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An open, shared, universal ledger designed to track metadata ownership for digital creative assets

Hey everyone! As many of you probably already know, a large part of the development team (including myself) is located in Argentina. Buenos Aires has a bounty of talented blockchain developers and it’s awesome to have a strong community to work with and bounce ideas off of. We’re currently working out of the headquarters in Nashville, TN.

I came over to Nashville to connect with the rest of the team, and I have to say that we’re more proud of the platform’s evolution than ever. We’re actively discussing our product strategy for the next 6–12 months, exciting times ahead!

Closed Issues
These are the tasks we’ve finished since our last update.

#321—This pull request introduces a few fixes and overall improvements to the platform:

  • The ability to log all queries. This can be set in the configuration files for each service separately, via the db.driver.logging attribute.
  • Trusted Publisher’s docker image is now configured to map the port 3001, which we’re using to communicate to a custom Insight server.
  • Errors in Bitcoin Scanner that occur when reading a Bitcoin block are now logged properly
  • A bug with Bitcoin Scanner’s minimumHeight was fixed. This code was also made much more readable, and optimized to reduce the start-up time of this service.
  • A default value for minimumHeight was set in code, which makes it optional in the configuration file.

84a03aa—Introduces a Typescript linting configuration. This sets explicit rules to what’s code should look like, and also allows us to automatically fix past errors.

#326, #327, #328—This pull request introduces the ability to provide different json configuration files to our frontend, and enable it to work with Netlify.

#317—This pull request introduces the ability to debug the Node’s code, line-by-line. It also starts moving the platform away from ts-node, which although a great tool, has proven to be unreliable in some cases and introduces an extra layer of complexity.

Open Issues
These are the tasks we’re currently working on.

We’re currently moving our frontend to Netlify, which has proven to be an excellent service. This will greatly simplify our workflow and automatically improve our deployment pipeline for the frontend. You can see this working at — this URL will always show the latests changes. We were also able to cheaply create testing and staging environments for the frontend.

For to function in Netlify, we first need to stop requiring the frontend’s devServer for things to function properly (see web#9). Part of the solution to this problem is moving the Badge’s logic (see poet#261), which we’re tackling right now.

Moving the badges away from the frontend and to the backend will require changing the badge’s URL. We’ll do this transition slowly, giving our Alpha Partners time to update their badges.

On the integrations end, some progress has been made with WordPress and Drupal’s plugins. While working on them we realized the protocol can be challenging to new developers, so we’re discussing ideas to offer simplified versions of the protocol through new APIs / interfaces.

That’s all for now guys. Take care and stay tuned!


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