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Bitcoin Gamers Can Now Enjoy 100% Deposit Bonus with BitZonk

BitZonk, one of the most popular bitcoin gambling games, launches a new promotion for players. Bitcoin fans can now receive 100 percent deposit bonuses. With over 215,000 games played and over 6,400,000 bits wagered, BitZonk is leading the bitcoin gambling experience. 

Called the modern “Let’s Make a Deal,” the game allows its players to wager with the chance to win, just as contestants do on the show. Playing the game is simple. First, players choose their difficulty mode. Then, they select which curtain they believe the Bitcoin to be behind. If beyond the curtain, there is Bitcoin, the bet is multiplied. The player then becomes one step closer to the grand prize. But if the BitZonk cat is hiding behind the curtain, the game is over.

A player increases his or her chances of receiving rewards with active play. The game also boasts a generous affiliation program. Players who invite others to play, earn gratuities for use in playing.

One unique factor of the game is that it’s fair and transparent. It runs on an impartial, provability fair algorithm. The game doesn’t require players to be math wizards. With the free tutorial, any player can learn how to play quickly. 

With so many great players, the designers of BitZonk are introducing a new bonus. This is how the bonus works. Any BitZonk player is eligible. The deposit bonus multiplier is set at 100 percent. The period for making wagers is unlimited to fulfil bonus requirements. Read the complete Terms and Conditions here.  

BitZonk has a growing player base and is now fully translated in Portuguese and Spanish to better accommodate players. In addition to the full translation, customer support service is now also available in Portuguese and Spanish. The game layout has been updated, including additional animated buttons.

The game’s designers said, “The game has been quite a success, so we wanted to take it to the next level in 2018. Along with the deposit bonus promotion, the game has undergone a refresh for improved UX.

About BitZonk

BitZonk, a verifiable online Bitcoin gambling game, launched in May of 2017. As a completely anonymous platform, no personal data is collected from players, even if connecting through a Facebook profile. Learn more at


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Bitcoin is not about the price, it is about a better society

Bitcoin is not about the price, it is about a better society – a friendly reminder from the Bitcoin Queen of Switzerland

A lot of people have asked me about Bitcoin recently. Here I would like to share with you my very personal and probably highly subjective view.

The first time I bought Bitcoin was back in 2013. It was because I came across something intriguing, something that was making no sense from the point of view of classical monetary theory.

As the government of Cyprus announced a bail-in for banks, they had to cascade the losses on their shareholders, debt holders and even large depositors. The run on the Cypriot banks pushed Bitcoin from around 50 USD to 200 USD. This case in itself was actually quite an interesting incident from a historical perspective. For the first time in our history the role and behaviour of gold – a physical asset as old as history of humanity –  was replicated by something that does not really exist: some abstract computer code run on decentralized network of computers. Perplexing situation, right? Especially if you’ve ventured into the history of monetary policy before. At my post-Soviet Union University this subject was my favourite, as it was a glossy new addition to our Fiscal Policy course.

I didn’t take Bitcoin seriously before, but this incident got me thinking. Is it really possible to create a post-national currency that would substitute gold, a universally acknowledged asset? Cyprus was just a little ripple in the ocean of capital markets. What would happen to Bitcoin’s price if World War III were to break out tomorrow?

Later the same year the Chinese got excited about Bitcoin and the price started to rise even further. Chinese government however understandably was not so happy about this new borderless currency which makes it so easy to circumvent the capital control. There were announcements about a clamp-down on Bitcoin. All of this was to no avail, as the price of Bitcoin just dived for a while. This was the first proof, that governments can’t do much about Bitcoin. This story was replayed in September this year as the Chinese government introduced restrictions on cryptocurrencies exchanges.

Yet 2013 was proclaimed “The year of Bitcoin” by the media. It was a real breakthrough for Bitcoin. Finally, after four years since the first block was mined on the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin started to get some traction, to be accepted by retailers while the number of Bitcoin wallets rocketed to 12 million.  

By January 2014 Bitcoin was reaching over 1100 USD. Then the biggest hack in the history of Bitcoin ruined Mt. Gox, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges at that time. Around 750.000 were stolen from the exchange, which would be worth around 12 billion USD today. Bitcoin again lost half of its value. But that wasn’t all. It continued its decline over the next two years coming back close to 200.

Bitcoin Price

Such a prolonged stagnation occured for a number of different reasons. I think the major problem was actually the lack of regulation. It was not possible to receive a legal status, even if you would be a legitimate business e.g. providing custody solution – saving cryptographic keys. And as Bitcoin companies could not receive any kind of licensing, banks could not engage with them in financial transactions. This situation lead to the absence of the ramp-on/off from and into flat currencies. Bitcoin being largely cut out of connection to the “real world money” was naturally of limited use. The whole dream of fast mass adoption of Bitcoin, which was driving around 1 billion USD in VC investment back then, did not live up to the promise. It was a very disappointing situation.

Then in 2015 New York came up with BitLicence, which was a total disaster, too. Limited to the New York state it was inherently restrictive –  only three companies managed to get it. It was around this time when Xapo, one of the leading Bitcoin custodians founded by a famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur Wences Casares, decided to look for a better regulatory solution.

For me personally it was a perfect call to help Bitcoin succeed. I met Wences in Zug, Switzerland during one of his first trips here. I was amazed by how similar his and my story were. They were both about hardship and deprivation, about corrupt governments and hyperinflation. The only difference: he was from Argentina, and I from Ukraine. Behind our incredible intersection on the Swiss ground, coming from two different continents – was the same conviction that the human rights of people cannot be abused by a government targeting wealth redistribution through printing money, inflation. We both suffered from it. We both knew that it is up to us to change something that was never possible before: to create a first post-national currency which no government can interfere with.

It felt like quite a mission. So without much discussion about salaries and percs, I took over the responsibility for driving the regulatory process in Switzerland. For Xapo, Switzerland back then was still a bit of a gamble. We largely hoped that Switzerland’s financial regulator – FINMA – being a highly professional and pragmatic regulator will be more open to creation of a proper regulatory environment.

A lot has been written about the Xapo case in the press. In short, after initial difficulties relating to assumed obligation to apply for the banking licences, we finally managed to find a pragmatic solution with FINMA. Yet looking back, we realized that this would not happen if we would just concentrate on legal aspects. Very soon after we discovered there was a dead end, I started to engage with Swiss parliamentary groups in support of innovation, banking association, governmental bodies and startup associations. We managed to gain support of several parliamentary members. Franz Grüter, a member of the SVP party even submitted a motion to parliament concerning a change of the banking law redefining the term of “public deposit” and exempting cryptocurrency from this category.

The result was that FINMA has allowed us to operate without a banking licence being categorized merely as a financial intermediary. No banking licence, no FINMA supervision. Only an application to become a part of self regulatory organization for financial intermediaries. A big success story for Xapo and for me personally. For once in my life I did something that helped to solve one of the biggest problem of Bitcoin: the regulation. It was highly rewarding and an exquisite experience.

