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Arena Space — the future of entertainment

The entertainment industry has grown rapidly with the help of rapidly changing technology. And as the population increases, mostly called “digital addicts”, Arena is at the right time to introduce these products and capture growing growth.

According to Pwc, entertainment and media industry revenues are expected to grow from $ 1.8 trillion in 2016 to $ 2.2 trillion by 2021, representing a compound annual growth rate of 4.2%. For the United States (US), revenue is projected to grow more slowly: up from $ 635 billion in 2016 to $ 759 billion in 2021, a CAGR of 3.6%.
Pwc also notes that by 2021, the company projects 68 million VR headsets to be used in the US by 2021. VR content revenues will increase from $ 421 million in 2016 to $ 5.0 billion by 2021, CAGR of 64% for five year timeframe. Meanwhile, eSports is expected to reach $ 299 million by 2021, almost triple from $ 108 million in 2016.

Lantas, kenapa Arena Space?

> Memiliki lokasi fisik dan memiliki taman operasi

Arena Space memiliki 6 taman yang sudah beroperasi di Moskow, taman pertama diluncurkan pada bulan September 2016 dan dibangun hanya dalam waktu 1 bulan. Dan 2 taman sedang dalam proses. Rinciannya bisa dilihat di bawah ini:

ICOs are really risky especially if they only have road maps / even years to complete. The worst case is the ICO scam. With Arena Space, I can say it’s less risky because they are already working, operating and developing.
> Continue to expand
In addition to 6 park operations and 2 parks in the process as discussed above. Seven Kaluzhsky malls in Moscow. Eight open parks in Ufa, capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. They will be ready to serve first customers in late October and early November.
Space Arena plans to expand 5–15 large parks (500 m2 to 1,000 m2) worldwide including Beijing, Las Vegas, Moscow, Barcelona and Dubai. They also want to expand to other areas including North America, Asia (China), Europe and the Middle East. This may give 300,000–500,000 subscribers to 900,000–1,500,000 subscribers per year.

Apart from parks owned, Arena Space is also available for franchise. The company estimates 20 locations could provide 2 million subscribers per year. They will focus on a franchise area of 500 m2 to 1,000 m2.
Arena space on the other hand has the following 6 formats:

Up to this writing, the Company has sold 4 franchises.
Distribution of Tokens is as follows: 4% pre-ICO, 60% ICO, 15% team, 15% bonus in ICO, 4% lottery, and 2% prize. The number raised in the crowdsale will largely be used to expand the whole world as described below.

For more information you can read the whitepaper here:
> New unique attractions
Arena Parks has the following new attractions:
The full immersion VR system was developed for simultaneous immersion of multiple players into cyberspace. The system consists of platform, body tracking, VR headsets, player suits, and special controllers. Variety of content — VR shooter, VR shooter, labyrinth, VR world (18+), with the possibility of accommodating 1 to 50 people in each zone (preferably 6–10 people). Scale — is an unusual hybrid of climbing and computer simulators. Its appeal is like a rock climbing wall. These are assembled from modules that come with edges (grips). The edge is illuminated and is equipped with a sensor that responds to touch. More information here: digital — is a digital avatar that is fully controlled by an actor that tracks facial expressions and body movements. The special system tracks the movements and facial expressions of actors and transmits them to digital models that communicate with viewers from the projection screen.

More information can be found in this video.
> The park is flexible & less expensive to maintain
Because Arena Space is more attached to the latest digital content and technology, it’s easier to adapt to change at the cheapest cost than traditional parks.
> Experienced team and advisor
The Space Arena is made up of diverse teams from various industries including AR / VR, entertainment industry and park and developer management, experienced management and advisory teams. For more details you can visit: or
Some details about ICO
Oct 30–15 (25) Nov 2017
Target: soft cover 200,000 USD 600,000 USD optimal
Arena coins value: 0.45 to 0.85 $
15 (25) Nov — Dec 25, 2017
Target: 8.2 million USD
Arena Coin Value: 0.90 to 1.50 $

Other important details:

