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Electroneum: Bounty Campaign and Rewards

As the third week of the ICO is coming to an end, Electroneum is still going strong. The statistics so far are looking great. Almost 1 billion ETN sold so far, and over 5 million USD have been raised.

As of right now, these are the token sale statistics:

  • Number of Token Sale Users: 35,243
  • Total ETN Sold: 965,404,178
  • Total ETH Raised: 11,880.1735
  • Total BTC Raised: 871.5965

If you want in, I would recommend you to sign up fast. There are still under 5 hours to claim the 30% bonus. That means, if you invest USD 1, you get 130 ETNS (instead of just 100 ETNs), and remember, if you use my referral code — 5E52E7 (you can also click here: you get an extra 1%. Electroneum has a great bounty and referral campaign, and like I mentioned in a previous post, the Electroneum referral program entitles you to get a 5% bonus on all ETN purchased by people that use your referral code to participate on the ICO. As soon as you register you get a referral code, so start sharing and earning some extra ETN. I am extremely grateful to all the people that have used mine so far.
Starting October 5th, 2017, the bonus drops to 20%, so you get 120 ETNs per USD 1 you invest.

Now, the bounty campaign. Electroneum was the first ICO I invested in because I really liked the project as it fulfilled the 3 things I look for in an ICO (great team, concrete idea, and token applicability), so if I was passionate enough about the project to make it my first ICO, it was only fair I would support their marketing / promotion efforts (also known bounty campaigns).

In Electroneum’s case, the total bounty pool will be of 20 million ETNs. There are 5 sub-bounty pools, each one assigned a percentage of the total bounty pool. Like the team says, the fairest way to calculate the reward of each participant is to assign stakes (for those not familiar with the term, think of stakes as credits), so this means “You will be awarded “stakes” for each task you successfully complete in each pool”. When the ICO ends (October 31st, 2017) stakes will be calculated and you will receive your ETNs. As far as I have read from other campaigns, the way stakes are calculated is by counting the number of stakes in each sub-bounty pool and then dividing the total number of tokens assigned to that sub-pool by the number of stakes. For example, if the signature campaign is awarded 25% of the bounty pool that would mean 5’000,000 tokens for that sub-pool. If at the end of the ICO there were 1000 stakes total for that sub-pool, that would make each stake worth: 5’000,000/1,000 = 5,000. So, you would get 5,000 tokens for each stake you were awarded in that sub-pool (please note I am not sure that is the way Electroneum is calculating stakes. If someone from the team comes across this post, and can confirm this in the comment section, that would be awesome).

The current sub-bounty pools / bounty campaigns and percentage assigned to each are as follows:

  • Bitcointalk Signature & Avatar Bounty: 25% (USD 50,000 in ETN)
  • Social Media Bounty:
    o Twitter: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN)
    o Facebook: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN)
  • Creative Bounty: 25% (USD 50,000 in ETN)
  • Translation, Moderation and Community Management Bounty: 20% (USD 40,000 in ETN)
  • Others: 10% (USD 20,000 in ETN) Directed towards influencers and owners of newsletters. You should contact them at:

If you want to participate in one of the bounties, be sure to register / apply. Each bounty has its own application and requirements; for example the signature and social media bounties require a certain number of quality posts each week, as well as “likes”, “shares”, “retweets” were applicable, some have a language or length requirement. I am sharing the screenshots of each bounty campaign on this post, but I would recommend you to visit their bountyBitcointalk thread, so that you can access all the information and application links.

Thanks for reading this long post. I hope you will consider investing in Electroneum, or joining one of their bounties or referral campaigns. As always, remember that investing on any ICO or crypto currency is risky (as is any type of investment), and there is no guarantee of returns. However, if you do decide to invest, never invest more than you could afford to lose, and before you do it, be sure to visit the company’s website:, check out the team and read their whitepapers as there is a lot of detailed information on them. They have 2 WPs, one is the overview and the other one has the technical information.

Good luck ICOing and chasing bounties!


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