Moreover, it was an ideological victory. For me it was about human rights and freedom. To put it simply, if governments cannot print money then there will be also less war. Inflation was always the traditional way to finance wars imagine that they were no longer able to do it because their people would be able to say no. Cryptocurrency provides an escape-route. As long as they have a phone and internet – no government can stop them. How great is that! No wars, no abuse, a more liberal and fair society.

Cryptocurrencies as disciplinary measure for corrupt governments. If nobody could stop them until now – now there is a new force. And this force is the technology. I think there is a high probability that post scriptum this moment will be regarded as one of the biggest historical breakthrough: the case when technology changed the social order, just as it did at the beginning of first industrialization era.

In that sense I consider myself a very fortunate person. I was lucky enough to live through that, to witness this gigantic shift. And to help the movement along the way.

For that reason, I am not particularly excited about the recent price rally and the waves of speculation and greed rolling out of the news. Too many people today  are focused on Bitcoin as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. But Bitcoin is actually not about that. It is about a better society, it is about equality and freedom.

Think about when you buy Bitcoin. Buy it for the big idea, not for speculation.

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Cappasity hits exchange and invites to VR/AR meetup

The Cappasity platform is a decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for 3D content exchange. The platform allows users to create the content, sell it via the marketplace and embed it into websites, as well as mobile and AR/VR applications. Сappasity overcomes the most important obstacle to the AR/VR content pipeline – how to quickly produce thousands of 3D images. This year Сappasity team is going to release free plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine so that anyone could easily integrate content from the Cappasity platform.

Cappasity’s ICO has received wide public support – over 13,000 people registered on the crowdsale portal.

Cappasity Token was issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates 3D content exchange and services among the Ecosystem participants from all over the globe. Immediately after the token was listed on HitBTC, its price has gone up and now is amounted to $0.02. During Phase 1 of the crowdsale, the price was only $0.008.

To support the most active content creators and developers of AR/VR/3D software, Cappasity establishes the AR/VR Innovation Fund. The fund is aimed to reward the developers of the most promising apps.

Cappasity has provided insight into those who have already been using the platform:

“Cappasity’s platform is mainly used by retail e-commerce. Online retailers digitize product catalogs to demonstrate their merchandise in 3D on their websites. Many of them have been already developing VR/AR applications for their customers or are considering an opportunity to use them,” said Natalie Reyes, Chief Sales Officer of Cappasity. “In addition, we have just recently started our collaboration with The New York Academy of Art. The partnership is aimed to display 3D images of art pieces online for almost everything – the Academy’s website, students’ art portfolios, exhibitions, fundraising auctions, etc. The Academy and Cappasity also plan to offer virtual reality tours of the Academy’s major exhibitions and galleries.”

The Academy is the first of 30 US educational institution that will utilize Cappasity’s technology.

Today, the vast majority of our clients is based in Europe and the USA. However, the platform will be launched in China at the beginning of next year.

Cappasity holds the first meetup called “CAPP #1” on January 23, 2018, and invites everyone to participate. The event will take place in Paris or New York, with its location being chosen by voting on our Telegram chat:

The following topics will be discussed at the meetup: tokens distributions at Phase 2 of the crowdsale, the current progress in the development of the platform and its implementation in B2B and B2C markets. For more information, follow the link:

Video –

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Most Altcoins are failing. Many are outright fraudulent others have poorly designed business plans and strategic ideas on how best to get coin adoption widely accepted. All are attempting to emulate the success of Bitcoin, however, few have figured out the secret recipe. What makes the recent price hikes in Bitcoin feasible and sustainable, is the tidal wave of buying demand being realized with a limited and finite supply of bitcoins, as cryptocurrencies, a digital asset, enter mainstream.

This tidal wave has people looking to diversify into other currencies so as to enjoy similar  success in identifying the next bitcoin. It is important to note that in a crowded crypto-space it is not easy to identify or filter good coins with real potential from good marketed coins which tend to fizzle upon listing on exchanges.

What is lacking within cryptocurrencies currently, is institutional support, that is anticipated to change overtime though. In conventional offerings such as Initial Public Offerings (IPO), once a company lists its shares on an exchange they are usually supported by Market Makers. These include the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase. In fact, exchanges like New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq require that each IPO have at least 3 or 4 market makers. The role of the Market Maker is to purchase shares when no one else will purchase them in a marketplace. Similarly, they also have to sell shares when no one else will sell shares in the marketplace. This is why an IPO, prior to listing focuses on who the underwriters are and their credit worthiness to support the market making function of an offering on an exchange.

In a peer to peer decentralized system, this function is currently lacking. Consequently, most ICOs upon listing fizzle to nothing because nobody is actually focused on price support or stability.

So how does offer price support and stability to a coin without a conventional market maker in a peer to peer decentralized system?

Our research desk came across one offering, namely 4NEW. The entire business model of 4NEW is reverse engineered for aftermarket price stability and liquidity in its coin, deprived of market makers. For example, 4NEW, which has raised 30+ Million USD in institutional funding to build a Waste to Energy plant from traditional / conventional funding avenues, recently launched its crowd-sale for a $9.5MM hard cap limit with 7 days remaining to the end of their ICO.

The Waste to Energy plant not only solves two social concerns, waste surplus and energy shortfall, however it also ensures widespread coin adoption. All future sales generated from the Waste to Energy plant will be transacted over the 4NEW blockchain with the ability to make and accept timed payments between businesses. The FRNCoin (4NEW’s cryptocurrency) will have a strong foundation of demand baked into the coin, offering pricing stability and consistent liquidity in the coin. In addition, like any successful cryptocurrency, 4NEW has observed swift adoption of its coin well in advance of the launch of its first plant.

Starting 2018, the coin is slated for acceptance in the following industries, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance, Telecommunications, Credit Card processing and Money Transfer services. This pattern of adding new participants is expected to continue at a feverish pace through 2018.

When consumers purchase the FRNCoin to avail the goods and services offered by these businesses, an organic demand will be generated in the coin that is not focused on speculative trading of the coin. This organic demand will bring new liquidity into the marketplace for the coin, offering price support. That means, there will always be consumers making a market in the coin, replacing the market making function offered by institutions. Conventional institutional support is not suited for a peer to peer decentralized system, it has to be peer to peer market making that supports the price that is not engaged with the coin in speculative trading. Ironically, bitcoin enjoys this exact same feature, thus it is compared to gold in many instances.

As 4NEW continues to add more business consumers to its coin, a Top-Down approach to widespread utilization will begin. This will permeate through to the masses overtime, which will lead to another successful cryptocurrency very similar to Bitcoin. The only difference between Bitcoin and 4NEW is actually the adoption approach. Bitcoin experienced a Bottom-UP strategy, therefore more grass roots approach. That usually takes longer to attain, however it is also responsible for the masses to have awareness and widely accept cryptocurrency today. Like its predecessor, 4NEW will also act like a store of value overtime, however, its adoption approach is Top-Down approach. The credibility of this offering is further cemented by their recent affiliation with the Imperial College of London, a 110 year academic institution with a pedigree track record.