Official website:
Bitcointalk ANN:
Bounty link:
Official channel on social media:
Source: Space Arena, PwC, The Hollywood reporter

my link to the btc profile:;u=1150005

ENVION — инновационный сверхприбыльный мобильный майнинг

Новый игрок в блокчейн бизнесе — швейцарский стартап под названием Envion AG — только что представил новый способ майнинга, который может превзойти другие методы добычи криптовалют с точки зрения мобильности и рентабельности.
Envion — это инновационный швейцарский блокчейн-стартап со штаб-квартирой в Берлине, Германия, который предлагает интеллектуальные масштабируемые решения для распределенных сетей, увеличивающих ценность возобновляемой и традиционной энергии во всем мире. Благодаря налаженным связям с ведущими энергетическими компаниями Европы и Ближнего Востока ENVION позволяет производителям энергоресурсов добиться заметного преимущества благодаря вертикальной интеграции с майнинговыми мощностями.

Чтобы расширить сеть поставщиков энергии, компания Envion создала глобальную сеть модульных майнинговых установок, которые преобразуют электроэнергию в добычу криптовалют непосредственно от энергоистичников.

Целью проекта является максимальное использование возобновляемых и других источников энергии для монетизации избыточных мощностей. Согласно расчетам команды проекта, даже самые малые избыточные мощности на децентрализованной трансформаторной станции (менее 50 кВт) могут быть эффективно использованы для майнинга. Из-за своей природы, избыточные мощности электроэнергии до настоящего времени были недоступны и бесполезны. В то же время, разработанная стартапом уникальная концепция мобильных «поглотителей энергии» предлагает значительные бонусы не только владельцам энергетических установок, но и инвесторам, за счет беспрецедентного ROI.

В частности, одним из последствий значительного снижения цен на солнечные батареи явилось экспоненциальное распространение новых фотоэлектрических установок по всему миру, что привело к беспрецедентным избыточным энергомощностям в солнечные дни. Другим следствием стало увеличение продукции, аккумулирующей солнечную энергию в периоды низкой солнечной активности. ENVIONпланирует использовать данное обстоятельство для закупки избыточной солнечной электроэнергии по более выгодным тарифам, чем у традиционных электрокомпаний.


Как известно предварительным физическим условием для большинства блокчейн-приложений является глобально распределенная сеть майнеров, которые предоставляют аппаратное обеспечение для энергоемких вычислений алгоритмов, обеспечивающих транзакционную поддержку.

Майнинг зависит от простого и масштабируемого доступа к дешевой электроэнергии — самым конкурентным местом на рынке, с прогнозируемым ростом от 2 до 20 млрд. долларов США в течение следующих пяти лет.

В этой связи, ENVION предлагает гибкий, глобально действующий парк технологически продвинутых мобильных майнинговых установок, работающих от самых экономичных источников электроэнергии на планете, которые управляются и контролируются специализированным программным обеспечением.

Данная технология обеспечивает не только конкурентное преимущество для ENVION, но и способствует децентрализованной, гибкой и надежной инфраструктуре, необходимой для развития блокчейн-индустрии.

Более подробно о блокчейн-стартапе ENVION читайте здесь:

Сайт —

Белая книга —


Видео —

Фейсбук —

Твиттер —

Инстаграм —

Медиум —


Sudan Gold ICO: An Innovative Way To Mine Gold With The Blockchain.

Sudan Gold is the world’s earliest blockchain Alternative for gold mining project’s. The organization goal is to set a high-technological and lucrative gold-mining company in Sudan. The analysis region is roughly 8017.8 Km2 and the research area is situated within a place of promising gold mineralization potentiality zone.GS multi Activities CO. LTD financing is going to be increased by issuing and suggesting the Ethereum based Teams throughout the ICO. The mining centers in Sudan is going to be handled from the audited Dubai firm — SG mining Co.. The decentralized gold exchange enables the use of SGC token as the primary currency for buying gold expressed from the any mining business and cross-sale involving the gold buyers/sellers, banking and other clients. 5O % of the net earnings of sudan Gold mining co made from gold mining and purchase will be used to buy sudan Gold coin(SGC) from market holders and creation of the decentralized gold market. The exceptional mixture of genuine gold mining company and an incorporated decentralized market will ensure the steady development of the nominal cost.The organization is in the point of constructing a contemporary gold mining plant in Sudan using blockchain technology seamlessly incorporated into the manufacturing chain. The token value is going to be guaranteed using actual gold and connected into the blockchain mobile program which is going to be calculating the future market cost, thus assisting you in making the most efficient fiscal choices. If this gold mining plant is set into operation and following the beginning of gold mining, then a more constant buyout of these tokens begins. This will encourage a continuous price rise and ensure considerable return on your investments. SGC is a groundbreaking coin in cryptocurrency marketplace whose worth is backed by actual strength (cryptocredit in golden). This is a brand new age of e-commerce once the value of an entirely virtual advantage is rigidly tied to the burden of Real gold.

