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Swarm Fund — The world’s first cooperative ownership platform that bridges digital currency and…

Swarm Fund — The world’s first cooperative ownership platform that bridges digital currency and real assets.

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In this article i will discuss about a real assets platform, and that is Swarm Fund. Basically Swarm is a decentralized capital marketplace that brings investors and fund managers together, at a fraction of the cost. It lets smaller investors bundle their money and invest as a group to access high-return investments, while opening up an additional capital stack to fund managers that they’ve never had access to before in an affordable, manageable way. In other words, Swarm democratizes access to high-return, institutional-style investments for smaller investors, while bringing the collective investment assets of the crowd, which could add up to trillions of dollars , to private equity and hedge fund managers, with much lower expenses than it would take to manage those accounts in the current financial industry.

So, what is Swarm, and what problem does it solve?

While there have been a lot of recent token offerings focused on specific asset classes, I haven’t seen the kind of automated market infrastructure, backed by a team that has years of experience on both the crypto and finance side of the equation, that Swarm makes possible.
Swarm’s key strength and differentiator is the 100 percent focus on using the blockchain to automate all the different processes that are related to any kind of investment, crypto or otherwise, at a fraction of the cost. It opens up what, to this point, has been a highly exclusive class of investments to a broader range of people, while ensuring that the security, and eye on regulation, are in place to allay the concerns of traditional investors who may be entering the realm of crypto investing for the first time.
Once it’s up and running, I think people will instantly recognize the answer for themselves.

SWARM Token is Created for Network Set up Market

Two-Tiered Token Model

The Swarm model has two layers. The first layer is a utility token that allows access to subtokens and grant access underlying Swarm government technology. The second layer includes many Financial Opportunities run by Swarm partner syndicates and made possible through their own applications and tokens on SUN (Swarm
Network Utilities). Use of Swarm Services and Application layer occurs on Swarm Utility Network (SUN). SUN participants will be charged, similar to the trading market (SUN Fees). This cost will initially be denominated in cryptocurrency, ie ETH or BTC, but later also in SWARM tokens

SUN Tokens can be customized for each project. After the Swarm network clears the way for a new established application, SUN participants can release their own tokens (SUN Tokens) for their application, whereby they can improve the liquidity of their own applications, eventually crypto and fiat funds. Token SUN can evolve into different versions based on newer features or governance structures. SUN Token can be adhered to their own governance and regulation, subject to supervision by the Swarm community.

Token Mechanism

The SWARM Token is created for the network to set up the infrastructure market for a much larger asset that runs in Swarm Network Utilities. Early availability of SWARM tokens dimensions of $ 5B asset pool. As the capital deployed to the Swarm Utility Network exceeds the $ 5B threshold value, the Swarm base may issue a token on a
fixed interest rate (3.5%) relative to the amount of capital raised. For example, $ 100mm fiat will authorize the creation of a new 3.5mm token. The rate (but not the threshold value) can be periodically adjusted by
Swarm government agency. The Swarm foundation can be used for this budget of financing and sustainable development.

When launched, Swarm already has a full governance model for network operations The additional rules of the Swarm organization are expected to follow the DCO model established at Stanford legal top with some modifications to be decided by our law advisors. A foundation representing this model will be established
After the contribution period is complete. This will occur through the granting of incentives granted to the first legal team capable of applying the foundation model with appropriate integration.

Swarm strives to not only create compelling software, but also a community of those who are interested in sharing their project opportunities with other Swarm participants.

Market Problems in Traditional Investing

Over the last 15 years, a simple S&P 500 index fund outperformed 92% of large-cap funds . Even higher, the percentages of mid-cap and small-cap funds lagging their benchmarks were 95% and 93%, respectively. The odds of doing better than an index fund are near to 1 out of 20 when selecting an actively-managed domestic equity mutual fund.

Finding products with high investment return is a challenge, which increases as the target return increases. The marquee products offering more than 10% returns are invariably hard to access (Bridgewater generally requires that its clients have a minimum of $5 billion of investable assets).

Take real estate as an example. Investors mostly face three major challenges :

  • The most exciting deals are for insiders only; accessing them requires working through middlemen that are costly, sometimes untrustworthy and who often only operate locally.
  • Large amounts of money is required to participate in the best opportunities.
  • Worst of all, investment is often tied down for an indefinite amount of time.

ICO Details

The swarm team proudly announce the upcomming ICO that will happen in september 7, 2017 and will run until September 22 2017 with a maximum cap of $255 Million swarm tokens can only be bought in the swarm website using ethereum (ETH).

The sale process will split into six phases :

  • Phase 1 — Presale
  • Phase 2 — Swarm 1.0 Redemption
  • Phase 3 — Fiat Token Sale
  • Phase 4 — Crypto Tokensale
  • Phase 5 — Token Liquidity
  • Phase 6 — Capital Raise For The Swarm Utility Network

Road Map


For the past 9 months we have been executing on key activities and pursuing various key partnerships:

  • Our team developed concrete trusted project opportunities, with a goal of showing successes and pushing the marketplace in the right direction.
  • The initial deploy of the Swarm platform has been live on the Ethereum test net for over 6+ months. We are planning to release the next major software update in 3–6 months.
  • Substantial work has been performed toward viable legal frameworks for Swarm initiatives.
  • Swarm is actively pursuing high profile partnerships within the Ethereum ecosystem, the financial sector, and other fields.
  • Initial work is in progress with regulators/institutions in different jurisdictions, including service providers for E-infrastructure and AML/KYC.
  • Ramping up community engagement efforts with growth in social media following, Swarm has been facilitating events such as the Decentralized Autonomous Society, which has had 23 meetups on various aspects of decentralized governance since 2014. Notable presentations include speakers such as Vitalik Buterin, Ralph Merkle, the DASH team, and associates of Doug Engelbart.

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