While there can be no assurances of the future or outcomes, however, this coin has a strong probability of being one of the lasting examples of the future success stories within the crypto community.

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Presenting InsurePal: Distributed Social Proof Insurance


The insurance industry is flooded with a lot of problems, right from issues of identification to poor segmentation, privacy invasion and filing false claims. But those issues will be a thing of the past soon. InsurePal is a new insurance platform, changing the tide with modern and affordable solutions by leveraging the blockchain technology. Apart from ensuring that the insurance of your car or your house is hassle-free, it also insures your blockchain business, to help maneuver your way through the turbulent new technology. The amazing part? The entire system makes use of social proof from your peers. See the Whitepaper.

Putting social proof to work

Who knows you best? For the first time, an insurance will rely on peer to peer assessments and will also give incentives for this kind of valuable information as they are difficult to determine just with research or intellect. Social proof is a psychological system being leveraged by InsurePal so that your guarantee for cheaper premium is done not by your insurer, but by your friend, your family member or your neighbor, etc. It reduces the identity verification time of the individual and helps fast track insurance claims for both businesses and individuals, but most of all, it promises to reduce insurance costs for all of you who behave responsibly.

With social proof, your best friends will be able to confirm you are a safe driver and your potential business partners will be able to know for sure whether you can be trusted or not by relying on your Social Proof Trustscore rating. The fact is we use social proof in different situations every day: but now, our own diligence when assessing our social network will be used to give a more objective insight into one`s character and the best part, it will also be rewarded.

Insurance of tomorrow by harnessing the power of blockchain technology

In addition to the already known segments of insurance, InsurePal aims to intervene into a completely new insurance segments of life and business. The traditional insurance sector usually doesn’t offer niece coverage as it represents too big of a risk for their cumbersome structure. On the contrary, InsurePal is building a blockchain-based self-adjusting agile platform that will be able to use the mechanics of social proof for different segments of the already existing and also completely newly created insurance products.

So, how can you get a cheaper car insurance? Your friend Mary knows you are a safe driver who hasn`t had an accident in years. She can help you lower your costs by making a social proof guarantee for you. That means she will also be financially responsible in case you make at fault claim. InsurePal will give her an immediate incentive, and you will end up with a much cheaper insurance. Now you are all set and if you really are a responsible driver, neither of you has nothing to worry about!

What about securing blockchain transactions? This is a part when it gets really interesting! There are plenty of you out there who already do business online, trade in crypto or are at the moment seriously thinking about it. Now, you can make sure your business arrangements are secure. You and your business partner can sign up a smart contract in which you define the key parameters you have to abide prior making the transaction. So, if the other person breaches the agreement or something goes fishy, you still receive a financial compensation, collected from InsurePal and the other person`s social network. And the other side? Their Social Proof Trustscore reduces significantly and is visible to all the InsurePal network, clearly signalizing they are not trustworthy business partners.

InsurePal’s to launch pilot insurance in the UK

Historically, Great Britain is a cradle of insurance, making it one of the most challenging markets to penetrate. It is also a country where people, especially the young, pay enormous prices for car insurance. In fact, their insurance is usually more expensive than the price of their car.  All in all, a total of 30 million personal cars were insured, which saw 3 million qualified drivers getting peer-to-peer insurance. InsurePal is certain that if their platform works there, it can pretty much work anywhere!

InsurePal’s primacy with patented solution and tokenization

So instead of going around gathering data from unreliable (yet extremely expensive) sources, InsurePal’s platform leverages the social proof data without aggressively invading one`s privacy. Even more, the platform is to store an individual`s social proof on the distributed ledger, giving the users plenty of possibilities to receive additional benefits, incentivize their activities and transfer the social proof information to other entities. It is expected the insurance economy on blockchain will rapidly grow. For that, InsurePal is already making strategic partnerships for arbitrage and identity protection to make this a reality without ever compromising individual`s privacy.

Even more, insurance is one of the most tightly regulated industries. That is why not many businesses cannot practice it. Insurance companies need a legal approval that their insurance model withholds even the darkest possible predictions so they can be able to pay out all the premiums and claims. And, InsurePal is planning to obtain all the necessary licenses in UK and Europe or make important strategic partnerships that will enable the social proof insurance be used anywhere in the world. Even more, the social proof in insurance is so innovative that they have filed for a patent protection in the US and worldwide.

The ICO that will change the way you insure

Since InsurePal is revolutionizing the entire insurance industry with the blockchain technology, participating in the crowdsale will put you in a position to being part of the system that will help individuals and businesses use the blockchain to insure themselves and their businesses.

Become a member of InsurePal to build the blockchain-based, peer-to-peer insurance market.

Participate in the crowdsale here.

Or become social with us: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, BitcoinTalk.

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Kibo Lotto team announced the distribution of $ 13 million between holders of tokens and platforms

In August, on Kibo’s official blog, Kibo team published detailed report, where they summarized all the work done and shared results of the finished testing of the first version of Kibo Lotto gaming platform, in which more than 1000 token holders participated. The team shared plans for the near future and told about what unsolved issues in Ethereum technology today are constraints to the Kibo launch and to many other projects based on Ethereum smart contracts.

As the team reported, despite the high degree of project readiness, the launch is impossible due to the high cost of gas and significant limitations with the capacity of the network itself.

Recall that Kibo Lotto was the first decentralized platform for lottery games, which held ICO back in October 2016, and, despite the DDoS attack on the Ethereum network during the sales period, the project managed to attract almost $ 4,000,000. The project is based on the so-called KiboPlatform affiliates – platforms where each owner gets the opportunity to develop their own lotto with a fully-prepared infrastructure and a single growing jackpot, working conditions of which are fully managed by smart contracts.

To date, Kibo has more than 6,000 well-motivated affiliates from the ICO period, whose geography numbers dozens of countries. Many of these affiliates have their own significant traffic in their regions. All these affiliates will become points of growth and attract the first audience to get acquainted with the benefits of Kibo.

The main boost for such familiarization for each user will be an unprecedented for the entire gaming industry promo campaign. Organizing such promo was one of the main tasks of the ICO in October 2016. The amount of promo-prizes at the launch will already be more than 40 000 000 USD

Last months KiboLotto development team were focused on refactoring the code and implementing updated concept, they plan to complete this works by the end of this year — beginning of the next year.

«Our team designed a new solution that in preliminary tests allowed to significantly reduce gas costs of Kibo contracts, which can become a solution that will allow the platform to launch in the current network conditions and accept the first users.

If we don’t encounter unforeseen obstacles in the testing process, we’re planning to report the results of this work and seek to launch the first version of Kibo, which will be able to accept a limited number of users, in the first quarter of 2018.»

– said on Kibo’s official blog

The other day the team reported that it was decided to make an unprecedented for the whole industry step and distribute some of the funds belonging to the team between all those who supported the project at an early stage of development and participated in the ICO a year ago.

The total amount of distributed funds will be about $ 13 million.

Distribution plan includes all Kibo partners, including KiboPlatform owners, and it is made in an amount of investments in US dollars at the time of the ICO with an additional double-rate charge.