Sudan Gold will lunch ICO on the 8th of October,2017 and will last till November,2017.


You join project by purchasing tokens (1 token = 0.75$ - 1$) Tokens start circulating on exchange with price tied to gold (10 tokens = 0.5g of gold) Gold-mining plant is established Plant generates gold. The token to gold ratio increases (10 tokens = 1g, 2g, 3g .... of gold) Tokens purchased from the market (1 token = 4$, 8$, 12$) or exchanged to real gold Banks and miners and traders join the decentralised exchange Decentralized exchange on blockchain technology is opened Revenue is secured with gold

Sudan Gold has a very strong and powerful team of managers who have experience in their various fields. This strong team members include people like Dmitrii Konoval (CEO/founder SGC), Yuriy Mochonyy(COO/Co-founder of SGC), Igor Grigorenko(project manager),Fahd el Saleh(SG financing), Mohammed Ali(Head of Geological Department), Elhadi Mohammed(lead Mining Engineer and mining consultant), Hakim Badawi Murghani Mohammed(Geologist Engineer) and Klalid Ali Mohamed(Senior Geologist).

Join Sudan Gold ICO and make money partnering with the most reliable mining company

For further information visit the following links:

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:,-82,664

ANN Thread:

My Bitcointalk Profile link:;u=1150005

ETH wallet: 0x9d13dF46A009e1c6195908043166cf86d885ED84

ZEUS Token Token ZEUS Token sendiri akan memungkinkan untuk berpartisipasi dalam proyek ini…

ZEUS Token
Token ZEUS Token sendiri akan memungkinkan untuk berpartisipasi dalam proyek ini, perkembangannya, untuk menerima pendapatan yang tinggi dan stabil. Investasi langsung terdesentralisasi dalam proyek akan terjadi melalui pembelian ZEUS Token. Ini adalah “desentralisasi” mereka yang harus menjamin independensi proyek dari pengaruh perusahaan milik pemerintah dan perusahaan besar. Proyek ini sepenuhnya memanfaatkan ideologi desentralisasi dan perbaikan situasi ekologis di planet ini. Instrumen keuangan akan diluncurkan di blokade Ethereal.

Token diproduksi berdasarkan blockchain Ethereal
ZEUS Token — adalah bukti keanggotaan dalam proyek ZEUS
ZEUS — akan menerbitkan 58.000 000 token ZEUS Token.
Token akan didistribusikan sebagai berikut:
15% dari total jumlah token yang terjual, akan didistribusikan antara tim proyek (jadwal distribusi dan penjualan sesuai dengan, lihat di bawah)
2% dari jumlah token yang terjual, akan dialokasikan ke distribusi untuk program karunia proyek
1.000.000 token dimaksudkan untuk dijual di Pre ICO
49.300.000 token akan didistribusikan di antara investor pada ICO dengan harga sesuai tabel di bawah ini.
Kampanye Pre ICO akan dimulai pada tanggal 1 Oktober dan akan berlangsung hingga tanggal 31 Oktober 2017. Tujuan perusahaan adalah untuk mengumpulkan dana melalui penerapan 1.000 000 token ZEUS Token dengan harga diskon 50% dari nilai pembelian kembali harga, yaitu setara dengan 0,5 € pada tingkat ETH / BTC pada saat pembelian.
Dana yang terkumpul akan digunakan untuk mempersiapkan peluncuran proyek ZEUS, pemasaran dan persiapan benih bulat ICO. ICO (Kampanye Investasi) akan diselenggarakan mulai 20 November sampai 25 Desember 2017 dan akan dimulai pukul 03:00 waktu Moskow (00:00 UTC)
Cara berinvestasi di ZEUS Token:
• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Etika (ETH)
• Euro

