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Be ready. Bitcoin is under a coordinated and sophisticated attack that is targeted for the difficulty adjustment coming in a few hours.

There is an ongoing coordinated and sophisticated attack and flippening attempt on Bitcoin that started last week and is targeted to climax at the the BTC difficulty adjustment that is happening tomorrow.

Attacks in progress:

Coordinated and timed pumping of BCH and selling of BTC, described here:

Last week Ver bought control of the Bitcoin twitter account and has been shilling BCH and slamming BTC

Last week Ver bought control of and the site will now call BCH "Bitcoin" and "BTC".

The mempool spam restarted last week after going away, and it is sustained.

The BTC difficulty adjustment is happening in a few hours. It is certain they have actions planned to capitalize on it – they will totally spam the mempool at that time and launch massive propaganda on several fronts, and try and steal hashrate, overload BTC, and achieve a flippening.

They will not succeed of course. They have many tricks but they do not have the Bitcoin community. And the biggest weapon of Bitcoin is the community:

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Request CoinMarketCap to remove it’s Bitcoin Social Section, it has been taken over and now promoting another coin.

Let’s try this again, automod removed the first post thinking I was promoting something else.

Here is just a Ver bought account promoting his alt and has nothing to do with Bitcoin anymore.

Also #2 Website on the page shouldn’t be there anymore. Ver and his website is just bashing Bitcoin and promoting his other coin, no need for them anymore, they have left Bitcoin.

Tweet them here

Send them a request here

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BTC Church ?

Our Satoshi who art in heaven, Bitcoin be thy name. Your miners come, Your chains be done, In alts as it is in BTC. Give us this day our daily spread. And forgive us our FUD, as we forgive those, who panic sell against us. And lead us not into fomo, but deliver us from fiat. For crypto is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.

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New ledger owners: you can have a “main” wallet and a hidden one on your Ledger Nano S.

With your 24 word seed, and with the PIN, you unlock your main wallet.

But you can add a 25th word, what they call a passphrase, and that is another wallet entirely. You can set a secondary PIN that unlocks it.

Benefits: 1) 25th word is a security that protects your entire wallet. You should not memorize 24 words, but you can memorize one and write the other 24.

2) your main wallet, the one accessed by the 24 words and main PIN should have money, but not a lot, in case someone forces you to transfer it to them.

3) in case you are afraid of forgetting the 25th word, split your recovery seed form into two, write the first 12 on one form, and the other 12+1 on the other one, and store it at two separate locations, like aunt or parents house. Have a Full 24 word recovery form at home, just so you can "prove" to a robber that that is your wallet.

You can have as many wallets as you want, just use a different 25th word for each. You can even have a single ledger on your family, with each family member having a secret passphrase and sharing the nano S security features. Going to the menu you can access these other wallets by inputting the passphrase, and It Will be unlocked until it is turned off.

Official Ledger support article:

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Stopped playing the lottery

I got into bitcoin in August, since then I haven’t spent any money on lottery tickets. Prior to that, I would spend about $2-4 on quick picks a week knowing that it was next to impossible to win. I really played because it gave me temporary hope. I didn’t really see another way for me to realistically amass any real wealth. I’m not going to start a business or invent something or inherit anything so I didn’t see a path except up the corporate ladder, and if you knew me then you’d know that that option would be nearly as unrealistic as a lottery ticket.

Since August, I’ve been saving my pennies and trying to get them into crypto (mostly bitcoin, but also eth, iota & sub). I don’t own enough yet to think there is a way for me to become a millionaire, but i can see a potential path to a nest egg. For the first time in my life I can actually say that I’m cautiously optimistic about my financial future and I’m no longer leaning on the cheap dopamine bump that comes from a lottery ticket.

That’s my story. Thought there might be people in this community that could relate.

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