«The decision to distribute part of the funds belonging to the team was made solely from the personal considerations of the team that is working on the project, so that our investors can wait until the launch of the platform, starting from today, with no more financial risks for themselves.

And of course, we see this as the best opportunity to thank all those who supported us in the beginning of the road and continue to support, despite the fact that we have faced problems, solution of which doesn’t depend on our team.

The distribution plan does not in any way affect the further development of Kibo. Large team is working on the project, and in the coming months we will publish a lot of news. In the same way, this distribution is by no means a purchase of tokens or platforms from their owners. All tokens and platforms in full and without any changes will remain to the current owners.»

– сommented project’s CEO Alexey Miller

All funds will be distributed from the Kibo’s marketing fund, which increased due to the fact that developers of the project didn’t convert part of the funds into the fiat currencies and, predicting the growth, left Kibo’s prize fund in ETH.

Now the team is focused on optimizing the platform to launch the first release of KiboLotto in the real network.

It is also possible that in the first months of 2018 Kibo tokens will finally be released to exchanges. The team has not yet listed the token to open trades, since it initially decided to list tokens only after the work is completed and the project is launched.

Given that the large-scale launch of Kibo is delayed until the scalability of the Ethereum network is resolved, tokens can be released at the beginning of the next year, when a limited version of the platform is launched, which can receive tens of thousands of users.

Kibo’s official blog

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“The future of native advertising”: Native Video Box Announces ICO and NVB Token


Blockchain-based AdTech startup Native Video Box conducts an ICO campaign to launch an independent native video advertising platform.

AdTech and digital advertising market is currently experiencing vertiginous growth. With video advertising becoming the fastest growing advertising segment in 2017, it’s time for the industry to make a step forward. That’s why Native Video Box aims at bringing together blockchain and the hottest AdTech trends to create the future of advertising.

What is Native Video Box?

Native Video Box (NVB) resembles YouTube like cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. It is an independent native video platform with native eco approach to advertising, which enabling sites to enhance users’ experience with highly relevant content. NVB shares 75% of ad views revenue with videos owners (15%) and website owners (60%): with those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience. These values and transparency grants our network fast organic growth and highest inventory quality standards, which magnetically attract the advertisers.

NVB Service is a literally turnkey solution for publishers: relevant native video with brand-safe licensed content, that will start to earn immediately via programmatic video ads.

On the other hand, Native Video Box solves the issue of video bloggers and other video content creators, who have not yet an option to spread their videos outside of their usual video hostings audience and be generously paid for that at the same time. According to our estimates, NVB will be able to offer content creators higher average income than YouTube can provide.

Native Video Box brings together the most cutting-edge video ad technologies in an entirely new ecosystem, created to benefit publishers and content creators. These values and transparency grants our network fast organic growth and highest inventory quality standards, which magnetically attract the advertisers.

How does it work?


NVB has two types of advertising inventory: in-stream pre-rolls (short ads shown before video content) and native video (when advertiser pays for the show of the video like a “sponsored article” unit to promote the advertiser’s product). The fact that we work with both types of ads, sold via programmatic ad service, makes our business model sustainable. In order to use in spot native advertising, that is actually similar to content videos, advertisers should provide content that matches the NVB editorial policy.


  1. User visits a page of the website from NVB network, for instance about tourism in Florida.
  2. We need a set of most relevant videos from the NVB video base to show as the thumbnails in our box.
  3. Using machine learning algorithms system automatically select that set for us- like these


They are shown in our unit to the visitor of the page, mentioned in p. 1

  1. The visitor clicks consciously on thumbnail of an interesting video and it opens wide: but before the video itself, visitor sees the pre-roll ad (advertising video up to 15 seconds in length).
  2. Advertising view revenues is shared among webmasters (60%), right owners (15%) and a platform (25%).

Why Tokenization?

NVB tokens are the currency of the service: all the transactions among system participants are conducted solely in tokens. To acquire ad impressions, advertiser needs to purchase NVB tokens.

Due to сryptocurrency nature of NVB tokens, it’s an easy way to make payments for each individual blogger or publisher in variety of countries, solving the problems with financial clearing and regulatory paperwork as well as high payment commissions of fiat banks (for currencies conversions).

By far, Native Video Box has developed an MVP with all machine learning stuff that has acquired local business traction and now has been refactoring the project to go global and implement blockchain. NVB tokens Pre-sale starts on December, 1 with significant benefits for early birds.

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The number of applications for tokens exceeds the supply by 5 times. How did Universa manage to blow away the cryptocurrency market again?

UTN tokens by Universa project have sparked enormous interest where they were offered as a part of inter-project token swap (IpTS). The number of applications for tokens more than 5 times exceeded the supply, with the swap lasting for just 4 days (from 6 till 9 of November). The holders of ICOS tokens had an opportunity to get Universa digital assets at a better exchange rate of 1 to 4 (or with 75% discount) and were so delighted with such offer that even asked to prolong this offer under the IpTS programme.

“Certainly it is a great pleasure for us that exchange for UTN tokens has aroused such an interest. It means that we are doing a huge story and are moving in the right direction. We are happy to cooperate with ICOBox within the inter-project token swap programme. That is a good opportunity for us to attract more potential users of the system we are developing, as well as for the users to benefit from the innovations provided by our company,” commented Alexander Borodich, founder and president of Universa.

UTN tokens can be used for any operation within the scope of Universa system. For example for paying for transaction, licences for master-nodes and other services.

Despite the fact that the exchange of UTN tokens within the IpTS program was completed, UTN tokens will still be available for purchase during the Universa ICO, which will last until December 9. At the current exchange rate, the price of one UTN token is $ 0.011 ($ 0.0115, starting November 18), but by the end of the initial offering program, the price for one cryptocurrency unit will gradually increase up to $ 0.0125.

By the way, it is not for the first time that Universa is causing an excitement in the market of cryptocurrencies. On October 28, the day of the ICO launch, the project attracted more than $ 10 million for only the first three hours. The company’s goal is to raise $100 million. The collected funds are to be spent on the protocol development, the creation of the Universa fund for investing in the blockchain based businesses, marketing, legal issues and other purposes.

Universa is a Russian protocol and a blockchain platform, that created to build business applications aimed at solving problems in the real sector of the economy (for example, contracting, providing services, managing ownership, issuing national or corporate crypto-currencies). As the creators of the platform note, its main advantages over competitors are the speed of operations (Universa allows to conduct 22 thousand operations per second), low cost of services and reliable crypto protection. For comparison, Universa works 100 times faster, and its transactions cost 1000 times cheaper than a similar bitcoin blockchain. In addition, the platform provides extensive opportunities for using tokens – from electronic access keys, bus tickets and gift certificates to direct settlements between banks.

Interproject Token Swap or IpTS technology is an absolutely new and unique service which was developed and offered for its clients by the ICOBox company, which is the leading supplier of “box” solutions for holding ICO campaigns on fixed price. The instrument was developed after the users of the ICOS platform, most of whom are professional token holders, paid their attention to it. The meaning of the IpTS is creating mutual exchange of digital assets between ICOS token holders and new projects. Thus, the ICOS platform users have larger access to tokens of new and often promising start-ups.