Bonus dan penawaran

Selama penjualan token di ICO untuk kebutuhan proyek ZEUS, direncanakan untuk mengumpulkan 41.620.000 Euro, ekuivalen dengan kripto yang disebutkan di atas.
Dana yang terkumpul akan digunakan untuk membeli tanah, membangun fasilitas pabrik dan peternakan pertambangan, komponen untuk perakitan kapasitas penambangan, pembelian peralatan daur ulang limbah, jalur pengemasan, peralatan pemuatan.
Juga, perbedaan nilai tukar dan komisi akan diperhitungkan saat bertukar informasi kriptokokus untuk uang fiat, biaya keberhasilan konsultan dan perusahaan yang melayani sisi teknis ICO dan penyelesaian bersama dengan investor grosir awal.
Buyout token akan terjadi setiap bulan dengan tarif 5.000.000 token per bulan, 12 pembayaran dalam 12 bulan dengan biaya dasar 1 Euro per token sebulan setelah dimulainya operasi pabrik (Desember 2018).
Biaya pokok dihitung dengan tarif 4000 Euro per 1 BTC.

Timeline proyek secara bertahap:
1 tahap «Investment attraction (ICO) »
November — Desember 2017 Melakukan ICO untuk pembelian token ZEUS Token menggunakan Ethereal (ETH).
Pada hari-hari pertama ICO, token tersebut akan dijual dengan potongan harga -30% dari arus (harga dasar) 1 Euro, yang dihitung berdasarkan perhitungan pembangkit listrik dan penambangan ETH / ZEC / DASH / BTC. .
Selanjutnya, harga token akan tumbuh merata.
Catatan: informasi tambahan akan diposkan di backoffice investor di situs web proyek. Karena dana yang terkumpul dari ICO, anggaran investasi akan dibentuk untuk pembangunan pabrik daur ulang sampah industri, peluncuran pembangkit listrik dan pertambangan ETH / ZEC / DASH / BTC.
2 tahap «Produksi
Januari 2018
Pembelian dan sewa tanah di kawasan industri Dresden, Jerman.
Januari-Februari 2018
Merancang dan mendapatkan dokumentasi permisif.
Maret-Agustus 2018
Pembangunan gedung dan produksi peralatan pabrik industri dan kapasitas penambangan.
Agustus-November 2018
Commissioning peralatan industri dan memulai produksi baru, pembelian dan perakitan peralatan pertambangan.
November-Desember 2018
Mulai menerima dan mendaur ulang sampah, pengiriman barang jadi dan ekstraksi kriptocurrency.
3 tahap «Buyback
Desember 2018
Penukaran token terbalik
Penebusan akan dilakukan setiap bulan, sebulan setelah memasukkan pabrik ke dalam operasi, dengan 5.000.000 token.

info lebih lanjut:




profil bitcoin (Kofoadams) :;u=1150005


ZEUS is the first company in the world recycling garbage waste into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies at the factory with its own mining capacities!

The working mechanism of ZEUS Token

ZEUS Token’s own token will allow to participate in the project, its development, to receive a high and stable income. Decentralized direct investment in the project will occur through the purchase of ZEUS Token. It is their “decentralization” that should ensure the independence of the project from the influence of government- owned and large companies. The project fully utilizes the ideology of decentralization and improvement of the ecological situation on the planet. The financial instrument will be launched on the Ethereum’s blockchain.

The Token is produced on the basis of the Ethereum’s blockchain

ZEUS Token — is the proof of membership in the project ZEUS

ZEUS — will issue 58 000 000 tokens of ZEUS Token.

Tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 15% of the total number of tokens sold, will be distributed between the project team (distribution and sales schedule according to, see below)
  • 2% of the total number of tokens sold, will be allocated to the distribution for the bounty program of the project
  • 1,000,000 tokens are intended for sale on the Pre ICO
  • 49,300,000 tokens will be distributed among investors on the ICO at the price as per the table below.

The Pre ICO campaign will start on October 1 and will last until October 31, 2017. The purpose of the company is to raise funds through the implementation of 1 000 000 tokens of ZEUS Token at a price with a discount of 50% of the buyback price, that is the equivalent of 0.5 € at the rate of ETH/BTC at the time of a purchase.

The collected funds will be used to prepare the public launch of the ZEUS project, marketing and preparation of the ICO seed-round. ICO (Investment Campaign) will be held from November 20 to December 25, 2017 and will start at 03:00 Moscow time (00:00 UTC)

The following methods can be used to invest in ZEUS Token:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)


Bonuses and offers

During the tokens sale on the ICO for the needs of the ZEUS project, it is planned to collect 41,620,000 Euros, the equivalence to the mentioned cryptocurrencies above.

The collected funds will be used to purchase land, build factory facilities and a mining farm, components for assembling mining capacities, purchase of equipment for waste recycling, packaging line, loading equipment.

Also, the exchange rate differences and commissions will be taken into account when exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money, Success fee of consultants and companies servicing the technical side of ICO and mutual settlements with early wholesale investors.

Buyout of tokens will occur monthly at a rate of 5,000,000 tokens per month, 12 payments within 12 months at a base cost of 1 Euro per token a month after the start of the factory’s operation (December 2018).

The base cost is calculated with the rate of 4000 Euro per 1 BTC.

Project’s timeline by stages:

1 stage ≪Investment attraction (ICO)≫

November — December 2017 Conducting an ICO for the token purchase of ZEUS Token using Ethereum (ETH).

In the first days of the ICO, the tokens will be sold with a discount of -30% of the current (base price) 1 Euro, which is calculated based on the calculation of electricity generation and mining of ETH/ZEC/DASH/BTC.

Next, the token price will grow evenly.

Note: additional information will be posted in the investor’s backoffice on the project´s website. Due to the collected funds from ICO, an investment budget will be formed for the construction of an industrial garbage recycling factory, the launch of electricity generation and mining of ETH/ ZEC/ DASH/ BTC.

2 stage ≪Production≫

January 2018

Purchase and rent of land in the industrial zone of Dresden, Germany.

January-February 2018

Designing and obtaining permissive documentation.

March-August 2018

Construction of the building and production of industrial factory equipment and mining capacities.

August-November 2018

Commissioning of industrial equipment and start of new production, purchase and assembly of mining equipment.

November-December 2018

Start of receiving and recycling garbage, shipment of finished goods and extraction of cryptocurrency.

3 stage ≪Buyback≫

December 2018

Reverse tokens redemption.

Redemption will be made monthly, a month after putting the factory into operation, with 5,000,000 tokens.





Electroneum: Bounty Campaign and Rewards

As the third week of the ICO is coming to an end, Electroneum is still going strong. The statistics so far are looking great. Almost 1 billion ETN sold so far, and over 5 million USD have been raised.

As of right now, these are the token sale statistics:

  • Number of Token Sale Users: 35,243
  • Total ETN Sold: 965,404,178
  • Total ETH Raised: 11,880.1735
  • Total BTC Raised: 871.5965

If you want in, I would recommend you to sign up fast. There are still under 5 hours to claim the 30% bonus. That means, if you invest USD 1, you get 130 ETNS (instead of just 100 ETNs), and remember, if you use my referral code — 5E52E7 (you can also click here: you get an extra 1%. Electroneum has a great bounty and referral campaign, and like I mentioned in a previous post, the Electroneum referral program entitles you to get a 5% bonus on all ETN purchased by people that use your referral code to participate on the ICO. As soon as you register you get a referral code, so start sharing and earning some extra ETN. I am extremely grateful to all the people that have used mine so far.
Starting October 5th, 2017, the bonus drops to 20%, so you get 120 ETNs per USD 1 you invest.

Now, the bounty campaign. Electroneum was the first ICO I invested in because I really liked the project as it fulfilled the 3 things I look for in an ICO (great team, concrete idea, and token applicability), so if I was passionate enough about the project to make it my first ICO, it was only fair I would support their marketing / promotion efforts (also known bounty campaigns).

In Electroneum’s case, the total bounty pool will be of 20 million ETNs. There are 5 sub-bounty pools, each one assigned a percentage of the total bounty pool. Like the team says, the fairest way to calculate the reward of each participant is to assign stakes (for those not familiar with the term, think of stakes as credits), so this means “You will be awarded “stakes” for each task you successfully complete in each pool”. When the ICO ends (October 31st, 2017) stakes will be calculated and you will receive your ETNs. As far as I have read from other campaigns, the way stakes are calculated is by counting the number of stakes in each sub-bounty pool and then dividing the total number of tokens assigned to that sub-pool by the number of stakes. For example, if the signature campaign is awarded 25% of the bounty pool that would mean 5’000,000 tokens for that sub-pool. If at the end of the ICO there were 1000 stakes total for that sub-pool, that would make each stake worth: 5’000,000/1,000 = 5,000. So, you would get 5,000 tokens for each stake you were awarded in that sub-pool (please note I am not sure that is the way Electroneum is calculating stakes. If someone from the team comes across this post, and can confirm this in the comment section, that would be awesome).