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The token for the live music industry, $VIB, is now available to trade on Bittrex, the world’s third biggest exchange according to Coinmarketcap, following the recent listings on Binance, UpBit and HitBTC.

Wednesday was a big day for the Slovenia-based music startup that sold out their ICO in under 5 minutes.

Bittrex is of course the logical step for any serious cryptocurrency. Working with them has been a delight and we are happy have their support. Having our token listed on such a big and reputable exchange only proves that the stakeholders in this industry believe in our project and share our vision. Our token holders kept asking us when we’ll have the token listed there, because they wanted an exchange with a high volume. With the help of our advisers we are now happy to ring the bell and start trading at Bittrex.” said Viberate’s CEO and co-founder Matej Gregorcic.

Charlie Shrem, the startup’s most well known adviser, played an important role in getting the coin to one of world’s top exchanges. He thinks that the two companies working together is something that had to happen: “I’m happy to help use relationships to further more business in benefit of the greater community. Viberate is an amazing project and Bittrex the best exchange, of course they would be together.” The company also announced that they are extending their relationship with the Bitcoin Foundation founder, who remains on board as an adviser, helping the team with his wide network as well as with day-to-day operations regarding the Viberate token. The first major upgrade of the token and the platform is due in the coming weeks and will allow anyone to earn VIB tokens by contributing content to the platform.

Landing the VIB token on a big exchange however won’t be the payday for founders and the team. Their personal tokens are vested for a 2-year period with monthly cliffs. Gregorcic pointed out that they want to lead by example: “Personally, I don’t think that any of our employees, who have tokens, would dump the whole stash. We have the best team in the world and we all believe we’ll truly rock the music world to the very foundation. Holding on to precious coins is in everyone’s best interest, so fear of dumping wasn’t the reason why we decided to reverse vest them. We wanted to show that this is how it should be done, because we saw one too many bad examples of company’s tokens being dumped in the eyes of contributors who trusted the project with their own money. We’re even slightly adjusted our smart contract in order to show exactly how many tokens vest each month, so anyone can check on us.



How Blockchain and Big Data Can Discover Human Personality through Human Science Studies


I’ve been passionate about technology since 2002. In 2014, I found out that my expertise could bring real value to people in the intersection of edtech and science when I cofounded GetCourse together with Marat Nigametzyanov and Sergey Mikhailov.

Timur, blockchainTimur Karimbaev

It is analogue of OntraPort and Kajabi, where trainers and coaches could develop and promote their courses. We help more than 1000 trainers to monetize their knowledge—their accumulating revenue is up to $50MM. Average CAGR is 193% per year and its revenue is $6MM. Blockchain technology together with Big Data will bring us one step further in providing people with smart tools for their personal development.

At GetCourse, we see two trends that are in line with global tendencies and the problems arising from them. And there are no solutions for them on the market.

First, the demand for tools for personal development is growing. At GetCourse, revenue of self-improvement courses has increased by 300% from $2MM to $6MM from 2014 to 2016. Globally, Facebook collects an enormous amount of data when asking users to pass various tests. It offers users recommendations, but in fact, it gains data. At the same time, professional methods of personality analysis are disordered and often poorly described, and data that their authors collect is getting lost. Neurobiologists, psychologists, and consultants conduct research on how the brain works, how to typologize people, and develop various methods of human personality analysis, discovering one’s strengths and weaknesses to find out people’s potential. Lack of data is a huge problem for scientists in working on their studies.

Second, there is a growing gap between researchers in human personality and tech-entrepreneurs who are developing products for the market. The number of self-improvement apps (For e.g., Remente and PersonalityPerfect, which ask you to assess your life and provide you with recommendations) is growing, but their creators do not have the opportunity to objectively evaluate what personal data interpretation to select for the app development. At GetCourse, we also see the gap between those who promote and sell courses and those who create content. In fact, people are lacking access to knowledge only because not every scientist can monetize their work.

Blockchain will bring order, equality, and transparency to human research methods

Our main mission when launching Human Discovery Platform is to create a blockchain-network of interpreting personal data methods and big data analysis tools for their statistical verification, and also to build architecture helping tech-entrepreneurs to launch products based on the methods. The platform will attract scientists, psychologists, and other experts by providing them with the tools to digitize their methods and store a large amount of data in an impersonal way for further development of the methods. Each author will input methods into the system by creating a block. Blocks will be stored in a blockchain-network and will be located on decentralized nodes that will run code for analysis. By combining blocks, complex analytical systems will be created. Tech-entrepreneurs will be able to develop highly-personalized apps on the basis of methods, combining the output recommendations via Big Data Analyzer.

We will issue Ethereum-based HD-tokens to ensure proper functioning of the ecosystem. Each time a consumer requests data analysis from an app, he will spend HD-tokens, which will go to the scientist-owned method[CC3] -block and to the node that runs code analysis. Consumers will receive some tokens when registering on the Platform. This will ensure traffic and provide entrepreneurs with an audience to buy their services, and scientists—with a data sample for their studies. The higher the demand for the tokens, the higher its price.

We believe that this decentralized system will attract more people than a centralized one, primarily because it will mean that data will not belong to a single company. A centralized system might use data for its own purposes: recall recent scandal around Facebook and Trump elections regarding Russian hackers. Transparency and equality are important values for us. We also will not evaluate the methods, because evaluation also means some kind of centralization format. We are building the infrastructure. Just like Ethereum is a platform for ICO and does not have a say over which ICO is good or bad, Human Discovery Platform will be an ecosystem for creating human personality analysis methods.

Currently, there is no other platform that provides scientists with both data samples and tools to monetize their knowledge.

Human Discovery Platform development launched in 2016, when we created a dating service on the Product level of the future Platform based on the Human Design method to test the concept. More than 15,000 users registered on the website in a month, and the interest towards the service in Russia is only increasing. On November 22nd, Human Discovery Platform will have a token sale. In June 2018, we will launch the Platform together with my team at GetCourse—me, Marat Nigametzyanov, Sergey Mikhailov, and around 30 IT-professionals.

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Decentrex Seems to Be Pioneering a New Age of Exchange

Finding an easy-to-use and reliable exchange is essential when incorporating cryptocurrency into everyday life.  There are many options available for novices and experts alike, leading you to believe that finding the right one for you might be tricky.  However, Decentrex is here to take the guesswork out of it for you.

The decentralized exchange platform aims to make trading with cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. There is no registration process, which means that there is no need to provide any of your private or sensitive information.  In addition, it is an open-source platform, allowing users the opportunity to even improve it somewhat.

Also, because of it being open source and the lack of registration process, the platform will not be in a position to ban users’ accounts as in the case of Bittrex.  This means that users will be able to use Decentrex in confidence without the lurking fear of their crypto funds being in danger, or being inaccessible at any time.

In addition, unlike other exchanges, there is no trading limit, which is great if you’re planning on trading substantial amounts. The platform also offers low, and in some cases no, fees.

By using a blockchain-based Ethereum smart contract, users will be able to trade efficiently, and transactions will always be recorded and available to view at any time on the blockchain. The platform is so user-friendly, you won’t even need to install any extensions on your regular browser as it works on any device and operating system.

The platform allows users to not only trade in ETH but also in any one of the ERC20 tokens issued through the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, there are 450 such tokens being supported and available to trade through Decentrex.  This could even increase the popularity and usability of some lesser-known tokens.  With this pool growing all the time, Decentrex will by default also be growing their offerings at the same time.

Even though the website is great, you don’t necessarily need it to trade.  All you need is a Decentrex smart contract and you’ll be ready to go.  This makes it is even easier to trade with the wide variety of ERC20 tokens out there.

If you’re new to the crypto-industry, or would just like to chat about anything industry related, Decentrex can help with that too.  They’ve recently installed a Kiwi IRC-powered chat channel to discuss topics in an uncensored environment.

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Cashaa Partners with Airbitz for Secure and Speedy Global Payments

Cashaa, which aims to provide access to financial services for the billions of unbanked, uses blockchain technology to enable value transfer, without the end user having to come into contact with cryptocurrency themselves. Now with Airbitz integration, Cashaa has strengthened its service even further with the addition of secure, encrypted storage for its network of … Continue reading Cashaa Partners with Airbitz for Secure and Speedy Global Payments

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Don’t let the name fool you.  SilentNotary, the worlds first Blockchain Notary is making lots of noise.  On October 26 company founders will begin their first round of the ICO. Inquiries from across the cryptocurrency universe are being received. It’s easy to understand why. So much attention is being drawn to the market for Initial … Continue reading To Make Its Debut

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Who Owns the Technology, Owns the World

The phrase “He who owns the information, he owns the world” became famous thanks to the desire of the Rothschilds to be the first to know the news. Winston Churchill loved to repeat the same phrase. But all the great men said the phrase knew that information is only precious if you know how to … Continue reading Who Owns the Technology, Owns the World

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Multi-Cryptocurrency Software Terminal Gets Alpha Launch


October 17, 2017 : Pioneering payment platform, CopPay, has launched an alpha version of its multi-cryptocurrency software terminal; and is inviting anyone interested – merchants, retailers, and crypto enthusiasts – to sign up for free. Alpha-version is available in the web-interface.

By doing so, users can start accepting a number of listed cryptocurrencies as a form of payment; fee-free. They can then either secure their cryptocurrency in a digital wallet or exchange it for fiat currency, before depositing it into their chosen bank account.

CopPay’s multi-cryptocurrency virtual terminals are easy-to-install pieces of software that can be uploaded onto any mobile device (PC, tablet, mobile phone), integrated with Point-of-Sale terminal or incorporated into any website. A user-friendly interface simplifies payment orders, billing, and payment confirmation. And as each terminal operates independently of a payment processor, there are no transaction fees.

CopPay’s eventual goal is to have millions of virtual terminals functioning around the world in on- and offline stores, as CopPay co-founder, Vladimir Serzhanovich explains:

“To make sure everyone has greater access to cryptocurrency – both retailers and consumers – we will offer our virtual terminal free of charge. Great access means greater liquidity.”

A number of CopPay terminals are already in active use, in Belarus and Chile, with business owners from Germany, Mexico and Lithuania joining in coming weeks.

“When the testing period is complete, merchants will be able to simply download the software from CopPay’s cloud storage,” said Timur Kornienko, CopPay’s CTO. “Until then, they can register and try the alpha version at”

Following the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) later this month, Ina Samovich, CopPay’s CEO, is confident interest in transactional software, and cryptocurrencies in general, will continue to grow.

“We’ve just included the cryptocurrency of social media network Steemit and we’re working closely with a number of other token issuers,” she said. “Cryptocurrencies continue to rise in value: as evidenced by the Ethereum boost ahead of the recent hard fork. It’s only a matter of time before crypto- transactions become mainstream.”

CopPay’s ICO runs from October 30 to November 30.

“We welcome our community to take part in alpha testing of our platform. It’s available at From now every merchant from European Union can start cryptofying his business using CopPay terminal,” says Vladimir Serzhanovich.

About CopPay

CopPay aims to make it easier for everyone to use cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin – using point-of-sale software terminals that can accept any currently listed cryptocurrency, and exchange them for fiat currencies: in real time, without transaction fees. For more information please visit

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Parking MinexCoin, an Easy Route to Saving

While the crypto world is disturbed about ICO bans, regulatory actions, and other uncomfortable innovations, we decided to reсall the project which lets you wait out the storm. Latest crypto news around the world have already caused quite a stir, and most experts agree that things will undoubtedly be very interesting in the near future. … Continue reading Parking MinexCoin, an Easy Route to Saving

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An Overview of Stable Crypto Tokens

The high volatility of digital currencies is the reason why using another digital coin as a unit of account is not the best idea. For example, Bitcoin’s price changed by 10 percent in one day, while Ethereum’s price changed by 20 percent in a single day several times. A stablecoin is an asset that has … Continue reading An Overview of Stable Crypto Tokens

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Capital investment, computer games, healthcare, travelling. What will be showcased in the exhibition area of ICO event London?

On October 11, an exhibition of promising ICO projects and companies that represent the crypto industry will take place in London. Exhibitors will include investment companies, medical services, brokerage service providers, representatives of the gaming industry, and various blockchain projects. Investments and crypto asset management The exhibition area will offer booths of investment companies, including … Continue reading Capital investment, computer games, healthcare, travelling. What will be showcased in the exhibition area of ICO event London?

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What You Should Know about Cryptocurrency before Making an Investment


If you want to learn more about this subject, you should already be used with the subject of cryptocurrency. If not, there are some basic notions you will want to know about. It is paramount to know what the money functions are and why it is required to know some things about them, about how the system works and how it can help your life become easier. Managing your own economy should be one of your goals in life. Even though it might sound a little bit utopian, thinking in perspective about the future won’t harm you in any way.


For instance, when you have multiple sources of income and you simply cannot longer be efficient with managing your money, with paying taxes and being up to date with all the things you need to keep under control, you should start thinking about stepping to the next level. The more you contribute to the money circulation system, the more time, energy and value you spend. The system will reward you each time you actually get involved. Civilization evolves, systems evolve and money is no exception from the rule. So, in the past few years, people started focusing their attention on something bigger. Cryptomoney, the digital coin, ICO investments and everything related to it are now paramount for the society.

About ICO investments and cryptocurrency

Cryptomoney are digital or electronic assets that have the purpose of mediating or acting as an exchange medium using cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new possible currency units. The major difference that Bitcoin has introduced to the market is that it promised to be a unique decentralized system that has no other headmaster other than the one who uses the service. It doesn’t mean that this is necessarily true. Any cryptocurrency system that considers itself classic and plays by the rule should be centralized, controlled and super-regulated. A non-regulated system will work less rightful and will destabilize the market or negatively influence users.

ICO Investments are there to help you launch a new cryptocurrency. Even though you might think this is a complicated thing to do, you should know that hundreds of coins launch each year. The only things you have to do is getting yourself informed about this topic and understand how cryptocurrency is actually working. Also, you can start reading about people who already invested in this and follow up their progress. If you feel content with the way things are going you can start step-by-step your own journey. The marketplace should be your best friend during these times and you shouldn’t forget to constantly check what’s new in this field.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about making an investment in the vast domain of cryptocurrency, then don’t forget to remain in touch with it at all times. Spend some of your time making this important decision and when you are ready, don’t look back!

Tokenbox, an All-Purpose Solution for Fund Managers and Investors


Addressing a major industry conference today in Barcelona, Viktor Shpakovsky, co-founder of  The Token Fund, a crypto asset investment vehicle, outlined the benefits he along with his colleagues are planning to bring to their new fund creation and management platform Tokenbox.

Announced last week, the Tokenbox’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts Oct. 24, but until now only a few details of the venture have been released. Speaking at the three-day Blockchain Solutions Forum, Shpakovsky said Tokenbox is designed to serve the needs of fund managers and traders, on the one hand, and investors on the other. He said, 

“Today we have a lot of people who are interested in investing in crypto assets, and a lot of people interested in doing fund management.”

“What problems do funds and traders have? No tokenization. No smart contracts. Legal issues. Not much professional software. Little or no money under management. What problems do investors have? Shady funds and traders. Hidden portfolios. Lack of choice. Security issues. No fiat gateway. Tokenbox is an ecosystem aiming to solve all these issues at one place.”

Shpakovsky said traders and funds will be tokenized through the system’s web interface and be legalized through the system’s umbrella license. They will then gain access to a large community of already Know-Your-Customer, or  KYC,  authorized investors. Meanwhile, for their part, investors will get access to a wide range of funds and traders, which have already gone through all the Tokenbox’s strict due-diligence procedures.

Shpakovsky, his business partner Vladimir Smerkis, and their team are developing Tokenbox partly based on their experience creating The Token Fund, one of the first successful crypto asset funds. The fund, launched in March and priced at $10 per token, is now valued at about $40 per token.

With the Tokenbox ICO, the venture will offer a maximum of 31 million tokens at $1 each. The crowd sale is scheduled to begin Oct. 24, 2017. Tokenbox’s token symbol will be TBX.

During today’s presentation, Shpakovsky also said that a major emphasis is on the system security. Tokenbox’ partner company Group IB, an internationally recognized cybersecurity firm, is responsible for this. He pointed out that Ilya Sachkov, Group IB’s CEO, is among Tokenbox’s advisors, alongside renowned fintech expert Chris Skinner.

Tokenbox is a comprehensive system designed to supply all the trading and compliance infrastructure necessary to easily create new investment funds specializing in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency asset class. Tokenbox is headquartered in Moscow, at 2nd Paveletsky Dr. 5/2. Its Initial Coin Offering is scheduled to start Oct. 24 and will be conducted under Cayman Islands jurisdiction. The closing date is Nov. 7.

UTRUST’s Pre-ICO Raises $3.5 Million & Its Public ICO Is Coming in October

The pre-ICO of UTRUST has just ended, raining more than $3.5 million from early private investors. UTRUST, a blockchain payments platform, had also announced its early supporter reward for those who have registered on UTRUST website before September 20, 2017. The company presents the world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment platform having consumer protections. The … Continue reading UTRUST’s Pre-ICO Raises $3.5 Million & Its Public ICO Is Coming in October

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CoinLoan Crowdsale to Start Soon. Should You Subscribe?

CoinLoan is an innovative project designed to integrate the traditional banking system with modern cryptocurrency technology. It offers an affordable solution where users will be able to receive real money in any currency secured by crypto assets when they are in need. This will reduce the loss of possible revenue from a further appreciation of … Continue reading CoinLoan Crowdsale to Start Soon. Should You Subscribe?

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iBuildApp Network introduces a decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry at the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco


A blockchain-based platform and marketplace demonstrating how users can earn IBA tokens for agreeing to view particular ads from advertisers and to spend the earned IBA tokens to purchase specific services from Publishers or Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, SF –(iBuildApp Network – September 18-20, 2017) – iBuildApp Network, a powerful marketplace for blockchain-based ads that is changing the existing mobile advertising space to a more secure and transparent process, is demonstrating the IBA utility token at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley on Monday, September 18, 2017.

The Mobile App Market is projected to reach 850 billion by 2018. While PCs dominated the world 2 decades ago, the last decade has seen websites take over, with US businesses today recorded at 50%. But with the adoption of tablets and smartphones on all-time high record, websites alone will not sustain businesses, and mobile apps will be the way to go.

At the heart of the iBuildApp Network disruption, is a new business model for mobile apps aiming to connect 45M users on mobile and 2.5M businesses and developers. The iBuildApp Network utility network token (IBA) will be used by app and content creators to monetize their products without a share of the pie going to any middlemen. In the long run, IBA will be targeting 7 billion mobile users worldwide.

On the other hand, users will have the leeway to choose which specific ads they want to view from the advertisers, and in so doing earn IBA tokens- as soon as the blockchain network confirms that the user has viewed an ad. The earned tokens can then be used to buy content (articles, video, music), or to pay publishers and users.

By accepting smart contracts on mobile phones, users will essentially be permitting businesses to access their personal data. This way, users will no longer be held hostage by the big players like Facebook or Google, which have traditionally dictated which ads will be seen when or by who. And even without viewing the ad, advertisers will capitalize on shared personal information to have users earn tokens, as advertisers will leverage the viewed or not viewed data to make a determination on which users to target in the future.

Using existing customer data, the iBuildApp Network makes use of targeted mobile ads to track similar consumers and continues to track their behavior after downloads. Consequently, the ads that will follow will be personalized, so that if an app was used to buy a pair of shoes, the customized promotional ad would promote a matching handbag.

The iBuildApp Network will allow its users to accept IBA tokens for:

  • Pay per unique user (daily, weekly, monthly,)
  • Pay for use of service
  • Pay for the bandwidth
  • Pay for CPU time

There will be 2 contribution events, during which the iBuildApp Network utility Token (IBA) will be distributed to participants.

  • Token Pre-sale: Begins on September 25, 2017, and runs until October 2, 2017. Discounts will be 40%, 30%, and 25% in the first 2 hours, 5 hours, and day 2, respectively.
  • Token Sale: Begins on October 9, 2017, and runs until November 25, 2017 (1 IBA = $1 = 0.00307 ETH; Min. Contribution = 0.00001ETH).

Platform development will be allocated 65% of the funding, legal matters 5%, operations 18%, and 12% will go to marketing.

iBuildApp Network at TC Disrupt SF

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 is a 3-day conference by TechCrunch, integrating the launch of new products with discussions by top-thought leaders. The capabilities of iBuildApp Network will be featured on the second day of Disrupt at the iBuildApp Network table in the fintech section of Start-ups. The iBuildApp Network seeks to solve issues of fraud and lack of transparency that have befallen the advertising industry. The documentation for this solution is available at https://iBuildApp

About iBuildApp Network

iBuildApp Network is bringing up a mobile marketplace, where all stakeholders will be in a win-win situation. Both developers and content creators benefit from their creations, and while users can choose which apps to use and which ads to view, they earn financial rewards. has named iBuildApp Network as one of the 5 best programs for building apps. Customers of iBuildApp Network include East Bridge, Emory University, Fox News, Ferring, SEGA, United States Navy, Henry Hudson and Texas Rangers, among others. For more information, visit https://iBuildApp

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New Global Outlooks and iPhone X’s: DS Plus Expects Success in Week Two of ICO


Without a doubt, the first week of the PlusCoin ICO, which began on September 10th, has been a huge success. More than half a million dollars have been raised so far, and the DS Plus team’s original expectations have been surpassed.

The international press has taken note – articles about the PlusCoin project have appeared in all the most popular cryptocurrency publications – and the cryptocurrency community seems to agree: PlusCoin is the “People’s Cryptocurrency.”

Momentum is growing as the second week of the ICO approaches. In light of the successful first week, and considering certain recent developments in the cryptocurrency world, DS Plus has made three important announcements:

  1. PlusCoin Giveaway Event: Over the course of the next 123 days, you can win big by downloading the DS Plus mobile application and entering the raffle of your choice.

Prizes include PlusCoin bonuses and latest generation Apple, Sony, and Microsoft products.`

  1. For a Limited Time, You Can Get More PlusCoin for Less: People choosing to invest in the ICO using BitCoin will, for a limited time (until 9/18/17 at 11:59 pm), be able to purchase PlusCoin at a very favorable rate, despite the recent changes in the BitCoin exchange rate.
  2. The PlusCoin Team Globalizes: A new advisory role in the PlusCoin project is being taken by Simone Giacomelli, a blockchain technology specialist affiliated with the institute of Data-Driven Design in Boston, Massachusetts. Support for the project is worldwide.

The PlusCoin Giveaway Event

DS Plus has announced a two-part giveaway:

The PlusCoin Raffle: Over the next 31 Days, you will have the chance to win the following prizes: 25,000 PlusCoin

25,000 PlusCoin
50,000 PlusCoin
100,000 PlusCoin

The DS Plus Raffle: Over the next 123 days, by using the DS Plus App, you will have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple iPhone 8
iPhone X
Apple MacBook
PlayStation 4
Xbox ONE
Apple TV 4k

All DS Plus users have a chance to win in one or both of these raffles! To participate, purchase raffle tickets for those items that you wish to win. Tickets are easily purchasable on the DS Plus mobile application. There are a limited number of tickets for each item, so get in while you still can!

Remember: You can obtain PlusCoin and participate in the raffle for free. To do this, download the DS Plus App and try it out! There are a number of ways to earn free PlusCoin:

  • Visit DS Plus partner enterprises and get bonus PlusCoin just for checking in.
  • Invite friends to use the app and earn a referral bonus.
  • Leave comments on enterprise pages and be rewarded for your feedback.
  • Check in at local attractions for a PlusCoin bonus.
  • Get 50PLC for each day you are active on the app.

The PlusCoin Sale

PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency for everyday people and, in light of the recent decrease in the value of BitCoin relative to the United States dollar, the DS Plus team has decided it is consistent with their mission to support everyone who wishes to obtain PlusCoin tokens in the ICO.

As such, for only a couple days (until 9/18/17 at 11:59 pm), those wishing to purchase PlusCoin using BitCoin, may do so using the old  BTC/USD exchange rate (1 BTC = 4500 USD).

Currently, one token cost 10 USD. Do the math! It’s a great sale.

There is nothing you need to do differently to participate in this sale. Just purchase your tokens with BTC at

New PlusCoin Project Advisor – Simone Giacomelli

 In the past few days, it has been officially announced that tech expert and blockchain evangelist Simone Giacomelli has put his support behind the PlusCoin project and is taking on the role of project advisor.

Giacomelli has three years of experience leading teams working at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. He is currently working actively in coordination with the Institute of Data-Driven Design in Boston, Massachusetts to further develop this technology.

 The team at DS Plus has always taken a global perspective in regards to the PlusCoin project. Thousands of DS Plus partner enterprise locations have already been established worldwide, and more are being set up every day. Now, with advisors like Giacomelli, and Australia-based Sergei Sergienko this perspective is getting all the wider.

It is clear that more and more people are coming to understand the goals and values of the project and are ready to support it. The grassroots movement behind the “People’s Cryptocurrency” is just getting started.

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Palo Alto, CA – September 7, 2017 –, an advanced natural language processing technology platform for quantified biology, today announced the successful completion of its initial sale of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (“SAFTs”). A total of ten purchasers acquired SAFTs, consisting of institutional and other accredited investors, for an aggregate purchase amount of … Continue reading DOC.AI ANNOUNCES SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF INITIAL SALE OF “SAFT” SECURITIES, PANTERA CAPITAL LED THE ROUND


Sensay, Groundbreaking AI and Chatbot Company Launches Token Sale

Sensay, a Los Angeles-based tech company that specializes in AI, chatbots and conversation analysis has launched a sale of its new Ethereum-based application token, SENSE with a presale date scheduled on September 9, 2017, and a sale date scheduled for September 27, 2017. SENSE tokens will enable users to earn rewards for the contributions they … Continue reading Sensay, Groundbreaking AI and Chatbot Company Launches Token Sale

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Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Douglas Barrowman Launch £250 million Bitcoin-Priced Dubai Property Joint Business Venture

In a world-first, apartments will be priced and sold in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Spanning over 2.4 million square feet, split across two 40-storey residential towers, and above a huge shopping mall Aston Plaza and Residences is the first public joint venture between Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and businessman Douglas Barrowman Industry-leading bitcoin payment provider, BitPay, … Continue reading Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Douglas Barrowman Launch £250 million Bitcoin-Priced Dubai Property Joint Business Venture

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Binance Successfully Raises First Round of VC Investment

SHANGHAI – Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange has announced the successful completion of a fundraising round. The platform, that has been operational for about 50 days has raised millions of dollars in an investment round led by Black hole Capital and Funcity Capital. Binance Capital Layout Binance has received a strong support from successful investors. Blackhole … Continue reading Binance Successfully Raises First Round of VC Investment

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Internet to the Masses: Tokenizing Broadband Access

What’s better than sharing WiFi with others and getting paid for it? If you answered nothing, I have some good news for you. A company named Ammbr is trying to make that a reality. Not only will you possibly be able to make money, but you will also be sharing the wonders of the internet … Continue reading Internet to the Masses: Tokenizing Broadband Access

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Decentralized Skype-Like App For Paid Calls

For You For Me Even For The Unbanked In Venezuela Every passing minute, all around the world, knowledge is being exchanged for money. While traditionally this has been done in person, in recent years it has moved into the digital space and is growing at an unimaginable pace. Such rapid progress has brought forth its … Continue reading Decentralized Skype-Like App For Paid Calls

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