The current sub-bounty pools / bounty campaigns and percentage assigned to each are as follows:

  • Bitcointalk Signature & Avatar Bounty: 25% (USD 50,000 in ETN)
  • Social Media Bounty:
    o Twitter: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN)
    o Facebook: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN)
  • Creative Bounty: 25% (USD 50,000 in ETN)
  • Translation, Moderation and Community Management Bounty: 20% (USD 40,000 in ETN)
  • Others: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN) Directed towards influencers and owners of newsletters. You should contact them at:

If you want to participate in one of the bounties, be sure to register / apply. Each bounty has its own application and requirements; for example the signature and social media bounties require a certain number of quality posts each week, as well as “likes”, “shares”, “retweets” were applicable, some have a language or length requirement. I am sharing the screenshots of each bounty campaign on this post, but I would recommend you to visit their bountyBitcointalk thread, so that you can access all the information and application links.

Thanks for reading this long post. I hope you will consider investing in Electroneum, or joining one of their bounties or referral campaigns. As always, remember that investing on any ICO or crypto currency is risky (as is any type of investment), and there is no guarantee of returns. However, if you do decide to invest, never invest more than you could afford to lose, and before you do it, be sure to visit the company’s website:, check out the team and read their whitepapers as there is a lot of detailed information on them. They have 2 WPs, one is the overview and the other one has the technical information.

Good luck ICOing and chasing bounties!


PS. Links to some of my previous articles (I also have some available in Spanish in case you are interested):


Umbrella coin (UMC) was founded with the idea that most insurance companies around the world get rich even if they provide little service. In a way when premiums for Property / Casualty (P / C) and Life / Health (L / H) increase, policyholders are required to pay hidden fees such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays. UMC thinks it is wrong if the entire industry is established by not using the services they provide. UMC believes blockchain technology built on decentralized networks can change this.

target UMC, unlike other traditional companies that take from you and are only interested in your money.


The insurance system nowadays isn’t as plausible as it should be because in recent past insurance firms seems to be posing problems for policy holders. Problems such as selling insurance through third parties commonly called “middle men”. This problem can be likened to buying the same commodity from a retailer and from a wholesaler, obviously the retailer’s price would be more expensive which exactly is what middle men does: they tend to add extra cost on the sale of insurance policies. Middlemen are agents that are licence to selling insurance and they tend to make commission out of the sale of insurance which is part of what umbrella coin is here to fight for. Middlemen gaining profit off sale of insurance policy tends to increase its cost of purchase. Also one thing i want you to understand is the fact that insurance is sold based on the forseen risk of the policy holder. Based on perceived risk, or previous insurance claims, policyholders may be viewed as a greater liability and forced to pay more. with time, rates increase for car insurance and life insurance as you are prone to risk
Another major problem is the high premium paid to insurance companies. Most insurers increase the premium based on risks which they perceive, which over time becomes very exorbitant.

1. Health insurance, money insurance coverage, and other benefits in accordance with the benefits of insurance
2. Make every policyholder will feel safe and comfortable when something happens to him, so you do not need to think about the cost altogether
3. Umbrella Coin simplifies the process in the insurance sector for policy holders
4. Policyholders are guaranteed security The

• Crowdsale will start on 20 August 2017 12:00 UTC. • Ends on 20 September 2017 12:00 UTC.

Number of Umbrella Coin tokens:
• Available as many as 100,000,000 Token
• 1 ETH = 600 UMC tokens. • The first two days, will get 20% token bonus.


Umbrella Coin (UMC) has assembled a two-decade dedicated team of individual individuals in the insurance industry, including in companies such as The Hartford, and our development team is comprised of Microsoft engineers. The team has created a commercial software product used by millions of people around the world


Official web page:




ANN thread:

bitcointalk profile:;u=1150005


My Youtube channel: